Rudi Solo (2011)


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Release Date

Jul 11, 2011





Scene Breakdowns

  • Scene 1. Rudi


  • Rudi is a bi-guy, though he stuck to straight porn for the photos and videos. He was more confident he could get hard with the straight stuff, and actually leaned a bit towards the girl-on-girl stuff. (?)

    He has had full-on sex with guys. Likes to suck cock, and get fucked, but limits his cum eating to his own- which he does at the end of the video!

    Rudi was a little bit nervous, but does enjoy showing off.

    He has an interesting jack-off technique. He basically just pushes down just under the front of his cock head, which basically pulls the skin down on his cock head.

    He says it is a great way for him to jack-off surreptitiously. Several times, while in public, and very little motion, he can literally ejaculate in his pants without anyone knowing. I didn't ask him about how much extra laundry he has to do!

    Rudi can even use his elbows to jack-off, a first!

    He seems to only like to jerk-off this way, so I don't know if an oral video or full-on work is going to be possible. You have to be responsive to a variety of ways and positions to cumming, and though I bet he could learn, he sure seemed set on jerking off this way.

    One thing is for, he is a shooter! Tons of cum came streaming out like a water-bottle set to stream mode! A river of cum straight up his center ab line!

    And like I said, he ate most of it up after that!

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