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March 18, 1964 (55 years old)




Bronx, New York, Ny 

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XBiz Awards

Nominee: Director of the Year - Non-Feature Release, Pool Party at Seymore's 3: The Sext Generation (2012)

Titles in YELLOW are Webscenes; Blue are Bi/All-Male titles and Grey are compilations.

Movie Title Distributor Studio Year Rev Formats
"T" for TushySeymore Butts2006 DO
Adventures of Seymore ButtsFactory Home Video19921DRO
All Star Party PoopersSeymore Butts20071DO
America's Got AssSeymore Butts20061DO
American Tushy 1Ultimate Video19964DO
American Tushy 2Seymore Butts20011DO
Amsterdam Experience 1Seymore Butts2000  
Anal ExpressSeymore Butts20054DO
Anal InterpreterSeymore Butts20051DO
Anal LifeSeymore Butts20061DO
Anal PrincessSeymore Butts20034DO
Anal RetrospectiveSeymore Butts20091DO
Anal Surprise PartySeymore Butts20042DRO
Anal vs. OralSeymore Butts20081DO
Anus RetentusSeymore Butts2008 DO
AnusthesiaSeymore Butts20041DO
Ass FarmerPure Play Media20071DO
Ass Good Ass It GetsSeymore Butts20061DRO
Assgasms 2Seymore Butts19993DO
Assholes Always WelcomePure Play Media20152DRO
AsshuntSeymore Butts20066DO
AsstravaganzaSeymore Butts20015DRO
Attack of the Squirting SuccubuttsSeymore Butts2012 DO
Backdoor ReviewSeymore Butts20081D
Backdoor to Buttsville 1Seymore Butts19953DRO
Backdoor to Buttsville 2Seymore Butts20001DRO
Banana SplitsSeymore Butts2013 DO
Behind the Sphinc DoorSeymore Butts19974DO
Best of Bunghole FeverSeymore Butts19994DO
Big Boobs in ButtsvilleUltimate Video19975DO
Blasst OffSeymore Butts20072DO
Blondes Have More Anal FunSeymore Butts20052DO
Blow MeSeymore Butts19982DRO
Blue Ribbon Butt Fucks 1Seymore Butts20061DRO
Blue Ribbon Butt Fucks 2Seymore Butts2007 O
Blue Ribbon Butt Fucks 3Seymore Butts20071DO
Blue Ribbon Butt Fucks 4Seymore Butts20071DO
Blue Ribbon Butt Fucks 5Seymore Butts20072DO
Bottom FeedersSeymore Butts20052DRO
British are ComingSeymore Butts20044DO
Brooklyn Egg Cream On The RoxxxPure Play Media2012 DO
Brunettes Have More Anal FunSeymore Butts20052DO
Bustin Out My Best AnalFactory Home Video19951DRO
Bustin' Out My BestFactory Home Video1994 DO
Butt Pirates of the CaribbeanSeymore Butts20055DO
Butt Watch 4Factory Home Video1994  
Butt Watch 5Factory Home Video1994  
Butt Watch 6Factory Home Video1995  
Butt Watch 7Factory Home Video1995  
Buttfucked with StylleSeymore Butts2004 DRO
Buttholes Are ForeverSeymore Butts19983DO
Christmas OrgySeymore Butts19983DRO
Cirque Du Hole-ASeymore Butts20132DRO
CrackedPure Play Media20051DRO
Dairyere The MooviePure Play Media2012 DRO
Deep Behind the Scenes with Seymore Butts 1Ultimate Video19964 
Deep Behind the Scenes with Seymore Butts 2Ultimate Video19963O
Deep TushSeymore Butts2005 DO
Demi Does AnalPure Play Media2007 DO
Dinner Party 2Adam & Eve19967DRO
Do It Yourself PornSeymore Butts2007 DO
Don't Look Now But There's a Cock in Your AssPure Play Media20081O
Female Ejaculation ReviewSeymore Butts20034DO
Finding TushylandSeymore Butts20041DO
Flower PowerSeymore Butts20052DO
Gapes of WrathSeymore Butts20006DO
Gluteus To The MaximusSeymore Butts19978DRO
Happy Fucking BirthdaySeymore Butts20061DRO
High From EuropeSeymore Butts19992DRO
Hollywood Honeys 1Vidco Entertainment1982  
House of Ass (II)Seymore Butts20051DO
How Could I Forget That AssholeSeymore Butts20081DO
How to Eat Pussy Like a ChampSeymore Butts2008 DRO
I Did Her My WaySeymore Butts20051DO
I'll Toss Your Salad If You Butter My BunsSeymore Butts20072DO
International TushySeymore Butts20032DRO
Internet TushySeymore Butts20016DO
It's Raining Tushy GirlsSeymore Butts20034DRO
Jamaican Me HornySeymore Butts20036DRO
Jenna 9.5Seymore Butts20072DO
Knocking at Heaven's BackdoorSeymore Butts19993DRO
Lip ServiceSeymore Butts20041DO
Merry Fucking ChristmasSeymore Butts19981DRO
MILF KabobSeymore Butts2012 DRO
Mission to UranusSeymore Butts20005DRO
Missy-BEhavin'Seymore Butts20081DRO
Monkey BusinessUltimate Video19964DRO
More Than a Touch of KlassSeymore Butts20031DO
Musical TushiesUltimate Video19972DRO
My Travels With The TrampFactory Home Video19932DRO
New Tush in TownSeymore Butts19982DRO
Only the Best of Seymore Butts 1Seymore Butts20012DRO
Only the Best of Seymore Butts 10Seymore Butts2002  
Only the Best of Seymore Butts 2Seymore Butts20011DO
Only the Best of Seymore Butts 3Seymore Butts20011DRO
Only the Best of Seymore Butts 4Seymore Butts20011DO
Only the Best of Seymore Butts 5Seymore Butts20012DO
Only the Best of Seymore Butts 6Seymore Butts20012DRO
Only the Best of Seymore Butts 7Seymore Butts20012DO
Only the Best of Seymore Butts 8Seymore Butts20011DO
Only the Best of Seymore Butts 9Seymore Butts20023DRO
OrgasmaticSeymore Butts19985DO
Paranormal Cracktivity 2Seymore Butts2012 DO
Paranormal Cracktivity: Haunted MILFsSeymore Butts2012 DRO
Party at Butts PlacePure Play Media20062DO
Performing AssSeymore Butts20032DRO
Poetic Just-assSeymore Butts20022DRO
Pool Party at Seymore's 1Ultimate Video19952DRO
Pool Party at Seymore's 2Ultimate Video19953DO
Pool Party at Seymore's 3: The Sext GenerationPure Play Media2012 DRO
Redheads Have More Anal FunPure Play Media2004 DO
Romancing the ButtholePure Play Media2008 DO
Rump RiderPure Play Media20072DO
Seed of SeymoreSeymore Butts20041DO
Seymore and Shane do IrelandFactory Home Video19943DO
Seymore and Shane Live on TourUltimate Video19952DO
Seymore and Shane Meet Kathy Willets the Naughty NymphUltimate Video19942DR
Seymore and Shane Mount TiffanyFactory Home Video19942DO
Seymore and Shane on the LooseFactory Home Video19941DO
Seymore and Shane Playing with FireUltimate Video19942DRO
Seymore Butts and His Mystery GirlFactory Home Video19931DO
Seymore Butts and the Girls Who Gobble GooSunshine Films2002 DO
Seymore Butts and the HoneymoonersFactory Home Video19921DRO
Seymore Butts Does Europe 1Seymore Butts19973DRO
Seymore Butts Does Europe 2Seymore Butts19972DRO
Seymore Butts Goes Deep Inside ShaneFactory Home Video19941DRO
Seymore Butts Goes NutsFactory Home Video19941DO
Seymore Butts in ParadiseFactory Home Video19932DO
Seymore Butts in the Love ShackFactory Home Video19921DRO
Seymore Butts Interactive 1: The Interactive Adventures of Seymore ButtsNew Machine Publishing1993  
Seymore Butts Interactive 2: In Pursuit of PleasureNew Machine Publishing19942D
Seymore Butts is Blown AwayFactory Home Video1993 DO
Seymore Butts Meets the Cumback BratFactory Home Video1993 DO
Seymore Butts Meets the Pure Pleasure GirlsSunshine Films19971 
Seymore Butts Meets the Tushy GirlsSeymore Butts19974DO
Seymore Butts Rides AgainFactory Home Video19921D
Seymore Butts SwingsFactory Home Video19931DRO
Seymore Butts' Does ExxxoticaPure Play Media2012 DO
Seymore's Squirters 1Ultimate Video19963 
Seymore's Squirters 2Seymore Butts20001R
Shane SuperstarSeymore Butts1998 DRO
ShhwingPure Play Media20063DO
Slippin In Through The OutdoorUltimate Video19965DO
Sphincter ChroniclesPure Play Media20062DRO
Squirting Sophie Gaping GwenPure Play Media20081DRO
Strictly BusinASSSeymore Butts20034DRO
Table For 3Seymore Butts20062O
Tag Team TushySeymore Butts2012 DRO
Tampa Tushy Fest 1Seymore Butts19983DRO
Tampa Tushy Fest 2Seymore Butts19983DO
Taylor Hayes Anal All-StarSeymore Butts19993 
Taylor Hayes Squirting Anal All Star 2Seymore Butts2000  
There Was An English Lass Who Loved Cock up Her AssSeymore Butts20041DO
There's Something About MariSeymore Butts20081DO
Thighs Wide OpenSeymore Butts19993DO
Think SphincSeymore Butts19983DO
Three's CumpanySeymore Butts20011DRO
Tight SqueezeSeymore Butts19991DRO
Tongue in CheeksSeymore Butts2003 DRO
TunnelvisionSeymore Butts20002DRO
Tushy AnyoneSeymore Butts19992DRO
Tushy Anyone 2Pure Play Media20154DRO
Tushy Bowl 2001Seymore Butts20015DO
Tushy Con Carne 1Seymore Butts19992DO
Tushy Con Carne 2Seymore Butts19991DO
Tushy Girl LostSeymore Butts20002DRO
Tushy Girl Video Magazine 1Seymore Butts20004DO
Tushy Girl Video Magazine 2Seymore Butts20011 
Tushy Girl Video Magazine 3Seymore Butts20011D
Tushy Girl Video Magazine 4Seymore Butts20012 
Tushy Girls LiveSeymore Butts19983DO
Tushy Girls Play BallSeymore Butts19982DO
Tushy Girls Slumber PartySeymore Butts19982DO
Tushy HeavenSeymore Butts19983DRO
Tushy Tahitian StylePure Play Media19983DRO
Uranus or BustSeymore Butts20043DO
War Of The GirlsPure Play Media2005 DO
Welcum to Casa Butts 1Seymore Butts20025DO
Welcum to Casa Butts 2Seymore Butts20052DO
Where The Sun Don't ShineSeymore Butts20035D
Wise CracksSeymore Butts2001 DRO
Young BunsSeymore Butts20012DRO