Gender Transformation Fuck Fest (2017)




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Savannah Fox









Release Date

Jan 19, 2017



Scene Breakdowns

  • Scene 1. Savannah Fox, Sofia Rose, Eli Hunter


  • Shawn comes home to find his wife gone but a note on the counter along with a blender bottle containing some green liquid. The note says its a healthy dr in k that Savannah made especially for him. He eyes the suspicious looking liquid but drinks the whole thing. It tastes horrible but its super healthy right? Several minutes later his belly starts to ache and rumble. Whatever she put in in there is not sitting with him right... He feels dizzy and nauseous. His eyelids droop and begin to feel so heavy.... He wakes up groggy to find Savannah putting makeup on him! She tells him what a pretty girl he is! He realizes he has breasts, a wig on and is wearing a skirt. When he asks Savannah about it, she tells him of course he is wearing girl clothes, she obviously would have a hot girlfriend in girls clothes. She tells him to shut up and pucker up so she can put lipstick on him. Savannah is so excited to go out on a date with her new girlfriend. She is so horny she can't keep her hands off her. She rubs and kisses her telling her how much fun they are going to have now that she is a girl. She says that is invited her friend Sofia over to show her how good of a job she did turning him into a girl. She grabs Sofia and shows her new GF off. They name her babe, and realize they are super attracted to her. The girls can't keep their hands off babe and get so turned on they realize they have to fuck her

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