Cory Chase in Valentine's Panties (2012)




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Release Date

Feb 08, 2012



Scene Breakdowns

  • Scene 1. Cory Chase, guy


  • Cory is dressed for her date and comes into your room...Mom is holding a gift that she knows only you will enjoy...You thank Mom for the gift and open it...You find a well worn pair of her panties full of her pussy juice...A smile comes to your face as you quickly sniff Mom's panties...As Mom is about to walk away she notices the erection in your boxers...Mom would never leave her Son alone on Valentine's Day with a full boner...Cory offers to take care of the boner for you and you nod your head yes...She gently pulls off your boxers and your huge hard cock is exposed...This was actually what Mom wanted for Valentine's Day...Cory then rubs your cock with her feet and manipulates your head with her toes...Mom tells you to lean back and relax, she will completely take over...You lay your head back and enjoy the glorious footjob...Mom hears a car pull into the driveway, her date has arrived...She continues to stroke your cock with her feet and you inch closer to climax...You try to hold back but Mom's feet are too soft and your cock is ready to explode...With a big smile, Mom watches you cover her toes with your cum...Mom's pedicure looks so lovely with your seed...Cory gives you a big thank you and cleans up her feet...Her date is at the door and she has to go...If Mom does not get lucky tonight, you might get round two when she comes home...

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