Park And Blow (2015)

Also Known As
Park And Blow!


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Release Date

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Bray Love


Haze Weiler


Scene Breakdowns

  • Scene 1. Bray Love, Haze Weiler


  • Bray Love and Haze Weiler are out for a drive and get so fucking horny they have to pull over and make out! This of course gets them even more heated up so they climb into the back seat of Bray"s surprisingly spacious car!

    Completely disregarding that they are in broad daylight and anyone walking by can see them, they quickly whip off their shirts and Haze pulls his pants down to his ankles.

    Bray slides down on the floor and works his tongue over Haze"s briefs. Haze"s cock gets hard from the attention and Bray releases that monster and slurps it into his mouth. Traffic whizzes by as Haze"s thick meat gets full oral service from Bray"s well trained mouth!

    Bray takes a break from sucking Haze"s amazing cock to tease Haze"s left nipple. But he is drawn right back to that incredible cock, taking as much of it as he can into his throat! Even Haze"s attempts to get Bray back to kissing isn"t enough to distract Bray from Haze"s unbelievable cock!

    Finally Bray just has to pull his own hard dick out of his pants and receive some oral relief of his own! Haze leans over and goes down him. Bray leans back and let"s Haze fully work over his dick and balls with his mouth and hands!

    Haze takes Bray"s cock out of his mouth just in time for Bray to shoot his jizz stream in his face! When Haze blows his load Bray takes most of it in his mouth! They kiss again, this time their lips lubed with cum.

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