Daughter is Trained (2016)




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Bare Back Studios









Release Date

Aug 01, 2016



Luke Longly

(Credited: Luke Longley)


Scene Breakdowns

  • Scene 1. Daisy Chainz, Luke Longly
  • Scene 2. Daisy Chainz, Luke Longly
  • Scene 3. Daisy Chainz, Luke Longly
  • Scene 4. Daisy Chainz, Luke Longly


  • Each scene is also available individually under the scene title.


  • Scene One: Your daughter is hot

    Daisy's cheap dad wont turn on the AC and the house is boiling. this what you want? You want me to be naked because it's so hot in here!” Daisy yells at him stripping out of her clothes. “Put you're clothes back on young lady!e tells her. 's so hot I can'the whines. She forces her dad to look at her naked body, embarrassing him.

    He can't take it anymore and pushes her down onto the counter licking her hot pussy. “Dad this isn't what I meant!he yells. He slides his cock inside his daughter unable to stop himself from fucking her. it dad what are you doing!” Daisy says in shock. He fucks her and makes her give cute little moans of pleasure. Her body is so sensitive that she can't help it. “Dad I promise to leave you alone.he pleads with him and he cums inside her.

    Scene Two: Internet star

    Dad picks up his daughters phone to make a quick call when he finds a lot of naked photos. u're not supposed to see those pictures.he says to him. She's a amateur photographer she tries to explain. If she wants to be a model than dad can take some photos of her he says. He tells her to strip and pose for him and if she doesn't then he's going to cancel her after graduation party. ”Pose for me thene demands.

    Daisy has no choice but to strip and let her dad take photos of her hot young body. With camera in hand he shoves his cock down her throat. And takes pictures of him fucking her. If she wants to be a porn star he's going to make her into one! He thrusts fast and hard cumming inside her and making her dress in shame.

    Scene three: Blackmail Material

    Daisy is on her dad's computer when she finds thousands of pictures of her naked. Her in the shower, in her bedroom. that all you think of me as? Just a little piece of meat? Is this all you want of me?he asks her dad as she strips. this what you want?he asks getting to her knees and sucking his cock. He tries to explain why he has the photos.

    Daisy is so angry that she shoves his cock inside of her and makes her dad fuck. She moans and cums on his cock, treating herself like the piece of meat her dad thinks she is. “Cum for me daddyhe says and makes him give her a big facial.

    Scene Four: Housesitting

    Daisy and her father are house sitting for the weekend to pick up a delivery for a friend. No TV, internet or cell service makes Daisy go crazy. just want out of this house!he screams. at a little brat” dad yells at her, finally having enough of her whining. He can think of something for her to do.

    He shoves her down to the couch and pulls off her tight clothes. She moans and is fucked like a little slut. Daisy loves being used by her strong father, and anything that passes the time in this boring house is welcome. want it in my mouth and on my facehe begs her dad. He shoots a massive load all over her smiling face. at should hold you over until dinner” He tells her.

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