Lift and Carry Lovers 1 (2017)

Also Known As
Lift&carry lovers part 1 MP4




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Savannah Fox









Release Date

Aug 07, 2017



Scene Breakdowns

  • Scene 1. Savannah Fox, Eli Hunter


  • Savannah and her husband are relaxing on the couch after a long day of work. Savannah is wearing a shear white top and panties. As they kiss and snuggle, Eli can't help but notice Savannah's big meaty legs. He rubs and caresses her big thighs and calf's. He loves how strong and powerful her legs are. She remarks how her legs just keep growing. She shows him just how thick her thighs are and it turns him on. She climbs onto his lap, so he can play with her big booty. He shakes and giggles it around admiring her supple flesh. Seeing his excitement Savannah gives him a long deep kiss, and tells him she wants to carry him. She tells him to take is pants off and gives him a tongue kiss. He bends over in front of her and she can't help but give him a couple spanks. Kissing him has gotten her turned on. She orders him to climb onto her back. He grabs onto her pigtails and hops on. She loves having him nice and tight against her. You can see her nipples get very aroused from carrying him and feeling his cock and balls press into her back. She walks back and worth easily supporting his 165lb frame. She faces her booty to the camera and shakes it back and fourth. She bets him that her legs and booty are so strong that she could even twerk with him on her back! She shakes and claps her booty before sitting him down so her can touch her hard nipples and hard thighs. She then picks him up 1 handed and throws him over her shoulder! She walks back and fourth in firemans carry. She loves having his ass up in the air and spanks him again. His face is right by her booty and she orders him to kiss her butt. He happily obliges and thanks her for being so powerful. She is so much stronger then he could ever be! She spreads her massive ass cheeks and puts his head deep between them. She puts him down and he tells her how turned on he's getting and shows her his growing boner. She fondles his cock, and makes out with him. He asks how she is going to carry him next? She tells him to bend over doggy style though. She twitches in excitement and presses her hot cunt against his bare backside. She lets out a seductive laugh, and reaches around to grab his cock. Cont in pt. 2

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