College Brat Wants Your Virgin Cum (2017)




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Keri Berry









Release Date

Oct 15, 2017



Keri Berry


Scene Breakdowns

  • Scene 1. Keri Berry


  • HOLY FUCK THIS HAS SOLD SO MANY COPIES ALREADY!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!! :D:D Custom Video *** This client wanted a bit of story, and simply requested a bratty girl reluctantly gives a pity BJ to virgin guy, then becomes overwhelmingly enamored with his sweet cum. He wanted TONS of cumshots, all about the face and body-- in a repeated kinda way ;) This clip is CUMTASTIC from beginning to end! An EPIC cumshow you can't miss :) |||| You are a freshman and have been pestering me for attention since you got to college, and low and behold you found a way to get it! My doormroom door was unlocked, so you await me inside. I'm shocked to find you but more just peeved you're bothering me again. I decide to get rid of you once and for all by finally givign you a BJ, just out of pity of course. After a drab, bored and lack luster BJ, you FINALLY cum-- but wait, wtf... you taste like CANDY... I want more! I NEED more!! :D I do everything in my power to keep milking that sweet seed from your virgin cock, I can't get enough. I eat it from my pussy, scooping it up and feeding it to myself, I imbibe it from your cock and want it all over me. I fuck you both doggy and facing you several times. So. Much. Cum

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