Rick Fucks TJ (2007)




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Release Date

Aug 09, 2007



Rick Ravishing

(Credited: Rick)



Scene Breakdowns

  • Scene 1. Rick Ravishing, TJ


  • There are a few particular moments during the filming of this video that I got a real kick out of, beyond genuinely enjoying seeing these two studs fucking, of course!

    Seeing Rick get noticeably nervous and move his head to the side whenever TJ moved up to lick around his neck showed just how wierded out he was at the prospect of a guy-on-guy kiss. Yet at the end of this video, after he's had a chance to feel TJ's warm hole wrapped around his dick and after TJ brings him off to a mind-blowing orgasm, Rick couldn't have been any more ready to kiss and it's a deep, tongue-filled kiss at that! Those kinds of subtle acts are just too hot to witness!

    Another moment is at the beginning of this video where we're all talking about what's about to take place and I mention Rick's first guy-on-guy moment when he got the BJ from Ben. Seeing TJ laugh was cute as hell, as you could really tell he got a kick out of his best bud blowing Rick and an extra kick out of our having a laugh at the thought and poking a little fun at Ben.

    The fun these guys have behind the scenes with what they do is really neat. They know just what an experience their first guy-guy scenes were, and so get a real kick out of not only knowing another guy is going through the same thing, but participating in that as well as sharing, among the more experienced guys, in the process of bringing the newbies along. All of that is magnified with TJ and Ben, who were best buds before coming to CF and now each help bring new guys along in experiences they or their protegees never imagined they'd have! How many of us wish we could have been in Rick's shoes, having Ben give you your first blowjob from a guy and having TJ be the first guy you've ever had hardcore sex with!?

    I'll confess, as well, that TJ's done a whole lot of bottoming as of late and I'm partially at fault for that. hehe. I don't want him to get "type casted", so to speak. TJ looks great with whatever he's doing, including topping. But he just looks so damn hot bottoming that he constantly pops into my head as an ideal candidate for doing just that when pairings are being made!

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