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Exxxotica Chicago 2022

Posted by morbidthoughts on 08 May 2022

The second show in Chicago after the pandemic, the attendance was almost overwhelming as people ventured out in full force compared to last year’s antsy group. I didn’t see any mask wearing, and people treated any other precaution like spacing as an afterthought. There was a good balance of the genders, especially on Ladies Free Friday. I saw numerous fangirls excited to meet their stars compared to the usual creepy awkward or entitled obnoxious male attendees that you see at any porn convention.

The talent must have been happy as I saw steady lines waiting patiently, sometimes even hours when it came to the most popular stars like Angela White, Abella Danger, and Violet Myers who signed on tirelessly. Brazzers had the busiest booth at the show, and it was actually cool to see the support staff actively greeting attractive attendees that may become future stars for the website.

The convention would stay busy deep into the late hours on Friday and Saturday, and that became somewhat of a problem with the availability of food options. Not only that, the after-parties started around that time. I was smart enough to choose food rather than drinks but would visit the parties in their closing hour, only to be dragged into the after-after parties by my friends (thanks, Lacy) and strangers that seemed to recognise me somehow.

I mingled quite a bit with cam models like Hime Marie, Ivy Minxxx, and Demi Hawks from the Chaturbate booth. From hosting the parties, their staff, and even the layout of their booth, I found the booth much more accessible to the fans than their main competitor at the convention.

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XRCO Nominees

Posted by IAFD Staff on 03 May 2022

The XRCO Awards are Thursday night, so it seems the last minute to be posting the nominees list (and even more last minute for the upcoming 2021 Spank Bank Awards…)

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Weekend at XBIZ

Posted by morbidthoughts on 17 Jan 2022

I attended my first XBIZ show since their last fan event with the Summer Expo at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas in 2010. I don’t think this would have been possible if the pandemic had not happened. Over the last twelve years and prior to that, I had never attended their events because of several reasons:

  1. I was not interested in the web business side of the industry. There is some irony here since I write for IAFD.com, but we’re not doing this for the money. I also defer the business networking to Jeff.
  2. I don’t vote for the XBIZ Awards. I’m sure they exist, but I don’t personally know any voters outside of the people that work for XBIZ .
  3. Since XBIZ week usually occurs before AVN week in January, I did not have the time or budget to do both.
Since 1 and 3 did not apply this year, I looked forward to going to the only in-person capstone events for 2022 at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles.


Given that it was my first XBIZ event in nearly twelve years and the pandemic, there were some logistical issues to figure out at the beginning like finding where media registration was, proving my vaccination status along with the exhibitors and talent, and then being redirected to wait in line with the fans while the expo opened 30 minutes late, presumably to give the exhibitors and talent time to set up. The registration and vaccination check people couldn’t be any nicer.

After being let inside, the Palladium is similar in size to The Joint at the Hard Rock. There were not that many company booths, but there were many performers at individual tables to sell their wares on the first and second floor of the theater. One of the weird things I noticed was that there was actually a lack of porn on display at the expo. There was a prohibition against nudity in all forms, so even the items performers were signing like 8x10s and DVDs were subject to that prohibition. There were also these booths that had these cool influencer backgrounds to photograph against like I’ve seen at popular bars and clubs. In terms of new performers since the pandemic, I enjoyed meeting Haley Spades, Kay Lovely, and Jazlyn Ray for the first time.

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Our Picks for the 2022 AVN Awards

Posted by morbidthoughts on 03 Jan 2022

Wow! We did it. We actually voted in every non-retail-pleasure category that we could vote for, and I have to thank my colleagues for pulling this off. It’s not like we did this in any organised manner like assigning categories so that everything would be covered. The most important thing was coming to a consensus since we had to rank every nominee in a given category.

I still think there are too many nominees in each category, but you have to keep everyone but the voters happy. Are there really more than 5 contenders in a given category that could or should win, and if there are, what does it say about about the indiscriminate evaluation or quality of what we are reviewing?

Each voter has their own criteria on how they judge the category. I generally defer to my colleagues in categories that I am clueless about or disinterested in. It would not be fair to the nominees if I tried to vote in every category, and it was crucial that we did have someone that knew their shit in specific categories. For example, Best Soundtrack: Would I listen to and enjoy this porn groove if it was outside a porno? The answer would frankly be no to every soundtrack that has ever been nominated. Same with Best Makeup: I appreciate the beauty that makeup brings when it is pertinent to the story, but most of the time the makeup I appreciate most is one where the viewer wouldn’t even notice.

Here is a sampling of our picks for the 2022 AVN Awards:

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Exxxotica DC 2021

Posted by morbidthoughts on 11 Dec 2021

Exxxotica makes its first appearance near the nation’s capital. The convention isn’t actually in the District of Columbia, but calling it Exxxotica Dulles or Exxxotica NoVa does not have quite the same marketing ring. Given the new area, I wasn’t sure if this show would be the smallest one after the pandemic, but it turned out not to be. In fact, it was very busy. With less exhibitors and more attendees than the show in Miami, there was a steady crowd every day drawing from the DMV population.

Having met and photographed many of the same exhibitors the past three post-pandemic Exxxoticas, I interacted more with the popular webcam performers this time around; especially Chaturbate. Even though the booth is sequestered behind individual plexiglass displays due to health concerns, the Chaturbate models were accessible going outside the booth and checking out rest of the convention. They were also accessible hanging out around the host hotel and after-parties. I met up with Mary Moody for the first time in nearly 2 years, and she asked if I was vaccinated before hugging me which made me realise that I wasn’t wearing the COVID yellow wristbands that I had worn in the previous Exxxotica. I hung out with AVN Favourite Webcam Couple, 19Honeysuckle and Tom Christian, at and after the parties and made pretty photos of Evangeline Darling during off hours.

Since this seemed to be the first Exxxotica in December, I saw plenty of people wearing holiday-themed apparel like Lilly Bell and Fiona Frost. The lines to see the performers at the Bad Dragon booth were evenly distributed. Vicki Chase hosted one of the official Exxxotica after-parties while Alex Coal vacillated between being a go-go dancer and bouncer, wielding a baseball bat.

This had been a successful Exxxotica season for 2021. I didn’t know what to expect after a year of cancellations due to the pandemic. Here’s to an even better one for 2022.

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Those Born Today
August 09
Hazelwood (??)
Isabella Muniz (??)
Jessica (??)
Larissa Santos (??)
Lexxi (??)
Shar'Daysha (??)
Gorgeous Ke (??)
Rusty Samuels (??)
Ron Gans (91)
Anneke Nordstrum (77)
Astrid Frank (77)
Jace Rocker (65)
Nickie (65)
Richie Shaw (64)
Georgina Smith (63)
Gerry Pike (63)
Wayne Summers (62) *
Anjelica Fox (58)
Melissa Melendez (57)
Devine Brown (53)
Stephanie DuValle (53)
Stacy Valentine (52)
Dirty Tina (50)
Carly G. (47)
Carrie Lee (47)
Lydia Schone (47)
Sativa (47)
Larry Danser (46)
Paulo Machy (46)
Raquel Pizzely (45)
Suzana (44)
Ann Parker (43)
Helen Birne (43)
Lucie Sparkle (43)
Rocker Lee (43)
Tiffany Price (43)
The Stellar GF (42)
Danny Northwood (41)
Jamie Hunger (41)
Naudia Brown (41)
Paxton Lane (41)
Erzsebet (40)
Jessie J. (40)
Laura (40)
Sonia Glaze (40)
Bella Karina (39)
Lexi Leigh (39)
Angelina (38)
Amy Amour (37)
Isa Potter (37)
Jane Lord (37)
Athena Pleasures (36)
Betty Foxxx (36)
Eva Ellington (36)
Joanna (36)
Miss Genocide (35)
Natalie Flowers (35)
Inna Sirina (34)
Megan Murray (34)
Taylor (34)
Didi (33)
Mira Grey (33)
Olga Bird (33)
Raye (33)
Sadie Holmes (33)
Aila Donovan (33)
Chanel Couture (32)
Jasmine Arabia (32)
Shelby Paris (31)
Toby Springs (31)
Yume Mizuki (31)
Destiny DOA (29)
Miliani Mor (29)
Vanessa Sky (29)
Anna Bailey (28)
Ginger Fox (28)
Jasmine Vega (28)
Kiki Imai (27)
Aubrey Thomas (26)
Scarlett Mae (26)
Hazel Grace (25)
Irene Rouse (24)
Tori Montana (22)
Tory Rough (22)
Jahmelly Castro (21)
Lily Starfire (21)
Berlin (20)

* Person is no longer alive.

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