Rick and Jared's Tag Team (2007)

Also Known As
Rick & Jared's Tag Team




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Release Date

Sep 04, 2007





Rick Ravishing

(Credited: Rick)


Scene Breakdowns

  • Scene 1. girl, Jared, Rick Ravishing


  • Cousins Rick and Jared have known each other their whole lives, and have been through quite a bit together! They’re both being here at CFU was the perfect opportunity to give them a whole new adventure to share with one another, and a hot college threesome would be just that!

    All the times these two young studs have hung out together, gotten into trouble together, and among all the different things they've done with one another, I wonder if they ever thought they'd be tag teaming a girl in front of the camera! Certainly, both Rick and Jared are very open-minded and up for having fun - as they've each shown with their respective CF educations - and so when I floated the idea of this scene in front of them they eagerly agreed to do it as soon as it could be arranged. I guess they figured it would just be the latest in their many adventures with one another and a whole lot more fun than the infamous dune buggy incident! ;)

    The sex in this one is hot throughout, and seeing two hot-bodied young college studs sharing a girl between them is always a pleasure! There's always an undercurrent of thought and motivation in videos like this - both guys unable to fight the curiosity even an entirely straight man would invariably have when in such close proximity to another guy naked and having sex with the same girl, with both guys also driven to fuck harder and faster as their competitiveness comes through. The great thing about this video, with both guys being cousins and having known each other for so long, is that on top of the curiosity and the competitiveness is their each being openly comfortable with one another and definitely enjoying the fact that they're both enjoying themselves together! They are really having tons of fun here!

    Hopefully we'll be seeing plenty more of each of these hot young men, and hopefully they each found this latest shared adventure their best one yet!

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