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Nominee: Most Outrageous Sex Scene, Deception: A XXX Thriller (2015)

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Movie Title Year Distributor Notes Rev Formats
Damsel Gift2008Bon Vue EnterprisesNonSex O
Deception: A XXX 2DR
Device Bondage 152016Kink  D
Device Bondage 162016Kink.comNonSex D
Device Bondage 172016Kink.comNonSex D
Device Bondage 182016KinkNonSex D
Device Bondage 202017KinkMastOnly DO
Device Bondage 212017KinkNonSex DRO
Device Bondage 222017KinkNonSex DR
Device Bondage   
Device Bondage   
Device Bondage   
Device Bondage 394152016Kink.comNonSex  
Device Bondage 395492016Kink.comNonSex  
Device Bondage   
Device Bondage   
Device Bondage   
Device Bondage   
Device Bondage   
Helpless2008Bon Vue EnterprisesNonSex O
Hogtied 132015Kink.comNonSex DO
Hogtied 182016KinkNonSex DO
Hogtied 192016KinkNonSex DRO
Hogtied 202017KinkNonSex DO
Hogtied 232017KinkNonSex DR
Hogtied 403802016Kink.comNonSex  
Pope vs Abella   
Pope vs Jeze   
Pope vs Serena Blair2015Kink.comNonSex  
Pope vs Violet   
Ritual Bondage2007Society SMNonSex O
Sadistic Rope   
Sadistic Rope 102017KinkNonSex DRO
Sadistic Rope 22015Kink.comNonSex D
Sadistic Rope 32015Kink.comNonSex D
Sadistic Rope 304372013Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 304382013Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 304392013Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 304402013Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 304412013Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 304422013Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 304452013Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 304462013Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 304472013Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 304482013Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 304492013Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 304502013Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 304512013Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 304522013Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 304532013Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 304542013Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 304552013Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 304562013Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 305092013Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 305142013Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 305402013Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 305412013Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 305422013Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 313302013Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 317612013Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 317622013Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 318512013Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 318822013Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 318832013Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 318842013Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 321132013Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 321212013Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 322042013Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 322082013Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 326862013Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 326872013Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 326882013Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 326912013Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 332262013Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 340362013Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 340372013Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 340382013Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 340392013Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 340642013Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 342232013Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 342242014Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 342592013Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 342952013Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 343082013Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 344212014Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 344232014Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 344262014Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 346842014Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 346852014Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 346872014Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 346882014Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 348462014Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 348482014Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 348512014Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 350042014Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 350372014Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 351392014Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 351542014Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 352052014Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 352072014Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 352522014Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 353342014Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 353842014Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 353852014Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 354412014Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 355022014Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 355052014Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 355062014Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 355092014Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 356532014Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 356792014Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 356812014Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 359522014Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 359532014Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 359572014Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 360082014Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 360632014Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 361152014Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 361172014Kink.comNonSex O
Sadistic Rope 42016KinkNonSex D
Sadistic Rope 52016Kink  D
Sadistic Rope 62016Kink  D
Sadistic Rope 72016KinkNonSex DO
Sadistic Rope 82017Kink  DO
Sadistic Rope 92017KinkNonSex DR
The Pope vs Dani   
The Training of O   
The Training of O 401722016Kink.comNonSex  
The Upper Floor  O
The Upper Floor  O
The Upper Floor  O
The Upper Floor  O
The Upper Floor  O
The Upper Floor  O
The Upper Floor  O
The Upper Floor  O
The Upper Floor  O
The Upper Floor  O
The Upper Floor  O
The Upper Floor  O
The Upper Floor  O
Torture for Two2010Dungeon CorpNonSex O

Titles in YELLOW are Webscenes; Blue are Bi/All-Male titles and Grey are compilations.

Movie Title Distributor Studio Year Rev Formats
Deception: A XXX ThrillerKink.com20153DR
Device Bondage 16Kink.com2016 D
Device Bondage 18Kink2016 D
Device Bondage 39549Kink.com2016  
Sadistic Rope 3Kink.com2015 D