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Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
3 Way Therapydoctoradventures.com2009 X
7th Positiondoctoradventures.com2011 X
90 Beats Per Minutedoctoradventures.com2012 X
Abnormal Sensationsdoctoradventures.com20081X
Affair With A Doctordoctoradventures.com2014 X
Aletta's Anatomydoctoradventures.com2011 X
Alex Bigrodusdoctoradventures.com20091X
All Backed Updoctoradventures.com2017 X
All I Could Hear Is Pussydoctoradventures.com20091X
Always Listen To Your Doctordoctoradventures.com2015 X
Always Think Happy Thoughtsdoctoradventures.com2014 X
Amirah's Anal Orgasmsdoctoradventures.com2017 X
Amnesiac Cockdoctoradventures.com20081 
Anal Is The Best Medicinedoctoradventures.com2013 X
Anal Methoddoctoradventures.com2015 X
Analyze Thatdoctoradventures.com2011 X
Anesthetic Actiondoctoradventures.com20081X
Angry Milfs in the E.R.doctoradventures.com2014 X
Anti Vaginal-penetration Disorderdoctoradventures.com2007 X
Anxious Tittiesdoctoradventures.com2011 X
Anything To Cut The Waiting Linedoctoradventures.com20091X
Arch Supportdoctoradventures.com2017 X
Are You Even A Doctordoctoradventures.com2018  
Awful Doc Takes The Cockdoctoradventures.com2015 X
Bad Medicinedoctoradventures.com2018 X
Bad Newsdoctoradventures.com2012 X
Bad News, Good Sexdoctoradventures.com2007 X
Bad Timingdoctoradventures.com2007 X
Banging My Patientdoctoradventures.com2011  
Banging The Nursedoctoradventures.com2011 X
Bedside Mammariesdoctoradventures.com2012 X
Bedside Mannerdoctoradventures.com20191 
Best Birthday Gift Everdoctoradventures.com2007 X
Best Pain Killerdoctoradventures.com2007 X
Best Pain Relieverdoctoradventures.com2007 X
Better Than Aspirindoctoradventures.com2007 X
Big In Japandoctoradventures.com2012 X
Big Load Extractordoctoradventures.com2008 X
Big Tit Knock Outdoctoradventures.com2007 X
Birthday Diagnos-assdoctoradventures.com2015 X
Black Cherry Piedoctoradventures.com2016 X
Blind Experimentdoctoradventures.com2015 X
Blind Experiment 2doctoradventures.com2016 X
Blind Liardoctoradventures.com2006 X
Blind, Deaf and Cumdoctoradventures.com2010 X
Blowvocainedoctoradventures.com2011 X
Board And Certifieddoctoradventures.com2010 X
Bone Identitydoctoradventures.com2012 X
Boner Killerdoctoradventures.com2008 X
Brains Before Blondedoctoradventures.com2007 X
Brazzers Health Caredoctoradventures.com2014 X
Break the Sperm Bankdoctoradventures.com2016 X
Breast Examdoctoradventures.com2006 X
Breast Exam Fundoctoradventures.com2012 X
Bring Out the Slut in Medoctoradventures.com2004 X
Burst On The Nursedoctoradventures.com2011 X
Busty Nursedoctoradventures.com2005 X
But Doc, I'm Not a Slutdoctoradventures.com2012 X
Butt Doctordoctoradventures.com2016 X
Call Me Doctor, Nursedoctoradventures.com2011 X
Can't Liedoctoradventures.com2009  
Candy Striper Sex Saviordoctoradventures.com2012 X
Candy Stripperdoctoradventures.com2017 X
Care To Donate Some Fluiddoctoradventures.com2011 X
CataTITic Statedoctoradventures.com2010 X
Caught In A Tight Situationdoctoradventures.com20091X
Caught In The Actdoctoradventures.com2007 X
Change Is Gooddoctoradventures.com2007 X
Checking Indoctoradventures.com2013 X
Clinic Coochdoctoradventures.com2015 X
Cock Bath By A Tight Assdoctoradventures.com2010 X
Cock in the Docdoctoradventures.com2015 X
Cock Reductiondoctoradventures.com2018 X
Cock Researchdoctoradventures.com2012 X
Cock Switchdoctoradventures.com20091X
Cock Treatmentdoctoradventures.com2009 X
Cockupational Therapydoctoradventures.com2019  
Coma Bonedoctoradventures.com2011 X
Coma Cock Teasedoctoradventures.com2010  
Coma On My Titsdoctoradventures.com2014 X
Confessions Of Sindoctoradventures.com2007 X
Cougar In Doctor's Clothingdoctoradventures.com2007 X
Cough Pleasedoctoradventures.com20091X
Crazy Slut Fucks Her Doctordoctoradventures.com2011 X
Creepy Doc Gives Her The Cockdoctoradventures.com2015 X
Crotch Watch Feverdoctoradventures.com2011 X
Crushing on Dr. Bluedoctoradventures.com2012 X
Cum For Nurse Sarahdoctoradventures.com2016 X
CUMatosedoctoradventures.com2011 X
Cumming Out Of A Comadoctoradventures.com2014 X
Cumshot At The End Of The Tunneldoctoradventures.com2013 X
Cunnilingus: A ZZ Medical Studydoctoradventures.com2017 X
Customer Satisfactiondoctoradventures.com2006 X
Damage Is Donedoctoradventures.com2011 X
Deep Oral Resuscitationdoctoradventures.com2010 X
Deep Throat Treatmentdoctoradventures.com20081X
Deja Vudoctoradventures.com2008 X
Diagnosis Hornydoctoradventures.com2011 X
Diagnosis; Johnny Humongous Cockdoctoradventures.com2010 X
Dick Doctordoctoradventures.com2016 X
Dick Reductiondoctoradventures.com2016 X
Dick Rushdoctoradventures.com2010 X
Dick Stuck In Fleshlightdoctoradventures.com2016 X
Dick Suckerdoctoradventures.com20091X
Dicking Down the Doctordoctoradventures.com2013 X
Distracted Dentist Drilleddoctoradventures.com2009 X
Doc Loosen Up My Throatdoctoradventures.com2012 X
Doc Loves My Cockdoctoradventures.com2014 X
Doc Popdoctoradventures.com2011 X
Doc Takes On The Biggest Cockdoctoradventures.com2015 X
Doc! Can You Fix My Limp Dickdoctoradventures.com2012 X
Doc, We're Stuckdoctoradventures.com2016 X
Doctor and Nurse Take A Fucking Breakdoctoradventures.com2016 X
Doctor by Day, Porn Star by Nightdoctoradventures.com2013 X
Doctor Cum Controldoctoradventures.com2015 X
Doctor Daddydoctoradventures.com2009 X
Doctor Daydreamdoctoradventures.com2015 X
Doctor Disciplinedoctoradventures.com2015 X
Doctor Doctor, Gimme Your Cockdoctoradventures.com2013 X
Doctor Doppelfuckerdoctoradventures.com2012 X
Doctor Fatherdoctoradventures.com2009 X
Doctor Feelgood's Sinful Servicesdoctoradventures.com2013 X
Doctor Feet Fuckerdoctoradventures.com2015 X
Doctor for a Daydoctoradventures.com20081X
Doctor Goes For A Ridedoctoradventures.com2007 X
Doctor Is Indoctoradventures.com2011 X
Doctor Knows Bestdoctoradventures.com2017 X
Doctor Orgasmdoctoradventures.com2011 X
Doctor Squirtsalotdoctoradventures.com2009 X
Doctor Vaggy Lessonsdoctoradventures.com2009 X
Doctor Vs Prisonerdoctoradventures.com2010 X
Doctor Whodoctoradventures.com2016 X
Doctor's Advocatedoctoradventures.com2006 X
Doctor's Dutydoctoradventures.com2012 X
Doctor's High School Crushdoctoradventures.com2017 X
Doctor's Not In, But You're In Me Nowdoctoradventures.com2010 X
Doctor's Notedoctoradventures.com2005 X
Doctor's Orders (III)doctoradventures.com2014  
Doctor's Orders (IV)doctoradventures.com2014  
Doctor's Secret Adventures With Her Patientdoctoradventures.com2009 X
Doctor's Whore-dersdoctoradventures.com2016 X
Doctor's Whoredersdoctoradventures.com2011 X
Doctor, I Cheated On My Girlfrienddoctoradventures.com2017 X
Doctorate In Analsexologydoctoradventures.com20091X
Doctoring the Resultsdoctoradventures.com2017 X
Doctors Ordersdoctoradventures.com2007 X
Doctors Without Bonersdoctoradventures.com2016 X
Doctors Without Brasdoctoradventures.com2014 X
Does My Dick Work, Docdoctoradventures.com2012 X
Does This Look Realdoctoradventures.com2013 X
Doing The Roundsdoctoradventures.com2017 X
Don Fucking Juandoctoradventures.com2012 X
Don'T Be Ashameddoctoradventures.com2009 X
Don'T Fear The Dentistdoctoradventures.com20081X
Don't Just Kiss Ass, Fuck Itdoctoradventures.com2015 X
Donation Sensationdoctoradventures.com2013 X
Dose Of Cock For Co-Ed Bluesdoctoradventures.com2016 X
Double D Doctordoctoradventures.com2013 X
Double Time (II)doctoradventures.com2013 X
Dr Fuck-a-lotdoctoradventures.com20091X
Dr Madisondoctoradventures.com2014 X
Dr. Anos From Mykonosdoctoradventures.com2008 X
Dr. Awesomedoctoradventures.com20091X
Dr. Ball Busterdoctoradventures.com2007 X
Dr. Blue's On The Blow-job Trainingdoctoradventures.com2013 X
Dr. Booty's Pusscriptionsdoctoradventures.com2014 X
Dr. Carrera's Ordersdoctoradventures.com2015 X
Dr. D And The Double D Nursedoctoradventures.com2014 X
Dr. Dreamy Creamdoctoradventures.com2010 X
Dr. Frankencuntdoctoradventures.com2011 X
Dr. Gangbanger Bangerdoctoradventures.com2012  
Dr. Ganger Bangerdoctoradventures.com2012 X
Dr. Groupiedoctoradventures.com2007 X
Dr. Impostordoctoradventures.com2010 X
Dr. Katsuni's Oral Therapydoctoradventures.com2013 X
Dr. Monroe's Hardcore Medicinedoctoradventures.com2014 X
Dr. Rotten's Erotic Experimentsdoctoradventures.com2014 X
Dr. Seductiondoctoradventures.com2010 X
Dr. Shy Love Or: How I Learned To Stop Cumming Too Fast And Love The Spraydoctoradventures.com2009 X
Dr. Slutcuntdoctoradventures.com2013 X
Dr. Slutlove Syndromedoctoradventures.com2011 X
Dr. Spankencock's Sexperimentsdoctoradventures.com2013 X
Dr. Taylor Takes Her Medicinedoctoradventures.com2016 X
Dr.presley's Ordersdoctoradventures.com2010 X
Dream Cum Truedoctoradventures.com2017 X
Driven By Double G'sdoctoradventures.com2013 X
Dying Mans Wish...doctoradventures.com2007 X
Eat My Pussy Before You Lose Your Teethdoctoradventures.com2011 X
Emergency Dickdoctoradventures.com2013 X
Emergency Titty Fuckdoctoradventures.com2016 X
Erectile Dysfunctiondoctoradventures.com2007 X
Erectiondoctoradventures.com2011 X
Erotic Methoddoctoradventures.com2013 X
Euro Medicare Makes Me Medicumdoctoradventures.com2011 X
Experiment Gone Rightdoctoradventures.com2009  
Experiment Gone... Rightdoctoradventures.com2009 X
Extra Long Staydoctoradventures.com2008 X
Extra Slutty Caredoctoradventures.com2012 X
Eye Examdoctoradventures.com2008 X
Eye Will Fuck Youdoctoradventures.com2010 X
F Is For Fuckeddoctoradventures.com2012 X
Facial Reconstructiondoctoradventures.com20091X
Fantasy Hospitaldoctoradventures.com2012 X
Feeling Blue (Balls)doctoradventures.com2018 X
Female Sexual Arousal: A Doctor's Touchdoctoradventures.com2012 X
Fever Dreamdoctoradventures.com2017 X
Fifty CC's Of Cumdoctoradventures.com2016 X
Filling Her Prescription And Pussydoctoradventures.com2012 X
Flatline Assholedoctoradventures.com2011 X
Flu Shot Gone Baddoctoradventures.com20091X
Foot Hornicitisdoctoradventures.com20081X
Foot Job Cum Ondoctoradventures.com2010 X
Forest Humpdoctoradventures.com2016 X
Forever Erectdoctoradventures.com2008 X
Frankenslutdoctoradventures.com2014 X
French Medicinedoctoradventures.com2008 X
Fresh Out of Med Schooldoctoradventures.com2005 X
Fuck Her Lucky Charms Laddiedoctoradventures.com2012 X
Fuck It Offdoctoradventures.com2008 X
Fuck Me Hard Or Elsedoctoradventures.com2013 X
Fuck Me Hard... Or Elsedoctoradventures.com2013 X
Fuck My Invisible Cockdoctoradventures.com2013 X
Fuck The Depression Awaydoctoradventures.com2010 X
Fuck the Pain Awaydoctoradventures.com2018  
Fuck Your Needle, Fuck My Needledoctoradventures.com2010 X
Fucked In The Headdoctoradventures.com20101X
Fucked in the Name of Sciencedoctoradventures.com2010 X
Fucked Out of A Comadoctoradventures.com2008 X
Fucking Doctorsdoctoradventures.com2014 X
Fucking To Avoid Being Fuckeddoctoradventures.com2012 X
Fucking Up at Workdoctoradventures.com2004 X
Fucklineddoctoradventures.com2010 X
Full Recovery 1doctoradventures.com2012 X
Full Recovery 2doctoradventures.com2012 X
Genital Hospitaldoctoradventures.com2011 X
Genital Hospital Part 2doctoradventures.com2011 X
Get Horny Get Healthydoctoradventures.com2013 X
Get It Up Grandpadoctoradventures.com2019  
Getting A Hot Doc Offdoctoradventures.com2013 X
Getting Dick At The Dentistdoctoradventures.com2012 X
Getting Rid Of The Erectiondoctoradventures.com2007 X
Gift And Cursedoctoradventures.com2006 X
Gimme That Dickdoctoradventures.com2014 X
Give A Fuck Foundationdoctoradventures.com2012 X
Giving A Helping Handdoctoradventures.com2005 X
Going Once, Cumming Twicedoctoradventures.com20161X
Going Underdoctoradventures.com2018  
Good Boydoctoradventures.com2016 X
Good Frienddoctoradventures.com2007 X
Got An Itch for Some Hot Scratchdoctoradventures.com2009 X
Got Sperm?doctoradventures.com2008 X
Great Doctor 1doctoradventures.com2015 X
Great Doctor 2doctoradventures.com2015 X
Growth Spurtdoctoradventures.com2018 X
Hand Job A Day...doctoradventures.com2007 X
Hands On Proceduredoctoradventures.com2011 X
Hands-on Stepmomdoctoradventures.com2014 X
Hard Calldoctoradventures.com2016 X
Hard Workerdoctoradventures.com2007 X
He's Fakingdoctoradventures.com2014 X
Healing Power Of Pussydoctoradventures.com2014 X
Healing Touchdoctoradventures.com2014 X
Help Doc, I'm Hornydoctoradventures.com2015 X
Help Im In A Porno Filmdoctoradventures.com2011 X
Here For Oral Supportdoctoradventures.com2018 X
Highly Recommended Dentistdoctoradventures.com20091X
Horny Home Caredoctoradventures.com2018  
Horny Hosts of Purgatorydoctoradventures.com2014 X
Horny House Calldoctoradventures.com2010 X
Horrible Dentistdoctoradventures.com2011 X
Hot Butt Doctordoctoradventures.com2005 X
Hot Nurse Gets The Cock Pumpin'doctoradventures.com2015 X
House Calldoctoradventures.com2017 X
House Call On My Ballsdoctoradventures.com2015 X
How To Consult A Perfect Assdoctoradventures.com2014 X
How To Please A Sleazedoctoradventures.com2015 X
How To Take A Loaddoctoradventures.com2016 X
I Can Walkdoctoradventures.com2012 X
I Need Your Spermdoctoradventures.com20091X
I Still Haven't Fucked What I'm Looking Fordoctoradventures.com2012 X
I Tell The Doctor...doctoradventures.com20041X
I Want A Second Opinion..doctoradventures.com2006 X
I Want Them Biggerdoctoradventures.com2013 X
I'm Horny Call An Ambulancedoctoradventures.com2014 X
I'm Not A Doctor But I Play One On Brazzersdoctoradventures.com2013 X
Impatient Patientdoctoradventures.com2009 X
Impatient Patientdoctoradventures.com20161X
Importance Of Stimulationdoctoradventures.com2006 X
Impostor Rails Boobed Bombshelldoctoradventures.com2009 X
In A Hurry...wait A Minute.doctoradventures.com2007 X
In the Line of Bonerdoctoradventures.com2012 X
Indecent Proposaldoctoradventures.com2007 X
Inheriting Emma's Buttdoctoradventures.com2014 X
Inside Nutley's Asylum 1doctoradventures.com2013 X
Inside Nutley's Asylum 2doctoradventures.com2013 X
Inside Nutley's Asylum 3doctoradventures.com2014 X
Insomniac Suckerdoctoradventures.com20151X
Insurance Frauddoctoradventures.com2008 X
Intense Asshole Treatmentdoctoradventures.com2010 X
Intensive Caredoctoradventures.com2015 X
Interventionzz: Misty Stonedoctoradventures.com2011 X
Is Viagra Really Neededdoctoradventures.com20091X
Jailhouse Fuckdoctoradventures.com2013 X
Jailhouse Fuck 2doctoradventures.com2015 X
Jailhouse Fuck 3doctoradventures.com2016 X
Just A Matter Of Motivationdoctoradventures.com2008 X
Just Count To Threedoctoradventures.com2019  
Just Like That, Nursedoctoradventures.com2017 X
Karlie Analysisdoctoradventures.com2012 X
Kayla Wants Her Doctor's Goodoctoradventures.com2014 X
Knobbing The Naughty Nursedoctoradventures.com2019  
Knockout Pussydoctoradventures.com20091X
Last Dick On Earthdoctoradventures.com2016 X
Last Doctor Visitdoctoradventures.com2010 X
Late Againdoctoradventures.com2006 X
Late Night With Dr. Fuckydoctoradventures.com2013 X
Learning From Dr Milfdoctoradventures.com2014 X
Let Me Kiss It To Make It Betterdoctoradventures.com20091X
Let's Repopulate the Planetdoctoradventures.com2013 X
Lets Treat Your Big Dick Disorderdoctoradventures.com20091X
Letter Of Recommendationdoctoradventures.com2007 X
License To Fuckdoctoradventures.com2013 X
Lights, Camera, Deepthroatdoctoradventures.com2014 X
Like What You Seedoctoradventures.com2016 X
Lip Servicedoctoradventures.com2018  
Little Big Troubledoctoradventures.com2011 X
Little Jailing Nailingdoctoradventures.com2011 X
Loony Poonsdoctoradventures.com2013 X
Love Teachingsdoctoradventures.com2007 X
Lucky Patientdoctoradventures.com2007 X
Major Cleavagedoctoradventures.com2006 X
Make Me Fuckabledoctoradventures.com2009 X
Make-Up Examdoctoradventures.com20161X
Malpractice Slutdoctoradventures.com2010 X
Mammary Lapsedoctoradventures.com2013 X
Mammograb My Girlfrienddoctoradventures.com2010 X
Masters Of Fuckdoctoradventures.com2014 X
Masters of Fuck 1doctoradventures.com2014 X
Masters of Fuck 2doctoradventures.com2014 X
Masturbation 101doctoradventures.com2007 X
Masturbation Is The Best Medicinedoctoradventures.com2011 X
Med School Studentdoctoradventures.com2006 X
Medical Cost on the Risedoctoradventures.com2005 X
Medical Deviantsdoctoradventures.com2014 X
Medical Sexthicsdoctoradventures.com2019 X
Meet the Dealerdoctoradventures.com20091X
Midnight Fuxpressdoctoradventures.com2011 X
Milgram's Experimentdoctoradventures.com2011 X
Milking The Patientdoctoradventures.com2015 X
Mind Blowingdoctoradventures.com2017 X
Mom Visits Docdoctoradventures.com2017 X
Mr. Sensitivedoctoradventures.com20081X
My Husband Is Right Outside...doctoradventures.com2016 X
My Immortal Trollopdoctoradventures.com2013 X
My Pussy Is Your Curedoctoradventures.com2010 X
My Stepmom's Physicaldoctoradventures.com2016 X
Naked Therapydoctoradventures.com2011 X
Nasty Checkup with Dr. Darbydoctoradventures.com2015 X
Natural Perfectiondoctoradventures.com2013 X
Naturoslutdoctoradventures.com2010 X
Naughty Nursedoctoradventures.com2011 X
Naughty Nursedoctoradventures.com2006 X
Naughty Nurse's First Daydoctoradventures.com2019  
Naughty Nursesdoctoradventures.com2013 X
Naughty Vision During Incisiondoctoradventures.com2014 X
Navy Nursedoctoradventures.com2017 X
Never Lie to the Doctordoctoradventures.com2005 X
New Intern, New Cum to Tastedoctoradventures.com2010 X
Night Nursedoctoradventures.com2015 X
Night Pleasuresdoctoradventures.com2015 X
Night Shift's Naughtiest Nurse 1doctoradventures.com2015 X
Night Shift's Naughtiest Nurse 2doctoradventures.com2015 X
Nip/fuckdoctoradventures.com2011 X
No Breast Reductiondoctoradventures.com2010 X
No Hablas, No Problemdoctoradventures.com2015 X
Not Serious Patientdoctoradventures.com2006 X
Not The Size Of The Boat...doctoradventures.com2007 X
Number One Fandoctoradventures.com2008 X
Nurse A Cock In Herdoctoradventures.com2017 X
Nurse and Doctor Play While Patient's Awaydoctoradventures.com2010 X
Nurse Bootydoctoradventures.com2010 X
Nurse Carterdoctoradventures.com2014 X
Nurse Gets The Full Body Experiencedoctoradventures.com20091X
Nurse Getting Caughtdoctoradventures.com2008 X
Nurse Getting Caughtdoctoradventures.com2006 X
Nurse Has Needsdoctoradventures.com2016 X
Nurse Helping Handdoctoradventures.com2010 X
Nurse In Trainingdoctoradventures.com2006 X
Nurse Leigh, Cock Stalkerdoctoradventures.com2013 X
Nurse Nailingdoctoradventures.com2012 X
Nurse Nikki's House Calldoctoradventures.com2016 X
Nurse Noelledoctoradventures.com2014 X
Nurse Oliviadoctoradventures.com2019  
Nurse Rileydoctoradventures.com2016 X
Nurses Gone Wilddoctoradventures.com2008 X
Nursing Him Back To Healthdoctoradventures.com2009 X
Nursing Nookiedoctoradventures.com2014 X
Nuru Nursedoctoradventures.com2015 X
Nutjob Nursedoctoradventures.com2018 X
Nympho-chondriacdoctoradventures.com2012 X
Nymphomaniadoctoradventures.com2012 X
Once A Student, Always A Studentdoctoradventures.com2006 X
One Fuck Over The Nurse's Cuntdoctoradventures.com2011 X
Only Way To Quit The Cockdoctoradventures.com2013 X
Open Wide (II)doctoradventures.com2016  
Operation Last Chancedoctoradventures.com2014 X
Oral Fixationdoctoradventures.com2014 X
Oral Presentationdoctoradventures.com2008 X
Orderly Whorderlydoctoradventures.com2010 X
Orgasmic Fleshdoctoradventures.com2009 X
Orgasmtron 2000doctoradventures.com2014 X
Pain In The Assdoctoradventures.com2008 X
Pain Is Pleasuredoctoradventures.com2008 X
Paper Cut My Vag With Your Dickdoctoradventures.com20091X
Paramedic Pussydoctoradventures.com2018  
Paranoiddoctoradventures.com2006 X
Patient Servicedoctoradventures.com2007 X
Patients Without Bordersdoctoradventures.com2011 X
Pavslut Experimentdoctoradventures.com2013 X
Peep Show Nursesdoctoradventures.com2015 X
Perfect Setdoctoradventures.com2016 X
Perks Of Being A Nursedoctoradventures.com2016 X
Personal Gyno Tutorialdoctoradventures.com2010 X
Perv Behind The Curtaindoctoradventures.com2008 X
Pervert Podiatrydoctoradventures.com2013 X
Perverted Dentistdoctoradventures.com2015 X
Pervy Deeds Done Dirt Cheapdoctoradventures.com2014 X
Pharmacy Fuckdowndoctoradventures.com2015 X
Physical Therapydoctoradventures.com2007 X
Pinkblot Testdoctoradventures.com2018 X
Placebodoctoradventures.com2016 X
Porn Preference Testdoctoradventures.com2017 X
Pornstardoctoradventures.com2006 X
POV Patient Poundingdoctoradventures.com2016 X
Pozzi Schemedoctoradventures.com2011 X
Prescription Penisdoctoradventures.com2012 X
Pressure Tacticsdoctoradventures.com20071X
Prick For A Prickdoctoradventures.com2008 X
Prick for Prickdoctoradventures.com2007 X
Private Inseminationdoctoradventures.com2015 X
Psycho Anal-ysisdoctoradventures.com2017 X
Psychopathic Pussydoctoradventures.com2011 X
Pulling a Long Con Jobdoctoradventures.com2013 X
Pumping Under Pressuredoctoradventures.com2018 X
Pushing For A New Prescriptiondoctoradventures.com2016 X
Pussy Feverdoctoradventures.com2016 X
Pussy Is the Best Medicinedoctoradventures.com2016 X
Pussy is The Best Medicinedoctoradventures.com2010 X
Pussy Pacifierdoctoradventures.com2009 X
Pussy Prescriptiondoctoradventures.com2013 X
Pussy Soothes the Savage Beastdoctoradventures.com2013 X
Pussy to Mouth Resuscitationdoctoradventures.com2008 X
Rare Case Of Girlstuckoncockdoctoradventures.com20091X
Rear-endingdoctoradventures.com2010 X
Reconstruct My Hymendoctoradventures.com2010 X
Reconstructed Cockdoctoradventures.com2012 X
Release My Painful Loaddoctoradventures.com2010 X
Releasing Tensiondoctoradventures.com2008 X
Resident Slut 1doctoradventures.com2015 X
Resident Slut 2doctoradventures.com2015 X
Respect The White Coatdoctoradventures.com2006 X
Retirement Bonedoctoradventures.com2012 X
Return of Dr Lovelessdoctoradventures.com2010 X
Ride It Outdoctoradventures.com2016 X
Right Medicine For Dr. Sexxdoctoradventures.com2012 X
Robaxafuckdoctoradventures.com2008 X
Rock'N'Roll Nursedoctoradventures.com2013 X
Role Playing Treatmentdoctoradventures.com2007 X
Rose Blows Ramondoctoradventures.com2012 X
Rough Malpracticedoctoradventures.com2015 X
Routine Checkup Gone Wilddoctoradventures.com2006 X
Roxxx Showdoctoradventures.com2007 X
Rude With A Professionaldoctoradventures.com2008 X
Russian Dentistdoctoradventures.com2014 X
S.L.U.D.S. - Subhumanoid Lesbian Underground Dwellersdoctoradventures.com2012 X
Sacred Holesdoctoradventures.com2013 X
Saving A Marriagedoctoradventures.com2004 X
Scaring the Pants Off Himdoctoradventures.com2013 X
Second Opiniondoctoradventures.com2016 X
Securing the Willdoctoradventures.com2014 X
Semi Paralizeddoctoradventures.com2004 X
Sex-ercise at Physiotherapydoctoradventures.com2015 X
SeX-Raysdoctoradventures.com2010 X
Sexperimentdoctoradventures.com2011 X
Sexperimentsdoctoradventures.com2016 X
Sexsomniadoctoradventures.com2009 X
Sexxlexiadoctoradventures.com2011 X
Sexy Dentist Knows The Drilldoctoradventures.com2015 X
Sexy Doctor Adventuresdoctoradventures.com2018 X
Sexy Doctor Fucks Patientdoctoradventures.com2011 X
Sexy Doctor Takes Advantage Of Male Nursedoctoradventures.com2011 X
Sexy Situationdoctoradventures.com2007 X
She Cums To Himdoctoradventures.com2010 X
She Wants It Both Waysdoctoradventures.com2016 X
She's Crazy For Cock 1doctoradventures.com2017 X
She's Crazy For Cock 2doctoradventures.com2017 X
She's No Dummydoctoradventures.com2019 X
Show The Doc How You Suck Cockdoctoradventures.com2014 X
Sick Notedoctoradventures.com2008 X
Side Effectsdoctoradventures.com2009 X
Sight Problemdoctoradventures.com2008 X
Skeletons In The Doctor's Closetdoctoradventures.com2006 X
Ski Hill Slut Emergencydoctoradventures.com2014 X
Slipping In And Outdoctoradventures.com2013 X
Slutty Dr. Jaymesdoctoradventures.com2010 X
Slutty Recoverydoctoradventures.com2013 X
So I Married A Dykedoctoradventures.com2010 X
So, I Married a Dykedoctoradventures.com2010 X
Soccer Fan Doctorsdoctoradventures.com2008 X
Some Kinda Magicdoctoradventures.com2009 X
Son Needs A Doc - Doc Needs A Cockdoctoradventures.com2016 X
Spank Bankerdoctoradventures.com2019  
Special Treatment (II)doctoradventures.com2011 X
Sperm Bank Depositdoctoradventures.com2015 X
Sperm Countdoctoradventures.com2005 X
Sperm Donor Neededdoctoradventures.com2018 X
Sperm Donor Slutdoctoradventures.com2013 X
Sponge Bathdoctoradventures.com2009 X
Stick To Regular Medicinedoctoradventures.com20081X
Stink Temperdoctoradventures.com2007 X
Stone Cold Awesomedoctoradventures.com20091X
Straightening Her Outdoctoradventures.com2016 X
Stress Relieverdoctoradventures.com2007 X
Stress Test Sexdoctoradventures.com2018  
Stress-free Operationdoctoradventures.com20091X
Stretching Techniquedoctoradventures.com2007 X
Stroke It For Medoctoradventures.com2016 X
Stuck In A Pickledoctoradventures.com2010 X
Stuck N' Fuckdoctoradventures.com2017 X
Stuck On The Jobdoctoradventures.com20091X
Study Of The Male Genderdoctoradventures.com2014 X
Super Nursedoctoradventures.com2016 X
Super-Doc Super Fuckdoctoradventures.com2013 X
Sweet Cumafterdoctoradventures.com20091X
Swollen Ballsdoctoradventures.com2007 X
Swollen Membersdoctoradventures.com2007 X
Take It Like Your Doctordoctoradventures.com2008 X
Take One Dick, Call Me In The Morningdoctoradventures.com2014 X
Take One For The Team.doctoradventures.com2007 X
Take This Pussy Twice a Day For Reliefdoctoradventures.com2013 X
Take Up Thy Stethoscope And Fuckdoctoradventures.com2011 X
Take Your Medicinedoctoradventures.com2015 X
Taking Advantagedoctoradventures.com2005  
Tasty Depositdoctoradventures.com2012 X
Teaching Her How To Cumdoctoradventures.com2015 X
Team Doctordoctoradventures.com2005 X
Tease And Stimulatedoctoradventures.com2016 X
Teasing Gone Too Fardoctoradventures.com2016 X
Test Don'T Liedoctoradventures.com2008 X
That Was No Routine Checkupdoctoradventures.com2010 X
That's How We Treat Volunteersdoctoradventures.com20091X
That's Not Himdoctoradventures.com2011 X
There's Something About Kerrydoctoradventures.com2014 X
They'Re Everywhere...doctoradventures.com2008 X
Thinking Out Louddoctoradventures.com20081X
This Nurse Is A Hookerdoctoradventures.com2015 X
This Nurse is No Pussydoctoradventures.com2013 X
This One Weird Trick...doctoradventures.com2017 X
This Pharmacist Can Fuck Offdoctoradventures.com2014 X
Thresholds of Lustdoctoradventures.com2010 X
Throat Treatmentdoctoradventures.com2018 X
Tight Throatdoctoradventures.com2007 X
Time For A Sponge Bathdoctoradventures.com2008 X
To The Souls Of Soldier's Pastdoctoradventures.com2010 X
Total Fuckalldoctoradventures.com2012 X
Tough Guysdoctoradventures.com2007 X
Triage These Titsdoctoradventures.com2017 X
Un-orthodox Techniquesdoctoradventures.com2008 X
Uncooperative Patientdoctoradventures.com2006 X
Under The Knife, Or Impaled By Sworddoctoradventures.com2008 X
Ungrateful Patientdoctoradventures.com2006 X
Unmentionable Taledoctoradventures.com20071X
Up The Wrong Holedoctoradventures.com2016 X
Urgenzzedoctoradventures.com2012 X
Utterly Professionaldoctoradventures.com2007 X
Vacation in Mexicodoctoradventures.com2005  
Vagina Visiondoctoradventures.com2012 X
Vaginal Stimulation: A ZZ Medical Studydoctoradventures.com2017 X
Vaginal Tightness Syndromedoctoradventures.com2007  
Vagitarians Do It Betterdoctoradventures.com2010 X
Vegas Experimentdoctoradventures.com20091X
Veronica Loves To Play Doctordoctoradventures.com2012 X
Viagra Prescriptiondoctoradventures.com2005 X
Virgindoctoradventures.com2006 X
Virgin Medical Massagedoctoradventures.com2017 X
Visit From Mr. Cockrindoctoradventures.com2007 X
Wait Your Turndoctoradventures.com2017 X
Waiting Room Boom Boomdoctoradventures.com2013 X
Waking Up The Comatose Cockdoctoradventures.com2018  
War Whoredoctoradventures.com2012 X
We Can Fit You Indoctoradventures.com2013 X
We Can Make A Lot Of Money, But Let's Fuck Firstdoctoradventures.com2010 X
We Need Cum, Statdoctoradventures.com20191 
Wet and Naughty Sponge Bath Partydoctoradventures.com2016 X
Wheelchair Recovery Therapydoctoradventures.com2008 X
When A Doctor Needs Helpdoctoradventures.com2016 X
When Things Get Hard...doctoradventures.com2008 X
Where Is the Interndoctoradventures.com2012 X
Where There Is Ass, There Is Hopedoctoradventures.com2014 X
White Coat, Pink Pussydoctoradventures.com2017 X
Whores Anatomydoctoradventures.com2006 X
Working The Night Shiftdoctoradventures.com2012 X
World's Nicest Nursesdoctoradventures.com2015 X
You Can't Leave Til You Nut on My Beavdoctoradventures.com2011 X
You Stole My Wish, Bitchdoctoradventures.com2012 X
You're no Nursedoctoradventures.com2012 X
Your Brain On Orgasmdoctoradventures.com2012 X
ZZ Hospital - Ri-Dick-ulous Behaviordoctoradventures.com2015 X
ZZ Hospital - Tiffany's First Daydoctoradventures.com2015 X
ZZ Medical Centerdoctoradventures.com2016 X

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