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  • Arthur upset Cal: Cal has decided to paddle Arthur, Cal really does not like Arthurs surly attitude, amongst other things. Arthur is told to bend over the table and the slim paddle is used on his jeans, his butt looks great in jeans but the slim paddle has its work cut out on those so he has to drop those and get some swats on his tight fitting underwear. Arthurs face is set as he tries not to show any feeling, a battle of wills going on here. The final bare ass paddling is what he needs to bring him down to earth. Cal at his best, looking angry and not sparing the rod, so to speak. Leon Paddled: This is a request clip from one of our Antipodean clients. Leon is called in wearing only his underwear and goes OTK. The hand spanking is a warm up for what follows. What follows is a set with the small leather paddle, the ping pong bat, the small wooden paddle and finally he is made to bend over the chair and get a set with the full size paddle. A super long clip with this new lad. He takes it well but his discomfort is clear and his reactions get better and better as the spanking goes on. The final paddling really makes an impression and Leon is a little tearful by the end. Late Twelfth: Somehow this one slipped the net and the right date. It is a twelfth night clip and that was a couple of weeks ago. Anyway Philip is tasked with taking down all the Christmas decorations and packing them away until next year. He is a ham clumsy lad and as he takes down the decorations he is breaking them, the ones he doesnt break are thrown, rather than placed, in the box. The noise attracts attention and he is told off for being clumsy. Philip finds himself OTK and being spanked for breaking some very old decorations. The effect on Philip is what we expect and no matter how red his ass gets his dick gets harder. The end result is a mess on the floor and a glowing behind. A classic Philip spanking. Plus one more hot scene.

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