Cole Gartner Fucks Tommy White (2014)


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Release Date

Mar 06, 2014



Cole Gartner


Tommy White


Scene Breakdowns

  • Scene 1. Cole Gartner, Tommy White


  • Tommy"s got the body of a smooth, hairless twink and Cole"s a little more badass, sporting tattoos and piercings. Yeah, they may seem like a mismatched pair but both of these guys are horny and looking to fuck, and they"re more than happy to get down and dirty with eachother!

    They get the blood flowing with some cock-sucking action as they each take turns going down on one another and shoving those big dicks down their throat. After they"ve gotten a good taste of those rock hard cocks, the real fun begins as Tommy climbs on top and bottoms for Cole. It takes more than a couple attempts for Tommy to slide Cole"s thick meat inside of his tiny little ass, but once he does finally manage to get that huge head past his entrance the pace quickens and these two get to fucking fast and hard!

    Cole takes charge and directs Tommy where he wants, thoroughly enjoying Tommy"s tight ass around his throbbing dick as Tommy bottoms for him in lots of different positions…each one allowing Cole to bury his big member deeper inside! This pair may have seemed mismatched at the beginning, but that couldn"t be farther from the truth…the look on their faces will tell you that they"re both enjoying this naughty encounter very much! They"re enjoying it so much, in fact, that they just can"t hold back anymore and once Cole"s got Tommy on his back and he"s pounding him hard, the two finish with a nice cumshot, shooting their white-hot loads all over Tommy"s flat stomach!

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