Nasty Piss Boys 3 (2009)




Peri Mazon











Release Date

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Apr 10, 2009



Adam Kattris

Pee GS Bottom

Josh Finley

(Credited: Frantisek Kovarik)
Pee GS Top

Jan Mikolas

A2M Pee GS Bottom

Josef Dvoracek

Pee GS Top


(Credited: Miroslav Krejci)

Miroslav Stuchlik

Pee GS Top

Peter Ctrnact

Pee GS Bottom

Nicholas Kimmy

(Credited: Radovan Moucha )
A2M GS Creampie Bottom

Scene Breakdowns

  • Scene 1. Tomm, Nicholas Kimmy
  • Scene 2. Josh Finley, Peter Ctrnact
  • Scene 3. Jan Mikolas, Josef Dvoracek
  • Scene 4. Adam Kattris, Miroslav Stuchlik


  • The action is hotter than ever before, and soaked with the yellow stuff in director Peri Mazon's Nasty Piss Boys 3 from Eurospunk. It's a little bit more intense this time around, with some crazy dungeon scenes and the action is rougher - with more discipline, snowballing, felching, and ass-to-mouth. When the piss comes, these dudes wash each other down like firehoses! The opener finds handsome blonde cover boy Radovan kneeling at the feet of Miroslav, sucking his huge thick dick, already soaked with piss. Miroslav, rewards his talent at fellatio by whipping his ass, then pushing his face down to the floor and watching as he licks the piss off the floor. Not content with getting blown, Miroslave enjoys playing with Rad's cock and ass while he lays there face-first in urine, even jacking off his dick with his toes! That white ass gets used and fucked with a dildo and a whip before Mir decides to ride it good. He stuffs that Polish sausage up the chute hard, then pulls out and shoves it into Rad's waiting lips and after Mir cums up Rad's ass, he opens his pink cheeks wide and felches his reward out of that asshole. In the dank dungeon, Peter Ctrnact is chained face to the wall. His ass pink-striped with marks from the strap. Frantisek then body-worships Peter, licking over every inch of his body, and shoves ass into Peter's face for a good analingus. Peter gets fucked back to front, cock both in his mouth and up his ass, and Frantisek cums all over that pink pucker and rubs it inside, then stands up and gives his friend a piss shower, aiming straight for the mouth. Jan Mikolas is chained to a St Andrew's Cross, while Josef spits into his mouth, manhandles his nipples, and licks his pits. Jan sports a hard, red erection the whole time, so I guess he liked it! Josef slurps and twists Jan's huge balls, pulling a leather strap against the cum-filled nuts. Jan is then face-fucked, and fed Josef's balls and asshole, which makes Josef so turned on he gets turned around for some ass-play and dicking. Jan's mouth becomes a pool from the gallon of pisswater that he gets. Gallons of the yellow liquid are pissed away by these two sexy studs and with more felching and ass-to-mouth, it just goes to show what horny fuckers Jan and Josef are. Adam Kattris is strapped to a round turntable mounted on a wall, and the creative possibilities of this are well-used when he gets turned on his side to suck Miroslav's hung cock. These two are so sexy and the hard-ons they sport while being blown and playing with each other's cocks and getting ass-fucked are such a turn-on. Adam takes Miro's dick again and again, and then he gets a piss-face courtesy of Miro. Miro then laps up an oral cumshot from Adam, proving that one good turntable deserves another. Nothing appears to be off-limits with these Eastern European boys!

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