Clueless Teens Bred and Fed (2018)

Also Known As
Clueless Teens Bred & Fed




Shane Aaron









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  • Teens these days are really stupid. Firstly, they think that they can get away with almost anything while avoiding the consequences. Secondly, they don't realize that those in positions of authority are to be respected rather than scorned. At the Halfway House, our Managers make sure that these dumb-fuck residents are disabused of this notion rather quickly. One lame excuse, a snide remark, or even a tiny rule broken, and these young delinquents find themselves with their straight boy lips wrapped around a juicy cock. Even better, their precious little buttholes get cracked open. Before long, after only a few weeks at the House, these societal rejects are getting fucked bareback and bred like the little bitches they are. Maybe when they are lying on their beds at night - their boy cunts still slippery with sperm and the taste of fresh jizz still on their tongues - they can think about their situation and how to improve their lot. But, nah... they are so clueless that they just accept their lot. Breeding and feeding turns them into just the type of whores they deserve to be.

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