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Nominee: Best Director – Feature, Route 69 (2017)
Nominee: Best Director – Feature, Head Play (2017)
Nominee: Best Director – Feature, Zack and Jack Make A Porno (2018)
Winner: Best Director – Non-Feature, Love and Lust in New Orleans (2017)

Grabby Awards

Winner: Best Director, Brutal (2010)
Winner: Best Director, Brutal 2 (2010)
Nominee: Best Director, Behind the Big Top (2013)

StraightUpGayPorn Awards

Nominee: Best Feature Director, Love and Lust in New Orleans (2017)

XBiz Awards

Nominee: Gay Director of the Year, Golden Gate: The Perfect Ten (2011)
Nominee: Gay Director of the Year
Nominee: Gay Director of the Year
Nominee: Gay Director of the Year
Nominee: Gay Director of the Year
Nominee: Gay Director of the Year
Nominee: Gay Director of the Year

Titles in YELLOW are Webscenes; Blue are Bi/All-Male titles and Grey are compilations.

Movie Title Distributor Studio Year Rev Formats
A-Team All Stars: Austin WolfFalcon Studios2017  
A-Team All Stars: Chris BinesRaging Stallion2017  
A-Team All Stars: Sebastian KrossFalcon Studios2017  
A-Team All Stars: Shawn WolfeFalcon Studios2017  
About Last NightFalcon Studios2016 DO
Amazing Ass 8Hothouse Entertainment2015  
Beach RatsFalcon Studios2019 D
Behind the Big TopRaging Stallion2013 DO
Best BuddiesFalcon Studios2014 DO
Best of Angelo MarconiRaging Stallion2012 D
Best of Damien CrosseRaging Stallion2008 D
Best of Dylan RobertsFalcon Studios2012 D
Best of Jake Deckard 1Raging Stallion2010  
Best of Logan McCreeRaging Stallion2010 D
Body ShopFalcon Studios2012 DO
BrutalRaging Stallion2010 D
Brutal 2Raging Stallion2010 D
Bucks County 1: Into the WildFalcon Studios2013 DO
Bucks County 2: Road to TemptationFalcon Studios2013 DO
California Dreamin'Falcon Studios2014 DO
CockstarFalcon Studios2015 DO
CockworkRaging Stallion2012 DO
Code of SilenceFalcon Studios2017 DO
Code Yellow: Piss In My MouthRaging Stallion2010  
CouplesFalcon Studios2012 DO
CowboysRaging Stallion2012 D
Cruising GroundsHothouse Entertainment2016 DO
Deep ReleaseFalcon Studios2016 DO
Diary of A Sex AddictFalcon Studios2019 D
Doc's OrdersHothouse Entertainment2016  
Don't Ask, Just FuckRaging Stallion2010 DO
Drenched In Piss CountryRaging Stallion2011  
Drenched in Piss CountyRaging Stallion2010 D
Drifter Raging Stallion2008 DO
Encounters 3: Flash PointLucas Entertainment2006 O
Encounters 4: On The JobLucas Entertainment2006 O
Encounters: The Heat of the MomentLucas Entertainment2006 O
Fist My Gaping HoleRaging Stallion2011  
Fistpack 20: Fist My ButtRaging Stallion2009  
Fistpack 21: All Hands On DeckRaging Stallion2009 D
Fistpack 26: Code Red - Asshole EmergencyRaging Stallion2010 D
Fistpack 27: Junkyard Fist PigsRaging Stallion2010  
Fistpack 28: Fist HoleRaging Stallion2010 D
Focus: The Story BeginsRaging Stallion2009 D
Fuck HoleRaging Stallion2014 DO
Fucked DownRaging Stallion2012 DO
Gathering Storm: To the Last ManRaging Stallion2008  
Get WetFalcon Studios2019 D
GigoloLucas Entertainment2007 DO
Golden Gate Season 2 SolosNaked Sword2012  
Golden Gate Season 3 Episode 3: Emerging ArtistNaked Sword2012  
Golden Gate Season 3 Episode 4: Downward DogNaked Sword2012  
Golden Gate: The Perfect TenRaging Stallion2011 D
Gunner WorldRaging Stallion2009 DO
Guns Blazing: To the Last ManRaging Stallion2008  
Hairy Boyz 18Raging Stallion2011 D
Hairy Boyz 22Raging Stallion2007 D
Hairy Boyz 41Raging Stallion2015 D
Head PlayFalcon Studios2017 DO
Hidden PalmsFalcon Studios2017 DO
Hole 1Raging Stallion2013 DO
Hole 2Raging Stallion2013 DO
Hook'dFalcon Studios2017 DO
Hot Fucks 3Raging Stallion2014 D
Hot Fucks 5Raging Stallion2014 D
Hotter Than Hell 1Raging Stallion2008 D
Hotter Than Hell 2Raging Stallion2008 DO
Humongous Cocks 11Raging Stallion2011 D
Humongous Cocks 13Raging Stallion2012 D
Humongous Cocks 21Raging Stallion2013 D
Humongous Cocks 27Raging Stallion2014 D
HungoverFalcon Studios2012 DO
Hungry for MooreFalcon Studios2018 DO
InternLucas Entertainment20071DO
IntimateFalcon Studios2017 DO
Into the BlueFalcon Studios2017  
La Dolce Vita 1Lucas Entertainment2006 DO
La Dolce Vita 2Lucas Entertainment2006 O
Love and Lust in New OrleansFalcon Studios2017 DO
Max in the CityFalcon Studios2018 DO
MenaceRaging Stallion2009 D
Mojave HeatFalcon Studios2018 DO
My Big Fucking Dick 40Raging Stallion2017  
My Big Fucking Dick 41: Topher DimaggioFalcon Studios2017  
My Big Fucking Dick 42: Francesco D'machoFalcon Studios2017  
My Big Fucking Dick 45: Sebastian KrossFalcon Studios2018  
Naughty Pines 1Falcon Studios2014 DO
Naughty Pines 2Falcon Studios2014 DO
Night at the EntourageFalcon Studios2018 D
Night ManeuversRaging Stallion2010 DO
Office AffairsFalcon Studios2011 DO
Oh My GodfreRaging Stallion2013 D
On the JobRaging Stallion2008 DRO
On The MarketHothouse Entertainment2016 O
Picture PerfectFalcon Studios2012 DRO
Piss CollectionLucas Entertainment2008  
Pitching TentsFalcon Studios2017 DO
PledgeFalcon Studios2019 D
Point And ShootFalcon Studios2012 DO
Point of No Return: Encounters 2Lucas Entertainment2006  
Port of EntryRaging Stallion2009 D
Pounded DownRaging Stallion2011 DO
PrimalRaging Stallion2016 DO
Private Show (II)Falcon Studios2018  
Property LoversFalcon Studios2017 DO
Rear DeliveriesRaging Stallion2009 DO
Refocus: The Final ClimaxRaging Stallion2009 D
Revved UpRaging Stallion2012 DO
Roll In the HayRaging Stallion2010 DO
Room 106Falcon Studios2019 D
Roughin' It 2Falcon Studios2011 O
Route 69Falcon Studios2017 DO
San Francisco Meat PackersRaging Stallion2014  
San Francisco Meat Packers 2Raging Stallion2014 D
Seduced (II)Falcon Studios2012  
Service MeFalcon Studios2018 O
Sex PadFalcon Studios2015 DO
SteamworksRaging Stallion2010 D
Stiff Sentence (II)Hothouse Entertainment2016  
Stud FuckersRaging Stallion2011 O
Suck My CockRaging Stallion2012 DO
Suck My Cock 2Raging Stallion2012  
Suck My Cock 3Raging Stallion2012  
Suited for SexRaging Stallion2011 O
Summer LustFalcon Studios2012 DRO
Tahoe: Cozy UpFalcon Studios2015 DO
Tahoe: Keep Me WarmFalcon Studios2015 DO
Tales of the Arabian Nights 3: Arab HeatRaging Stallion2010 D
Taste of BrazilFalcon Studios2018 DR
Ten Pound Tube SteakRaging Stallion2009 DO
Towel OffHothouse Entertainment2016  
Tristan Jaxx: My Big Fucking DickRaging Stallion2013  
Under My Skin 1Raging Stallion2014  
Under My Skin 2Raging Stallion2014 D
Urban SpokesFalcon Studios2017 O
Urge: Huntin' for AssHothouse Entertainment2015 DO
VIP: After HoursFalcon Studios2015 DO
VIP: The HustleFalcon Studios2015 DO
VisitorRaging Stallion2009 DRO
What Goes AroundFalcon Studios2011 DO
When Men FuckRaging Stallion2011 DO
Wild RideRaging Stallion2010 DRO
Wild Weekend 1Falcon Studios2016  
Wild Weekend 2Falcon Studios2016 D
WoodsmenMillivres Prowler Ltd2014 O
Work It UpFalcon Studios2018 DO
XXX-FitFalcon Studios2018 DO
Zack and Jack Make A PornoFalcon Studios2018 DO