Cum In Your Cage (2015)




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The Mean Girls - POV







Release Date

Feb 21, 2015



Scene Breakdowns

  • Scene 1. Ash Hollywood, guy


  • I am Ash Hollywood's slave and have been locked in chastity by you for 6 LOOONG months now. I have been BEGGING you for release. I have literally done EVERYTHING you have commanded of me- no matter HOW humiliating. (I figured ANYTHING was less humiliating than going to the doctor to have this thing cut off!) I have even been forced to watch you while you are having sex with your lovers right in front of me, constantly teasing me... But if I REALLY want out - and to have a REAL orgasm - I will have to endure a real teasing as you vibrate my cage. You then pull out a Hitachi and laugh about how much fun this will be for you, then start to vibrate it on the cage. You make a deal with me- if I can keep myself from cumming for 15 minutes, you will unlock me and I will be allowed to stroke my own cock as long as I want while gazing at your beauty until I have an incredible orgasm- and you will even let me cum on your feet! But if i DONT make it I will basically just prematurely ejaculate in my own cage and experience a terrible, ruined orgasm- and you say you will KEEP me locked up for another 6 long months!!

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