Please Don't Make Us Do Extra Credit 1 (2017)

Also Known As
Please don't make us do extra credit pt1




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Savannah Fox









Release Date

Nov 17, 2017



Scene Breakdowns

  • Scene 1. Amarna Miller, Savannah Fox, Eli Hunter


  • Amarna and Savannah are in danger of failing every subject in their fancy prep school. Their parents have warned them that if they don't Get good grades they will take away their phones, computers and even their cars! The girls had asked their teacher Mr.Fox, what they can do to keep from failing? To their dismay he told them alot of extra credit, and they would have to do it on the weekend! The girls have no choice but to join Mr.Fox in his home on a Saturday! The girls stroll the street searching for his house and complain what a jerk he is to keep them inside on such a beautiful day. They find his home, and reluctantly follow him in as he yells at them for being late. He shuts and locks the door behind them. As the girls get settled pulling out their books, Mr.Fox warns them they are failing every class, late every day and pass notes every 5 mins! He accuses them of being rich spoiled brats who don't care about there education. They snicker and he threatens to send them home right now! The girls chorus its not true and beg him to let them stay and give them good grades. He tells them with the end of the semester in just 2 weeks, no extra credit he can give them will get them good grades! If they are lucky they will maybe pass! The girls are pissed! Why did he even make them come here then, if they had no chance? He tells them he gives out different extra credit that would give them both straight A's but he only gives that out to his teacher pets, and they are definitely not teachers pets. They are the worst girls in his class, always tardy, never paying attention. They offer to become teachers pets. He warns them if they want to be his teachers pet, there is massive amounts of homework involved. The girls, are reluctant to say yes then, they normally never do homework... Mr.Fox goes on to explain his pets do a different type of homework. It will in his home, and it definitely is going to be work

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