Calvin Takes Jacob's Thick Member In His Tight Ass (2018)




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Release Date

Feb 02, 2018



Calvin Collins

IR Bottom

Jacob Tyler

IR Top

Scene Breakdowns

  • Scene 1. Calvin Collins, Jacob Tyler


  • Jacob Tyler and Calvin Collins are both almost hard already after a few minutes of some making out, kissing each other and undressing as Calvin works his way down to Jacob"s cock. Calvin takes Jacob in his mouth, doing his best to deepthroat that big dick before letting Jacob get a good taste of his sweet cock next. They both climb on the bed and 69, working those big pricks with their mouth as they get harder and thicker between their lips until they"re both ready to start fucking.

    Calvin climbs onto Jacob"s lap and sits his tight little hole on Jacob"s hard cock, taking it up his ass and riding it as his entrance stretches around Jacob"s thick member. Calvin leans forward, kissing Jacob as he moves his hips up and down, filling his ass with Jacob"s dick and then turning onto his back to take it another way. Jacob pumps his hard shaft in and out of Calvin"s ass, tugging gently on Calvin"s dick while he fucks him until Calvin grabs hold of his own cock and strokes the cum out of it. Jacob gets a few more good thrusts in before pulling out and letting Calvin finish him off with his mouth, shooting his jizz all over Calvin"s chest.

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