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Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
2 Hot 2 HandlePlaygirl20071X
A Mysterious TouchPlaygirl20091X
About To BustPlaygirl20091X
Addicted to NikoPlaygirl20072X
Addicted to PleasurePlaygirl2009 X
All Lubed UpPlaygirl20083X
All Man All the TimePlaygirl2010 X
Alone At LastPlaygirl2011 X
Always on FirePlaygirl20071X
Amorous SexcapadesPlaygirl20081X
Anytime AnywherePlaygirl2009 X
Behind Closed DoorsPlaygirl20072X
Bodies in HeatPlaygirl2006 X
Bodies in UnisonPlaygirl2010 X
Body WorshipPlaygirl2007 X
Burning LustPlaygirl2006 X
Burning PassionPlaygirl2010 X
Carnal SensationsPlaygirl20091X
Climactic TalesPlaygirl20072X
Deep DesiresPlaygirl2009 X
Deep IndulgencePlaygirl2006 X
Delectable DesiresPlaygirl20082X
Devil in BedPlaygirl2010 X
Dirty and DeliciousPlaygirl2010 X
Dirty DelightsPlaygirl20081X
Dirty HabitsPlaygirl20072X
Erotic EnchantmentPlaygirl20091X
Erotic EncountersPlaygirl2006 X
Explosive FantasiesPlaygirl20071X
Finally LegalPlaygirl2009 X
Games of LovePlaygirl20091X
Hearty BoysPlaygirl2009 X
Heat That DevoursPlaygirl2010 X
Heavenly HeatPlaygirl2008 X
Hedonistic LustPlaygirl20092X
Hitting the G SpotPlaygirl20082X
Hot CaressPlaygirl20062X
Illicit AffairsPlaygirl20061X
Impure HungerPlaygirl2009 X
In Pursuit of PleasurePlaygirl20082X
Indulging in LustPlaygirl20082X
Intense ClimaxPlaygirl2009 X
Intimate InstinctPlaygirl20083X
Lessons in LovePlaygirl20062X
Let's Get PhysicalPlaygirl2011 X
Like Lovers DoPlaygirl20082X
Longing for HimPlaygirl20061X
Love SoundsPlaygirl20082X
Lusty LuxuriesPlaygirl20092X
Mesmerized by YouPlaygirl2010 X
Naughty and UncensoredPlaygirl20081X
Needing HimPlaygirl2009 X
Our Little SecretPlaygirl2011 X
Piece of the ActionPlaygirl20101X
Playgirl's Hottest Country LovingPlaygirl20102X
Playgirl's Hottest Dripping Wet SexPlaygirl2010 X
Playgirl's Hottest Interracial 1Playgirl2010 X
Playgirl's Hottest Interracial 2Playgirl2011 X
Playgirl's Hottest: Leather And LacePlaygirl2012 X
Playing DirtyPlaygirl20061X
Private PleasuresPlaygirl20061X
Provocative PassionPlaygirl20081X
Raw and ReadyPlaygirl2009 X
Red Hot RomancePlaygirl2009 X
Risque MomentsPlaygirl2009 X
Romantic DesiresPlaygirl20072X
Secret LiaisonsPlaygirl2009 X
Secret LoversPlaygirl20061X
Seducing FantasiesPlaygirl2009 X
Sensual EcstasyPlaygirl20082X
Sensual PlaygroundPlaygirl2009 X
Sex InfernoPlaygirl20081X
Sex MovesPlaygirl2006  
Sex SpellsPlaygirl20081X
Sexual Exploits of Jean Val JeanPlaygirl20073X
Sexual IndulgencePlaygirl20071X
Sexual SensationsPlaygirl20072X
Sexy MovesPlaygirl20072X
Sinful TemptationsPlaygirl20071X
Soaked in SexPlaygirl20071X
Spicy SexcapadesPlaygirl20092X
Steamy SeductionPlaygirl20081X
StrippedPlaygirl2006 X
Surrender to LustPlaygirl20052X
Sweet SinPlaygirl2009 X
Tantric Sex SecretsPlaygirl20073X
Titillating TemptationsPlaygirl20082X
Touch Me Tease MePlaygirl20101X
Uncontrolled ArousalsPlaygirl20092X
UninhibitedPlaygirl2008 X
Wild with AnticipationPlaygirl2010 X
Without RestraintPlaygirl2009 X

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