Poker di donne (1987)




Antonio D'Agostino (as Richard Bennet)


H Communications







Release Date

No Data



Christoph Clark

(Credited: Christophe Grosso)


Denise Dior


Jean-Pierre Armand

(Credited: Jean Pierre Armand)


Karin Schubert


Marina Hedman

(Credited: Marina Lotar)
Facial DP

Roberto Malone

(Credited: Robert Malone)


Rosa Indelicato


Scene Breakdowns

  • Scene 1. Karin Schubert, Frank Balard, Roberto Malone
  • Scene 2. Karin Schubert, Jean-Pierre Armand
  • Scene 3. Denise Dior, Marina Hedman, Christoph Clark, dog, Frank Balard
  • Scene 4. Karin Schubert
  • Scene 5. Anna Petrovna, Karin Schubert
  • Scene 6. Marina Hedman, Roberto Malone
  • Scene 7. Giusy Bella, Massimo Lotti
  • Scene 8. Karin Schubert, Christoph Clark, Frank Balard, Guido Sem, Massimo Lotti, Roberto Malone
  • Scene 9. Karin Schubert, Jean-Pierre Armand
  • Scene 10. Anna Petrovna, Giusy Bella, Karin Schubert, Marina Hedman, Rosa Indelicato, Christoph Clark, Frank Balard, Guido Sem, Jean-Pierre Armand, Massimo Lotti, Roberto Malone
  • Scene 11. Denise Dior, dog


  • Denise Dior blows and fucks the dog Black in the scenes 3 and 11.
  • The scenes 10 and 11 are intercut.
  • There is also an orgy taken from the scene 9 of Il Grande Momento.


  • Paola (K. Schubert) is very attached to her husband Mario (J.-P. Armand), but acquires a double identity during his absence, searching for extramarital affairs. Her life is even more upset by the arrival of the new neighbors Rosalba (M. Hedman) and Laura (D. Dior). She is tormented peeking at their meetings with Peter (C. Clark) and Roby (R. Malone) and shocked by viewing Laura with the dog Black. Although she is upset, realizes that she gets excited and searches new hard sensations inside a movie theatre. Thereafter decides to confess everything to her husband, just returned, but instead he does not take it badly. Invited to a party by their neighbors they go with her friend Marina (A. Petrovna), where they have a pleasant surprise.


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