Return of Dr. Wayne Brennan (2015)

Also Known As
The Return of Dr. Wayne Brennan




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Release Date

Oct 15, 2015



Scene Breakdowns

  • Scene 1. Aria Alexander, Rock


  • Wayne Brennan is an evil mastermind. He has stolen all the Justice Leagues powers and liquified them into drinkable essences. All of them- except Wonder Woman. He has her captured by some of his cronies and delivered to his lair. Now that he has her, he must liquify her essence. She is delivered to him bound with his very own special power rope. She is unable to escape its binds. He shows her the vials of Justice League powers. Including the one empty vial intended for her. He brings out his Powersucking Transducer machine in order to suck out her powers. She tries to escape the bonds but whatever Dr. Brennan has done to them is too much for even her. He uses the Powersucking Transducer machine on her pussy, She squirms around and protests but the machine is too strong. She grows weaker as he presses the vibrating machine on her pussy. Once hes sucked the power from her, he decides to have some fun with her. He fucks her, and makes her suck his dick. After hes finished with this, her powers are all drained. She is weak. He slides her headband down over her throat. It will make a nice leash for his new pet. She used to be such a proud warrior. But Dr. Wayne Brennan has defeated her once and for all

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