studios : new sensations romance

Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
Almost HeavenNew Sensations Romance20107X
Awakening to LoveNew Sensations Romance20107X
Engagement PartyNew Sensations Romance20106X
Eternal Love 1New Sensations Romance20103X
Eternal Love 2: Reckless HeartNew Sensations Romance20104X
Friend ZoneNew Sensations Romance20127X
Laws Of LoveNew Sensations Romance20146X
Little Part of MeNew Sensations Romance20115X
Lost And FoundNew Sensations Romance20114X
Love Is A Dangerous GameNew Sensations Romance20117X
Office RomanceNew Sensations Romance20105X
Recipe For RomanceNew Sensations Romance20112X
Second ChancesNew Sensations Romance20144X
Wedding DayNew Sensations Romance20104X

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