Batgirl Unmasked (2015)




No Director Credited











Release Date

Aug 06, 2015



Lily Labeau

BJOnly Facial

Norah Nova

BJOnly Facial



Scene Breakdowns

  • Scene 1. Lily Labeau, Norah Nova, Rock


  • Cat Woman and Rock have captured a prisoner and have been holding him captive for 30 days. Batgirl sneaks up into their lair, determined to save him from the villains clutches. She bounds into the dungeon, punching Rock in the face and beating Cat Woman against the wall, causing the video camera to fall out of her hands. Rock grabs her from behind, and she is able to knock both of them out long enough to save the prisoner. He runs away as quickly as he can, never looking back. And now its time for Batgirl to punish them. She starts handcuffing Cat Woman to the wall, but Rock is faster and grabs her, knocking her out. They decide to tie her up and get back at her for stealing their hostages. They have some fun ideas on how to do that. They tie Batgirl up to the dentist chair they have in their lair, cuffing her to it so she cant leave. They wake her up and start to tickle her. She squirms and tries to tell them to stop but theyre relentless. Then Cat Woman sits on her face while Rock fingers her. Then they force her to give Rock a blowjob and he fucks her face. Now theyre ready to let her out of the chair, but theyre not done with her yet so they put the handcuffs on her and drag her over to the dungeon floor. Then Cat Woman holds her and orders her to open up so Rock can fuck her face some more. They film the whole thing so that they can humiliate and exploit her. Cat Woman takes turns with her sucking his dick, showing her how to do it until Rock cums on both of their faces. Now they have incriminating evidence of the real Batgirl like no one has ever seen her. Now the real revenge can begin.

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