Cory Chase in Mom Wants a Baby - First Time (2015)




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Release Date

Jan 15, 2015



Cory Chase


Scene Breakdowns

  • Scene 1. Cory Chase, guy


  • “Hey honey, how was your day” Your mom asks you. She walks in dressed in inappropriate clothes of a cotton top and tight panties. You feel uncomfortable and ask to leave but your mom has a question for you. “Do you like my outfit?” You stammer at the question as your mom moves in closer.Taking a deep breath she says “I would like to have another , but your father is sterile.” The statement hangs in the air as you try to figure out what that means “Maybe you could help me out? I just need you to cum inside me” She starts by pulling off your pants “Trust me I know what I'm doing” she says. Bending down she puts her hot mouth on your cock, licking and sucking you until your rock hard. You don't know if you should be doing this, you think as your mom strips off her panties and pulls up her top. She guides you inside of her and starts fucking you. Your hard cock going inside your mom's hairy pussy feels amazing. This can't be happening, what is someone finds out. This is wrong! But it feels so good inside your mom. You just let her thrust her hips against you. She lays down and asks you to cum inside her, spreading her legs wide and biting her lip. Your morals are lost in the lust of your mother as you fuck her fast. On the edge of cumming your mom moans and screams and you fill her. “That's it sweety, milk every last bit out inside my pussy” She screams as she rubs herself the cum oozing into her womb. Did that just happen?

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