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15 Mar 10
Good Bye, Old Friend.

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of our friend and editor, Don Mantle. Don passed away peacefully in his sleep on March 3rd, 2010. He was 58 years old. One of the tough parts about being an internet only enterprise, is we are often insulated from the "real" lives of our colleagues, and it was only by chance that we learned of his passing.

Don came on board in September 2005, the day before Peter van Aarle, our founder, died, making him our most tenured staff member (after myself).

I enjoyed the pleasure of Don's company a few times at AEE, and I'll never the time we (Don, myself, another guy or two) were having dinner at the steakhouse in the Mirage and Don excused himself for a moment, and comes back with with a few $100 chips and throws them on the table. When we asked him where they came from, he smiled and said "the blackjack table" and that the dinner was on him. The man was class.

He was a valued member of our staff, watching the review queue, ensuring that the latest movies reviewed by Den, Rog and others were entered on our site in a timely manner. He was also a moderator of the IAFD Direct forum over at Adult DVD Talk.

His talents and good humor will be sorely missed and never duplicated.

15 Feb 10
un captcha, two captcha, reCAPTCHA We've been getting increasing notices that some people are having issues with our dime-store CAPTCHA graphics on our submission pages. We've thrown them out and have replaced them with the standard reCaptcha test. Please let us know if this creates problems as well.
15 Feb 10
Gay Only Search Got an email yesterday -- oddly, the first one of its kind. It said (in part):

"I don't understand why your advanced search doesnt have the capacity to search only gay male porn stars? why don't you have a search option for gay/bi men film stars?? I don't want to see women when searching!! no men come up?? ... This database sucks!"

Surprisingly, this kind of he-man-woman-haters-club request never game up (and please know that I use the Little Rascals term with endearment, not derision) so we never developed the functionality. But it turns out it wasn't that hard to do, so it's done.

I don't think this is something that belongs only on the "Advanced Search" page, so in the dropdown at the top of the page, there's now an option for "Title/Person/Review (Gay Only)" which will limit your search results to titles in the DB which are tagged as being all-male.

The only thing we couldn't do (at this time, anyway) was include all of the bi titles or performers in those search results as we don't tag them as being "Gay" titles, since they go both ways, as it were. Ditto TS stars are not tagged as being "Gay" -- it's just a remnant of how the database is structured and how we added the gay titles back in the day...

28 Jan 10
Menu Tweak and Pictures!!! We changed our menu the slightest bit today to point the way to the Flickr sets of our intrepid photogrpaher/interviewer, MorbidThoughts. So, now, tucked away under the "IAFD Resources" menu is a "Flickr Sets" item (it used to say IAFD@ Flickr) which will take you to our Flickr page (which you need a Flickr account to see since the Flickr gods are angry with us) and to sets from Morbid. Enjoy!
11 Jan 10
... and we're sad. We got word that Juliet "Aunt Peg" Anderson passed away today. Details are forthcoming and will be posted on the dead porn star list when we get them.
11 Jan 10
We're back... We're back from AEE, tired as hell, but happy with the work we got done -- most notably, we added Adam & Eve's Rawhide 2 as our 100,000th movie with the help of Bree Olson.
08 Jan 10
Number 100,000 or Making Data Entry Sexy! Join us at 4 PM on Thursday at the Adam and Eve booth at AEE as Bree Olsen helps us enter our 100,000th title. We're rather excited to reach this milestone, and very excited that Bree and Adam & Eve are helping us celebrate.
08 Jan 10
We're in Vegas - Submissions Closed A chunk of the editorial staff is in Vegas at AEE, so we've closed the submissions queue until we get back. We'll be walking the floor in IAFD STAFF T-Shirts, so say hello.
31 Dec 09
New Interview: Angelina Armani We have posted Episode 11 of the IAFD Interviews. IAFD Editor Morbid Thoughts sat down with Angelina Armani at the recent Lone Star Pornutopia to talk about where she's going and where she's been. You can find Angelina online at Twitter: @XXXSupermodel or on her MySpace page, AngelinaArmani
25 Dec 09
Not a creature was stirring... ... they were too busy getting dangerously close to 100,000 titles! (We're at 99,901!!!) Here's an oldie but goodie; we try to do this every year -- a list of all the Christmas themed porn we could dig up doing a minimal search... We'd have included Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, but they don't seem to appear in any titles... So here we go:

  1. %27Rican Christmas (gay)
  2. A Very Creamy Christmas
  3. Active Duty Live Christmas (gay)
  4. All I Want For Christmas is a Gang Bang
  5. Barely Legal Bitch that Stole Christmas
  6. Barely Legal Christmas
  7. Big Titty Christmas
  8. Christmas %2795 At Jan%27s
  9. Christmas 2003 Party (gay)
  10. Christmas Carol
  11. Christmas Cums Early
  12. Christmas Friends (gay)
  13. Christmas In Memphis
  14. Christmas Party 2004 (gay)
  15. Christmas Party 2005 (gay)
  16. Daddy%27s Anal Christmas Present
  17. Dirty Santa
  18. Gina%27s Very Merry Christmas Orgy
  19. Hercules Cums For Christmas (gay)
  20. Here Comes Santa (gay)
  21. Here Cums Santa Clause (gay)
  22. Here Cumz Santa
  23. I Saw Mommy Eating Santa Claus
  24. I Saw Mommy Eating Santa Claus 2
  25. Little Christmas Tail
  26. Matadores: Studs In Santa Cruz (gay)
  27. Merry Christmas
  28. Return Of Santana (gay)
  29. Road Trip 2: Santa Cruz (gay)
  30. Santa Comes Again
  31. Santa Comes Twice
  32. Santa Dreamin%27 (gay)
  33. Santa is Coming All Over Town
  34. Santa is Naughty And Nice
  35. Santa%27s Coming (gay)
  36. Santa%27s Cummin%27! (gay)
  37. Santa%27s Excellent Adventure (gay)
  38. Santa%27s Itty Bitty Titties Helpers
  39. Santa%27s Sluts
  40. Seka For Christmas
  41. Sexy Santa
  42. Seymore Butts Christmas Orgy
  43. Seymore Butts Merry Fucking Christmas
  44. Spank This 17: Santa ...Dreamin%27 (gay)
  45. Spanked By Santa
  46. Tuna Christmas (gay)
  47. Very Very Bad Santa
  48. Will And Ed%27s Excellent Boner Christmas

So, have a safe and happy holiday season everyone... we'll see you at AEE!

22 Dec 09
New Interview: Nikki Rhodes We have posted Episode 10 of the IAFD Interviews. IAFD Editor Morbid Thoughts sat down with Nikki Rhodes earlier this year on the set of Operation: Tropical Stormy. Even though that movie's been out for a few months -- which means I did a lousy job of getting this thru post production and posted -- the discussions are still relevant today (unless Nikki has suddenly started to like people who talk with their mouth full.) You can follow Nikki on Twitter: MissNikkiRhodes.
20 Dec 09
Recent News: Perf Comments, Scene Breakdowns, Bugs Archived Tweets: We've added comments to the performer pages, similar to the ones that have been on the movie pages. Only 200 or so (out of 90,000) performers currently have comments. Sample of a performer comment: Draghix's birthplace or http://bit.ly/6Pz1n6 or when/where was Brianna Beach born? http://bit.ly/7l7zMx.

We also rearranged the scene ordering in the breakdowns so the actresses are grouped together in the front, and then the actors afterwards.

And we solved a problem where some performers weren't turning up in search results if you had the Gay filter turned on. This has been fixed.

09 Oct 09
Happy Birthday, John Lennon! It's been one of those things people have been asking for -- and, as we promise we'll get to it (eventually!) -- you can now see the headshot of the performer in the search results.
24 Sep 09
New Interview: Faye Reagan IAFD Editor Morbid Thoughts sat down with Faye Reagan to talk about what she's doing on the set of Not the Partridge Family XXX, how she spends her spare time, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane and where'd she get that name? As always, this (and more) can be found in our Interviews section.
19 Aug 09
Hello, Hillary Scott IAFD Editor Morbid Thoughts sat down with Hillary Scott to talk about where's she's been, what's next in her career after her split with SexZ and why is she wearing that stewardess get-up?
10 Aug 09
Why, hello, Sprint Customers! A misconfiguration in our router seemingly cut off a subnet or two of Sprint's network. You could ping, but you couldn't access the site. This has been rectified, so hopefully, the site came back on-line to a bunch of people. Thanks to the good folks over in Adult DVD Talk for alerting us to the issue and helping us troubleshoot it.
22 Apr 09
Looking for a Duke of URL Our current keeper of the URLs you see on the performer pages has taken some time off, and we're looking for someone to help manage the list of URLs that we have to process. Are you that person? All you need is an internet connection and a dream and a willingness to volunteer. Drop us an email at iafd@iafd.com. Thanks!!
01 Apr 09
Twittering We took the plunge. We're on twitter, so follow us at @iafdcom.
31 Mar 09
Last Interview from AEE 09 Bill H. sat down with Girlfriends Films founder, Dan O'Connell to talk about his start in the industry and why he's involved and where he sees the market going. The last in our 4 part series (we doubled one up) from AEE 09. Other inteviews can be found in our IAFD Interviews section: http://www.iafd.com/interviews
31 Mar 09
100 Grand According to Google Analytics, we broke thru the 100,000 visitors per day barrier yesterday. We came close January 3 and 4 with 99,000 and change, and we've been holding steady in the mid 90,000 range for months, but we dipped our head above 100,000 yesterday. Thanks to all our visitors who give us a reason to do this day in and day out, who keep us honest and correct and working hard. Thanks to all our editors who volunteer their time and work tirelessly to make this the best site of its kind. We celebrated 10 years of being in business this year -- something we should have celebrated somehow -- and this is a nice validation of the work we do. The same day last year we had 66,000 visitors -- so thanks for spreading the news! See you at 150,000!
23 Mar 09
Talkin with Deauxma and Prinzess (A Week Late) Since we missed a week, we decided to make a two-fer and put two interviews together into one long interview. (Well, long is a misnomer, since both interviews only take up 5 minutes. :-)

IAFD Editor Bill H. sat down seperately at AEE with Deauxma and Prinzess, two performers from Girlfriends Films.

09 Mar 09
Talkin' with Margold Another IAFD Interview: Editor Bill H. sat down with actor, historian and all around Papa Bear, Bill Margold, at AEE this past January. Margold is the founder of the PAW Foundation and their discussion covers a wide range of topics, most of which Margold has been at the center of. This is the second of five interviews from AEE we'll be posting over the next three Mondays...
02 Mar 09
New Interview Posted We set Editor Bill H. loose on the AEE show floor with a digital recorder and he sent back 5 interviewswhich we'll be rolling out over the next 5 Mondays. We'll be speaking with Bill Margold, Dan O'Connor, Deauxma and Prinzzess of Girlfriends Films. This week, Bill sat down with John Holmes' widow, Laurie Holmes and author Jill Nelson and spoke about Jill and Jennifer Sugar's new book, John Holmes, a Life Measured in Inches.
09 Feb 09
Price Search A Little F'ed Up We're having issues on our end with processing the data feeds from our partner stores, so pricing may or may not be correct. No one is trying to bait-and--switch anyone, it's just dull back-end data foul-ups. We're working on it. We'll post when we've figured it out.
19 Jan 09
New Review Partner Welcome ViceList.com! Over 1750 reviews and growing. Check 'em out, and let us know what you think.
07 Jan 09
Feeling Better and Heading to Vegas The site after a late night or two seems to be back where it was. Searches seems to be returning in adequate times (we're no Google, but we get by) and the timeout issues seem to have gone away... So we can leave for AEE with a clear enough conscience. While we're away, the corrections form is going off-line so we can come home to only 3 months worth of backlog... If you're in Vegas, say hello. We're the guys wearing the IAFD shirts.
06 Jan 09
Site Issues We've been experiencing some slowdowns and such. Since the holiday, we've seen traffic spike and that created some scaling issues... So we've taken the price search offline while we're figuring it out. Since the price search is a huge part of the site, we're working as fast as we can to get it back up and running. We appreciate your patience.
25 Dec 08
Happy Merry Everyone. Here's a list of all the Christmas themed porn we could dig up doing a minimal search... We'd have included Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, but they don't seem to appear in any titles... So here we go...

For our straight friends:

And our gay friends:

So, have a safe and happy holiday season everyone...

16 Dec 08
Reports of Our Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated I don't know that anyone's thought that we died, as our new movies page keeps on updating, but we haven't been posting here on the home page since August. 4 months is a long time to go. Thanks for sticking it out with us. Anyway, we're posting just to say we have a new interview up, this time with Jenna Haze.
21 Aug 08
Alternates and Comments We're pretty excited about our newest additions to the site. For years we've been tracking comments about titles in the database, but we kept them to ourselves; mostly to help each other with editing and whatnot, mking sure we didn't make the same corection over and over.. but we felt these tidbits were too valuable to keep to ourselves, so they're now displayed on movie pages. (Performer pages are coming soon.)

The other thing we did that we're pretty excited about is we're now keeping tabs of alternate versions... so if a company releases a movie and then a few years later re-edits that movie and re-releases it, we'll make a note of it. (Dirty Little Trash Talkers springs to mind...)

Hope you find these useful!

17 Aug 08
Narrowing the Search... Hola Amigos -- been a long time since I rapped at ya.

We added a new filter to the comprehensive search -- and we plan on be adding it other places to as the days roll on -- so when you do a search using our Firefox plug-in or the Title/Person/Review search, once the results pop up, you'll be given the opportunity to limit the results by a given year. Don't care about movies pre-2000? Filter 'em out. Only interested in performers named Sandra who might have performed this year or last? Filter the rest out.

Next up: Editors' Comments.

09 Jul 08
Welcome AdultRental! VOD Site Adult Rental joins our happy band of vendors offering you VOD streams of some of today's top studios. They offer 15 minutes free just for the asking; so give it a try... What do you have to lose?
07 Jul 08
Debug Code != Production Servers

Oops! We rewrote some of the code that handles how birthdays are handled, and accidentally overwrote our production code with the debug code, which made every day July 6th... this has been fixed, and every day is its right day again, and there won't be any duplicate performers who are also directors in the list any longer. Sorry for the mix-up.

27 Jun 08
Belladonna Speaks! One of our editors and intrepid photographer Morbid Thoughts sat down with Belladonna at Erotica LA for the second in our sporadic series: The IAFD Interviews.
25 Jun 08
Splitting Pages We've been blessed with links to so many reviews, our old way of displaying the older reviews wasn't cutting it anymore and the server would choke while trying to show you all 8,558 reviews that start with the letter S... So we've changed the review listings, and they're now paginated. Browse away!
25 Jun 08
I guess Nationality wasn't quite it either...

When we debuted the nationality field, we were pretty happy. We some internal debates what to call it, but apparently, it turnsout, we weren't quite as clear as we thought we were.

In our minds, if I had a page, my nationality would be "American/Italian" even tho I was born here in the US; my great-grandparents were off the boat, so I consider myself part "Italian" -- which is what we all figured the "nationality" tag would convey. Also, it's a standardized field, so it will be searchable in the not-to-distant future. ("Show me all the swedish girls!")

Judging by the amount of corrections we've gotten... not so much.

So, we've renamed the field "Nationality/Heritage"

Hopefully this will help eliminate some confusions as to what we mean.

06 Jun 08
The Great Ethnicity / Nationality Debate Ever since we rolled out the Ethnicity field, we've gotten emails, correctly pointing out that we're really mixing up nationalities and ethnicities. That "American" is not an ethnicity, but a nationality... So we're happy to say we've broken out the fields and we now have an "Ethnicity" field that actually reflects ethnicities, and a nationality field that reflects the heritage of the performer. We hope you like it.
20 Apr 08
We're talking!

One of the things we've been wanting to do and finally sat down and did is start a small interview program where we talk nuts and bolts (and anything else) with people in the adult industry -- performers, directors, reviewers... basicially, whomever strikes our fancy and has a Skype account. :-) We like to think of it as "Iconoclasts" for the porn set.

Our first foray is with Luc Wylder of Fallen Angel. Luc and I have known each other for years, and he was nice enough to chat for a couple hours (edited down to 60 minutes) about any number of topics -- what's he's doing, the state of the DVD, blogging, how he's hoping to maximize value of his back catalog and the digitization of same... I think it's an interesting conversation, and we look forward to bringing you more in the months to come.

Follow this link to our interview page. (You can also find it via our "Services" menu.)

20 Apr 08
We're back! It's been a quiet three months on the site development front, so we haven't had much to blog about. We've been adding titles, making corrections and generally updating things daily...

In the coupla months since we last updated the movie count on the homepage, we added 3,777 new titles, bringing us to 86,828 titles. We've added over 2600 performers and links to over 3400 reviews. We've also been steadily adding links to photo and video galleries to the site and we currently have links to over 12,000 galleries online with some of the hottest sites around -- Naughty America, Hustler, Bang Bros, etc.

Our staff is working hard and we thank you for your submissions and corrections. It's because of our users (that's you!) that we're as good as we are.

08 Jan 08
See you at AEE We'll be there walking the show floor... If you see us, say hi. :-)

To keep life pleasant when we get back, we shut down the corrections forms until Sunday so we don't come home to a backlog we can never dig ourselves out of. :-) Have a good week.

02 Jan 08
Back to business... Just a word of thanks to everyone for your kind words of support, helpful emails, troubleshooting messages and whatnot.

The site seems to be close to its old self again. We re-arranged some tables, did some massive tweaking, let some analyzers run roughshod over our trace tables, and we seem to be back and without the timeout issues we were seeing earlier this week.

Re-commence your porn searching; and thanks again for your patience.

Jeff, BigBobXXX, Bill, Bontix, Don, Eric, Jamie, Luke, Morbid, and Walter

31 Dec 07
Performance is still spotty... We're still working on the server. It seems to have good days and bad days, and recently it's been more bad than good. If you experience slowdowns, please let us know what you were doing (searching, clicking around, etc.) and if you were searching, what were you searching for? We appreciate your patience and continued support. (Oh, and happy new year!)
11 Dec 07
Glitches Getting Ironed Out The Title/Perf/Review search was flaky today if you did a search of more than one word. I think its been tamed. As always, thanks for your patience as we work through these issues.
11 Dec 07
Shaking My Head The fulltext indexing is kicking my ass. It's 1:30 AM, and it's working now... but I don't have a ton of faith in it staying that way. Let's cross our fingers. :-) (and if you have any experience with full-text indexes in SQL Server 2005 and have any pointers, drop me a line.) Thanks for your patience while we recover from this...
10 Dec 07
Not Out Of The Woods Yet Apparently, things aren't as rosy as once thought. We killed the banners again (temporarily) and will be working to get performance back to where it should be. Now that we're running on SQL 2005, we have some more options available to us that we're looking forward to exploring and implementing. Thanks for your support and patience. :-)
10 Dec 07
Back to Business The database server was running on a backup machine since around 8:00 last night, and it's back on its original hardware, but with a new OS and SQL Server version under it (from Win2K/SQL2K to Win2K3/SQ2K5) so hopefully things will be perfrorming a bit better. If you come across any issues, please drop me a line at iafd@iafd.com. Thanks for the notes of support (which are finally coming thru, since our inbound mail was also affected...)
07 Dec 07
Bloodied but Unbowed Got the server running on a slow backup, but it's working nonetheless. It's Sloooooooooow, but it'll be better on Sunday. Thanks for your patience.
22 Nov 07
I guess I have to think of it as Thursday... ... because I'd hate to think I spend a few minutes on Thanksgiving sorting out the difference between PEE and GOLDEN SHOWER on our advanced search page. (When you searched on "Golden Showers" you actually got peeing scenes. Now you have your choice.) So, once again, Happy Thanksgiving (or Thursday) everyone... and treat your turkey better than Jerry Butler treated his in ">Raw Talent ;-)
21 Nov 07
Correction to the Corrections We had a little admin-induced database glitch earlier which resulted in us losing 18 corrections. If you sent in a correction between 2 AM and 6 PM Eastern and you haven't gotten a "it's done" email (assuming you asked for one), you're probably one of the 18. Our apologies... And happy Thanksgiving Eve to our American buddies... to the rest of you; happy Wednesday. :-)
21 Nov 07
Names With Faces, Part Two Got an email recently: "Iím trying to identify women in old videos Iím planning to stream to my Xbox 360 and if I could look at all the available pictures of women who worked with guys I can name the process might go better. Reading the page generated by "Check scene parings" only goes so well with names but no faces."

Excellent point... so we've changed the page and added headshots to the scene pairings... and since non-resizable pop-ups are so 2001, the listing now opens in its own window.

20 Nov 07
Search the Ink We've been asked for a way to search for tattoo info, and we're happy to say we've added a new feature to our Advanced Search page -- Tattoo Search. Type in a short bit about the tattoo ("clover") or the location ("foot") and you'll get a list of performers who fit the bill. It's simple and not that smart in terms of searching (don't go using any of those fancy boolean operators) but it should get the job done. Enjoy.
10 Oct 07
Welcome Yappo! We're pleased to announce that Yappo and GayYappo have joined our price search. Yappo is a VOD site with plans starting as low as 8 cents per minute. You've probably seen their banners, and now you can find them in the price search results too. They have over 20,000 titles spread out over their two sites. We've got over 7500 titles linked up so far with more to come.
22 Sep 07
Tats and Piercings We're looking to standardize our tattoo and piercing nomenclature. Does anyone know of a good body modification site or two that could help us standardize our terms and locales? So, we'd rather put "Price Albert" instead of "Head of Cock' and make these things searchable... Drop us an email at iafd@iafd.com with "Bod-Mods" in the subject. Thanks!
21 Sep 07
10 Days for 10 Years

To celebrate Adult DVD Empire's 10 Years of Sexcellence; for the next 10 days when you submit a correction to the IAFD, we'll enter your e-mail address into a drawing for one of three prizes: one of of two $50 gift certificates or a grand prize of the Empire Compilation Mega Pack -- a 17 DVD set of ADE's exclusive studio compilations... a $129 value!

If you don't have a correction to submit -- never fear! -- just drop an e-mail to contest@iafd.com with the word "empire" in the subject, and we'll enter you in the drawing Please don't send in bogus corrections to get entered. Happy Anniversary Adult DVD Empire!

18 Sep 07
Time keeps on slippin, slippin... It's been two years since we lost Peter... We miss you, buddy; and we hope we're doing you proud.
10 Sep 07
Logrolling in Our Time... Industry scribe Gram Ponante has thrown his hat into the podcasting ring, joining Skronk as the second porn podcast on my playlist. You can subscribe to the podcast via iTunes or from his page: Porner's Almanac. (Sorry to see the Garrison Keillor imitation go...)
17 Aug 07
Free Porn We've been steadily adding links to galleries featuring your favorite performers. We're got links to over 1,000 galleries now; so we made some tweaks.

First off, under the UPDATES menu, there's a new item for "galleries" which will give you a list of the newest galleries we added over the prior 14 days.

We also changed the performer's page a bit; we moved the galleries out of the biography block, and instead put them in a collapsable list under the headshot. We feel this is a better use of space than before. For those of you surfing without scripts enabled, you can always use the performer's gallery page (i.e. Andie Valentino's gallery page.)

Thanks for all your support. (If you like the galleries, maybe you'll sign up for one of the sites?)

06 Aug 07
"New Performer" Page tweaks... You ask, we give. "May I suggest this change, for the sake of convenience and simplification: Under, "Updates," there is a subset of "New Performers". This is further broken down by name and date. I suggest that, as with the new headshots, it be divided into Male and Female new performers. This would be especially valuable for those that are interested in one gender only. As so many of these new performers do not have a headshot yet, it would result in a good deal of time saved and would generally be more convenient. Thanks for considering the above." Our pleasure.
22 Jul 07
80,000 titles and counting! Holy cow! The editorial staff has been working overtime and last night we broke through 80,000 titles (We list 80,017 at the moment...). Huge props to the Gang of 7 -- Don, Walter, Bontix, BigBobXXX, Jamie, Morbidthoughts and Bill -- for all their hard work. Thanks also go to you guys also for sending in those corrections and keeping us going. For those of you keeping score, we are up to information on 76,898 performers and we carry links to 62,947 reviews.
14 Jul 07
Goodnight, Jim Jim Mitchell, one half of the legendary Mitchell Brothers, passed away Thursday night. San Jose Mercury News has details. Our condolences to his family.
07 Jun 07
... and me without a hot spare... Pitfall #342 of owning your own server: when the disk manager pops up errors on the overnight predicting disk failure on one of your arrays (the one holding the OS); you should keep a hot spare around. Hindsight is 20/20. So we're waiting for a spare to be overnighted (unless someone has a 36GB 10K drive for a Dell 6400 in the NY/NJ area) and keeping our fingers crossed the db server doesn't come crashing down... as I sit here quietly building a new temporary db server, just in case...
06 Jun 07
Pictures and Moving Pictures We're beginning to track models' gallery appearances (both photo and video). The partner sites (Suze, Danni, etc.) that give us the headshots also have galleries of these performers, and that's what we're pointing you to. These galleries will be listed in their bio block under their websites. We don't know how specifically we're going to track other website appearances or how thoroughly. (That kind of data could warrant a whole seperate site!) It remains to be seen if we're going to be tracking internet-only appearances this way. Let us know your thoughts on what we should do in this regard. The galleries are also available as an RSS feed if you swing that way. We're in the process of getting a master RSS feed together, but thought we'd announce the individuals first.
21 May 07
Can you ear me now? Due to their utter ubiquitousness, we're no longer listing "ears" as a piercing location on actresses. We never used to -- we took pierced ears as a given -- but in recent months we've been getting submissions about pierced ears and after heated debate among the editors, we gave it a try. After a few months, it doesn't seem to be worth the trouble. All ear related piercing data has been purged (only 200+ actresses out of 35,000 had the data, so it was statistically insignificant anyway). To reflect this shift, the piercing field is now more explicitly labelled "Non-Ear Piercings."
21 May 07
CAVR having trouble Quick heads up CAVR is having server trouble, so Den's reviews will be unavailable for the next few hours as it is worked on.
19 May 07
Clearing Out Some Backlog Our submissions queue has two components; one for incoming stuff, and one for stuff that needs to be discussed or researched. The incoming queue is in a managable state, but the research queue isn't; so we're in the process of clearing it out. Something things we did were never marked as "completed" - so if you an e-mail that's closing a topic from a year ago, that's why. :-) Thanks, all.
16 May 07
Cheap Plugs I don't think I properly raved about Videobox. We have been using their service for quite some time here at IAFD HQ and were very exicted when they approached us about coming on-board to provide downloadable movies (in WMV) for both straight and gay (via VideoboxMen) men. They add 5 DVDs worth of stuff per day, and their interface is perhaps the nicest one I've ever seen -- you can download scenes or parts of scenes at a variety of bitrates, up to DVD quality. I've personally been a member before they came onboard in the price search and it's just been terrific.
11 Apr 07
Changing Names... Now up to you! Our mailbag has overflowed this week with comments about the new "credited" name display in the scene breakdowns. (See our previous post for more details.) So, in response to various concerns, it's up to you on what name you see. On the PREFERENCES page you can now indicate how you would like your names displayed -- either the performer's "credited" name or their "usual" one. We hope you enjoy this new feature.
05 Apr 07
Changing Names... There's been some discussion about using the "credited" name in scene breakdowns vs. using the performers "more well known" name. In the past, we used the credited name in the breakdowns, but we've been getting the sense that this is creating more confusion, especially as we add more European titles, so we've gone the other way, and now you'll see the "better known" name instead of the credit name in the scene breakdowns. Let us know if you agree or disagree.
08 Mar 07
Finding Movies With... Our Advanced Search page just got a new search option. Now you can search for movies that have certain "non-mundane" sex acts in them. SO, if you want a list of movies that have fisting in them, you can now get a list of those. This is a complement to our "sex notes" search, which allowed you to get a list of performers who performed those "non-mundane" acts. (For purposes of this discussion, a non-mundane act is Shaved, Fisting, Squirt, Creampie, DPP, DAP, Golden Shower and Interracial; everything else is too common to provide useful results.)
03 Mar 07
Welcome Back, IE6 Users! The bug that plagued with IE6 visitors has been tamed. You can now experience our nice and shiny dropdown menus like the rest of our visitors. Enjoy! (We were only half-kidding when we said not to upgrade; IE7 is better for lots of reasons than IE6.)
02 Mar 07
Quirks, quirks, quirks... Some users of IE6/WinXP are reporting issues with our new menus. We're working on the issue. (We won't be so arrogant as to tell you to upgrade to IE7 or Firefox. :-) We'll hopefully have a fix in place by morning.
01 Mar 07
Big Day

Couple big things today:

  • we added a new menuing system to the site, so things should be easier to find
  • We added information on over 18,000 gay movies and 30,000 gay performers, so we're now the biggest site of our kind on the net.
  • You can turn off the display of gay titles and performers by using the handy "Show Gay Info" toggle in the upper right corner. You'll need cookies enabled for it to work.

Thanks to everyone for all your support and comments, and we hope to get even better in the coming months. Keep the cards and letters coming -- you can send comments to iafd@iafd.com

23 Feb 07
We don't know them, do you? You may have noticed that we have started to add a lot of "Unknown" performers to our database. After much discussion, we have decided that, although we can't view every title and know every performer, we would be doing a disservice to our visitors if we didn't attempt to identify as many cast members as possible. Most of the "Unknowns" have headshots, and we are hoping that you, our faithful contributors, will, as time passes, attach names to all those faces. We thank you in advance for continuing to make iafd the best adult reference site on the Web.
14 Feb 07
Firefox Security Certificate Warning

If you're experiencing pop-ups using a non-IE browser when you hit a page with an Adult DVD Daily banner on it, be aware of two things: 1. It's not harmful and 2. It's not harmful.

Adult DVD Daily is (inexplicably) putting images served over HTTPS on their banners which is causing a certificate to pop up for non-IE users. (I'm assuming that IE trusts their CA by default, and Firefox doesn't.)

We correct it as soon as we notice it.

The alternative is for you to accept the certificate, and you won't be bugged by the pop-ups. We've been working with ADD to make sure this keeps from happening in the future.

03 Feb 07
Show Me The Chicks (or the guys...)

We added a new filter to the new headshots page -- you can now hide the boys or the girls, depending on whom you're interested in. Our staff has been going crazy adding new headshots to the site, and we now have over 6,000 performers who have pictures along with their filmographies. Those pictures also pop up if you hover your mouse over the performer's name throughout most of the site...

14 Jan 07
Shout Outs and Thanks

Back in the day, Peter and I (with help from Alexandria Silk (iafd), Luc Wylder (iafd) and N. Smith) would host a little get together during ECVS in Atlantic City for posters to RAME. There were attempts to duplicate the same during CES/AEE but it never really gelled until Steph and Drew from adultdvdtalk came around and made it happen.

We've been happy to sponsor the party for as long as they have been accepting sponsors, and this year was no different.

We did want to send a shout-out and hearty attagirl to Devinn Lane (iafd) who (from where I sit) really kicked ass in the co-ordination department -- from procuring a sweet 51st floor penthouse at the Palms (far too cool for us nerds) to making sure all the liquor got packed in suitcases to get by the security guys... just a top notch job... thanks, DL. and we got to sing Happy Birthday to Kim Chambers (iafd). (We would have sang to Tricia too, but the Evil Angel (iafd) folk had a whole host of places to be -- you would too if you were one of the hottest studios in pornland! -- so their appearance was unfortunately short-lived.)

The only downside to the party: no rice cakes. :-)

09 Jan 07
Heading to Sin City...

Heading out to AEE in a few hours... if you us around the show floor, say hello.

Of course, that would require you knowing what we look like...

Or by reading our shirt.

02 Jan 07
We never write, we never call... In doing some housekeeping today, we lost some info that we use to send the correction notifications back out to you. We have the corrections, but the table that stores e-mail addresses and stuff lost a few records, so we're still processing the corrections, you just won't get an e-mail when we're done -- assuming you asked for one. I think we're only talking about corrections from Jan 1 - 2. Thanks for you patience and continued support.
02 Jan 07
Changes afoot... Happy New Year! We've been busy behind the scenes. We've been making some changes, and a bunch of them were implemented today, tho the edges are still a little rough, so we're keep them under wraps for now... Some of you might have seen them pop up for a few moments a few hours back; and you might see them in your travels. How mysterious! One thing we do kow, the distributor field is a little hinky... we're working on getting that straighted out; thanks for bearing with us. We'll be blogging again soon...
25 Dec 06
Not a creature was stirring... ... they were too busy doing something else (like not blogging for 6 weeks. How awful of us!). Here's an oldie but goodie from last year -- a list of all the Christmas themed porn we could dig up doing a minimal search... There's even a new title in 2006! We'd have included Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, but they don't seem to appear in any titles... So here we go:

So, have a safe and happy holiday season everyone...

04 Nov 06
What does IR mean to you?

There's a debate among the IAFD MODs right now about the meaning of our new IR tag.

I tend to believe that (in porn) IR means Black Guy / White Girl.

BigBobXXX tends to believe it also emcompasses the opposite - black girl / white guy.


31 Oct 06
You ask, we give. For a long time, we've been asked to provide an interracial tag and filter. Up until now, it wasn't realistic due to the amount of backfilling we were going to have to do. However, with the amount of scene data we've added over the past year or so, we were able to extrapolate the IR tag, and so 2500+ perfs now have the IR tag applied to them.

In order to make room for the IR filter, we temporarily removed the SHAVED filter ... Because we never got a comment about it, good or bad. :-)

30 Oct 06
Love Notes Just a quick thanks to all of you who have been submitting corrections and additions to the site. Our staff has been working around the clock to get through the queue, and so far we're managing to stay on top of it... To give you a little feedback, we've updated our backend routines so that we can fire off an e-mail to you when we've processed your e-mail. However, we know not everyone wants that kind of thing, so there's a new checkbox on the submission form -- "Send Email when Issue is Resolved" -- which will fire off an e-mail letting you know that we processed your correction/submission.
14 Oct 06
Popup Madness The futzing continues... The performer popup tips have also been added to the top 10 actors and actresses list.
29 Sep 06
Poppin' Fresh We've added the performer popup tips to the birthday list and the results list. (Our plan is to eventually show the pix with the results, but we need to futz with the layout to do that, and we're busy futzing with other things at the moment.... :-)
25 Sep 06
Ajax - Not Just For Cleaning Anymore Now, when you hover over a performer or director's name on a movie page, you'll get a little tooltip-esque popup giving you a picture, akas and years active. We find that the tip scales well on virtually all resolutions, and we're pretty happy with the aesthetic. Hope you find it useful. As always, your comments are welcome.
18 Sep 06
Some have gone, and some remain... It's been a year already. We miss you, buddy.
28 Aug 06
One More Step... We added one more step to suggesting a URL to the site. Unfortunately, like most sites, we're the victim of quite a bit of "comment" spam. (We don't have comments, but we have form fields that take URLs and that's close enough.) Since poor Luke has been drowning in poker sites and other non-porn related submissions, we've added a two layer defense. First off, we have a list of keywords we're checking URLs against. If your URL mentions POKER, for instance, Luke will never see it, and it'll never get posted. Second, you have to type 4 numbers into a box to get the submission into the queue. So, we apologize for the 4 numbers, but look at it his way... It coulda been 8. :-)
02 Aug 06
In The Rhythm July was our biggest month of adding new titles in a long time. We added 516 titles in July, an improvement over our 316 titles in June. For this, we have to thank our data entry specialist, Don Mantle, who has been tirelessly going through current and past reviews, adding the titles that we've been missing. This brings our total count to 54,829 titles, 38,238 performers and links to over 55,600 reviews. (55,622 to be exact.) Thanks to all for your support, your copius assistance in making the site better and well wishes. Also a big round of thanks to our editors -- Bigbobxxx, bontix, Don, Jamie, Luke, Morbidthoughts and Walter -- who have joined the team and help keep the site running. We couldn't do it without any of you.
02 Aug 06
Sort, sort, sort I'll tell ya, things get more and more exciting around here. Yesterday, we fixed it so that when you sort a filmography of a person who both performs and directs, now the directing list will also sort. I don't quite remember why it was designed like this from the beginning (the comments in the code were of no help), but its that way now, so let us all rejoice. Huzzah! Thanks to the Mayor for bringing this to our attention.
29 Jul 06
Wither boxcovers? The more things change, they more they stay the same. We've once again been forced to remove the boxcovers from our site since we're unable to verify that every boxcover we display is free from material that would violate the 2257 statutes that Bush signed into law on Thursday. (What do abducted kids have to do with porno?) I'm not happy with this course of action, but until the new law gets injuncted (is that a word?) click thru to the vendor sites for the boxcovers. Sorry for the inconvenience. Get out and vote in November. Be the change you want to see.
27 Jul 06
We got our XML fixed! We were noticing some flakiness in our RSS feeds for the top perfs and titles -- like sometimes the actors would list actresses, or you'd get the same Top 10 list every hour in your aggregrator. No longer. :-) We checked and tweaked the feeds a few different times and now they all validate without warnings (Birthdays, News) so they should be a little less taxing on your reader. Also, did you know you can embed the XML right in your site? If you wanted to use our birthday list on your site, with virtually no code, you can. And it's simple. Contact Us for details.
21 Jul 06
Blessed are we... Swamped are we...

About 3 months ago, we rolled out this awesome new corrections feature which helped you, our loyal visitors, send us corrections.

No longer did things fill up my mailbox, but instead they went into a queue where a bunch of my fellow editors could implement and comment on them. And the world was good...

But as more people started using the tool, the more we got swamped and it piled on until last week, when it took all of us a lot of time to work thru the backlog and get it down to something manageable. Now, we are very excited that all of you out there on the internets care enough about us to send us corrections. However, lest we find ourselves months behind with no hopes of ever catching up, we needed to establish some limits.

So, we've implemented a small cap -- you can only submit 15 corrections per day. We think that's a good number -- not so high for the casual corrector, not so low for the hardcore collectors/correctors among you -- and it still leaves us room to do other things on the site while we're still able to keep up with the corrections.

Thank you for all your support and assistance. We're pretty exicted about the direction the site is headed and some things we have in the pipeline, so stick around and stay in touch.

20 Jul 06
Money For Nothing...

...and chicks for $10 less than the schmoe down the street. (For the first month, anyway...) The fellas over at WantedList have come up with a special promo just for you -- our loyal visitor. A simple coupon is all that stands between you and $10 off your first month's rate ... Pop over to WantedList and enter the code INVITE_IAFD to start saving and renting and ... well, you fill in the rest.

11 Jul 06
One Movie, Many Formats

We got this note "I was just wondering, what do you all think about adding a column for"rentals"? ... So often, I will look for rentals of a particular star and click on every title that has an "X" in the "buy" column and have to scroll down to see if it is for rent. If there was a separate column for rentals, I wouldn't have to waste all that time..."

So, we went one better, and we changed the column structure. We now track 4 things:

V - VHS for Sale
D - DVD for Sale
R - DVD Rental
O - Video on Demand

From the performer's filmography, you can now look at the buy column and tell at-a-glance which formats your title is available.

You can see it in action by visiting a performer page, like, say, Jenna Jameson's.

27 May 06
Many Happy Returns

Congratualtions to Terry of World Class Adult Reviews and his lovely new wife Jeni who made it official yesterday after 12 years of courtship.

A happy marriage is a long conversation which always seems too short. ~Andre Maurois


27 Apr 06
New Vendor A howdy-hi to Adult DVD Best Deal who joins our price search with over 10,000 titles. Tell 'em we sent ya.
25 Apr 06
Automation... We have added "Corrections" buttons on both Performer and Title pages. If you have a correction, click the button, fill out the form, and it'll be sent into our queue for processing. We now have a small, dedicated team of data entry folks who are helping sift thru the mountains of data that is the IAFD, and this is a far more efficient way to get info in front of them. We're pretty excited about this simple piece of tech, and thank you for helping out. The button placement isn't 100% definite yet, but it feels good where it is... For non corrections, still e-mail us at iafd@rame.net.
15 Apr 06
This day in history... Dunno if you noticed in the birthday list, but rec.arts.movies.erotica aka RAME was formed 10 years ago today. Has it been that long?
14 Apr 06
It's Friday? Good. In a minimal display of programming smarts, the new movies page is now sortable by date or title.
10 Apr 06
L is for Lame Apparently I got my .coms and my .orgs mixed up. YubNub lives in the .org world... not in com ... mea culpa. URLs have been updated.
07 Apr 06
YubNub! Hola amigos.. Been a long time since I rapped at ya. (tm Jim Anchower). We saw a new site popping up in the referrer logs.. YubNub.org. Apparently, this is a "command line for the web" which allows you to type in small abbreviations and it'll go and do things for you. Apparently, someone made an IAFD tag for us. Thanks, random stranger! We added two other tags, iafdp and iafdm which allow you to search for performers and movie titles alone, as opposed to getting the comprehensive list. Enjoy.
25 Feb 06
Welcome HotMovies.com! A big howdy-hi to HotMovies.com! We've added over 30,000 of their titles to the vendor catalog, and are working on getting them linked into your favorite titles. The folks over at HotMovies offer damned near any kind of format you want on most of their movies -- Pay Per Minute (8 cents a minute!), 48 Hour Download, DivX 30 Days, Windows Media 7 or 30 Day... You've seen their banners on the site, and now look for their titles in the VOD section of the price search.
22 Jan 06
Little tweaks... In the past, when we changed a PerfID in order to consolidate two performer entries, the original page would 404 out, since the perfid was no longer in the db. We've had a table that kept track of these changes -- Peter and I would keep them up to date with our changes, so we would stay in sync -- and we're not consulting that table before giving up on the performer. You can see this in action when you try to reach Belinda's page and instead of a "Performer Not Found", you end up at the Adreline Lange page, since her info superceded her work Belinda. This will stop bookmarks and incoming links (I'm looking at you, Google) from breaking. We hope you find it marginally useful -- we'd hate to think we spent those 20 minutes foolishly. :-)
20 Jan 06
Victim of our own success... Our transaction logs overflowed the disk early this morning, and I slept thru the beeper going off telling me that, so we were offline for a couple hours. Whoops. Sorry about that. Hope all you early morning porn surfers weren't put out too much. :-)
19 Jan 06
Pix, Pix and More Pix The new headshots page is turning into a smashing success. Thanks for all your comments. The most common request we received was for the ability to sort the list alphabetically so you could find your favorite star quickly. (Since these headshots are glommed from the star's bio pages, you could just check your fave performer page to find the headshot...) But we know that browsing is half the fun, so now you can browse another way. Enjoy.
18 Jan 06
What are we up to? As I alluded to in the last post, we were working on a page to show you what we're doing on the headshot front. We're happy to announce the NEW HEADSHOT page where you can see the headshots we've been adding over the past 30 days. Let us know how you like it.
14 Jan 06
Who's That Girl? We're in the process of adding headshots. Lots of headshots. We're trying to figure the best way to present the updates... So for now, you may just notice your favorite stars having headshots added. Thanks to all who are contributing.
10 Jan 06
... and we're back! Vegas was a bunch of fun... we'll have some announcements as the week goes on -- no sense piling them on. But for starters, we were happy to finally put names to faces with the guys from XRentDVD. From their camp comes news that the "new release" embargo restriction that used to accompany their monthly subscription plans has been removed, so you can start renting new releases Day One on their "Preferred" monthly plans, instead of having to wait for them to become available like before.
31 Dec 05
Happy New Year! Well, it seems like we were granted a bit of a respite from 2257, so the boxcovers are back to celebrate the new year. We got a lot of stuff planned for the new year, so stay tuned. If you're going to be in Vegas at AEE or Internext, drop us a line, we'll be wandering the show floor wearing our grey IAFD polo shirts... Stay safe. (Ponyboy, you stay golden.)
24 Dec 05
Not a creature was stirring... ... they were too busy doing something else. Here's a list of all the Christmas themed porn we could dig up doing a minimal search... We'd have included Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, but they don't seem to appear in any titles... So here we go:

So, have a safe and happy holiday season everyone...

23 Dec 05
How to Find Compilations Due to popular demand, we've tweaked the person page just a touch by listing compilations in a darker color than the rest of the listings. This dark color is darker than the normal alternating colors.
20 Dec 05
And Dallas Makes Three.. SugarDVD announced it is adding Dallas as a domestic distribution center, making it the third domestic distro for the rental house alongside New York and Chatsworth. The closer the distribution center, the faster your movies get back and forth. (SugarDVD also has a European distribution center in Amsterdam.)
09 Dec 05
Happy Birthday, Pal Peter would have turned 43 today. Miss ya, buddy.
05 Dec 05
Christmas Coupons from Adult CD Movies Adult CD Movies has just revamped their store making for a speedier shopping experience. You can now zip thru their 45,000 titles more efficiently than ever! Adult CD Movies has recently come on board as a banner sponsor, and you may have seen their Christmas themed banners as you click around the site. (Gotta love porno Christmas titles -- I Saw Mommy Eating Santa Claus, Miracles on 69th Street, Tits That Saved XXX-Mas, Merry Fucking Christmas, Very Very Bad Santa ... classics.) Adult CD Movies has also made some coupon offers available exclusively to IAFD visitors (up to $100 off) which you can check out in the price search, or by clicking here.
28 Nov 05
Thanks A Million We had our first 1 million hit day yesterday. The new server is performing admirably under the stress which is great news, since the site is running much faster and it gives us some leeway to add some new features... Thanks!
25 Nov 05
We're growing... Our server family as grown! Tonight, we added a "new" Dell 1850 webserver to the rack, which allows us to divorce the SQL Server from the web server -- allowing each machine to focus on what it does best. Our monitoring provider tells me that between noon and 7:00 tonight, before we installed the new server, it was taking between 10-15 seconds to load the homepage 100%. (The delay was often caused by the banner ad.. info came up quicker.) Post-install, the homepage has been loading 100% in an average of 0.8 seconds...

Please let us know if your experience is different.

20 Nov 05
Sign o' the Times Due to some requests from our astrologically inclined fans, we've now added astrological signs for the stars on their bio pages. We've also collected this info on their own pages as well. On a related note, we've added links back to the birthday calendar for those stars who have a birthday listed, so you can see who shares their birthday.
18 Nov 05
No Day like Today (redux)... Adult DVD Today has made some generous coupon offers available exclusively to IAFD visitors, offering between 11.5 and 13.5% off all titles, based on volume. (Your best deal is the $27 off $200 coupon). Adult DVD Today is based in Hawaii, time differences can work to your advantages -- it's "today" there longer -- folks on the east coast can order at like 9:00 at night, and still be considered "today" for shipping purposes. Reports have shipping via priority mail taking around 3 days. Aloha!
29 Oct 05
... the state of Denmark Welcome aboard RottenDVD, a retailer whose entire catalog is priced at $7.95. So, while you may not find the newest titles in stock, they're a great resource for plugging holes in your collection.
13 Oct 05
TheirSpace, YourSpace, MySpace... Because everyone in the industry seems to be running there like lemmings, we've got a MySpace site. I'm not sure what MySpace will be about, if anything... But its there....
12 Oct 05
Pass the SugarDVD, Please... Another vendor is added to the price search. SugarDVD, who has had a banner running for the last month, is finally in the price search, now that we're back on our horse. They're a rental house with a NetFlix-esque structure (and multiple distribution centers, to boot!), so if you like no due dates and all the happy stuff that comes along with it, check them out.
06 Oct 05
Back on the Horse We just processed Peter's last batch of new movies -- 747 titles in all, bringing our totals up to 52,428 titles and 38,919 bios. You many have noticed, however, over the past week or so, a steadier stream ofd new movies being added. Our goal at this point, is to be steadily adding titles as opposed to batching them up once a month.

We thank you again for all of your support and nice words during our difficult time.

22 Sep 05
Thanks, Bob Dirty Bob posted an article over on the AVN Blog re: Peter that has drawn some nice comments from old friends. Thanks.
22 Sep 05
Tip o' the hat AVN wrote nice article about our loss. Thanks, Mark.
22 Sep 05
Services and Tributes A service will be held 10 AM Tuesday, September 27 in The Hague, Holland. Details can be found at this page (it's in Dutch), put up by Peter's co-workers at PlanetInternet. There is also space there for you to leave your own tribute. (Click the second option down and you English speakers can probably hash out the form for yourselves. :-\
21 Sep 05
More memories We've added more memories from Tim Evanson, Alexandra Silk and Roger Pipe to Peter's memorial page.
20 Sep 05
Heartfelt thanks Thanks to all who have sent nice words remembering Peter. We've put together a small page -- we're not sure in which shape it will end up, but for now it's a small rememberance and his take on the start of this site.
20 Sep 05
The Infinite Sadness

Peter van Aarle, curator of the Internet Adult Film Database, passed away on Sunday, September 18, 2005, after suffering a heart attack at his home in The Hague, Holland. He was 42. Details of a memorial service are not yet known. Watch this space for more details.

Peter started the IAFD "back in 1981/82 when I started watching porn movies (back then my hometown still had a cinema which showed porn movies, and only porn movies by the way, and that's where I went)."

The site came on-line in its present incarnation and its present address in 1999, and his goal for the site was explained in an e-mail: "I basically want the IAFD to be the definitive porn movie database on the web. I've spent the past 18 years compiling this data, and I want all of the credit :-)"

The credit is his.

The IAFD will continue, in his memory. Volunteers have begun assembling updates. It will take us a little time to ramp up and try to fill the void left by Peter, but we promise to do our best.

12 Sep 05
Pour some sugar. . . A big warm welcome to SugarDVD who joins our banner rotation. They're a Netflix type of rental service with a good selection -- and anyone who uses Dani Woodward in their banners can't be all bad.
01 Sep 05
Its Just Decent If you're gonna hotlink to our graphics, have the decency to drop a link back to us, thanking us. We'd appreciate it. It's the right thing to do.
27 Aug 05
Safari Tweak Even tho the feed validates, I'm told Safari has some issues with the RSS feed, so we tweaked the feed, and hopefully this will make it all work.
28 Jul 05
Another 485 Movies We're not just working on RSS. :-) We've added data on another 485 movies, bringing us up to 51,617 movies and 38,518 performers. We've also got links to 48,014 reviews...
28 Jul 05
On an RSS Kick (redux) We've had RSS feeds for a long time for the "Top Searches" boxes on the left hand side, so we decided to publicize them a bit better by putting the XML graphic in the boxes that have feeds.
26 Jul 05
Birthdays and RSS Judging by the mail we've gotten today, there seems to be some confusion about our RSS feed for the birthday data. (Google: RSS)

If you merely visit the site, you don't need any of this new RSS stuff, since you see the data over there on the left under the heading "Those Born Today." But, if you want to see that data in your RSS Aggregator, or on your personalized Google Homepage (slick!), or syndicate in your own site, that's what the feeds are for.

We regret any confusion.

25 Jul 05
How Old Are You Now? We added an RSS feed for our birthdays, so now you can see who's celebrating a birthday from the convenience of your feedreader. Click on the Orange XML icon to add the feed, or use the URL feed://feeds.feedburner.com/PornstarBirthdays (or try this one if the other doesn't work.)
01 Jul 05
479 More Movies We got to the update. 479 more movies, bringing us up to 51.132 titles and 38,313 performers. We also link to 47,557 reviews.
30 Jun 05
Our First Million Wow! This month is the first month we've cracked 1,000,000 unique visitors. That's almost double where we were at this time last year (547,000 unique visitors). Thanks to everyone for their support and word of mouth and linking and all that. We have some more search options in the pipeline and there's an update ready to go; hopefully we'll get to it tonight. Thanks again.
19 Jun 05
Glitchy We're told some users are being prompted for a username and password. Just hit cancel and the site will operate normally. Apparently our lecchblocker is serving up 401 errors instead of 404s and some browsers are interpreting that as a need to pop up an authentication dialog. We do not require a username and password. Being lazy means we don't want to have to deal with memberships and that stuff. Maybe down the line we'll have something like the IMDB, but until then, just hit cancel until we get it straightened out. Thanks.
14 Jun 05
Sucks to be US Happy Flag Day. Seems the US Dept of Justice is looking to end pornography on the internet not through obscenity prosecutions, but by forcing the 2257 record keeping requirements on not just the producer of the image/movie but anyone who displays (or causes to display) a web image of same. So, the only dicey stuff we got here are the boxcovers; and since we don't have 2257 documentation, we can spend three years in jail for the privilege of showing it off. So, guess what. We're not showing boxcovers anymore. At least not until the rules are overturned. (Join the fight!)

This course of action pains us greatly, but we don't have the resources to maintain as extensive a collection of records as we'd have to to stay out of jail (not to mention the other nonsense that would be required of us), so we're cutting bait and taking them down. They've been the only not-safe-for-work part of the site, and so we go back to being the cleanest porn site around. We thank you for your understanding and support. Boxcovers can still be viewed via the vendor links, and we hope you will still take advantage of that. Any comments or questions, we'd love to hear 'em.

For more information on your tax dollars at work, I point you to this thread over at Adult DVD Talk, where there's been a good deal of discussion on the subject.

06 Jun 05
It Burns! We hooked the updates blog to Feedburner as some sort of experiment. We'll see what comes of it.
04 Jun 05
Blog You, Blog Me We converted the updates to an RSS format so you can keep up with us in your favorite RSS reader.
03 Jun 05
Big Wheels Keep On Rollin Another update, this time 512 titles bringing us up to 50.653 titles, 38.098 performers and 46, 997 reviews.
17 May 05
New Review Site We welcome HARO Online to our network of review feeder sites. Welcome aboard Hervert!
02 May 05
Leaving 50k Behind We did another update today, bringing us up to 50,129 title covered and 37,828 performers. We also have links to 46,021 reviews, making us your home for porn info.
Tweaks We tweaked the Title info page, to make it a little more databse friendly, and while we were at it, we made it CSS and XML compliant too, so it'll different, but similar. Please let us know if it breaks in your browser.
26 Apr 05
New Search Type You might notice the addition of a "Title/Person/Review" search to the dropdown box (sorry radio users, not there yet... soon) of search options. This is what Mozilla users have been using from their search bars. This will do just what it says, search the titles, the stars and the reviews for your item. For example, if you do a search on FOX it'll turn up all movies with FOX in the title, all performers with FOX in their name and all reviews (which aren't already linked to movies) with FOX in the title. We've found in beta testing that this search algorhthym is faster than the one we've been using. So please let us know your experiences.
09 Apr 05
Excalibur Reverts Excalibur is back in the DVD Price Search, replacing Bid4DVDs.
04 Apr 05
Tweaks Spent a morning last week playing around with a Mozilla search plug in. Mozilla users can grab it from here: http://www.iafd.com/mozilla.asp. It will install into your Mozilla search bar. For those of you unfamilar with the search bar (I'm looking at you, Blackie), here's some info from the head lizards. So, one can add additional search engines to Mozilla; so we wrote one for our database. The thing I like about it is it searches the titles and performer names together, so it's a bit more IMDb like in that way. As always, let us know if you like it.
Smash and Elegant Movies By Mail is having a big sale on Elegant Angel movies -- 35% off across the board, and 25% off all Smash Pictures product too.
27 Mar 05
Happy Easter The Easter Bunny brought an update of over 300 movies, bringing us up to 49,757 movies and 37.585 performers.
22 Feb 05
New Searches We're beta-testing some new searches. You can catch a glimpse of them here: Advanced Search Page Please let us know if you find them useful.
22 Feb 05
44,950 reviews?!? It's not a typo. We're thrilled to welcome the mighty Den of CAVR back to the site. When Den left us, he had a scant 7700 reviews to his name... in the few years between appearances, he more than doubled his output, and he's now around 16,100 reviews. He's a great guy and a reviewing machine, and we're thrilled he's linked back up with us.
22 Feb 05
Hola Amigos It's been a long time since I rapped at'cha... but that's not to say we haven't been doing anything on the site; we just haven't updated the home page. However, if you watch the New Movies page, you know we did an update a month ago; and we did another one today. Our total count is now 49.453 movies, 37,442 performers and 44,950 reviews. Enjoy
27 Dec 04
Full Text Search Returns The ability to search reviews by full text has returned. We haven't put the docs together yet -- we may never, who knows? -- but its a pretty straight ahead full-text search thingy. How's that for technical?
26 Dec 04
  • Happy Boxing Day With Boxing Day comes another update -- this time adding 406 titles, bringing us up to 48,594 titles and 36,872 performers.
  • Oh yeah... ... and a happy Christmaskahwanza and/or Solstice to all our visitors.
9 Dec 04
  • Closing time... The RAME classifieds board that we hosted is no longer open for business due to circumstances beyond our control. Thanks to everyone for their support over the years.
  • Good night, sweet princess It is with great sadness, we report the passing of Lea DeMae from brain cancer.
26 Nov 04
  • Stuffed. Thanksgiving has come and gone for us Americans. For the database, Thanksgiving came a little early. We did a big update (517 titles) back on the 15th, and we have another one in the pipeline.
  • Video On Demand We added another 1100+ titles from AEBN's online library covering Evil Angel, Hustler, Big Top, Toxxxic, Devil's Films, VCA, JKP, Cal Vista, VCX and Vivid titles, plus more.
2 Nov 04
  • VOTE! For our American Friends... please exercise your right to vote. Don't say it doesn't count. It does. We like to think it'll never come down to one vote; but it might.
  • Slower than Molasses in Winter The server is having some scaling issues. We're not quite sure where the bottleneck is, but we're trying things. We added an additional 4GB to the server last week; and it didn't really have the effect we had hoped... so thanks for bearing with us.
20 Oct 04
  • Size Matters We did another update today, adding 479 titles and 289 performers. bringing us up to 47,670 titles and 36,493 performers. We're at just under 27,000 reviews, for those of you keeping score.
04 Oct 04
  • Free Shipping Our friends over at XRentDVD tell us that they now offer free shipping on all non-rental purchases, along with adding more FedEx options too. They offer a good selection of new and used DVDs for purchase, in addition to their rental plans. This month, they're featuring all new Acid Rain DVDs for $16.99
  • Banners are Back You probably realized, the banners are back. Kindly support our sponsors. :-)
29 Sep 04
  • ... about time... The server has been co-located; the AMRI has been fixed (tho the updating is still off, it seems, but it works); we've got bandwidth to spare and the update is finally done, bringing us up to 47,191 titles and 36,204 performers. We just need to get the banners straightened out (sorry, gotta pay the bills) and we're gold. Thanks for sticking around.
15 Sep 04
  • Update and speed coming... We'll be unavailable for a few hours on Friday as we move the server to its new colocation facility... new facility means more bandwidth, and more bandwidth means more speed (and more costs... so click those banners and use those vendor links!). Since we've been prepping the server for its move, we neglected the big ole' update that's waiting to be uploaded... so to break in the new speed, we should have the update up by this weekend. Thanks for visiting!
14 Aug 04
  • Oh, that update! We did an update tonight... 405 movies and 184 performers, bringing us up and over 46,000 movies listed. (46,707 to be exact!)
27 Jul 04
  • Update? What update? We did an update a few weeks back, and I didn't seem to save the announcement indiciating it... so, consider it announced. We added 385 movies and 224 performers, bringing us up and over 46,000 movies listed. (46,297 to be exact!)
7 Jul 04
  • Wanted: Hard or.. We're thrilled to welcome WantedList.com to our list of affiliated vendor sites. The offer monthly DVD rental plans; check out a movie, keep it as long as you want, no late fees and all that swell stuff. They're currently running a contest (along with VCA) for a lucky winner to go on a dinner date with Sunset Thomas, star of VCA's new flick "Misty Beethoven: The Musical"
  • Reviewzapoppin! We added a buncha reviews over the past few days from RAME and the Adult DVD and VHS reviews.com sites. We're now listing links to over 25,000 reviews.
4 Jun 04
  • Better late... In a flurry of activity on May 30 and 31, we added 641 more titles and 400 more performers, so we're up to 45,912 titles and 35,550 performers.
20 Apr 04
  • Another update We added 453 more titles and 320 more performers yesterday, so we're up to 45,271 titles and 35,150 performers.
  • Shout-Out to Sbando We've been getting a bunch of mail about Euro-stars that we don't track much info on, and we wanted to point you to Sbando's Eurobabeindex.. Sbando's site (among others we'll spotlight in the future) has been invaluable in helping us consolidate a lot of these one-named performers. All Hail Sbando!
  • Damned Credits We went back to the old way of displaying the AKAs in the credit sections of movies. After e-mails that said the other way was a little confusing ("How come when I click on 'Gabriella Dari' do I get Angelica Bella's filmography?") so we're back to "Angelica Bella (as Gabriella Dari)." Thanks for your feedback.
10 Apr 04 3 Apr 04
  • Watch Your Back Where's the rame.net background? Believe it or not, it's a victim of bandwidth cutbacks. The old background was 4k, the new one is 1k, that's a 75% savings of traffic we gotta shoot over the pipe (caching be damned), and any bit we can save makes the site just that much faster. So, the trade-off is aesthetics over speed, and speed wins. :-)
25 Mar 04
  • Credit where Credit Is Due We changed the "credited as" layout again. Didn't so much like the way it looked, and it seemed confusing. So. we now list the credited by name in the credits and the original name is in the jump page -- i.e. Photographic Mammaries shows "Anita Queen" in the cast, but it jumps you to Bellissima's page, since it's one of her AKAs. Does anyone have any opinions on this? Let us know at iafd@rame.net.
  • Dearly Departed As you may have heard, web model/pornstar Taylor Summers was found murdered in Pennsylvania. People have been asking where her filmography is, and she hasn't done much video work, apparently... so we only show one movie for her, which we added today.
  • Goodnight, Sweet Prince Adult Media Network has closed up shop.
31 Mar 04
  • URLzapoppin' A HUGE thank you to Kami Andrews of Kamiland for helping wade thru the backlog of URLs to be processed. Over 350 new URLs have been added to various performer pages. THANK YOU KAMI!
13 Mar 04
  • Keepin' It Comin' New update: 291 titles added, 178 new performers -- brings us up to 44,818 titles and 34,830 performers and directors. Enjoy.
2 Mar 04
  • Radio Silence For whatever reason, we never posted word that January's update was done; so let's kill two birds withone stone and say January's and February's updates have been posted. Our totals are now 44,527 titles, 34,652 performers, 22,784 reviews and 12,147 movies worth of scene breakdowns.
  • New SexNote We've added a marking -- CLIP -- to the performer notes. This signifies non-original footage. This is usually stuff shown on a TV in the background or something. Prime Example: Aurora Snow in Weapons Of Ass Destruction. Jules and Stacy Carpenter watch a tape of Aurora from one of her earlier Jules outings; so we listed her as appearing the movie, but we tag it with "clip" since she doesn't have a full-blown scene in the flick.
12 Jan 04
  • Congrats! Congratulations to Adult DVD Empire for being named Best Online Retailer at Saturday night's AVN Awards.
26 Dec 03
  • Happy Holidays! November's update is up, an additional 342 movies brings us up to 44,000 movies. We hope this makes your holidays a little brighter. :-)
  • A rose by any other name ... would be called Nikki or Ginger. We've added some processing to the AKAs we track, and when we're aware of a performer or director being billed under an alias, we will make a note of it after their "familiar" name... so looking thru Briana Bank's filmography, you'll see certain notes like "Briana Banks (as Mirage)" which'll let you know she was called "Mirage" in that film... the "billed name" is used in the scene breakdowns as well to help reviewers and others. We hope you like it.
8 Dec 03
  • New Vendor We're happy to welcome Adult CD Movies aboard. They've got 26,000 adult DVDs with over 2000 hardcore asian imports starting from $6.88. Check 'em out, and let us know how they are.
5 Dec 03
  • Slip Sliding Away I've done October's update, which you'd know if you follow the new movies page... we added 424 titles... We've done other stuff, which we haevn't written about... but I guess I'll mention...
  • Box Covers Two more vendors have joined in our box cover lottery: Lustique and MoviesByMail. Lustique carries a lot of older VHS titles, so box covers should be a bit more plentiful in the VHS section than they've been.
  • CSS Signatures Hate the way the site looks? Now you can do something about it. One of the site's contributors pointed me to a little-known feature of CSS which allows you, more or less, to skin sites to your own liking. It's rather geeky, but here's a link to some discussion on CSS Signatures.
  • Where's She From? We re-wrote the way we handle ethnicities, looking forward to the day where you can query on a person's heritage. Say you thing a thing for Hungarian chicks, you'll be able to find them... this also makes the performer listings more consistent. We hope to have the new search functions done after the new year...
18 Oct 03
  • More more more September's update was posted today... another 397 movies, so now we're up to 43,236 titles and 33,716 performers!
16 Oct 03
  • New Vendor We're happy to welcome Adult Media Network aboard. They've got over 50,000 titles listed with us and a good many of them are linked to the appropriate titles. Check 'em out, and let us know how they are.
4 Oct 03
  • Martin! It appears the site was on TechTV tonight, as "Judy's Porn Tip of the Day" on Unscrewed with Martin Sargent. So a big howdy-ho to all the folks visiting for the first time. Welcome!
14 Sept 03
  • Busy Beaver No, it's not the latest from Bud Lee, but mere mention of the fact that we got August posted today... another 302 movies, so now we're up to 42,831 titles and 33,629 performers!
12 Sept 03
  • We're back Some personal issues came up recently which kept me from prcoessing Peter's July update. It's done now. We added 379 movies, bringing us up to 42,529 movies and 33,420 performers. We've got links to over 20,000 reviews (20,809 to be exact) and scene breakdowns on over 11,000 movies. Just to throw a few more numbers around, we have over 277,000 products items listed in our vendor catalogs. Thanks for your patience and support. Hopefully we'll get Peter's August update soon and I should get it processed pretty quick.
  • What new movies? Due to popular demand, we've added a page listing the movies we added in the last 30 days. Enjoy. (I'll have to find a permanent spot for the link...)
27 July 03
  • Speed it Up, Chewie... We added some new compression schemes to the site, which means, if you're using a modern browser, you should see a speed increase in downloads; in a nutshell, we transmit a compressed version of the page, and the browser re-inflates it to it's full size. We were using Microsoft's scheme prior to this, but since upgraded to XCache's product, XCompress.
  • Expanding Horizons We widened the page a bit, making our default sceen size 800x600 as opposed to the archiac 640x480. Let the complaints begin.
16 July 03
  • SLACKER! Apologies for slacking off a bit, real life job stuff got in the way of May's update; but to cover lost ground, May and June updates were done in one a fell swoop today, adding 650 movies and 386 performers to the database. Enjoy.
28 May 03
  • Movie Giveaway Revisited MoviesByMail has sweetened the deal by adding some Metro DVDs you can choose as your "free movie" offer for IAFD visitors at this link. Thanks, MBM!
27 May 03
  • Movie Giveaway MoviesByMail has a "free movie" offer for IAFD visitors at this link. Choose from a list of 54 movies (mostly Executive comps), pay for postage ($4.95) and there you go. Enjoy.
26 May 03
  • All Caught Up We got the April update loaded; 386 more movies (bringing us up to 41,500 titles) and 285 more performers, bringing us up to 32,674. We also have 19,366 links to reviews.
21 May 03
  • New Vendor We're happy to welcome Movies By Mail aboard. You'll see their banners thru the site as well as their listings in the price search. They have some amazing deals, and we'll be announcing a special incentive for IAFD users in the coming few days...
20 May 03
  • Catching Up I was able to get March's update of 201 movies loaded, bringing our tally up to 41,114 titles. April's is coming up...
16 May 03 3 May 03
  • I've Fallen, and... We experienced some database corruption over the past few days which has created its fair share of problems. We've restored from a backup and all is well again. Hurray!
1 May 03
  • Joining the Fray XRentDVD is pleased to announce their "Preferred" plan. This is a monthly plan that follows the NetFlix model. We've had great experiences with XRent and look forward to their new program.
30 Apr 03
  • Baby Steps Due to some feedback and an increasing number of e-mails, we've decided to make the default search box show radio buttons instead of a drop-down list, so you can see all the options you have. If you prefer it the old way which doesn't eat so much screen real estate, visit the personalization page and set your search options to the dropdown box. You'll need cookies enabled to make it all work. You can tweak a few other parameters while you're there. Let us know if you like or hate this.
23 Apr 03
  • Slipping... Did you hear about the butcher who backed into his meat slicer? He got a little behind in his work... Peter sent me March's update about a week and a half ago, and I haven't time to get it loaded. We've made some changed to the underlying database which I need to finish up before I can load this one. The plus side is that these changes will allow us to do a lot more than we could before...
  • Back in the Fold DVD Advantage is back in the price search after a slight dry spell as some tech issues were straightened out. We're happy to report that the data is flowing again.
3 Apr 03
  • Beta Boxes We're trying an experiment with the good folks over at Blue Door Video where they've been generous enough to let us use some boxcover scans from their collection. Clicking on boxcovers with the "view larger image" link under them will bring you to Blue Door's site where you can get a better look at things. Try 'em out -- they're one of the few places on the 'Net that rents VHS, in addition to stocking DVD for sale and rent as well. Thanks, Blue Door!
24 Mar 03
  • New Server We splurged on a new server; the old one was just too over-burdened to the point of being non-responsive. So, we now have a rather large Dell 6350 Server -- quad Xeons w/2MB cache on each -- and response times seem to be way up. Thanks for your support and feedback.
11 Mar 03
  • Speed Demon? We installed some compression technology on the server to make it serve pages faster, and lessen the download times. Dial-up users should see some improvement. Please drop us a line and let us know if you've seen a difference, one way or the other. Thanks!
10 Mar 03
  • February's Update Peter sent down February's update which has been applied. Thus, we've added another 306 movies, bringing us up to 40,913 titles, 32,754 performers and 10,256 scenes indexed. There are 18,128 reviews in the database. Thanks to those who have sent in additions, corrections and suggestions!
9 Mar 03
  • Laziness Defeated Well, not quite, but a little headway was made. You can now search on titles with a % in their titles without being called a "cheatin' hacker". Whee!!!
  • Headshots Thanks go out to a few dedicated volunteers who have been on crop-and-resize detail and we're getting ready to add a hundred or so more headshots into the site. Thanks gang!
5 Feb 03
  • Updates, we got updates! Peter sent along another 300 title update, bring our total up to 40,604 titles; 32,270 performers, 10,040 scene breakdowns and links to 17,145 reviews.
25 Jan 03
  • Primetime, Part 2 Info on the other gal, Samantha, who was on Primetime Live, can be found here.
23 Jan 03
  • Belladonna The Belladonna who was profiled on PrimeTime Live recently can be found here: Belladonna's Filmography.
  • More Formats, More Stuff Adult DVD Empire has started to send us data on their Video on Demand and VCD offerings, so look for them as your surfing around.
04 Jan 03
  • New Vendor Everything old is new again. Edo, formerly of DVD Exotic, has opened a new store, AdultDVDBlue.com. They rely on coupons to keep their prices competitive, and they've kicked off our relationship with a "$5 off every title" coupon which makes them the most inexpensive choice in a lot of cases. Enjoy!
02 Jan 03
  • Happy New Year! First, a hearty dose of well wishes for all our visitors. Thanks for making this as successful as it is, and may you all get more of what you wish for this coming year.
  • New Reviews! Maybe you noticed, maybe not, but we added almost 500 new reviews on 1/1 thanks to our good friends, Clyde and J.R., over at Rancho Carne. They've developed a nifty littler review site and they count Wanda Curtis and Evil Jarod (of the Bloodhound Gang .. Ballad of Chasey lain, anyone?) among their reviewers. Welcome aboard, pardners!
  • And an update... and finally, we added a few hundred more titles (281 to be exact) this last week, bringing our total up to 40,304 titles and almost 17,000 reviews.
26 Dec 02
  • A Gift... The guys over at adultfilmfan.com asked for a way to include our stats on their site. So I spent the night after Christmas checking out the RSS spec, and our stats are now available as a RSS feed. If this is something you'd like to have on your site, drop us a line and we'll hook you up.
19 Dec 02
  • Thanks, Ron! Henri Pachard writes about us at yesportal.com:

    "Today, Iím just a click away to www.iafd.com, the Internet Adult Film Database, to confirm or provide information about movie titles, performers, directors or manufacturers, whenever I need it, which is becoming more frequent. Frankly, I donít know the fuck those guys do it.

    "There are thousands and thousands of entries, dating back over twenty years; and while they acknowledge that they will never have all of the data or information accurate or up to date, itís the best source of information this industry will ever have. Better still, is that the more itís used by more of us in the industry, the more additions and revisions are included. They want to hear from us often in their pursuit for accuracy.

12 Dec 02
  • Pre-owned, Part Deux We're pleased to welcome Adult DVD Marketplace to the price search. ADM is set up like an auction site, but without the bidding. They bring buyers and sellers (of new and used DVDs) together. If you're looking to buy, or looking to sell, you should check them out.
11 Dec 02
  • It's not used, it's pre-owned We're pleased to announce that XRentDVD has added Used DVDs to their catalog. You'll find them listed on the movie pages in a seperate section. XRent has also made available acoupon just for IAFD visitors -- 10% off any purchase of new stuff. (The couppon has expired and has been removed.) Thanks, XRent!
19 Nov 02
  • 40K Baby! The November update from Peter brings us up over the 40,000 title mark. We've also linked to over 16,000 reviews. We're the biggest and the best.
  • Help from the Garden of Eden A big thank you to Adam & Eve who have started sending us data and corrections -- cast lists, scene breakdowns and the like - on their productions. Their cooperation (and the copperation of the industry) is greatly appreciated.
16 Oct 02
  • Synergy A big THANK YOU to Constance Le of DVSX Productions who forwarded along a bunch of information and headshots for their new title, Teen Sensations.
  • Update Another batch has been entered, bringing the tally up to 39,246 movies.
16 Sept 02
  • Update Peter sent along two batches of updates; the first one is done -- another 251 movies added to the pot. (Scorekeepers: 38,742 titles, 30,725 performers, 9,190 movies worth of scene breakdowns and 15,515 reviews. We also have 373,341 items in our vendor database, so if it's available, you should be able to find it with a vendor search.) Thanks again to all who have contributed URLs to the database; you know who you are.
3 Sept 02
  • Happy Birthday, Empire! Adult DVD Empire celebrates their fifth anniversary this month, and they have all sort of stuff going on to celebrate -- big sales, price reductions... you can get the details at their site.
26 Aug 2002
  • We Want You! We've added a new link on the performer pages, so you can help us keep track of dead URLs or suggest URLs we don't have. This is the first in a series of baby steps designed to help you help us keep the IAFD accurate and up-to-date. With so many websites going by the wayside -- and more cropping up to take their place -- we're asking for your help in keeping tabs on them. At the moment, we don't require any sort of registration or anything -- just submit. If abuses occur, we'll have to look into a registration scheme... I also have an update from Peter that we should be posted by the end of the week...
9 Aug 2002
  • Updates! Another batch of flicks from Peter -- 322 titles in all -- brings our total up to 38,491 titles. (For those keeping score, we have info on 30,511 people, scene info on 9,090 movies and 14,610 reviews.)
  • New Vendor Based on positive feedback from folks on RAME, we've joined up with the folks over at AEBN -- the Adult Entertainment Broadcast Network -- to offer a wide selection of streaming videos. They offer two options, a daily rental program where you rent any one title for 24 hours; or a more flexible pay-per-minute offering, where you can buy a block of time and watch any title in their library.
5 Jul 2002
  • Happy Birthday America Not that this has anything to do with the 4th of July, but the "Printer Friendly" page of the filmographies now reflects the filter and sort settings.
14 Jun 2002
  • DVD Giveaway Blue Door is giving a DVD player to one of our lucky visitors -- this contest is only for folks coming from this site, so one of you lucky folks is guaranteed to win. To enter, you need to purchase or rent something from Blue Door using the links on our site. Contest rules at: http://www.bluedoor.com/giveaway.cfm. Contest ends July 31.
  • New Vendors We welcome two vendors to the site -- goliathfilms.com and dvdrentz.com. Goliath is a new player with a huge selection and competitive pricing. DVDRentz is Excalibur's foray into the Online DVD Rental market.
30 May 2002
  • Updates, we got updates We added a 441 new titles and updated a bunch more, in addition to our performer updates. This brings our grand tally to 30,317 performers and 38,169 movies. For those of you who care about such things, we have 13,785 reviews in the database and scene information on 8,962 movies. Thanks go out to Peter and all the other dedicated folks working behind the scenes. Thanks, guys.
11 April 2002
  • Updates, we got updates We added a 364 new titles and updated a bunch more, in addition to our performer updates. This brings our grand tally to 29,948 performers and 37,728 movies. For those of you who care about such things, we have 12,959 reviews in the database and scene information on 8,830 movies. these numbers are increasing every day, thanks to the help of Peter and other dedicated folks working behind the scenes. Thanks, guys.
  • Top Reviews You may have noticed we've got a new top 10 list -- the top 10 reviews viewed. Clicking on the MovieName will jump you to the review; clicking on "IAFD" brings you to the IAFD page that has the review (assuming one exists... if one doesn't exist, you get no IAFD link).
10 March 2002
  • Updates, we got updates An astounding 581 movies have been added today, and I'll be added new data on a bunch more later tonight. We've added scene info on 280 movies and bunches more. Our grand tally is up to 37,364 titles.
1 Mar 02
  • Ratings Key We added an oft-requested key to the magazine ratings...
  • Girls Girls Girls Special thanks to a helpful visitor, RJ, who has provided us with gobs of data regarding LezOnly performances as well as Scene breakdowns for a ton of all-girl movies. With his help, we're up to over 8900 scene breakdowns now!
18 Feb 02
  • Updates! Peter sent along two months of updates, so we've added over 314 titles, bring our total up to 36,775. We've also updated over 1000 titles with more information. We've added over 360 performers, bringing our count up to 29,089
  • Searching RAME You may have noticed a new choice in the dropdown list: Search RAME using Google. This will allow you to search the newsgroup archives with Google's Usenet interface. Enjoy.
  • New Stuff We're just starting to track Peeing, A2M and DVDOnly scenes, so you'll see these new markings beginning to show up. When we get enough of them, we'll add them to the filters so you can search on them. Apologies for not having them there yet.
20 Jan 02
  • RAME Outage, Over!We're back! :-)
  • RAME Outage, Day 12:Light at the end of the tunnel! Our new mail server has been set up (it's right next to me) and a test article has been approved... looks like we're gonna make our target date of Monday, 1/21.
16 Jan 02
  • RAME Outage, Day 8: We have two irons in the fire. 1. We're working with a new ISP to get a new box set up and ready to go. 2. I'm setting up a box to work along side the IAFD which we will use to handle the mail, so if something like this happens again, we won't have to rely on an ISP's tech support (or lack thereof) to get us going again. I hope to see us up by the weekend, but don't hold your breath.
14 Jan 02
  • RAME Outage, Day 6: For whatever reason they can't restore a previous backup. So, we're moving to a new server. It should be installed Monday night, so hopefully this outage will see the end soon.
30 Dec 01
  • Happy New Year: So not a week goes by since the last update and I get an update from Peter from over 150 new titles in it (169 to be exact) which brings us up to 36,461 titles and 28,725 performers and directors. We also have 12,071 reviews listed and linked (but who's counting?)

    This has been a good year for us and we'd like to take this time to thank everyone for coming, supporting us, sending us nice e-mails and the like; and we're looking forward to 2002. All bests...

  • Together Again for the First Time I also tweaked the "Performed Together" search results page to be a little clearer and not leave you hanging with a "However, we found movies..." when we didn't. It's been bugging me forever, so I finally found the time to do something about it. :-)
24 Dec 01
  • Happy Festivus: Been a while since I announced an update, tho we've been updating steadily since October -- in fact, we added 193 movies in a piecemeal fashion along the way thanks to the hard work of READERS LIKE YOU (to borrow a phrase from my local PBS station) :-). Keep the cards and letters coming. We've got some more things planned for the new year, and we'll be asking for some opinions in the months ahead to help determine the direction of this site.
20 Oct 01
  • Update: Added another 326 titles to the database, and updated information on bunches more (replacing some that were temporarily deleted for alterations as well), bringing our total up to 36,096.
13 Sep 01
  • Upgrade We added a new feature due to some requests for it -- "check scene pairings" which is a breakdown of the star's scene partners. Click on the link next to the "as performer" heading. It will pop-up a window with women and men listed and the movies their scenes take place in. The presence of male scene-partners in the scene listing does not imply gay interaction, but an n-way appearance... Try it out: Christy Canyon Scene Partners
2 Sep 01
  • Updates! Added another 312 titles to the database, and updated information on another 142, bringing our total up to 35,608.
  • Horse-Pockey A coding error crippled the site for about 12 hours. Shame on me. :-(
13 Aug 01
  • Updates! Added another 329 titles to the database, and updated information on another 262, bringing our total up to 35,438.
  • Don't Block The Box You might see a few new things around the site (I'll let you find them, there's not many) that I'm testing out. When it becomes more permanent, I'll make a more official announcement.
10 Aug 01
  • Stormy Weather Man, it's been a bad week. A weather related power outage tonight knocked the server down for about 4 hours (7-11 PM Eastern). The battery backup did the best it could during outages this afternoon, but the one tonight was just too much for it... it's stopped storming, so hopefully the power grid won't let us down again. :-)
8 Aug 01
  • Growing Pains Our longest outage (8+ hours) happened today when I added a second processor to the server (ALR 7200, Dual PIII-500, 1GB RAM). Rebooted and one file was fucked up. Ain't it always the case... Spent two hours on the phone with Microsoft Tech Support who were able to get us back up and running without the need of a backup. (Note to admins working on NT 4.0: Get yourself a copy of Win2K or WinXP and take advantage of the Recovery Console. It's a command prompt so you can monkey around with files. Damned sweet.) Anyway, we're back up and running, and things should be snappier.
26 Jul 01
  • Title Counts When you search for a performer, the results page now lists the number of titles the person appears in. This might help seperate which Monique, for instance, you're looking for...
7 Jul 01
  • We break 35K We added another 291 movies, bringing our total to 35,093 titles. (Added another 220 performers, too...) This wraps up our July update.
  • Minor Tweaks We fixed the distributor page where you used to, in some cases, click on the distributor name and a list of no movies would show up, when you'd expect to see at least the name of the movie you just clicked out of... now you do. :-)
5 Jul 01
  • Actor Filters While actors don't have much by way of sex notes, until now you couldn't sort their output... now you can. :-)
  • Review Tweak If we know a review is specifically of a DVD (rather than VHS), we mark it as such.
  • Scene Updates We added more scene info, bring our total movies catalogued to 8,336.
4 Jul 01
  • Happy 4th of July! We added another 435 movies, bringing our total to 34,802.
1 Jun 01
  • Girls! Girls! Girls! A new sponsor joins our fold, LezLove Video, an excellent site for all-girl titles. (And they're nice people, too!) They have bunches of reviews and even got exclusive rights to a series of classic titles (re)made just for them -- the Le Sex de Femme line. If you like 80s lez stuff, this series is for you. But don't just take my word for it, check out their site. And tell them we sent ya. Cherchez les femmes!
18 May 01
  • New Retailer! We're pleased to announce that JadedVideo.com has joined the price search. They have long been a RAME favorite, and we're happy they've come aboard. They have a huge catalog (over 40,000 titles) and good prices. Enjoy!
11 May 01
  • More Rental Options We're pleased to announce that XRentDVD.com has joined the price search. As you can imagine, the thrust of their business is renting DVDs on-line. They have a good selection and good rates, give them a try!
1 May 01
  • Better late... Well, with the whole pre-89 celebration, we were lax in getting the March update taken care of. So we've added another 175 titles and 373 performers and scores of scene data.
15 Apr 01
  • HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! RAME turns 5 today. In celebration of this milestone event, the pre-1989 embargo has been lifted and we've made an arrangement with suze.net for them to provide us with some headshots... (We'll see how long that lasts with our bandwidth..)
5 Apr 01
  • New Retailer We're pleased to announce Lustique has joined our list of merry retailers. They have over 10,000 titles on line, in addition to stocking toys and other ... enjoy!
  • Deep Discounts DVD Wholesaler DVD Advantage has fully joined our price search.
  • Something's coming...Big things coming soon... someone has a birthday soon and everyone'll be celebrating like its 1989....
17 Mar 01
  • Blimey! While I should be out having a bit o' the Irish, I have a fever, so I'm housebound. But that just means I get to add a new retailer to our price search -- Buy DVD Porn. While their selection is modest, it allows them to keep their prices are very competitve and keep everything in stock.
8 Mar 01
  • Growing! February's update has been loaded. 283 new movies, 540 had more info added bringing our total up to 34,194 titles.
21 Feb 01
  • Vendormania! We're pleased to welcome VideoAge as a new vendor in our price search.
19 Feb 01
  • Amazing Grace Well, what a weekend! We put up over 8000 movies worth of scenic information. So want to know what movies Mike Horner had sex with Nikki Dial in? Piece of cake.
  • One more filter... It was pointed out that since we have DP and DPP, why not DAP. Your wish is our command.
16 Feb 01
  • Lips together, teeth apart... Now, instead of seeing if two people were in the same flick, you can see if they weren't in the same flick. Looking for Sandra Scream independant of Woody Long? No sweat. (Tho they're all lez scenes...)
14 Feb 01
  • More info... We now track swallowing and Double Pussy Penetrations (DPP); tho you can't search on them. (And please don't ask for it; it's already on the things to do list ;-)
05 Feb 01
  • Bigger, Longer... Got the January update, another 250+ new movies, and we updated another 475+ movies on top of that. We've got 33,908 movies now.
31 Jan 01
  • She's how tall? After some complaints about rounding errors in the metric conversion of heights and weights, I tweaked the rounding routines. Let us know if you like these roundings better.
  • Other tweaks We linked the reason for the pre-89 embargo to the pre-89 disclaimer in the pre-89 movies.
22 Jan 01
  • Friend of the Printer We added a "printer friendly" version of the performer filmography. At the moment it will dump the whole list, regardless of what filters you may have in place. Let me know how you like the layout. You access the printer friendly version by scrolling down to the bottom of the filmography and clicking in "printer friendly version."
21 Jan 01 31 Dec 00
  • Happy Millenium! In honor of our new century, we've added 4 centuries worth of titles ... ok, so it's only 400 titles, but you get the picture (33,591 total!). Have a happy and healthy new year everybody.
29 Dec 00
  • Sales and Discounts I changed the way sales and discounts are handled in the price search. The "sale price" is now listed as the main price, and its "list price" is in the text below it. This way your best deals sort higher. We list the original price so it matches what you see pre-discount at the vendor's site.
  • Cookies and Cream We edited the the privacy statement to be more accurate. There was a line in there about cookies going away when you closed the browser. That's not how it is set up in practice. The cookies stick around session to session to keep track of your preferences.
21 Dec 00
  • Happy Holidays We've added a full text search option of the reviews. I'd write more about it, but I'm sleepy. Choose "Full Text Reviews" from the drop-down list (or the radio buttons) and off you go.
7 Dec 00
  • A Thanksgiving Miracle Well, it's not a miracle.. but the October and November updates were uploaded; we added 421 movies, bringing our total to 33,196 movies.
5 Dec 00
  • More search options! Some folx have written asking where they can get certain titles that may not be in our database. Until now, we had no answer for them, but we can now point them to our new "VENDOR SEARCH" feature. From the drop down list (only on iafd.com; not on rame.net) you can choose "vendor search" and then type in part of a title. From there, we will search all of the vendor catalogs that we have access to, and give you the results.

    For instance, at this moment, you won't find "Fever of Laure" in the IAFD, tho you can find it at any number of leading vendors
  • Comes and Goes: At some readers' request, we've joined up with a RENTAL (and purchase) affiliate, bluedoor.com. You can rent DVDs and VHS tapes thru them. As a guy who prefers renting to buying, I'm pretty excited by this. Enjoy!
23 Nov 00 16 Nov 00
  • By Popular Demand many have asked about the ability to search by distributors. Your wish is our command. Eventually, I hope to add some more information about the distributor to the results page, but for now, you'll have to make do with just the film listing :-)
6 Nov 00
  • More and more movies! Peter sent me the September and October updates all rolled into one, so we added 200-odd movies and updated 700-odd more.
  • Looking to Buy? Our price search engine is growing daily and it covers both VHS and DVD titles. We've got a little less than half of all our movies linked so far. If there are price search features you would like to see, please let me know.
5 Nov 00
  • Show me the movies: I have changed the way pre-1989 data is handled. Now, every title is opened up on a perforer's filmography or search result, but the details may be suppressed for certain information -- notably the cast and the magazine ratings. All other available data -- reviews, purchase info, etc. are all available to you from the usual page. Hopefully this will make things a little easier and a little more consistent.
  • Better results The search results now return if the movie has reviews or purchasing information as well as other information.
31 Oct 00
  • Spooky! Well, not really... I did however add a column (or line to the list) linking to the IAFD Price Search for any title -- so if you need to get your hands on any of those pre-89 titles we can't show you... you can by clicking the X (in table mode)or "Show Me the Vendors" (in list mode). Happy Halloween.
28 Oct 00
  • Formatting I tweaked the display of the movie prices.
27 Oct 00
  • Who ya gonna call? Updated the vendor information page to include contact phone numbers and addresses.
  • Back on the Chain Gang Linked a few more thousand titles into vendor catalogs. Up to 33,000+ items linked.
24 Oct 00
  • Don't Peek! We added a privacy statement. Basicially, we ignore you except to count how many pages per day is viewed from any given IP address.
23 Oct 00
  • More Partners We just partnered with Gamelink to offer Video On Demand in addition to their traditional VHS and DVD offerings. This bring us up to 8 partners. We're still waiting for full catalogs from DVD Advantage and XOnAir.
  • Who we got I put up a vendor stats page which will grow with info over the next few days... but for now it tells you who we're partnered with and how many titles we have linked up.
12 Oct 00
  • New Partner We've added Adult DVD Empire to our roster... There are now over 12,400 titles linked up to retailers... and we're linking more every day.
10 Oct 00
  • New Partners We've added new partners -- Toyboxxx.com and XonAir.com are now online. We've also got another one or two in the pipe that will be online soon.
22 Sept 00
  • Questions Answered Our most frequently asked question is "Where can I buy this movie?" and we're happy to say that we're now partnered Excalibur and DVD Explorer (more in the pipe) to provide you with one-stop shopping. We have over 12,000 titles linked up currently and adding more every day. If you see any errors, or want to suggest any partners please drop us a line.
17 Sept 00
  • Has it been so long? I finally got the July update imported. Since we made so many changes to the underlying data tables, it took a little while to get everything in sync; but I think I got it figured out now, so we added another batch of titles, bringing our totals up to 32,539 titles and 23,294 performers. We also have 6,659 reviews in the database.
29 Aug 00
  • The results are a little squashed in the search results due to some troubles with how Netscape renders CSS (go figure.) It's only temporary, but I have to get to a meeting and can't fix it yet.
25 Aug 00
  • But who's counting? I added the reviews column to the credit pairing results. Now it's easier to check if the desired performers had a scene together.
24 Aug 00
  • You Rest, You Rust In an effort to bring you the best adult movie database there is, we have added the ability to do paired searches. Search for a performer, scroll to the bottom of their filmography and enter a second name. This'll give you a list of movies they were in together. It does not guarantee they did a scene together. We're working hard on compiling that info, but for now you need to rely on the reviews to give you a definite idea if the stars were paired. Enjoy.
14 Aug 00
  • Pitching In Many thanks to those starlets who have recently contacted us to correct or augment their data. In no particular order, thanks go to Misty Rain, Jenna Jameson, Lori Rivers, Tricia Devereaux and all others who have helped make this the #1 adult performer database on the Web.
  • Linking Up For many starlets there are both fan sites and "official" sites -- we're now listing as many sites as we can; so some starlets may have more than one website associated with their name. These links are periodically checked for linkrot, but keep us informed if you see any dead links.
10 Aug 00
  • I suck. I screwed up one of the SQL routines late last night, and well, if you tried to visit you know the rest. Since you can see this message now -- it's all fixed. :-)
24 July 00
  • Death and Taxes OK, this has nothing to do with taxes, I added the dates of death to the biographical information. Also, I also updated their "years active" to not take into account posthumous appearances, so if someone died in 1985, you won't see that they were active in 1993. :-)
23 July 00
  • June Update Mishap Seems in doing the update I hosed the filters. Thanks to the guy who sent me e-mail on it, and now its fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.
22 July 00
  • June Update Peter just sent along the June update so it's all loaded up now. We added 184 titles and a bunch more performers, bringing our total to 32,317 titles and 23,263 performers.
  • Little help here? In response to some requests, I have added a "years active" notation when searching on performer's names; now the Nikki you saw in last month's Max Hardcore tape might be easier to separate from the Nikki who was active in the early 90s.
11 July 00
  • Linked and sorted So the sorting seems to work; all the reviews from the AMRI are linked with the IAFD now, and I swapped where the top titles and the top actors appear in the left hand column.
9 July 00
  • Sorting it all out... By popular demand, a new feature has been added to the filtering table -- "sort by". You can now sort by Title, Year, Distributor or number of reviews in either ascending or descending order. Have a swell time. :-)
27 June 00
  • Asleep at the Switch I made some changes to our anti-robot code which generated errors all night while I slept. I have fixed the offending code and all is back to normal. I apologize for the inconvenience.
  • To the toppermost of the poppermost, Johnny! In an effort to redeem myself for last night's sloppy coding -- I have added a new feature to the front page -- the top actors, actresses and directors for a day calculated from midnight eastern (-0500 GMT). This is a dynamic feature that tracks the most viewed pages on the site. It is constantly updated. I hope to add more of this dynamic stuff as time goes on. I suppose top 10 titles would be next... lemme know what you'd like to see.
23 June 00
  • Reviews and More Reviews I'm about 400 reviews away from having the AMRI totally linked to the IAFD . In the meantime, I have made the reviews in the result list clickable. Since there is no embargo on pre-89 reviews, you can see the reviews for pre-89 movies, even if you can't see the movie data itself. Being able to click on the number of reviews allows you to skip the step of going to the AMRI and doing your search there. Enjoy.
10 June 00
  • Link Crazy Spent the better part of the last week linking up the AMRI and the IAFD so even more reviews will be showing up in title searches. I only have about 1000 to go.
01 June 00
  • Oops! In tweaking the reviews column, I introduced a bug to the performer listings -- but only if the listings were in list mode -- NOT table mode. This has now been fixed.
  • Number Crunching The above tweak is that now, instead of just "Yes" in the review column, you get the number of reviews per title. This might be slightly understated since the algorithm it uses to count the titles (AMRI data hard coded to the IAFD data) is slightly different than the code that presents the reviews to you (AMRI titles fuzzy matched against IAFD titles). The understatement of the reviews is a better option, IMHO, than removing the fuzzy AMRI search. The fuzzy AMRI search allows reviews that we have not yet hard linked to the IAFD to still be displayed.
  • Something's wrong I added a "how to report an error" section to the FAQ.
31 May 00
  • Ask and ye... We have gotten requests for our listings to note whether or not reviews are present. This is now the case. Enjoy.
27 May 00
  • Never too busy... Well, usually I am, but today I got the May update loaded all up -- only three days after Peter sent it over. Not too shabby. Added a bunch more movies, bringing us over 32,000 titles!
  • Happy and Gay? As you probably know, the IAFD does not track gay titles. Nothing personal, we just don't do it. We have a hard enough time keeping up with the straight community. Some people took offense at how the opening graph was worded, so I reworded it a bit, and added some explanation to our FAQ.. I hope this helps to clear things up.
10 May 00
  • Surfin' U.S.A. Brief pocket of time allowed me to add a new field to the actress' bio sheets -- a web site field. If we know their website (or, in the alternative, a "definitive" fan site) we now make note of it. The site will open in a new window. Enjoy.
26 Apr 00
  • Lookit me go! Got the April update from Peter today -- and I got it loaded today too! To quote Lester Burnham, I rule!
13 Apr 00
  • New does not equal good... So the IAFD is maintained in FoxPro for Macintosh which is them imported into SQL Server. Should be simple, but it's not since Microsoft's new Fox Pro drivers pad out every field with spaces, instead of converting to null (perhaps as it should be, but the old drivers that shipped with Office97 converted blank fields to NULL which was good for me). This wreaked a bit of havoc with the IAFD the last few days. It should be fixed and every thing should be working a lot better now.
  • Good things come to those who wait. The March update is in as well, bringing our total number of movies to 30,865 and our performers to 22,069. There were some transmission problems with the file containing the new movies, so the April update should be a bit beefier...
8 Apr 00
  • Good Luck/Bad Luck: They say necessity is the mother of invention.. So the bad news is something seems to have happened to the other machines that were running the IAFD; the good news is I have this other system ready to go *and* it has the February update loaded... Enjoy. Lemme know if you like it or notice any errors.
7 Apr 00
  • Misguided intentions: So I needed to design a small calendar thing for work, so I cribbed something off DevX and made it work for me... while I was at it, I figured I'd blow an hour and make it work for you too... so now, as has been requested, we have a "birthday lookup" page.
  • Coming soon... I swear the update is on its way. I've been reprogramming the site to be a bit more efficient on the back end, and we're moving to a 384kbps DSL connection (off of the 32kbps link we're on now...) and a better server, so things have been a little slow. I got the February update staged and ready for loading n the new box, then I'll do the same for the March update, and then I'll cut over and joy joy joy, my two month odyssey will have ended. I have a wedding this weekend, so it'll probably happen sometime this week... (famous last words.)
10 Mar 00
  • Which way is up? Been so busy. Got the February update from Peter but have not had the chance to put it up. My apologies, perhaps I will get to it this weekend (but no promises!). I did fix an error which was occurring when you tried to filter a person who had an apostrophe in their ID. It used to bail, now it doesn't. Yay!
18 Feb 00
  • Restating the rules. We've been noticing that more people are cribbing our info and not giving us credit. This usually happens on filmography lists that pop up on fan pages, but some of the starlets' webmasters are doing it too, and it's becoming uncool. All we ask for is credit.

    To take this info without giving us proper attribution is against our TOS.

    Basically, we ask for a link back. In a perfect world you would link to our site so the information is as timely as what we have, but we also realize that people want to integrate the info into their own site. To this end, we have appended the copyright notice to the performer filmographies (they were only on the movie info previously), and made explicit what text needs to accompany the filmography.

  • Banners and Buttons: As part of taking our data, we want a link back with either our banner or our button. The button goes on the page with the info, and/or the banner goes on a links page. We appreciate your support.
09 Feb 00
  • Gone, but not forgotten. Wow, has it really been over a month since I updated this? Must be slacking. Damned holidays. Anyway we added a bunch more titles and performers. We're up to 30,581 titles this month.. not too bad. I updated the routine that calculates the performers' height, so it should be a shade more accuracy (i.e. Jenteal is not 6 foot 6; Courtney is not 4 foot 0, etc..). Hope to be moving this to a faster, dedicated server soon. More as I know it. Enjoy.
29 Dec 99
  • Happy Y2K As we turn over from 1999 to 2000, the IAFD finally turns over from 20,000 to 30,000 titles with this update. We're up to 30,184 titles and 20,932 performers.
  • Coming Up We've got a lot in store for 2000 and beyond and we hope you stick around for it. I can't say much more than that right now until we get all the details nailed down; but check back often, support our advertisers (so we can afford to keep going) and we'll see you around.
28 Dec 99
  • New Partner We have partnered up with Mr. Web Review's House O' Truth to add 100+ more reviews to the review database. You can see what we added here.
  • Heroes and Villains Apologies for the downtime earlier this month. We had some hardware issues dating back to the 16 Nov 99 update, but they seem to have been ironed out finally. A shiny new Quantum 10K 18GB disk drive seemed to clear things up nicely.
22 Nov 99
  • November Rain While it rained today, I added the November data from Peter. 245 new titles, 463 titles were updated. 38 new actors, 228 new actresses. Enjoy.
16 Nov 99
  • Service Restored Crap, that took longer than I had hoped. Server back on-line 22:50 EST.
  • Service interruption. The Web server blue screened last night, so I am taking it offline briefly tonight to work on it. The IAFD will be unavailable from approx. 18:30 - 20:00 EST.
8 Nov 99
  • Options, options, options... I have added a new bit of personalization to the site. Since the search bar appears on every page, it is not so important to maintain the last search in it. So you now have the option to have the last search follow you around or not in the box.
  • More options! You also have the choice of whether to choose from a drop down box of searchable subjects, or have a strip of radio buttons.
4 Nov 99
  • Searches! Searches! Searches! You'll notice a new search bar atop all of the pages. This replaces the search panel on the first page, as well as adding the ability to search for reviews exclusive of movies or performers. Please let me know at iafd@rame.net if you find this useful or if you prefer the old way.
  • I'm choking! Due to some fella from Boston University who hammered the site last night, a cap of 2000 page views per day has been instituted. I'm kinda depressed it had to come to this.
27 Oct 99
  • Oopsie-Daisy!The SQL Server had a stack overflow (hmmm...) and shut down at 8:15 this AM. It was restored by 11:15. Thanks to those who send e-mails telling me its down -- tho I now have set it up to alert me when it goes down, but keep those cards and letters coming.
21 Oct 99
  • I tweaked the fonts a little bit on the table displays and changed the page titles so that when you're looking at a particular title or star, the name of that person/title is now in the title bar, so if you have multiple windows open, you have a chance of knowing which data is in which window.
18 Oct 99
  • What a miserable weekend. The server that houses the AMRI and IAFD took a hard nosedive after some hardware upgrades. I finally got it back up and running, but not without some long hours and blood sweat and tears. (Well, no blood). Anyway, my apologies. This shouldn't have to happen again for a while. We're now on a PIII 450 with 192 MB of RAM. The RAM will increase down the road, but the hardware is stable. (knock on wood.)
  • The October Update.The update arrived earlier than expected, and since I am just vegging today -- getting no work done at all -- so I figured I'd do the update. 348 new movies, 435 movies were updated for a total of 29,591 titles. We added some more performers to bring the total up to 20,438.
29 Dec 99
  • Happy Y2K As we turn over from 1999 to 2000, the IAFD finally turns over from 20,000 to 30,000 titles with this update. We're up to 30,184 titles and 20,932 performers.
  • Coming Up We've got a lot in store for 2000 and beyond and we hope you stick around for it. I can't say much more than that right now until we get all the details nailed down; but check back often, support our advertisers (so we can afford to keep going) and we'll see you around.
28 Dec 99
  • New Partner We have partnered up with Mr. Web Review's House O' Truth to add 100+ more reviews to the review database. You can see what we added here.
  • Heroes and Villains Apologies for the downtime earlier this month. We had some hardware issues dating back to the 16 Nov 99 update, but they seem to have been ironed out finally. A shiny new Quantum 10K 18GB disk drive seemed to clear things up nicely.
22 Nov 99
  • November Rain While it rained today, I added the November data from Peter. 245 new titles, 463 titles were updated. 38 new actors, 228 new actresses. Enjoy.
16 Nov 99
  • Service Restored Crap, that took longer than I had hoped. Server back on-line 22:50 EST.
  • Service interruption. The Web server blue screened last night, so I am taking it offline briefly tonight to work on it. The IAFD will be unavailable from approx. 18:30 - 20:00 EST.
8 Nov 99
  • Options, options, options... I have added a new bit of personalization to the site. Since the search bar appears on every page, it is not so important to maintain the last search in it. So you now have the option to have the last search follow you around or not in the box.
  • More options! You also have the choice of whether to choose from a drop down box of searchable subjects, or have a strip of radio buttons.
4 Nov 99
  • Searches! Searches! Searches! You'll notice a new search bar atop all of the pages. This replaces the search panel on the first page, as well as adding the ability to search for reviews exclusive of movies or performers. Please let me know at iafd@rame.net if you find this useful or if you prefer the old way.

  • I'm choking! Due to some fella from Boston University who hammered the site last night, a cap of 2000 page views per day has been instituted. I'm kinda depressed it had to come to this.
27 Oct 99
  • Oopsie-Daisy!The SQL Server had a stack overflow (hmmm...) and shut down at 8:15 this AM. It was restored by 11:15. Thanks to those who send e-mails telling me its down -- tho I now have set it up to alert me when it goes down, but keep those cards and letters coming.
21 Oct 99
  • I tweaked the fonts a little bit on the table displays and changed the page titles so that when you're looking at a particular title or star, the name of that person/title is now in the title bar, so if you have multiple windows open, you have a chance of knowing which data is in which window.
18 Oct 99
  • What a miserable weekend. The server that houses the AMRI and IAFD took a hard nosedive after some hardware upgrades. I finally got it back up and running, but not without some long hours and blood sweat and tears. (Well, no blood). Anyway, my apologies. This shouldn't have to happen again for a while. We're now on a PIII 450 with 192 MB of RAM. The RAM will increase down the road, but the hardware is stable. (knock on wood.)

  • The October Update.The update arrived earlier than expected, and since I am just vegging today -- getting no work done at all -- so I figured I'd do the update. 348 new movies, 435 movies were updated for a total of 29,591 titles. We added some more performers to bring the total up to 20,438.
5 Oct 99
  • I've fallen and I can't get up! The SQL Server took a header sometime last night and I could not get it fixed until this morning. I applied SP1 so we'll see how this holds up. We're at ECVS today, so if anything else goes wrong, it will have to wait until Wednesday.

  • Search Smarter: We put a small searching tutorial on-line. It can be found below the glossary on the left, there... a little higher... there ya go!
4 Oct 99
  • No bots, please. Changed the copyright notice to explicitly ban the use of site-grabbing robots like Teleport Pro:

    "Use of robots (Teleport Pro, WGet, etc.) that do not comply with our robots.txt (and cloak themselves to boot) will result in the blocking of your IP address or possibly your entire subnet. The database is run on an bandwidth throttled machine and hammering it with a cable modem or DSL line only ruins it for everybody. If we catch you, we will ruin it for you :-). Use the database online... please don't archive it for your personal use."

    We don't like doing this (it makes more work for me since now we have to monitor traffic more closely) but a few bad apples will end up ruining it for everybody until we make this a pay site and charge you all $50.00 a month so we can afford the bandwidth this server would use if allowed. :-) Send your comments to iafd@rame.net.

30 Sep 99
  • I caught up!!!
  • The September update is done. 933 new movies, 385 updated movies, 982 new performers for a total of 29,243 movies and 20,724 performers.
20 Sept 99
  • So lunch waited... August update done. 452 new movies. A few hundred more performers... now over 20,000 performers.

  • Rewrote the code that handled the director credits in the title pages. Now, multiple directors are handled correctly. This means I can get the August data in... and I just got the September data today (and its a biggie) so I'll get that up and running by the end of the week at the very latest. (or maybe after lunch.)
14 Sept 99
  • Changed the way directors are presented. In the past, if an actor was also a director and you clicked on their director credit, you would only get their directorial efforts. I thought this was sloppy, as you should get all of their efforts. This has been rectified.
  • Also on directors, if a directorial AKA has credits in the database, the name is now hotlinked. (cf. Alex DeRenzy = Rex Borsky) The performer data is compiled differently, so the AKAs are for informational purposes only, not for tracking purposes.
13 Sept 99
  • The iafd.iafd.com address is no more. Update your bookmarks to reflect www.iafd.com
12 Sept 99
  • The AVN ratings were overstated by one full A when there was a half-A given. (So a 2.5 rating showed up as AAA) It now shows the correct number of A's plus 1/2 if applicable.
10 Sept 99
  • Apologies in the delay of getting the August update up. The data is in a slightly different format (to allow for multiple directors on a movie) and I need to rewrite some of the logic. I hope to get it done soon, but it may be one big update of August & September's data at the rate I'm going.
  • I fixed the cookies so the previous search stays with you session to session.
  • Expermienting with personalization of data presentation.
26 July 99
  • Added new and updated data to the tune of 309 new movies and we updated 757 others. We now have over 19,524 performers and 28,157 titles.
6 July 99
  • Rated with RSAC as an explicit sex and language site.
23 Jun 99
  • Added a glossary of terms which describe the sex notes accompanying the female performers.

  • Slight cosmetic change to the front page; fixed filter table in Netscape browsers; added links to the glossary on the results pages.
22 Jun 99
  • Changed the AVN video rating from 1-5 to A to AAAAA to help eliminate some confusion.
21 Jun 99
  • Added more data. We're now up to 28,858 titles and 19,200 performers. Plus we got a favorable review from Jane's Guide!
17 Jun 99
  • Added detailed explanation why pre-1989 movies are embargoed when a pre-1989 movie is found. (example)
1 Jun 99
  • Added 500 or so more performers, bringing the total performers up to 19,001. In that update biographical info was also added.
28 May 99
  • Added Height and Weight to biographical information (in both English and Metric!)
13 May 99
  • Added new and updated data: 21 new actors, 59 new actresses, 162 new movies and 272 movies updated for a total of 27,497 movies and 18,502 performers.
5 May 99
  • Feeling guilty for not doing much on the site lately, I added biographic info for performers. Maybe one of these days I'll let you search on men or directors :-)
2 May 99
  • Server hiccuped. Remotely rebooted all seems well.
19 Apr 99
  • New data updated and added.
  • Changed some indexes so some performers aren't mistakenly given credit as directors other than themselves (i.e., Melanie Stone's filmography used to return Mark Stone's directorial credits...)
2 Apr 99
  • The Filters are back on the female performers.. and they ROCK. I hope you like them. (they are a little flaky -- not appearing on pages they should appear on -- and I'm working on it.)
1 April 99
  • On 2 Apr 99, the network the IAFD and AMRI will be up and down intermittently for maintenance over the holiday. We will try to minimize the outages as much as possible.
  • The display code which handles the filmogrpahies now uses multiple tables to display the movie list which will result in faster rendering (there should be no change on IE5).
  • Added an icon for you IE5 users who add us as a "favorite place."
  • Upgraded the memory on the server
  • Sorry about the downtime; I goofed the march update resulting in some erroneous results. Sorry about that.
30 March 99
  • Searching a title now searches AKA titles
29 March 99
  • Added new data; tweaked indexes so things should be a little faster.
  • Still no male name or director search