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18 Year Old Billy Taylor Dives Head First Into Gay Pornrandyblue.com2014  
18 year old Twink Billy Taylor has a first time fuck with Justin Owenrandyblue.com2014  
19 Year Old Peter Lipnik Makes His Randy Blue Debut Getting Barebacked by Kevin Falcorandyblue.com2017  
4way Jack Offrandyblue.com2008  
5 Guy Circle Jerk Pt1randyblue.com2006  
5 Guy Circle Jerk Pt2randyblue.com2006  
5 Guys, 1 Bed part 1randyblue.com2011  
5 Guys, 1 Bed part 2randyblue.com2011  
Abele and Nickrandyblue.com2013  
Ace and Nickrandyblue.com2011  
Addison and Jordanrandyblue.com2013  
Addison and Kairandyblue.com2013  
Addison and Romeorandyblue.com2013  
Addison and Seanrandyblue.com2013  
Adi and Marcelrandyblue.com2013  
Adi and Robertrandyblue.com2012  
Adi and Seanrandyblue.com2012  
Adi Hadadrandyblue.com2012  
Adi Hadad and Lucky Danielsrandyblue.com2012  
Adi Hadad and Nick Sterlingrandyblue.com2012  
Adi Hadad and Patrick Dunnerandyblue.com2012  
Adi Hadad and Sean Zevranrandyblue.com2012  
Adrian 2randyblue.com2004  
Adrian and Derekrandyblue.com2012  
Adrian and Diegorandyblue.com2013  
Adrian Hartrandyblue.com2011  
Adrian Kelly Gets Bareback by Devon Felixrandyblue.com2016  
Adrian Kelly Loses His Cherry to Judas Colerandyblue.com2016  
Adrian, Robert and Seanrandyblue.com2013  
After A Round of Boxing Muscle Daddy Luke Ward Barebacks Gay Russian Dmitry Ostenrandyblue.com2017  
Alec Hudson Goes Straight to Pumping His Cockrandyblue.com2014  
Alexrandyblue.com2006 X
Alex and Brandonrandyblue.com2008  
Alex and Caydenrandyblue.com2010  
Alex and Chrisrandyblue.com2007  
Alex Fucks Bradenrandyblue.com2007  
Alex, Braden and Gagerandyblue.com2009  
Alex, Chris and Reeserandyblue.com2007  
Alexander and Deanrandyblue.com2011  
Alexander and Niccorandyblue.com2011  
Alexander Kudrovrandyblue.com2010  
All My Friends Are Sluts Pt One With Casper Young and Tanner Shieldsrandyblue.com2015  
All My Friends Are Sluts Pt Two with Casper Young and Lukas Valentinerandyblue.com2015  
All Star Circle Jerkrandyblue.com2006  
Allen and Paulrandyblue.com2005  
Allen NPrandyblue.com2005  
Andres Moreno Takes Every Inch of Dominic Santos Long Black Dickrandyblue.com2014  
Andrew and Ashtonrandyblue.com2010  
Andrew and Deanrandyblue.com2012  
Andrew and Jarrettrandyblue.com2011  
Andrew and Marcelrandyblue.com2012  
Andrew and Raphaelrandyblue.com2013  
Andrew and Romanrandyblue.com2011  
Andrew and Ryanrandyblue.com2011  
Andrew and Seanrandyblue.com2013  
Andrew and Trevor Snowrandyblue.com2010  
Andrew and Trevor Tripprandyblue.com2012  
Angel Santiago Busts A Nut in His First Gay Porn Movierandyblue.com2014  
Anthony Bond Takes Raw Dick from Hunky Muscle Bear Brick Moorewoodrandyblue.com2016  
Antonio and Armandrandyblue.com2006  
Antonio Dildorandyblue.com2006  
Armando Marinorandyblue.com2005  
Armond and Steelrandyblue.com2005  
Ash and Chadrandyblue.com2010  
Ash and Deanrandyblue.com2011  
Ash and Niccorandyblue.com2011  
Ash and Nickrandyblue.com2011  
Ash and Porterrandyblue.com2010  
Ash Taylorrandyblue.com2010  
Ashton and Ericrandyblue.com2011  
Ashton and Patrickrandyblue.com2010  
Ashton and Ryan (II)randyblue.com2011  
Ashton Dalerandyblue.com2010  
Atticus Fox and Nathan Cruz Have a Hot Bareback Flip Fuckrandyblue.com2015  
Atticus Fox Dominates Johnny Cobra with His Raw Cockrandyblue.com2015  
Atticus Fox Feeds His Cum Filled Hole to Tanner Shieldsrandyblue.com2015  
Atticus Fox Gives Josh Conners His First Bareback Cream Pierandyblue.com2015  
Atticus Fox Takes Jeff Powers and Lukas Valentines Raw Loadsrandyblue.com2015  
Atticus Fox Unloads His Cum Inside of Brendan Phillipsrandyblue.com2015  
Atticus Fox, Jeff Powers and Lukas Valentine in A Bareback Three Wayrandyblue.com2015  
Austin and Jaydenrandyblue.com2013  
Austin and Kairandyblue.com2013  
Austin Wolfrandyblue.com2012  
Austin Wolf and Skylar West in a hot Gay Porn Massagerandyblue.com2014  
Austin Wolf Takes Joe Clark and Fills His Straight Ass With Dickrandyblue.com2014  
Austin, Chris and Jordanrandyblue.com2013  
Barebacking with Jordan Levine and Brett Beckhamrandyblue.com2015  
Beau Warnerrandyblue.com2011  
Beefy Gay Porn Star Chad Karzen Flip Fucks Tatted Twink Logan Milanorandyblue.com2014  
Beefy Jay Landford Gets His First Bareback Cream Pie from Latin Body Builder Jacob Taylorrandyblue.com2016  
Beefy Straight Guy Brick Moorewood Barebacks Body Builder Luke Wardrandyblue.com2016  
Ben and Lucasrandyblue.com2009  
Ben and Seanrandyblue.com2008  
Ben Thomasrandyblue.com2008  
Ben Thomas and Ethan Parkerrandyblue.com2008  
Benjamin and Jarrettrandyblue.com2010  
Benjamin Swift Cums All Over His Muscled Chestrandyblue.com2016  
Benjamin Swift Has Gay Sex for the First Time with Preston Colerandyblue.com2016  
Big Dick Dominic Santos and Sex Crazed Zane Porter Shoot Double Loads of Cumrandyblue.com2015  
Bisexual Muscle Hunk Ivan Inviktus Makes His Debut Flip Fucking Ryan Cagerandyblue.com2017  
Bisexual Nympho Max Michaels Gets His Ass Pounded by German Student, Casper Youngrandyblue.com2015  
Bisexual Zane Porter Feeds Straight Boy, Ezra Finn, His First Dickrandyblue.com2015  
Black Stud Dominic Santos Self Sucks and Cum Eats to Gay Porn Stardomrandyblue.com2014  
Blake and Chrisrandyblue.com2011  
Blake and Gabrielrandyblue.com2011  
Blake and Gavin and Jamesrandyblue.com2006  
Blake and Jayrandyblue.com2006  
Blake and Romanrandyblue.com2011  
Blake and Xanderrandyblue.com2008  
Blake Powellrandyblue.com2010  
Blake Riley and Leo Giamanirandyblue.com2009  
Blond Beefcake Brick Moorewood Barebacks the Hell Out of Straight Man Whore Diego Falcorandyblue.com2017  
Blond Hercules Brick Moorewood Barebacks the Fuck Out of Sexy Otter Jeffery Lloydrandyblue.com2017  
Blonde Twink Justin James Takes His First Raw Dick from James Huckrandyblue.com2016  
Blonde Twinks Zane Porter and Skylar West Massage and Fuckrandyblue.com2014  
Bobby 1randyblue.com2004  
Bobby 2randyblue.com2004  
Bobby, Mathew, Steelrandyblue.com2005  
Body Builder Angelo Antonio Showers Shaves and Jerks Offrandyblue.com2015  
Boyfriends Alex Torres and Andres Moreno Bareback for the Randy Blue Camerasrandyblue.com2015  
Brad and Jay and Kylerandyblue.com2006  
Braden and Jacksonrandyblue.com2007  
Braden and Jaxtonrandyblue.com2012  
Braden and Mathewrandyblue.com2007  
Brandon and Gavinrandyblue.com2009  
Brandon and Kylerandyblue.com2008  
Brandon Jamesrandyblue.com2008  
Brandon James Toyrandyblue.com2008  
Brandon Kentrandyblue.com2009  
Brazilian Studs Adam Stefan and John Cruz Get Hot Wet and Raw in a Bareback Fuckrandyblue.com2017  
Brendan Phillips and Atticus Fox Swap Cumrandyblue.com2015  
Brendan Phillips and Dominic Santos Take Turns Barebacking Their Hot Assesrandyblue.com2015  
Brendan Phillips Sucks the Cum Out of Gay Porn Star, Randy Dixonrandyblue.com2015  
Brent and Cameronrandyblue.com2008  
Brent and Lucasrandyblue.com2008  
Brent and Xanderrandyblue.com2007  
Brett and Kodyrandyblue.com2005  
Brett and Marcelrandyblue.com2012  
Brett and Nickrandyblue.com2010  
Brett and Robertrandyblue.com2013  
Brett and Skylerrandyblue.com2012  
Brett and Thorrandyblue.com2010  
Brett Swanson and Ezra Finn Play a Little Muscle Hunk Footballrandyblue.com2014  
Brett Swanson and Jordan Levine Ass Fuck for the Holidaysrandyblue.com2013  
Brett, Chad and Porterrandyblue.com2010  
Brett, Nicco and Raphaelrandyblue.com2010  
Brett, Patrick and Reeserandyblue.com2011  
Brockrandyblue.com2004 X
Brodie Jacksonrandyblue.com2007  
Brodie Jackson 2randyblue.com2007  
Bryce and Leorandyblue.com2008  
Buddy Davisrandyblue.com2008  
Caleb and Deanrandyblue.com2012  
Caleb and Jaxtonrandyblue.com2012  
Caleb and Patrickrandyblue.com2010  
Caleb and Skylarrandyblue.com2013  
Caleb, Jayden and Seanrandyblue.com2012  
Cameron and Codyrandyblue.com2008  
Cameron and Jarrettrandyblue.com2012  
Cameron and Nickrandyblue.com2012  
Cameron and Romanrandyblue.com2012  
Cameron and Xanderrandyblue.com2008  
Cameron Michaelsrandyblue.com2008  
Carlos Venturarandyblue.com2011  
Casper Young Catches Owen Hudson Cruising for Dickrandyblue.com2015  
Cayden and Marcelrandyblue.com2012  
Chad and Chiprandyblue.com2010  
Chad and Codyrandyblue.com2012  
Chad and Gunnerrandyblue.com2010  
Chad and Niccorandyblue.com2010  
Chad and Patrickrandyblue.com2011  
Chad and Reeserandyblue.com2011  
Chad and Travisrandyblue.com2012  
Chad Hollonrandyblue.com2009  
Chad Karzenrandyblue.com2012  
Chad, Christian and Rileyrandyblue.com2010  
Chance and Romanrandyblue.com2012  
Chance Kiddrandyblue.com2012  
Charles King Makes His Debut at Randy Blue Barebacking Irish Hunk Brendan Patrickrandyblue.com2017  
Charlie Tomm Barebacks Mike Davidsonrandyblue.com2016  
Chip and Haydenrandyblue.com2012  
Chip and Jarrettrandyblue.com2011  
Chip, Donny and Romanrandyblue.com2010  
Chip, Gabriel and Nickrandyblue.com2011  
Chris and Danterandyblue.com2012  
Chris and Haydenrandyblue.com2011  
Chris and Jaydenrandyblue.com2012  
Chris and Joerandyblue.com2013  
Chris and Johnnyrandyblue.com2009  
Chris and Jordanrandyblue.com2012  
Chris and Leorandyblue.com2008  
Chris and Robertrandyblue.com2012  
Chris and Spencerrandyblue.com2012  
Chris B and Max Lrandyblue.com2010  
Chris B and Tristanrandyblue.com2011  
Chris Rockway Abuses the Ass of Patrick Dunnerandyblue.com2013  
Chris, Christian and Marcelrandyblue.com2012  
Chris, Trent and Xanderrandyblue.com2008  
Christian and Dawsonrandyblue.com2009  
Christian and Gavinrandyblue.com2008  
Christian and Joshrandyblue.com2012  
Christian and Robertrandyblue.com2013  
Christian Thornrandyblue.com2011  
Circle Jerkrandyblue.com2004  
CJ and Shanerandyblue.com2011  
CJ Crawfordrandyblue.com2011  
Clay Walkerrandyblue.com2007  
Coach 3 - Post Game Fuckingrandyblue.com2014  
Cody Blackfordrandyblue.com2009  
Cody Fallonrandyblue.com2007  
Cody S and Gagerandyblue.com2008  
Cody, James and Luckyrandyblue.com2007  
Cody, Reese and Xanderrandyblue.com2008  
Colby and Leorandyblue.com2008  
Cole and Jarrettrandyblue.com2012  
Cole and Jay and Kyle and Masonrandyblue.com2006  
Cole and Kody and Reeserandyblue.com2006  
Cole and Spencerrandyblue.com2012  
College Circle Jerkrandyblue.com2007  
College Hunk Ezra Finn Sticks His Dick in A Fleshjackrandyblue.com2014  
Cum Slut Atticus Fox Gets a Barebacked by Gay Porn Star Tanner Shieldsrandyblue.com2015  
Curtis and Travisrandyblue.com2011  
Curtis McCoyrandyblue.com2010  
Dallas and Xanderrandyblue.com2010  
Dallas, Nicco and Xanderrandyblue.com2010  
Damon and Jayrandyblue.com2006  
Damone 1randyblue.com2004  
Damone Danilorandyblue.com2008  
Dan and Nickrandyblue.com2012  
Dan and Skylarrandyblue.com2013  
Dan Darlingtonrandyblue.com2012  
Dane 1randyblue.com2004  
Danny, Lucky and Maxrandyblue.com2011  
Dante Ferrarorandyblue.com2011  
Dante, Derek and Diego Get Wetrandyblue.com2012  
Dario and Mathew and Mitchelrandyblue.com2007  
Dawson and Johnnyrandyblue.com2009  
Dawson and Niccorandyblue.com2009  
Dawson Rileyrandyblue.com2009  
Dax Mathewsrandyblue.com2008  
Dean and Dean are Hardcorerandyblue.com2013  
Dean and Jaydenrandyblue.com2013  
Dean and Raphaelrandyblue.com2010  
Dean and Robertrandyblue.com2012  
Dean and Tristanrandyblue.com2011  
Dean Carlsonrandyblue.com2012  
Dean Skyerandyblue.com2012  
Dean Wildwoodrandyblue.com2010  
Deans First Harcore Scene With Spencer Jonesrandyblue.com2012  
Derek and Jakerandyblue.com2012  
Derek and Jaydenrandyblue.com2012  
Derek and Nickrandyblue.com2011  
Devinrandyblue.com2007 X
Devon Felix Barebacks Tyson Gloverrandyblue.com2016  
Devon Felix Dumps Two Loads in Sebastian Lockrandyblue.com2016  
Diego and Drewrandyblue.com2013  
Diego and Jaydenrandyblue.com2012  
Diego and Joerandyblue.com2013  
Diego and Raphaelrandyblue.com2010  
Diego and Seanrandyblue.com2012  
Diego Sans Gives Scotty Marx a Long Hard Fuckrandyblue.com2014  
Diego, Jake and Jordanrandyblue.com2012  
Diego, Jake and Jordanrandyblue.com2013  
Dillon 1randyblue.com2004  
Dominic & Maxrandyblue.com2010  
Dominic and Raphaelrandyblue.com2010  
Dominic Santos and Jimmy Fanz Get Naked and Fuckrandyblue.com2014  
Dominic Santos Breaks in Bisexual Boy, Jeff Powers With A Bareback Fuckrandyblue.com2015  
Dominic Santos Gets Barebacked by Jordan Levinerandyblue.com2015  
Dominic Santos Gets Barebacked by Special Guest Star Austin Wilderandyblue.com2015  
Dreamboat Rick Jonas Barebacks the Muscled Butt of European Hunk Maxim Cermakrandyblue.com2016  
Drew and Ianrandyblue.com2013  
Drew Blazerandyblue.com2013  
Duke Campbell Gets a Bare Back Load in His Ass from Atticus Foxrandyblue.com2015  
Dustin and Lucasrandyblue.com2008  
Dustin, Malachi and Xanderrandyblue.com2009  
Eddie and Johnnyrandyblue.com2009  
Eric and Lucasrandyblue.com2008  
Eric and Maxrandyblue.com2011  
Eric and Raphaelrandyblue.com2011  
Erik and Reeserandyblue.com2006  
Ethan and Lucasrandyblue.com2008  
Ethan and Xanderrandyblue.com2008  
Euro Slut Jd Carlo Shoves His Thick Beef Up Muscle Hunk Peter Lipnikrandyblue.com2017  
European Studs Kevin Falco and Antonio Deluca Have a Hot Bareback Sessionrandyblue.com2016  
Ezra Finn and Duke Campbell Barebackrandyblue.com2015  
Ezra Finn Finally Bottoms Bareback for Brendan Phillipsrandyblue.com2015  
Ezra Finn Goes Bareback and Lukas Valentine Takes His Loadrandyblue.com2015  
Fabio Acconi Barebacks Scotty Marksrandyblue.com2015  
Fabio Acconi Gives Seth Bond A Bareback Massagerandyblue.com2015  
Filip Vacek Takes A Hot Creamy Load From Muscle Jock Rick Jonasrandyblue.com2016  
Forest and Leorandyblue.com2009  
Forest Wintersrandyblue.com2009  
Franco Duran Barebacks Joey Ricorandyblue.com2016  
Franco Duran Cums in the Bath Tubrandyblue.com2016  
Fresh Euro Meat Todd Hammer Finally Gets to Be the One to Bareback Straight Boy Diego Falcorandyblue.com2016  
Gabriel Gets Blown by Markrandyblue.com2012  
Gage and Reeserandyblue.com2008  
Gage and Trentrandyblue.com2008  
Gage Wilsonrandyblue.com2008  
Gage Wilson Toyrandyblue.com2008  
Gavin and Kodyrandyblue.com2006  
Gavin and Ryanrandyblue.com2009  
Gavin and Toryrandyblue.com2006  
Gavin and Trentrandyblue.com2008  
Gavin Tate Toyrandyblue.com2008  
Gavin, Johnny and Seanrandyblue.com2008  
Gay Hunk, Atticus Fox Fills Brett Beckham Up with Cumrandyblue.com2015  
Gay Hunks Dominic Santos and Killian James Fuckrandyblue.com2014  
Gay Hunks Randy Dixon and Judas Cole Have a Bareback Flip Fuckrandyblue.com2016  
Gay Irish Hunk Brendan Patrick Gets Filled Up with Cum by Bisexual Dane Stewartrandyblue.com2017  
Gay Porn Star Jay Landford Fucks Jock Bottom Jayden Tylerrandyblue.com2014  
Gay Porn Star Scotty Marx and Caleb Strong Show You Ten Ways to Get Laid at the Gymrandyblue.com2015  
Gay Porn Star Tyler Wolf Cums Inside of Muscle Hunk, Austin Wolfrandyblue.com2015  
Gay Porn Star Tyler Wolf Fingers His Tight Holerandyblue.com2014  
Gay Porn Star Tyler Wolf Fucks the Hell Out of Straight Stud Dustin Hollowayrandyblue.com2015  
Gay Porn Star Tyler Wolf Shoves Cock Deep Inside Persian Bottom Shawn Abirrandyblue.com2014  
Gay Porn Stars Cooper Dang and Randy Dixon Barebackrandyblue.com2015  
Gay Porn Stars Randy Dixon and Brendan Phillips Have a Bareback Fuckrandyblue.com2015  
Gay Porn Stud Austin Wolf Ties Up and Fucks Hairy Otter, Ian Parkerrandyblue.com2014  
Gay porn stud Jarec Wentworth Makes Justin Owen Sit On His Long Thick Cockrandyblue.com2014  
Gay Russian Dmitry Osten Turns Into a Top and Fucks Tatted Twink Dom Ullyrandyblue.com2017  
Gay Studs Preston Cole and Nathan Cruz Have a Bareback Flip Fuckrandyblue.com2015  
Gay Twink Casper Young Shoves His Hard Dick Inside Preston Colerandyblue.com2015  
Gay Twink Preston Cole Jerks Off His Massive Cockrandyblue.com2014  
German Twink Casper Young Is Your New Gay Wet Dreamrandyblue.com2014  
Greg Jameson Gets Fucked for the First Time by Straight Stud Ashton Dalerandyblue.com2014  
Greg Jameson Has Never Fucked a Man Before Teaming Up with Andres Morenorandyblue.com2014  
Greg Jameson Shows Off His Raging Hard Cockrandyblue.com2014  
Gunner and Richardrandyblue.com2010  
Gunner and Romanrandyblue.com2010  
Gunner and Zacharyrandyblue.com2009  
Gunner Piercerandyblue.com2009  
Gunner, Nicco and Reeserandyblue.com2009  
Halloween Hangover 1randyblue.com2015  
Halloween Hangover 2randyblue.com2015  
Hayden and Jaydenrandyblue.com2011  
Hayden Clarkrandyblue.com2011  
High School Crushes Brett Beckham and Randy Dixon Barebackrandyblue.com2015  
Horse Hung Twink Martin Muse Barebacks the Fuck Out of Juiced Up Power Bottom Peter Lipnikrandyblue.com2017  
Hot Daddy Deni Cris Makes His Randy Blue Debut Getting Fucked Bareback by Rick Jonasrandyblue.com2017  
Hot Italian Muscle Puprandyblue.com2014  
Hot Jock Brett Swanson Gets Fucked by Straight Boy Greg Jamesonrandyblue.com2014  
Hot Muscle Daddy Dirk Turner Gets Fucked Raw from European Stud Diego Falcorandyblue.com2016  
Hot Straight Guy, Adam Hardy Jerks Off to Hot Gay Pics on Phonerandyblue.com2014  
Hot Twink Billy Taylor Puts His Huge Cock Inside of Gay Dream Hunk Logan Milanorandyblue.com2015  
Hot Twink Jake Orion Eats His Loadrandyblue.com2014  
Hot Twink Skylar West Massages 18 Year Old Ryan Knightlyrandyblue.com2014  
Hot Young Muscle Studs Aron Ros and Shane D Have a Hot Bareback Fuckrandyblue.com2016  
Hunter and Kodyrandyblue.com2008  
Ian and Seanrandyblue.com2012  
Ian and Tobyrandyblue.com2012  
Ian Parkerrandyblue.com2012  
Jack Ganley Shoves His Long Uncut Cock Inside Twink Slut Bastian Karimrandyblue.com2017  
Jackson and Kodyrandyblue.com2006  
Jackson and Shawnrandyblue.com2007  
Jackson, Jay and Maxrandyblue.com2011  
Jacob Gamblerandyblue.com2012  
Jacob Taylor and Scotty Marx Barebackrandyblue.com2016  
Jacob Taylor Barebacks and Cums Inside Randy Dixonrandyblue.com2016  
Jacob Taylor Barebacks Tyson Gloverrandyblue.com2016  
Jacob Taylor Feeds Bryan Gosling His Cumrandyblue.com2015  
Jacob Taylor Shoots His Loadrandyblue.com2015  
Jake and Jarrettrandyblue.com2012  
Jake and Joshrandyblue.com2012  
Jake and Kellanrandyblue.com2013  
Jake and Lancerandyblue.com2013  
Jake and Raphaelrandyblue.com2012  
Jake and Skylarrandyblue.com2013  
Jake and Travisrandyblue.com2012  
Jake Andrewsrandyblue.com2011  
Jake Wright Is Ready Try Gay Sex with Jeffrey Lloyd in This Sexy Blow Job Scenerandyblue.com2017  
Jake, Marcel and Seanrandyblue.com2012  
James Dusek Loses His Gay Porn Virginity from Sexy Muscle Hunk Diego Falcorandyblue.com2016  
James Huck Takes His Big Donkey Dick and Barebacks Muscle Bottom Erik Spectorrandyblue.com2017  
Jarec Wentworth and Richard Pierce Are Two Hot Nude Men Fuckingrandyblue.com2014  
Jarec Wentworth Gives Nicco Sky The Pounding of His Liferandyblue.com2013  
Jarec Wentworth Shows Us His Man Meatrandyblue.com2013  
Jarrett and Johnnyrandyblue.com2011  
Jarrett and Joshrandyblue.com2012  
Jarrett and Luckyrandyblue.com2010  
Jarrett and Reeserandyblue.com2011  
Jarrett and Reeserandyblue.com2008  
Jarrett and Richardrandyblue.com2010  
Jarrett and Seanrandyblue.com2010  
Jarrett Rex Toyrandyblue.com2007  
Jason and Masonrandyblue.com2006  
Jason and Sebastianrandyblue.com2006  
Jason Shawrandyblue.com2004  
Jason Shawrandyblue.com2006  
Jaxton Wheelerrandyblue.com2012  
Jay and Joeyrandyblue.com2007  
Jay and Kodyrandyblue.com2005  
Jay and RCrandyblue.com2006  
Jay and Sebastianrandyblue.com2006  
Jay Landford Fucks the Hell Out of Josh Connersrandyblue.com2014  
Jay Landford Gets His Cherry Popped by Straight Pornstar, Patrick Dunnerandyblue.com2014  
Jay Landford Shows Andres Moreno the Ins and Outs of Gay Fuckingrandyblue.com2014  
Jay Landford Shows Justin Owen How to Take His First Black Cockrandyblue.com2014  
Jay Lopezrandyblue.com2005  
Jay Lopez and Marc A.randyblue.com2005  
Jayden and Paulrandyblue.com2011  
Jayden and Raphaelrandyblue.com2012  
Jayden and Robertrandyblue.com2012  
Jayden and Romeorandyblue.com2013  
Jayden Tylerrandyblue.com2011  
Jeremy and Raphaelrandyblue.com2011  
Jimmy and Romanrandyblue.com2013  
Joe Clarkrandyblue.com2013  
Joey and Mathewrandyblue.com2006  
Joey Rico and Randy Dixon Have a Hot Bareback Flip Fuckrandyblue.com2015  
Johnny and Luckyrandyblue.com2008  
Johnny and Maxrandyblue.com2009  
Johnny and Nickrandyblue.com2009  
Johnny and Spencerrandyblue.com2012  
Johnny Angelrandyblue.com2008  
Johnny Cobra and Josh Conners Flip Fuck Rawrandyblue.com2015  
Jonn Lundgren Gets Naked and Fingers His Holerandyblue.com2015  
Jonn Lundgren Makes His Bareback Debut with Latin Stud, Randy Dixonrandyblue.com2015  
Jordan and Levirandyblue.com2013  
Jordan and Niccorandyblue.com2013  
Jordan Levinerandyblue.com2012  
Jordan Levine Fucked Richard Pierce Hardrandyblue.com2014  
Jordan Levine Gives Jimmy Clay the Hate Fuck of His Liferandyblue.com2015  
Jorge and Romeorandyblue.com2013  
Jorge Fuscorandyblue.com2010  
Josh and Romeorandyblue.com2013  
Josh Jensonrandyblue.com2008  
Josh, Lucas and Xanderrandyblue.com2008  
Joshua Youngrandyblue.com2007  
Judas Cole Fucks Adrian Kelly with a Toyrandyblue.com2016  
Judas Cole Takes a Load from Nick Sterlingrandyblue.com2016  
Jude and Mathewrandyblue.com2006  
Jude and Mathew Fuckrandyblue.com2006  
Justin Gennarorandyblue.com2012  
Justin Owen Sucks A Load Out of Straight Boy Charlie Pattinsonrandyblue.com2014  
Kai and Seanrandyblue.com2013  
Kai Madisonrandyblue.com2012  
Kevin and Leorandyblue.com2008  
Kevin Falco Barebacks Julius Taylorrandyblue.com2016  
Kevin, Kody and Jeremyrandyblue.com2008  
Kody and Masonrandyblue.com2006  
Kody and Mathewrandyblue.com2006  
Kody and Mickyrandyblue.com2005  
Kody and Seanrandyblue.com2008  
Kody Toyrandyblue.com2006  
Kurtis Wolfe Deep Throats and Fucks Robert Craigrandyblue.com2013  
Kyle (II)randyblue.com2006  
Kyle and Jayrandyblue.com2005  
Kyle and Phenixrandyblue.com2006  
Kyle H and Lucasrandyblue.com2008  
Kyle Moore Begs for More as Duke Campbell Breeds Himrandyblue.com2015  
Lance Alexander and Adam Hardy Go From Trading Hot Gay Pics to A Live Gay Pornrandyblue.com2014  
Lance Alexander and Greg Jameson Are Straight Studs That Love Sucking Cockrandyblue.com2014  
Lance and Seanrandyblue.com2013  
Lance Luciano Wakes Jay Landford Up With A Good Fuckrandyblue.com2013  
Latin Hunks Ashton Summers and Randy Dixon Have a Bareback Quickierandyblue.com2016  
Latin Jock Angel Santiago Gets His Ass Fucked by Gym Hunk Austin Wolfrandyblue.com2014  
Latin Jock Angel Santiago Pile Drives Into Dominic Santosrandyblue.com2014  
Legendary Gay Porn Star Colby Keller Gets Fucked by Jarec Wentworthrandyblue.com2014  
Leo and Malachirandyblue.com2009  
Leo and Seanrandyblue.com2008  
Leo and Trentrandyblue.com2008  
Leo Giamani and Benjamin Bradleyrandyblue.com2009  
Leo Giamani and David Chaserandyblue.com2009  
Leo Giamani and Devin Drazrandyblue.com2009  
Leo, Reese and Vincentrandyblue.com2009  
Less Than 20 Feet Awayrandyblue.com2014  
Lockerroomrandyblue.com2008 X
Logan Micky 1randyblue.com2004  
Logan Milano Shows Off His Hard Cock and Tight Assrandyblue.com2014  
Lucas and Ryanrandyblue.com2009  
Lucas and Trentrandyblue.com2008  
Lucas Vickrandyblue.com2007  
Lucas Vick Toyrandyblue.com2008  
Lucas, Shane and Brodierandyblue.com2008  
Lucky and Shawnrandyblue.com2008  
Lucky Toyrandyblue.com2007  
Lukas Valentine and Jeff Powers Have a Threeway with Atticus Fox 1randyblue.com2015  
Makeout Pointrandyblue.com2012  
Malachi and Tairandyblue.com2009  
Malachi and Xanderrandyblue.com2009  
Malachi, Nick and Seanrandyblue.com2009  
Marcel and Niccorandyblue.com2012  
Marcel Cruzrandyblue.com2012  
Mark Anthonyrandyblue.com2003  
Mason and RCrandyblue.com2006  
Mathew and Erikrandyblue.com2005  
Mathew and Masonrandyblue.com2006  
Mathew's Toyrandyblue.com2005  
Matt (II)randyblue.com2005  
Matt and Brockrandyblue.com2005  
Matt and Niccorandyblue.com2012  
Matt and Robertrandyblue.com2012  
Matt and Steelrandyblue.com2005  
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