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Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
AdorationSweetheart Video20182X
Alexis Texas Loves GirlsSweetheart Video2016 X
Allie Haze Loves GirlsSweetheart Video20121X
AngelSweetheart Video2008 X
Asa Loves GirlsSweetheart Video20121X
Becoming ElsaSweetheart Video20186X
Best of Mother Lovers SocietySweetheart Video2017 X
Brandi Loves GirlsSweetheart Video20161X
Brandi Loves MilfsSweetheart Video20181X
CandidateSweetheart Video20172X
Confessions of a Sinful NunSweetheart Video20176X
Coven WivesSweetheart Video20185X
Dana DeArmond Loves GirlsSweetheart Video20152X
Dani Loves GirlsSweetheart Video20131X
Elexis Unleashed 1Sweetheart Video2009 X
Elexis Unleashed 2Sweetheart Video2010 X
Ginger Loves GirlsSweetheart Video2009 X
Girls Kissing Girls 1: Young Lesbians in LoveSweetheart Video2008 X
Girls Kissing Girls 10Sweetheart Video20121X
Girls Kissing Girls 11Sweetheart Video20121X
Girls Kissing Girls 12Sweetheart Video20131X
Girls Kissing Girls 13Sweetheart Video20133X
Girls Kissing Girls 14Sweetheart Video20142X
Girls Kissing Girls 15Sweetheart Video20142X
Girls Kissing Girls 16Sweetheart Video20143X
Girls Kissing Girls 17Sweetheart Video20151X
Girls Kissing Girls 18Sweetheart Video20152X
Girls Kissing Girls 19Sweetheart Video20161X
Girls Kissing Girls 2: Foreplay Loving LesbiansSweetheart Video2009 X
Girls Kissing Girls 20Sweetheart Video20171X
Girls Kissing Girls 21Sweetheart Video20172X
Girls Kissing Girls 22Sweetheart Video20182X
Girls Kissing Girls 23Sweetheart Video2019 X
Girls Kissing Girls 3Sweetheart Video2009 X
Girls Kissing Girls 4Sweetheart Video20102X
Girls Kissing Girls 5Sweetheart Video20102X
Girls Kissing Girls 6Sweetheart Video20102X
Girls Kissing Girls 7Sweetheart Video2011 X
Girls Kissing Girls 8Sweetheart Video20113X
Girls Kissing Girls 9Sweetheart Video20121X
Girls Love Natural BreastsSweetheart Video2017 X
Girls Love Natural Breasts 2Sweetheart Video20181X
In Love With Your MomSweetheart Video2019 X
Inari Loves GirlsSweetheart Video20112X
Jessie Loves GirlsSweetheart Video20142X
Julia Ann Loves GirlsSweetheart Video2011 X
Kayden Loves GirlsSweetheart Video20171X
LeftySweetheart Video20165X
Legends and Starlets 1Sweetheart Video2009 X
Legends and Starlets 2Sweetheart Video2010 X
Legends and Starlets 3Sweetheart Video20103X
Legends and Starlets 4Sweetheart Video20102X
Legends and Starlets 5Sweetheart Video20112X
Legends and Starlets 6Sweetheart Video20121X
Lesbian Adventures of Satine PhoenixSweetheart Video2008 X
Lesbian Adventures: I Love to TribSweetheart Video2009 X
Lesbian Adventures: Lingerie DreamsSweetheart Video2009 X
Lesbian Adventures: Older Women Younger Girls 1Sweetheart Video20091X
Lesbian Adventures: Older Women Younger Girls 10Sweetheart Video20161X
Lesbian Adventures: Older Women Younger Girls 11Sweetheart Video2017 X
Lesbian Adventures: Older Women Younger Girls 12Sweetheart Video20182X
Lesbian Adventures: Older Women Younger Girls 13Sweetheart Video2019 X
Lesbian Adventures: Older Women Younger Girls 2Sweetheart Video20122X
Lesbian Adventures: Older Women Younger Girls 3Sweetheart Video20131X
Lesbian Adventures: Older Women Younger Girls 4Sweetheart Video20143X
Lesbian Adventures: Older Women Younger Girls 5Sweetheart Video20143X
Lesbian Adventures: Older Women Younger Girls 6Sweetheart Video20141X
Lesbian Adventures: Older Women Younger Girls 7Sweetheart Video20151X
Lesbian Adventures: Older Women Younger Girls 8Sweetheart Video20152X
Lesbian Adventures: Older Women Younger Girls 9Sweetheart Video20161X
Lesbian Adventures: Strap-On SpecialistSweetheart Video2008 X
Lesbian Adventures: Strap-On Specialists 10Sweetheart Video2016 X
Lesbian Adventures: Strap-On Specialists 11Sweetheart Video20171X
Lesbian Adventures: Strap-On Specialists 12Sweetheart Video20171X
Lesbian Adventures: Strap-On Specialists 13Sweetheart Video20182X
Lesbian Adventures: Strap-On Specialists 14Sweetheart Video2019 X
Lesbian Adventures: Strap-On Specialists 2Sweetheart Video20103X
Lesbian Adventures: Strap-On Specialists 3Sweetheart Video2011 X
Lesbian Adventures: Strap-On Specialists 4Sweetheart Video2012 X
Lesbian Adventures: Strap-On Specialists 5Sweetheart Video20122X
Lesbian Adventures: Strap-On Specialists 6Sweetheart Video20143X
Lesbian Adventures: Strap-On Specialists 7Sweetheart Video20142X
Lesbian Adventures: Strap-On Specialists 8Sweetheart Video20152X
Lesbian Adventures: Strap-On Specialists 9Sweetheart Video2015 X
Lesbian Adventures: Victorian Love LettersSweetheart Video2009 X
Lesbian Adventures: Wet PantiesSweetheart Video20102X
Lesbian Adventures: Wet Panties Trib 1Sweetheart Video2011 X
Lesbian Adventures: Wet Panties Trib 2Sweetheart Video2011 X
Lesbian Adventures: Wet Panties Trib 3Sweetheart Video20122X
Lesbian Adventures: Wet Panties Trib 4Sweetheart Video20131X
Lesbian Adventures: Wet Panties Trib 5Sweetheart Video2013 X
Lesbian Adventures: Wet Panties Trib 6Sweetheart Video20142X
Lesbian Adventures: Wet Panties Trib 7Sweetheart Video20152X
Lesbian Adventures: Wet Panties Trib 8Sweetheart Video20182X
Lesbian AnalSweetheart Video20173X
Lesbian Anal 2Sweetheart Video2018 X
Lesbian Anal 3Sweetheart Video2018 X
Lesbian Analingus 1Sweetheart Video20122X
Lesbian Analingus 10Sweetheart Video2016 X
Lesbian Analingus 11Sweetheart Video2017 X
Lesbian Analingus 13Sweetheart Video2019 X
Lesbian Analingus 2Sweetheart Video20131X
Lesbian Analingus 3Sweetheart Video20132X
Lesbian Analingus 4Sweetheart Video20142X
Lesbian Analingus 5Sweetheart Video20142X
Lesbian Analingus 6Sweetheart Video20153X
Lesbian Analingus 7Sweetheart Video20153X
Lesbian Analingus 8Sweetheart Video2015 X
Lesbian Analingus 9Sweetheart Video20162X
Lesbian Babysitters 1Sweetheart Video2009 X
Lesbian Babysitters 10Sweetheart Video20132X
Lesbian Babysitters 11Sweetheart Video20141X
Lesbian Babysitters 12Sweetheart Video2014 X
Lesbian Babysitters 13Sweetheart Video20151X
Lesbian Babysitters 14Sweetheart Video20171X
Lesbian Babysitters 15Sweetheart Video20181X
Lesbian Babysitters 16Sweetheart Video2019 X
Lesbian Babysitters 2Sweetheart Video2010 X
Lesbian Babysitters 3Sweetheart Video20102X
Lesbian Babysitters 4Sweetheart Video20112X
Lesbian Babysitters 5Sweetheart Video2011 X
Lesbian Babysitters 6Sweetheart Video2011 X
Lesbian Babysitters 7Sweetheart Video2012 X
Lesbian Babysitters 8Sweetheart Video2012 X
Lesbian Babysitters 9Sweetheart Video20132X
Lesbian Beauties 1: InterracialSweetheart Video2008 X
Lesbian Beauties 10: LatinasSweetheart Video20131X
Lesbian Beauties 11: All Black BeautiesSweetheart Video20141X
Lesbian Beauties 12: InterracialSweetheart Video20143X
Lesbian Beauties 13: Black and AsianSweetheart Video2014 X
Lesbian Beauties 14: InterracialSweetheart Video20151X
Lesbian Beauties 15: All Black BeautiesSweetheart Video20151X
Lesbian Beauties 16: InterracialSweetheart Video20162X
Lesbian Beauties 17: Black and AsianSweetheart Video2016 X
Lesbian Beauties 18: Black and BlondeSweetheart Video20174X
Lesbian Beauties 19: All Black BeautiesSweetheart Video20171X
Lesbian Beauties 2: Older Women - Younger GirlsSweetheart Video2008 X
Lesbian Beauties 20: Black and AsianSweetheart Video2019 X
Lesbian Beauties 3: Asian BeautiesSweetheart Video2008 X
Lesbian Beauties 4: Interracial - Ebony and IvorySweetheart Video2009 X
Lesbian Beauties 5: Mature WomenSweetheart Video2010 X
Lesbian Beauties 6: LatinasSweetheart Video2010 X
Lesbian Beauties 7: All Black BeautiesSweetheart Video20122X
Lesbian Beauties 8: InterracialSweetheart Video20122X
Lesbian Beauties 9: Asian BeautiesSweetheart Video20132X
Lesbian Cheer Squad ChroniclesSweetheart Video20183X
Lesbian Chronicles 1Sweetheart Video2008 X
Lesbian Chronicles 2Sweetheart Video2008 X
Lesbian Chronicles 3Sweetheart Video2009 X
Lesbian Confessions 1Sweetheart Video2008 X
Lesbian Confessions 2Sweetheart Video2008 X
Lesbian Confessions 3Sweetheart Video2009 X
Lesbian Confessions 4Sweetheart Video2010 X
Lesbian Daydreams 1Sweetheart Video2008 X
Lesbian Daydreams 2: Secret FantasiesSweetheart Video2008 X
Lesbian Daydreams 3Sweetheart Video2009 X
Lesbian DeceptionSweetheart Video20103X
Lesbian Halfway HouseSweetheart Video2009 X
Lesbian Hitchhiker 1Sweetheart Video2010 X
Lesbian Hitchhiker 2Sweetheart Video2011 X
Lesbian Hitchhiker 3Sweetheart Video20112X
Lesbian Hitchhiker 4Sweetheart Video20122X
Lesbian Hitchhiker 5Sweetheart Video20121X
Lesbian Hitchhiker 6Sweetheart Video20133X
Lesbian Hitchhiker 7Sweetheart Video20131X
Lesbian KissingSweetheart Video2017 X
Lesbian MassageSweetheart Video20161X
Lesbian Massage 2Sweetheart Video20171X
Lesbian Massage 3Sweetheart Video20181X
Lesbian Mentors 1Sweetheart Video2009 X
Lesbian Mentors 2Sweetheart Video2009 X
Lesbian Mentors 3Sweetheart Video2010 X
Lesbian Noir 1Sweetheart Video2008 X
Lesbian Noir 2Sweetheart Video2009 X
Lesbian Office Seductions 1Sweetheart Video2008 X
Lesbian Office Seductions 2Sweetheart Video2009 X
Lesbian Office Seductions 3Sweetheart Video2010 X
Lesbian Office Seductions 4Sweetheart Video20102X
Lesbian Office Seductions 5Sweetheart Video20113X
Lesbian Office Seductions 6Sweetheart Video20112X
Lesbian Office Seductions 7Sweetheart Video20121X
Lesbian Office Seductions 8Sweetheart Video20121X
Lesbian Office Seductions 9Sweetheart Video2013 X
Lesbian Psycho RoommatesSweetheart Video2009 X
Lesbian SororitySweetheart Video20112X
Lesbian Sorority 2Sweetheart Video20121X
Lesbian StepmotherSweetheart Video20151X
Lesbian Stepmother 2Sweetheart Video20161X
Lesbian Stepmother 3Sweetheart Video20163X
Lesbian Stepmother 4Sweetheart Video20182X
Lesbian Stepmother 5Sweetheart Video2019 X
Lesbian StepsistersSweetheart Video20144X
Lesbian Stepsisters 2Sweetheart Video20151X
Lesbian Stepsisters 3Sweetheart Video20151X
Lesbian Stepsisters 4Sweetheart Video20161X
Lesbian Stepsisters 5Sweetheart Video20162X
Lesbian Stepsisters 6Sweetheart Video2017 X
Lesbian Strap-on BossesSweetheart Video20161X
Lesbian Strap-on Bosses 2Sweetheart Video2017 X
Lesbian Truth or Dare 1Sweetheart Video2008 X
Lesbian Truth or Dare 2Sweetheart Video2010 X
Lesbian Truth or Dare 3Sweetheart Video2010 X
Lesbian Truth or Dare 4Sweetheart Video20104X
Lesbian Truth or Dare 5Sweetheart Video20111X
Lesbian Truth or Dare 6Sweetheart Video20111X
Lesbian Truth or Dare 7Sweetheart Video20121X
Lesbian Truth or Dare 8Sweetheart Video20121X
Lesbians in Charge 1Sweetheart Video2012 X
Lesbians in Charge 2Sweetheart Video2013 X
Lesbians In Charge 3Sweetheart Video2014 X
Lexi Belle Loves GirlsSweetheart Video20143X
Mia Loves GirlsSweetheart Video20152X
Mother Lovers Society 1Sweetheart Video20101X
Mother Lovers Society 10Sweetheart Video20142X
Mother Lovers Society 11Sweetheart Video2014 X
Mother Lovers Society 12Sweetheart Video20142X
Mother Lovers Society 13Sweetheart Video20153X
Mother Lovers Society 14Sweetheart Video20151X
Mother Lovers Society 15Sweetheart Video20161X
Mother Lovers Society 16Sweetheart Video2016 X
Mother Lovers Society 17Sweetheart Video2017 X
Mother Lovers Society 2Sweetheart Video20103X
Mother Lovers Society 3Sweetheart Video20103X
Mother Lovers Society 4Sweetheart Video20101X
Mother Lovers Society 5Sweetheart Video2011 X
Mother Lovers Society 6Sweetheart Video2011 X
Mother Lovers Society 7Sweetheart Video20121X
Mother Lovers Society 8Sweetheart Video20121X
Mother Lovers Society 9Sweetheart Video2013 X
Mother's SecretSweetheart Video20162X
Mothers and DaughtersSweetheart Video2017 X
My Lesbian MentorSweetheart Video2017 X
My Little MinxSweetheart Video2008 X
My Sister CelineSweetheart Video20121X
Nina Loves Girls 1Sweetheart Video2008 X
Nina Loves Girls 2Sweetheart Video2010 X
Prison LesbiansSweetheart Video2014 X
Prison Lesbians 2Sweetheart Video20152X
Prison Lesbians 3Sweetheart Video20151X
Prison Lesbians 4Sweetheart Video20162X
Prison Lesbians 5Sweetheart Video20172X
Reform School GirlsSweetheart Video20172X
Reform School Girls 2Sweetheart Video2018 X
Rivals 1Sweetheart Video2008 X
Rivals 2Sweetheart Video2009 X
Sapphic Lolita Sweetheart Video2008 X
Shades of PinkSweetheart Video20132X
Shyla Jennings Loves GirlsSweetheart Video20161X
Sinn Sage Loves GirlsSweetheart Video20121X
SpermSweetheart Video2008  
Squirting LesbiansSweetheart Video20171X
Squirting Lesbians 2Sweetheart Video2018 X
Stephanie Loves GirlsSweetheart Video2008 X
Talk Derby To MeSweetheart Video20184X
TomboisSweetheart Video2010 X
Tombois 2Sweetheart Video20131X
Tombois 3Sweetheart Video20142X
Woman's PromiseSweetheart Video20192X

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