Blowing Rick (2007)




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Release Date

Jul 30, 2007



Ben Thomas

(Credited: Ben)

Rick Ravishing

(Credited: Rick)


Scene Breakdowns

  • Scene 1. Rick Ravishing


  • Ben's quite the trooper and his easy-going attitude really puts other guys at ease. He has a way of always finding something to laugh about and turning just about any situation into a good time. That makes him ideal for breaking in new guys and being the first one to show them some guy-guy fun.

    Imagine being a straight guy like Rick about to get not only your first ever BJ from a guy, but also get it on camera! Surely, that can be a pretty intimidating experience. But with someone like Ben there to do the honors and make sure you can find things to laugh about along the way, it makes things a hell of a lot easier. In fact, it takes the entire experience from being a purely sexual/voyeuristic one to being a buddy-buddy experience that is the best kind to capture and show here on CF.

    The buddy-buddy type of experience really is the hottest kind. That's a huge part; no doubt, of why seeing both TJ and Ben progress through various aspects of their CF educations together was so hot. There's no substitute for there being a genuine rapport between two guys sharing a scene together, as we got to see not only with TJ and Ben but also with so many of the CF studs who've been with us for awhile. That rapport spreads to new guys as well, as the personalities of studs like Ben really make the entire experience both comfortable and fun!

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