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  • Grabbing the first thing in hand when he sees the mess that Conrad has left the bathroom in means that this is the first time Conrad gets a spanking with the shoe horn. The long slender shoe horn stings like mad and really wakes up the most tardy of lads. The first few swats are on the tight white underwear, which show the contour of his ass wonderfully. The rest are on the bare ass. Being a dark skinned lad there is an overall deep red color rather than hard lines, the only thing that does this to Conrad is the cane as we saw in his last clip. A super clip with a sulky Conrad learning the hard way. Having been kept back after classes Harry has to do some serious study. But no sooner is he left alone than he loses interest, gets bored and falls asleep. Awakened from his blissful state by a bang on the desk he finds himself in even more trouble. Told to drop his trousers and underwear he is over the desk and getting a taste of the strap. A cracking Harry clip for all his fans. This is a very formal and paced clip of Harry getting the cane. There is a tension throughout the clip that is captured in a wide range of shots from many different angles. Harrys butt always takes the cane well and the stripes are lovely to see. While changing the temptation to search through other guys clothes is too much for Mark. He goes through everyones pockets looking for cash and anything else of value. He furtively looks around as he goes about trying to steal from others. He turns his back at just the wrong moment and is caught red handed. Confronted and guilty he is dragged over the knee and spanked well with the ping pong bat. Having that lovely dark color that lads have make the deep bloom of the spanking look even better. His ass is a picture to be sure. A great long paddling for a very naughty lad. Plus four more hot scenes.

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