Cory Chase in Moms College Surprise (2012)




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Release Date

Jan 01, 2012



Scene Breakdowns

  • Scene 1. Cory Chase, Dean, Derrick


  • Cory is so proud of you. Your first year in College and you make the Dean's list. As a reward Mom made a video for you...a reward video...The last night in your dorm the DVD arrives in the mail. You pop the disk into your Laptop and the video begins to play. There is Mom, all dressed up with a glass of wine in her hand. She congratulates you on your successful first year of college and then comes the reward. Cory says you can invite a friend over and she will give you both a handjob and maybe even a blowjob if you are lucky. You are mildly surprised by this...Why would she over to give your friend a handjob too? You know your best friend has always had a crush on your Mom and you once banged his Mom one night after graduation. You invite Derrick over and find Mom almost nude on the couch. She does not disappoint...She pulls down your boxers and begins to stroke your cocks. Derrick is a bit shy and takes a couple minutes to warm up, but not you. This not your first experience with Mom...Cory opens up and puts her little boy in her mouth...All the way in it goes...You do not have long to go and explode on Cory's beautiful breasts...Derrick is not far behind and finishes off Mom with a dose of Boob icing...You are left to wonder what Mom might do next year if you make the Dean's list again...

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