Cory Chase in A Mothers Massage -1 (2013)




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Release Date

Mar 13, 2013



Scene Breakdowns

  • Scene 1. Cory Chase, guy


  • Mother (Cory chase) comes home from a hard day's work; son is sitting on the couch impatiently waiting for her. Exhausted, she collapses on the couch only to be greeted with “What's for dinner?” from her ungrateful son. Mom, discouraged enquires as to why he hasn't cooked or done anything all day to which son explains he doesn't know how to cook and asks her for money. Mom laughs and tells him there is a way for him to earn some money: massage her aching body. Son first starts at mom's feet and legs then moves to her shoulder; Mom begins to become aroused and takes off her shirt so that she can feel her son's strong hands against her naked skin. Before son knows it, mom has also stripped off her bra, exposing her luscious breasts as he continues to rub her shoulders. Mom leans forward and teases son as she removes her panties and rubs her clit, turning son on. Son quickly takes advantage of the situation and begins to gently lick his mother's hot, moist pussy, slowly at first then moving faster and faster as he fingers her. Mom moans as the feel of her son's tongue turns her on more and more. Suddenly, mom as son stop as she has noticed he is extremely tense and offers comfort; son leans back and pulls his cock out which mom begins to massage with her panty hose covered feet.

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