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Gourmet Quickies 11983Gourmet Video CollectionGourmet Quickies 701 / Shauna Grant
Gourmet Quickies 181985Gourmet Video CollectionGourmet Quickies 718 / Shauna Grant 2
Gourmet Quickies 251985Gourmet Video CollectionGourmet Quickies 725 / Shauna Grant / Trinity Loren
Shauna Grant Superstar1984Unknown1
Shauna Grant: The Early Years1988Gourmet Video Collection1X
Shauna Grant: The Teenage Years2007Gourmet Video CollectionX
Superstar Shauna Grant2006Caballero Home VideoX
Swedish Erotica 912007Caballero Home VideoSwedish Erotica 91: Shauna GrantX
Swedish Erotica Superstars Featuring Shauna Grant1984Caballero Home Video



Shauna GrantCallie Aimes, Shana Grant, Jillian Ladd, Callie Aims, Callie Ames, Colleen Applegate, Collie Aims1982198484


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Golden Age Of Porn, The: Shauna Grant fu_qAdult DVD Talk