Cory Chase in Sometimes It Just Happens (2012)




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Jerky Wives









Release Date

Apr 18, 2012



Cory Chase

Facial Swallow

Scene Breakdowns

  • Scene 1. Cory Chase, guy


  • Sitting in the Hotel lobby a wealthy gentleman caught the attention of Cory...She was wearing only her bathrobe as her room was being serviced...Cory has an insatiable appetite for sex and she could see the well built gentleman also having a brother...The three of them could have the best one night stand... She turns to her Son and asks if he can do Mom a favor...Could she suck him off to show the wealthy man what an evening with Cory would bring him...Her Son could not turn this down, he always had a crush on Mom...He would fight off his erection every morning while Mom would make his breakfast and she was wearing the thinnest of silk robe... Cory had her son slide down on the couch and pull his shorts off...She grabbed his shaft and gave his cock a little tug all while sucking up and down on the head...Cory would glance over at the wealthy man to ensure he had the best view of the show...Cory's Son was oblivious to the reasons why Mom was now deep-throating him and was enjoying every moment...Cory encouraged Son to finish in her mouth...A lady always swallows and Cory is quite the Lady... Cory failed to realize the size of her Son's load and had difficulty swallowing so much seed...But like the Lady she is, not a drop was wasted...She cleaned up her Son and then gave the Wealthy Man another glace...The Man was watching Cory's every move but she had her Son ready for More...Cory's room was now ready and she walked hand in hand with her Son back to the Elevator...

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