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January 10, 1949 (68 years old)




South Africa 

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South African

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AVN Awards

Nominee: Best Director: Foreign Feature, Tides of Lust (2012)

Sex Awards

Nominee: Favorite Director

XBiz Awards

Nominee: European Director of the Year
Nominee: European Director of the Year
Nominee: European Director of the Year
Nominee: Foreign Director of the Year

Titles in YELLOW are Webscenes; Blue are Bi/All-Male titles and Grey are compilations.

Movie Title Distributor Studio Year Rev Formats
Adventures of Dirty Dog 1: Give a Dog a BoneViv Thomas2004 O
All About EveViv Thomas20051DRO
Anal Porn PartyViv Thomas20022DRO
Art of Kissing 1Viv Thomas20031DRO
Art of Kissing 2Viv Thomas2005 DRO
Art of Kissing 3Viv Thomas20091DRO
Babes AbroadViv Thomas1999 DO
Bare Au PairSpice Studios2007 DRO
Best of Bubblegum BabesViv Thomas2002 DRO
Blonde on BrunetteViv Thomas2010 O
British Amateurs 1Viv Thomas20051DRO
Bubblegum Babes 1Viv Thomas1998  
Bubblegum Babes 2Viv Thomas20011D
Bubblegum Babes 3Viv Thomas2001  
Bubblegum Babes 4Viv Thomas2003 DO
Bubblegum Babes 5Viv Thomas2003 DRO
Busty Anal AdventuresViv Thomas2001 O
Busty FuckersViv Thomas2002 O
Busty Leg Sex BabesBig Top Video2003 DRO
Busty Newcummers 2Big Top Video2003 DRO
Busty SuckersViv Thomas2003 DRO
ButterflyViv Thomas20061DRO
Climax CollectionViv Thomas2005 DRO
Clits And ToesViv Thomas2010 DO
Club Girls Hardcore 1Viv Thomas2008 O
Club Girls Hardcore 2Viv Thomas20091O
Club Girls Hardcore 3Viv Thomas2009 DO
Club Girls Lesbian 1Viv Thomas2008 O
Club Girls Lesbian 2Viv Thomas2009 O
Club Hardcore All-StarsViv Thomas2006  
Club's Room ServiceClub20044R
Dressed to ImpressViv Thomas2012 O
Dressed To ThrillViv Thomas2007 DO
Ella's Dirty Little FuckersViv Thomas2004 O
Every Woman Has a Foot FantasyViv Thomas1996 DO
Family Affairs 1Viv Thomas2009 DO
Female LiaisonsViv Thomas2007 DRO
Filthy Anal InstinctsMetro20041DRO
Forbidden FruitsViv Thomas20031DRO
Gagging For ItViv Thomas2003  
Girl on Girl 1Viv Thomas2007 DRO
Girl on Girl 2Viv Thomas2006 DRO
Girl on Girl 3Viv Thomas2008 DRO
Girl on Girl 4Viv Thomas2007 O
Hardcore Fuckfest 1Viv Thomas20031DRO
Hardcore Fuckfest 2Viv Thomas2003 DO
Heels and HoseBig Top Video20003DRO
Heels and Hose 2Viv Thomas2003 DO
Hot Babe SeductionViv Thomas20061DRO
Hot SilkViv Thomas2010 O
Hot Slots 1Viv Thomas2006 DRO
Hot Slots 2Viv Thomas2008 DRO
Hot Wet LesbiansViv Thomas2012 O
Hot Wet SexBig Top Video2000 DRO
In the FamilyViv Thomas2006 DO
Inside PeachesViv Thomas2007 DRO
Jo's Secret VideoViv Thomas20042DRO
Jo's Sexy College DiariesViv Thomas2002 DRO
Kerry's Foot FantasiesBig Top Video1999 O
Leg SexBig Top Video1999 O
Leg Sex Babes 1Viv Thomas2001  
Leg Sex Babes 2Viv Thomas2002 O
Leg Sex Babes 3Big Top Video2004 DRO
Leg Sex DreamViv Thomas19982DRO
Leg Sex FlirtsMetro20071DRO
Leg Sex NymphoBig Top Video1998 DRO
Leg Sex Shoe ShopBig Top Video20011DRO
Leg Sex SpyBig Top Video1998  
Legal Leg SexBig Top Video1999  
Lesbian EncountersViv Thomas2009 DRO
Licking the VelvetGirlfriends Films20131DRO
Lust FeverTight Fit Productions20061DRO
Maid to FuckViv Thomas20033DRO
Making of a MadameTight Fit Productions2005 DRO
ManeaterViv Thomas2006 DRO
Mayfair's Private PracticeViv Thomas2005 O
Mayfair: The VideoViv Thomas1999 DRO
Medieval Mischief 2Viv Thomas2003  
Members Only 1Viv Thomas2005 DO
Members Only 2Viv Thomas2006 DO
Members Only 3Viv Thomas2007 DO
Members Only 5Viv Thomas2008 DO
Members Only 6Viv Thomas2008 DO
Memoirs of a Foot FetishistViv Thomas2003 DRO
Most SubscribedViv Thomas2010 DRO
Mums and Daughters 2Viv Thomas2010 O
Natural Busty NewcummersBig Top Video2000 DO
No Fear In LoveViv Thomas2010 DO
Office Girls 1Viv Thomas20051DRO
Office Girls 2Viv Thomas2009 DRO
Office Girls 3Viv Thomas2012 DRO
Our MovieViv Thomas20041DRO
Pantyhose Erotica 1Viv Thomas2003 DRO
Pantyhose Erotica 2Viv Thomas2004 O
Pink Velvet 1: Innocence of Lesbian LoveViv Thomas20032DO
Pink Velvet 2: Loss of InnocenceViv Thomas2004 DRO
Pink Velvet 3Viv Thomas20051DRO
Plump and BustyBig Top Video2003 DRO
Plump and Busty 2Viv Thomas2003 DRO
Portrait of a LesbianViv Thomas2009 DRO
Provocative MoodsGirlfriends Films2014 DRO
Pussies on ViewTight Fit Productions20061DRO
Pussies on View 2Viv Thomas2005 O
Pussy in ParadiseViv Thomas2003 DRO
Reality Porn Series 1Viv Thomas2003 O
Reality Porn Series 2Viv Thomas2004  
Return of SandyViv Thomas2004 DRO
Ride My GirlfriendViv Thomas2007 DO
Sammy Jayne and Her Hardcore HaremViv Thomas2001 DRO
Sandy Agent ProvocateurSpice Studios2006 DRO
Sandy Babe Abroad 1Viv Thomas2000 D
Sandy Babe Abroad 2Viv Thomas2005 DRO
Sandy Does HardcoreRolling Images/PRP20012DRO
Sandy's Holiday Sex Fantasies 1Rolling Images/PRP1998 DR
Sandy's Holiday Sex Fantasies 2Rolling Images/PRP1999 DO
Searching For SilviaViv Thomas2003 DRO
Secret Video Diaries Of A Lesbian NymphoViv Thomas2003 DR
Secrets of the SuburbsViv Thomas2008 DRO
Sex @ctuallyViv Thomas2008  
Sex AnalystViv Thomas2002 DRO
Sex Tapes: Lisa and Blue AngelViv Thomas2009 O
Sex Tapes: Sandy and Anita PearlViv Thomas2009 O
Sex with Eve AngelViv Thomas2008 DRO
Sex with JoViv Thomas2009 DRO
Sex with PeachesViv Thomas2007 DRO
Sex with Sandra ShineViv Thomas2009 O
Sex Wives And VideotapeViv Thomas2002 DRO
Shocking StockingsBig Top Video2003 DRO
Shocking Stockings 2Viv Thomas2005 O
Silvia Saint's Leg Sex FriendsViv Thomas2005 DRO
Simply More Soles 2Viv Thomas2000  
Simply ShineViv Thomas2011 O
Simply Soles: Footsy Feet-ures 2Viv Thomas1996  
Simply The BestViv Thomas2012 O
SirensViv Thomas2008 DRO
SistersViv Thomas2005 DRO
Six Days With Vera 1Viv Thomas20051DR
Six Days With Vera 2Viv Thomas20051DRO
Sole CollectorViv Thomas20051DRO
Solitaire 1Viv Thomas20021O
Sophie's Wet DreamsViv Thomas2005 DRO
Sordid SecretsSpice Studios2007 DRO
Spunk FictionMetro2008 DO
Sticky Fingers 1Viv Thomas2004 DRO
Sticky Fingers 2Viv Thomas2007 O
Stockings And Lace 1Viv Thomas2012 O
Strap OnsViv Thomas2009 DO
Summer Camp SecretsViv Thomas2008 DRO
Supreme Hardcore 1Viv Thomas2006  
Supreme Hardcore 2Viv Thomas2006 DO
Supreme Hardcore 3Viv Thomas2006 O
SWF SeeksViv Thomas2002  
Tales of the ClitViv Thomas2007 DRO
Taste of BrandyViv Thomas2011  
Teenage SeductionRolling Images/PRP2002 DRO
Three Nights With VeraViv Thomas2010 O
Tides of LustGirlfriends Films20121DRO
Tit Teazer Files 1Playhouse1998  
UK vs EuropeViv Thomas2008 O
Ultimate Hardcore Collection 1Viv Thomas2003  
Unfaithful 1Viv Thomas2007 DRO
Unfaithful 2Viv Thomas2008 DRO
Unfaithful 3Viv Thomas2008 DRO
Unfaithful 4Viv Thomas2009 DRO
Unfaithful 5Viv Thomas2009 DRO
Vera Unleashed On LocationViv Thomas2011 DO
Viv's Dream Team GirlsViv Thomas20051DRO
War and SexViv Thomas1998 DRO
Weekend With VeraViv Thomas2005 DRO
Young Lesbian Lust 1Viv Thomas20031DRO
Young Lesbian Lust 2Viv Thomas2003 DRO