Fuck and Be Merry (2018)




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Release Date

Dec 23, 2018

Date Added to IAFD

Dec 24, 2018



Jeffrey Lloyd

Facial Bottom

Hugo Antonin

(Credited: Kane Mra'z)

Eric Tomfor

(Credited: Thomas Friedl)

Scene Breakdowns

  • Scene 1. Jeffrey Lloyd, Hugo Antonin, Eric Tomfor


  • Thomas Friedl is putting the finishing touches to the prep for the little party the guys have planned, but it's probably clear from the choice of clothing this isn't going to be any normal holiday get-together. As soon as Jeffrey Lloyd and Kane Mra'z meet on the stairs their intent is clear, locking lips and making out. Not surprisingly, the sight of handsome muscle hunk Thomas wearing so little and showing so much has both his friends eager to get the fun started, and with just a quick sip of champagne and a sausage to nibble Kane's appetite for muscle dick takes over.

    Christmas is a time for giving, so once Thomas has gifted his two greedy friends with a taste of his juicy uncut cock Jeffrey is getting into position to share himself with both his buddies. Kane takes up position at the rear, playing with his snug little pucker, first with his tongue, then with his finger, probing his pal while Thomas continues to feed the lad his tasty dong. It's a truly delicious sight to see so much hard cock being joyfully appreciated, but the pleasure of Thomas' big bare boner sliding into Jeffrey's hole while Kane feeds and sucks their bottom buddy is the ultimate treat.

    The big guy eases his inches in and out of his friend's eager rump, thrusting up into him while Kane first feeds their friend, then sucks him in return. Of course, a threesome like this wouldn't be complete without Kane getting some ass, and as soon as Thomas has had his fill of that bare butt bearded Jeffrey takes a ride on his other friend, sliding up and down Kane's length while their muscled buddy continues to feed their bottom pal his wet dong. As their combined pleasure reaches it's limits Jeffrey starts to pump his creamy goodness out all over his fit and toned body, soon followed by Kane, pulling his raw cock out and adding his own gooey delivery to proceedings.

    The sight and smell of fresh man milk quickly has Thomas ready to deliver his own warm eggnog, right into Jeffrey's waiting mouth!

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