Consequences of a Kiss (2017)




Angie Rowntree


Wasteland Studios








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  • Scene 1. Madeline Blue, Ryan Driller


  • Whats an immortal to do with all that endless extra time on their hands? For mischievous Alistair Putnam, the answer is simple: indulge in all the wonderful things the mortal world has to offer. For Alistairs more serious sister, Gwen, dalliances with mortals are a risk which ought not be taken, an indulgence which could reveal the supernatural siblings secret. Shake her head at her brothers indiscretions as she may, part of Gwen undeniably longs for the human touch, leading her to fantasize vividly about that which she feels compelled to deny herself.
    Gwen (Madeline Blue) is convinced her kind cannot know love, but as she gets to know Gabe (Ryan Driller), one of her tenants, her resolve waivers. And once she realizes Gabes girlfriend is none other than her old college roommate, Lilah (Jillian Elizabeth), the very human emotion of envy sets in. Far from merely rekindling old resentments, Gwens chance encounter with her old nemesis becomes the animating behind a most unusual and mystical seduction.
    Replete with playful humor and a tender eroticism rare in modern adult entertainment, Consequences of a Kiss feels like a sexually-explicit rendition of a classic sitcom featuring a certain benevolent, twitchy-nosed witch.
    Enhanced by the strong acting chops of Alister Putnam and Fitzgerald Fitzgerald, its a tale which amuses as it arouses, driven by plot and character development.
    Starring Madeline Blue, Jillian Elizabeth and Ryan Driller, Consequences of a Kiss is another masterstroke from director Angie Rowntree. The plot, replete with expected twists and a truly unique depth, is complimented by the films high production value, featuring two original songs and over 100 special effects. Consequences of a Kiss further establishes Rowntree as an avid explorer of unusual territory in the realm of erotic film.

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