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Jack H (MyXXXpass)

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Los Angeles, CA, USA 

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5 feet, 10 inches (178 cm)


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Titles in YELLOW are Webscenes; Blue are Bi/All-Male titles and Grey are compilations.

Movie Title Year Distributor Notes Rev Formats
Are You Not   
Big Tit Creampies 22009Legend Video  DRO
Big Tits and Blowjobs 32013Overboard Video  DRO
Cock Sucking   
Cute And Busty Hottie2006Brazzers Network   
Cute, Sexy Cum   
Do Me Right 12009Juicy Entertainment  DR
Euro Slut Jennifer Fucks Her Immigration   
Gangbang Fantasies2016Digital Sin 1DRO
Girl Has   
Good Head   
Hard To Have Just   
Hot Natural Busty Blonde Milf2006Brazzers Network   
I Scored a Soccer Mom 42007Overboard Video  DRO
Kasey Gets Anally Penetrated By Carpet   
Less Chit Chat, More   
Meat My Ass 32006Newport Distributing  DRO
Meat My Ass 42006Newport Distributing  DRO
Meat My Ass 52007Northstar Associates  DRO
Meat My Ass 62007Northstar Associates  DRO
Meat My Ass 72007Northstar Associates  DRO
Meat My Ass 82007Northstar Associates  DRO
Meat My Ass 92007Northstar Associates  DRO
Meet the Twins 112008Newport Distributing  DRO
Meet the Twins 122008Newport Distributing  DRO
Meet the Twins 162009Northstar Associates  DRO
Meet the Twins 72007Newport Distributing  DRO
Meet the Twins 92007Newport Distributing  DRO
Mother Suckers 120093rd Degree 1DRO
My Dirty Angels 12006Northstar Associates  DRO
My Dirty Angels 102007Newport Distributing  DRO
My Dirty Angels 122008Newport Distributing  DRO
My Dirty Angels 13 2008Newport Distributing  DRO
My Dirty Angels 142008Newport Distributing  DRO
My Dirty Angels 162009Overboard Video  DRO
My Dirty Angels 172009Overboard Video  DRO
My Dirty Angels 22006Northstar Associates  DRO
My Dirty Angels 32006Northstar Associates  DRO
My Dirty Angels 42006Northstar Associates  DRO
My Dirty Angels 52006Newport Distributing  DRO
My Dirty Angels 62007Newport Distributing  DRO
My Dirty Angels 92007Newport Distributing  DRO
Only Teen Blowjobs 12009Overboard Video  DRO
Only Teen Blowjobs 102010Overboard Video  DRO
Only Teen Blowjobs 162011Overboard Video  DRO
Only Teen Blowjobs 172011Overboard Video  DRO
Only Teen Blowjobs 192012Overboard Video  DRO
Only Teen Blowjobs 22009Overboard Video  DRO
Only Teen Blowjobs 32009DVSX 1DRO
Only Teen Blowjobs: Vanessa   
Pain Is Pleasure2006Brazzers Network  O
Paste My Face 112008Newport Distributing  DRO
Paste My Face 122008Newport Distributing  DRO
Paste My Face 132008DVSX  DRO
Paste My Face 142009Overboard Video  DRO
Paste My Face 222011Overboard Video  DRO
Paste My Face 32006Newport Distributing  DRO
Pocket 1O
Pure Head POV2015Wyde Syde Productions 1DRO
Riley Eats A High Protein Lunch At The   
Scarlett Blows In The New   
Scott Hancock And Tia Tanaka Have Some Sex In The   
Sexy Little Ladder Climber Fucks To   
Share My Cock 32006Newport Distributing  DRO
Share My Cock 72007Newport Distributing  DRO
Share My Cock 82007Newport Distributing  DRO
Share My Cock 92007Newport Distributing  DRO
Sluttier Than   
South American Rebecca Explains Her Case The Way She Knows   
Stuffed Petite 12009Newport Distributing  DRO
Stuffed Petite 22009Newport Distributing  DRO
Stuffed Petite 32009Newport Distributing  DRO
Stuffed Petite 52010Newport Distributing  DRO
Stuffed Petite 62011Newport Distributing  DRO
Sweet Baby   
Temp Must Be Short For   
Those Magic Four   
Throated 102007Northstar Associates  DRO
Throated 42005Overboard Video  DRO
Throated 52005Overboard Video  DRO
Tight As   
We Like Girls Who Challenge   
Where Did This Cutie Come   
Whitney Hardcore2006Brazzers Network 1 
Xmas Series: Fallon Love   
Xmas Series: Fallon West   
Xmas Series: Scarlet   
Yes We   

Titles in YELLOW are Webscenes; Blue are Bi/All-Male titles and Grey are compilations.

Movie Title Distributor Studio Year Rev Formats
Before They Were StarsOverboard Video2007 DRO
Best of 2009Overboard Video2010 DRO
I Scored a Soccer Mom 4Overboard Video2007 DRO
I Scored a Soccer Mom 6Overboard Video2008 DRO
I Scored a Soccer Mom 8DVSX2009 DRO
Love Your Tits 1Overboard Video2009 DRO
Meat My Ass 3Newport Distributing2006 DRO
Meat My Ass 4Newport Distributing2006 DRO
Meat My Ass 5Northstar Associates2007 DRO
Meat My Ass 6Northstar Associates2007 DRO
Meat My Ass 7Northstar Associates2007 DRO
Meat My Ass 8Northstar Associates2007 DRO
Meat My Ass 9Northstar Associates2007 DRO
Meet the Twins 10Newport Distributing2007 DRO
Meet the Twins 11Newport Distributing2008 DRO
Meet the Twins 12Newport Distributing2008 DRO
Meet the Twins 13Newport Distributing2008 DRO
Meet the Twins 15Overboard Video20091DRO
Meet the Twins 16Northstar Associates2009 DRO
Meet the Twins 2Newport Distributing2006 DRO
Meet the Twins 3Newport Distributing2006 DRO
Meet the Twins 4Newport Distributing2006 DRO
Meet the Twins 5Newport Distributing2006 DRO
Meet the Twins 6Newport Distributing2007 DRO
Meet the Twins 7Newport Distributing2007 DRO
Meet the Twins 8Newport Distributing2007 DRO
Meet the Twins 9Newport Distributing2007 DRO
Mommy Blows Best 1Overboard Video2009 DRO
Mommy Blows Best 2Overboard Video2009 DRO
Mommy Blows Best 3Overboard Video2009 DRO
Mommy Blows Best 4Overboard Video2010 DRO
Mommy Blows Best 5Overboard Video2010 DRO
Mommy Blows Best 6Overboard Video2010 DRO
Mommy Blows Best 7Overboard Video2010 DRO
My Dirty Angels 1Northstar Associates2006 DRO
My Dirty Angels 10Newport Distributing2007 DRO
My Dirty Angels 11Newport Distributing2008 DRO
My Dirty Angels 12Newport Distributing2008 DRO
My Dirty Angels 13 Newport Distributing2008 DRO
My Dirty Angels 14Newport Distributing2008 DRO
My Dirty Angels 15Overboard Video2009 DRO
My Dirty Angels 16Overboard Video2009 DRO
My Dirty Angels 17Overboard Video2009 DRO
My Dirty Angels 19Overboard Video2010 DRO
My Dirty Angels 3Northstar Associates2006 DRO
My Dirty Angels 4Northstar Associates2006 DRO
My Dirty Angels 5Newport Distributing2006 DRO
My Dirty Angels 6Newport Distributing2007 DRO
My Dirty Angels 7Newport Distributing2007 DRO
My Dirty Angels 8Newport Distributing2007 DRO
My Dirty Angels 9Newport Distributing2007 DRO
Only Teen Blowjobs 1Overboard Video2009 DRO
Only Teen Blowjobs 10Overboard Video2010 DRO
Only Teen Blowjobs 11Overboard Video2010 DRO
Only Teen Blowjobs 12Overboard Video2010 DRO
Only Teen Blowjobs 13Overboard Video2010 DRO
Only Teen Blowjobs 16Overboard Video2011 DRO
Only Teen Blowjobs 17Overboard Video2011 DRO
Only Teen Blowjobs 19Overboard Video2012 DRO
Only Teen Blowjobs 2Overboard Video2009 DRO
Only Teen Blowjobs 3DVSX20091DRO
Only Teen Blowjobs 4Overboard Video2009 DRO
Only Teen Blowjobs 5Overboard Video2009 DRO
Only Teen Blowjobs 6Overboard Video2009 DRO
Only Teen Blowjobs 7Overboard Video2009 DRO
Only Teen Blowjobs 8Overboard Video2010 DRO
Only Teen Blowjobs 9Overboard Video2010 DRO
Paste My Face 10Newport Distributing2008 DRO
Paste My Face 11Newport Distributing2008 DRO
Paste My Face 12Newport Distributing2008 DRO
Paste My Face 13DVSX2008 DRO
Paste My Face 14Overboard Video2009 DRO
Paste My Face 15Overboard Video2010 D
Paste My Face 16Overboard Video2010 DRO
Paste My Face 17Overboard Video2010 DRO
Paste My Face 2Newport Distributing2006 DRO
Paste My Face 22Overboard Video2011 DRO
Paste My Face 3Newport Distributing2006 DRO
Paste My Face 4Newport Distributing2006 DRO
Paste My Face 6Newport Distributing2007 DRO
Paste My Face 7Newport Distributing2007 DRO
Paste My Face 8Newport Distributing2007 DRO
Share My Cock 2Newport Distributing2006 DRO
Share My Cock 3Newport Distributing2006 DRO
Share My Cock 4Newport Distributing2006 DRO
Share My Cock 5Newport Distributing2007 DRO
Share My Cock 6Newport Distributing2007 DRO
Share My Cock 7Newport Distributing2007 DRO
Share My Cock 8Newport Distributing2007 DRO
Share My Cock 9Newport Distributing2007 DRO
Stuffed Petite 1Newport Distributing2009 DRO
Stuffed Petite 2Newport Distributing2009 DRO
Stuffed Petite 3Newport Distributing2009 DRO
Stuffed Petite 4Newport Distributing2009 DRO
Stuffed Petite 5Newport Distributing2010 DRO
Stuffed Petite 6Newport Distributing2011 DRO
Teen HeartbreakersOverboard Video2009 DRO
Throated 10Northstar Associates2007 DRO
Throated 11Newport Distributing2007 DRO
Throated 12Newport Distributing2007 DRO
Throated 13Newport Distributing2007 DRO
Throated 14Newport Distributing2008 DRO
Throated 15Newport Distributing2008 DRO
Throated 16Overboard Video2008 DRO
Throated 17Overboard Video2009 DRO
Throated 18Overboard Video2009 DRO
Throated 19Overboard Video2009 DRO
Throated 20Overboard Video2009 DRO
Throated 21Overboard Video2009 DRO
Throated 22Overboard Video2009 DRO
Throated 23Overboard Video2009 DRO
Throated 24Overboard Video20101DRO
Throated 25Overboard Video2010 DRO
Throated 26Overboard Video2010 DO
Throated 27Overboard Video2010 DRO
Throated 28Overboard Video2010 DRO
Throated 29Overboard Video2010 DRO
Throated 4Overboard Video2005 DRO
Throated 5Overboard Video2005 DRO
Throated 8Newport Distributing2006 DRO