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Winner: Fan Award: Beste Regie
Nominee: Fan Award: Beste Regie
Winner: Fan Award: Beste Regie

Titles in YELLOW are Webscenes; Blue are Bi/All-Male titles and Grey are compilations.

Movie Title Distributor Studio Year Rev Formats
Akte MILFMagma2016  
Analyze - Anale EpisodenMagma20131O
Backseat Bitches 1Porndoe Premium2017 O
Bang-A-Blonde 1Porndoe Premium2016 O
Bang-A-Blonde 2Porndoe Premium2017 O
Black on WhitePorndoe Premium2016 DO
Bums Besuch 10313porndoepremium.com2017  
Bums Besuch 10330porndoepremium.com2017  
Bums Besuch 10331porndoepremium.com2017  
Bums Besuch 10333porndoepremium.com2017  
Bums Besuch 10334porndoepremium.com2017  
Bums Besuch 10336porndoepremium.com2017  
Bums Besuch 10662porndoepremium.com2017  
Bums Besuch 10871porndoepremium.com2017  
Bums Besuch 10923porndoepremium.com2017  
Bums Besuch 11032porndoepremium.com2018  
Bums Besuch 11096porndoepremium.com2018  
Bums Besuch 11139porndoepremium.com2018  
Bums Besuch 11191porndoepremium.com2018  
Bums Buero 11653porndoepremium.com2018  
Bums Buero 11686porndoepremium.com2018  
Bums Buero 11708porndoepremium.com2018  
Bums Buero 11782porndoepremium.com2018  
Bums Buero 11828porndoepremium.com2018  
Bums Buero 11878porndoepremium.com2018  
Bums Buero 11957porndoepremium.com2018  
Bums Buero 12028porndoepremium.com2018  
Bums Buero 12224porndoepremium.com2018  
Bums Buero 6671porndoepremium.com2016  
Bums Buero 6674porndoepremium.com2016  
Bums Bus 10231porndoepremium.com2017  
Bums Bus 10476porndoepremium.com2017  
Bums Bus 10992porndoepremium.com2018  
Bums Bus 11069porndoepremium.com2018  
Bums Bus 11490porndoepremium.com2018  
Bums Bus 11532porndoepremium.com2018  
Bums Bus 11621porndoepremium.com2018  
Bums Bus 11680porndoepremium.com2018  
Bums Bus 11714porndoepremium.com2018  
Bums Bus 11791porndoepremium.com2018  
Bums Bus 11816porndoepremium.com2018  
Bums Bus 11860porndoepremium.com2018  
Bums Bus 11932porndoepremium.com2018  
Bums Bus 12158porndoepremium.com2018  
Bums Bus 12191porndoepremium.com2018  
Bums Bus 12354porndoepremium.com2018  
Bums Bus 12444porndoepremium.com2018  
Bums Bus 12628porndoepremium.com2018  
Bums Bus 2444porndoepremium.com2015  
Bums Bus 2456porndoepremium.com2015  
Bums Bus 2460porndoepremium.com2015  
Bums Bus 4502porndoepremium.com2016  
Bums Bus 4779porndoepremium.com2016  
Bums Bus 6134porndoepremium.com2016  
Bums Bus 7136porndoepremium.com2016  
Bums Bus 7219porndoepremium.com2016  
Bums Bus 8016porndoepremium.com2017  
Bums Bus 8889porndoepremium.com2017  
Bums Bus 9471porndoepremium.com2017  
Bums Bus 9679porndoepremium.com2017  
German InterracialMagma2013  
Hauptstadtporno 1Magma2013 O
Hauptstadtporno 10Magma2016  
Hauptstadtporno 2Magma2013 O
Hauptstadtporno 3Magma2013  
Hauptstadtporno 4Magma2014  
Hauptstadtporno 5Magma2014  
Hauptstadtporno 6Magma2014  
Hauptstadtporno 7Magma2015  
Hauptstadtporno 8Magma2015  
Hauptstadtporno 9Magma2015  
Luder Poppen 1VPS2016  
Luder Poppen 2VPS2016  
Luder Poppen 3VPS2017  
Luder Poppen 4VPS2017  
Luder Poppen 5VPS2017  
Luder Poppen 6VPS2017  
Luder Poppen 7VPS2018  
Maria Mia: Fotzensaft und Sperma - Das macht mich geilVPS2017  
Maria Mia: Private Fick-Stories 3VPS2017  
Maria Mia: Urlaubsreif - Eine Mose auf ReisenVPS2016  
Maria Mia: Verficktes TreibenVPS2016  
Naked PunchMagma2015  
Perverse MILF SpannerMagma2016  
Pimmel Bingo 10Magma2016  
Pimmel Bingo 7Magma2014 O
Pimmel Bingo 8Magma2014  
Pimmel Bingo 9Magma2014  
Project XXX - Porno Hangover in PragMagma2014  
Redhead SextripPorndoe Premium2016 O
Reverse German InterracialMagma2014  
Road RagersPorndoe Premium2017 O
Rollergirl 2Magma2015  
Schwanz raus fur die TeenymausVPS2017  
Sisters of SinPorndoe Premium2017 O
Sluts on a Bus 1Porndoe Premium2016  
Slutty Interns 3Porndoe Premium2017 O
Spontan geficktMagma2014  
Stadtficker 1Magma2013 O
Stadtficker 10Magma2016  
Stadtficker 11Magma2016  
Stadtficker 2Magma2013 O
Stadtficker 3Magma2013  
Stadtficker 4Magma2014  
Stadtficker 5Magma2014  
Stadtficker 6Magma2014  
Stadtficker 7Magma2015  
Stadtficker 8Magma2015  
Stadtficker 9Magma2016  
Strassenflirts 82Magma2016  
Strassenflirts 83Magma2016  
Strassenflirts 84Magma2016  
Strassenflirts 85Magma2016  
Strassenflirts 86Magma2016