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Bisexual Clinic2009PrivateBisexual Clinic / Private Specials 25: Bisexual Clinic / Released as 'Clinica Bisexual' in Argentina3X
Private Specials 1: Horny Housewives 12007PrivateX
Private Specials 10: Smoking Sluts2008PrivatePutas Fumadoras (Argentinian release)1X
Private Specials 100: Anal Creampie Lovers2014PrivateAnal Creampie Lovers / Anal Crempie Lovers2X
Private Specials 101: Extreme Soviet Sluts 52014PrivateExtreme Soviet Sluts 51X
Private Specials 102: Extreme Soviet Sluts 62015Private1X
Private Specials 103: Double Penetration Divas2015PrivateDouble Penetration Divas1X
Private Specials 104: Ryan Ryder: Stud on Tour2015PrivateRyan Ryder: Stud on Tour1X
Private Specials 105: Pilates Deep Sessions2015PrivatePilates Deep SessionsX
Private Specials 106: Ball Hungry Russian Students2015PrivateBall Hungry Russian StudentsX
Private Specials 107: 5 Russian Teens Take It Up The Ass2015Private5 Russian Teens Take It Up The Ass1X
Private Specials 108: Maids for All2015PrivateMaids for All1X
Private Specials 109: Russian Teen Ass 22015PrivateRussian Teen Ass 21X
Private Specials 11: Czech MILFs2008PrivateMamis Checas (Argentinian release)1X
Private Specials 110: Cheating Babes2015PrivateCheating BabesX
Private Specials 111: Swingers2015PrivateSwingersX
Private Specials 112: Twerking Teens: Shake That Ass2015PrivateTwerking Teens: Bouge ton boule! [French title] / Twerking Teens: Shake That Ass!1X
Private Specials 113: Fresh Teens2015PrivateFresh Teens1X
Private Specials 114: Cougars2015PrivateCougarsX
Private Specials 115: Creampied Teens2015PrivateCreampied Teens1X
Private Specials 116: Double Penetration Students2015PrivateDouble Penetration StudentsX
Private Specials 117: Young Creampie Lovers2015PrivateYoung Creampie LoversX
Private Specials 118: Couch-Surfing Nymphos2015PrivateCouch-Surfing NymphosX
Private Specials 119: Private Nurses2015PrivatePrivate NursesX
Private Specials 12: 6 Nurses Take it Up the Ass2008Private6 Nurses Take it Up the Ass1X
Private Specials 120: Sex-Craving Teens2015PrivateSex-Craving TeensX
Private Specials 121: Posh Girls2015Private2X
Private Specials 122: Stella Cox: Intimate Fantasies2016PrivateStella Cox: Intimate FantasiesX
Private Specials 123: Teenagers Want It Inside2015PrivateTeenagers Want It Inside!1X
Private Specials 124: Super Hardcore Asses2015PrivateSuper Hardcore AssesX
Private Specials 125: Young Anal Addicts2015PrivateYoung Anal AddictsX
Private Specials 126: Cum Hungry Teens2015PrivateCum Hungry Teens / Cum-Hungry TeensX
Private Specials 127: That Teen Next Door2015PrivateThat Teen Next DoorX
Private Specials 128: Cream Filled Babes2015PrivateCream Filled BabesX
Private Specials 129: Teen Couples2016PrivateTeen CouplesX
Private Specials 13: L.A. Girls Love Big Cocks2009Private1X
Private Specials 130: Porn Couples2016PrivatePorn CouplesX
Private Specials 131: Private Lessons2016PrivatePrivate LessonsX
Private Specials 132: Teens in Stockings2016PrivateTeens in StockingsX
Private Specials 133: Anal Loving Teenagers 12016PrivateAnal Loving Teenagers1X
Private Specials 134: Cute White Girls Love Big Black Cocks2016PrivateCute White Girls Love Big Black Cocks1X
Private Specials 135: Teen Sex 12016PrivateTeen SexX
Private Specials 136: Anal Loving Teenagers 22016PrivateAnal Loving Teenagers 2X
Private Specials 137: Bubble Butts2016PrivateBubble ButtsX
Private Specials 138: Sexting Babes2016PrivateSexting BabesX
Private Specials 139: 19 Years and Naive2016Private19 Years and Naive1X
Private Specials 14: Lena Cova's First Gangbang2009PrivateLa Primer Orgia de Lena Cova (Argentinian release)2X
Private Specials 140: Teen Sex 22016PrivateTeen Sex 2X
Private Specials 141: Hot Cooking2016PrivateHot CookingX
Private Specials 142: Anal Loving Teenagers 32016PrivateAnal Loving Teenagers 3X

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7 Anal Nympho Nurses (Private Specials 75) John BoyXCritic
Eurobabes Know How To Fuck (Private Specials 55) Marine HardcoreXCritic
Private Specials: Blacks and Sluts Roger T. PipeRog Reviews

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