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David John, Sammi Mancini, Sammy Mancini

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David John, Sammi Mancini, Sammy Mancini


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AVN Awards

Nominee: Best Director: Non-Feature, Goo Girls 10 (2002)
Nominee: Best Director: Parody, Addams Family: An Exquisite Films Parody (2011)

CAVR Awards

Winner: Hottest Director


Nominee: Best Transsexual Director
Nominee: Best TS Director

Sex Awards

Nominee: Favorite Director

Tranny Awards

Nominee: Best DVD Director
Nominee: Best DVD Director
Nominee: Best Director
Winner: Best Photographer
Winner: Lifetime Achievement Award
Nominee: Best DVD Director
Nominee: Best Scene Director

Transgender Erotica Awards Show

Nominee: Best DVD Director
Nominee: Best DVD Director
Nominee: Best Scene Producer
Nominee: Best Scene Producer
Nominee: Best Photographer
Nominee: Best Scene Producer
Nominee: Best Photographer
Nominee: Best Scene Producer

XBiz Awards

Nominee: Transsexual Director of the Year
Nominee: Trans Director of the Year

Titles in YELLOW are Webscenes; Blue are Bi/All-Male titles and Grey are compilations.

Movie Title Distributor Studio Year Rev Formats
Acadia Veneer 2Shemale Strokers2014 O
Addams Family: An Exquisite Films ParodyExquisite20111DRO
Addy Rose 2Shemale Strokers2014 O
African Angels 2Rodnievision2017 DRO
Alia and CassandraRodney Moore Clips2016 O
Alia Janine 2Rodney Moore Clips2016 O
Alia Janine 3Rodney Moore Clips2016 O
AlixRodnievision2016 O
Allanah Starr 2Shemale Strokers2014 O
Allanah Starr 4Shemale Strokers2014 O
Allysin EmbersRodney Moore Clips2016  
Annalise RoseShemale Strokers2014 O
Annalise Rose 2Shemale Strokers2014 O
Annalise Rose 3Shemale Strokers2014 O
Annalise Rose 4Shemale Strokers2014 O
Annalise Rose 6Shemale Strokers2014 O
Ariel MandingoShemale Strokers2014 O
AshleyShemale Strokers2014 O
Ashley Adams (II)Rodney Moore Clips2015  
Aubrey KateShemale Strokers2014 O
Aubrey Starr 2Shemale Strokers2014  
Aurora SummersShemale Strokers2014  
Bam Bam 2Shemale Strokers2014 O
Bambi Prescott 2Shemale Strokers2014 O
Bambi Prescott 3Shemale Strokers2014 O
Bang My Tranny Ass 1Exquisite20071DRO
Bang My Tranny Ass 10Exquisite2012 DRO
Bang My Tranny Ass 11Exquisite2013 DRO
Bang My Tranny Ass 12Exquisite2013 DRO
Bang My Tranny Ass 14Exquisite2016 DRO
Bang My Tranny Ass 15Exquisite2017 DRO
Bang My Tranny Ass 2Exquisite2008 DRO
Bang My Tranny Ass 3Exquisite2009 DRO
Bang My Tranny Ass 4Exquisite20091DRO
Bang My Tranny Ass 5Exquisite2010 DRO
Bang My Tranny Ass 6Exquisite2010 DRO
Bang My Tranny Ass 7Exquisite2010 DRO
Bang My Tranny Ass 8Exquisite2011 DRO
Bang My Tranny Ass 9Exquisite2011 DRO
BarbieShemale Strokers2014 O
Barbie WoodsShemale Strokers2014 O
BeckyShemale Strokers2014 O
Big Black Bad Ass Battering RamsMancini2013 DRO
Big Black Bad Ass Battering Rams 2Mancini20141DO
Big Booty Babe'sExquisite20071DRO
Black Casting Couch 1Wicked Pictures1994 O
Black Casting Couch 2Wicked Pictures1994 DO
Black Tranny Whackers 1Rodnievision2006 DRO
Black Tranny Whackers 10Rodnievision2009 DRO
Black Tranny Whackers 11Rodnievision2009 DRO
Black Tranny Whackers 12Rodnievision2009 DRO
Black Tranny Whackers 13Rodnievision2010 DRO
Black Tranny Whackers 14Rodnievision2011 DRO
Black Tranny Whackers 15Exquisite2012 DRO
Black Tranny Whackers 16Exquisite2011 DRO
Black Tranny Whackers 17Exquisite2012 DRO
Black Tranny Whackers 18Exquisite2012 DRO
Black Tranny Whackers 19Exquisite2012 DRO
Black Tranny Whackers 2Rodnievision2006 DRO
Black Tranny Whackers 20Exquisite2013 DRO
Black Tranny Whackers 21Exquisite2013 DRO
Black Tranny Whackers 22Exquisite2013 DRO
Black Tranny Whackers 23Exquisite2014 DRO
Black Tranny Whackers 24Exquisite2014 DRO
Black Tranny Whackers 25Exquisite2014 DRO
Black Tranny Whackers 26Exquisite20141DRO
Black Tranny Whackers 27Exquisite20151DRO
Black Tranny Whackers 28Exquisite2015 DRO
Black Tranny Whackers 29Exquisite2015 DO
Black Tranny Whackers 3Exquisite2006 DRO
Black Tranny Whackers 30Exquisite2016 DRO
Black Tranny Whackers 31Rodnievision2016 DRO
Black Tranny Whackers 4Rodnievision2007 DRO
Black Tranny Whackers 5Rodnievision2007 DRO
Black Tranny Whackers 7Rodnievision2007 DRO
Black Tranny Whackers 8Rodnievision2008 DRO
Black Tranny Whackers 9Rodnievision2008 DRO
BlastrovanExquisite2003 DO
Blastrovan 2Exquisite2003 DRO
Blastrovan 3Exquisite20041DRO
Body DoubleVideo Alternatives1992  
Brianna MeathookShemale Strokers2014  
Britney Markham 10Shemale Strokers2014 O
BrookeShemale Strokers2014  
BrownieShemale Strokers2014 O
Candy SweetsShemale Strokers2014 O
Carla TavaresShemale Strokers2014 O
Cat Tayler 2Shemale Strokers2014  
Cece ValenRodney Moore Clips2016  
Chanel CoutureShemale Strokers2014 O
Chanel SantiniRodney Moore Clips2016  
ChastityShemale Strokers2014 O
Chelsea and ChanceShemale Strokers2014  
Chelsea Marie 2Shemale Strokers2014  
Chocolate Honeys 1Exquisite2003 DRO
Chocolate Honeys 2Exquisite20041DRO
Chocolate Honeys 3Exquisite20041DRO
Chocolate Honeys 4Exquisite2004 DRO
Chocolate Honeys 5Exquisite2005 DRO
Chocolate Honeys 6Exquisite2006 DRO
Chocolate Honeys 7Exquisite20071DRO
Chocolate Honeys 8Rodnievision2014 DRO
Cleo 2Shemale Strokers2014 O
Creme De La Face 1Odyssey19945 
Creme De La Face 10: Cum DomeOdyssey19951 
Creme De La Face 11: Cum PlasteredOdyssey1995  
Creme De La Face 12: Pretty Face To Cum OnOdyssey19961 
Creme De La Face 13: Nine Nasty NymphsOdyssey19961 
Creme De La Face 14: Ten Tasty TrollopsOdyssey19961 
Creme De La Face 15: Showroom SexOdyssey19961 
Creme De La Face 16: Eight Ladies LickingOdyssey19961 
Creme De La Face 17: Semen For SevenOdyssey19961 
Creme De La Face 18: Cum MopsOdyssey19971 
Creme De La Face 19: Brush After MealOdyssey19972 
Creme De La Face 2Odyssey1994 D
Creme De La Face 20Odyssey1997  
Creme De La Face 21: Boats Babes and BlowjobsOdyssey19973 
Creme De La Face 22: Seattle Semen SippersOdyssey19971 
Creme De La Face 23: 8 Dolls And A DykeOdyssey19972 
Creme De La Face 24: Tarts And TummiesOdyssey19982 
Creme De La Face 25: Silver Spunk AnniversaryOdyssey19982 
Creme De La Face 26: Home Cookin' WhoresOdyssey19984 
Creme De La Face 27: Sure I'll Blow YaOdyssey19982 
Creme De La Face 28: How to Suck-seed and Give HeadOdyssey19981 
Creme De La Face 29: You Want To What On My Face?Odyssey19982 
Creme De La Face 3: Caught in the MiddleOdyssey19941DO
Creme De La Face 30: Cum to My PottyOdyssey19992 
Creme De La Face 31: Breasts Money Can BuyOdyssey19991 
Creme De La Face 32: Over 500 ServedOdyssey19994 
Creme De La Face 33: Twins, Tarts & TushiesOdyssey19991 
Creme De La Face 34: Let's Get WetOdyssey19992 
Creme De La Face 35: Cheap ThrillsOdyssey19991 
Creme De La Face 36: Spiraling SpunkOdyssey19991 
Creme De La Face 37: Power to the PenisOdyssey19991 
Creme De La Face 38: The Rodney ShowOdyssey19991 
Creme De La Face 39: Tub TartsOdyssey19991 
Creme De La Face 4: Got Her WetOdyssey1995 DR
Creme De La Face 40Odyssey19991 
Creme De La Face 41: Seven Multicultural Sluts And A Fat GirlOdyssey20001 
Creme De La Face 42: Lai Lady LaiOdyssey2000 O
Creme De La Face 43: Dinner And DesertOdyssey2000  
Creme De La Face 44: Cream RinseOdyssey20001 
Creme De La Face 45: Hot LicksOdyssey20001 
Creme De La Face 46: Juice and Goo BarOdyssey20002DRO
Creme De La Face 47: Getting It Good And GooedOdyssey20001DRO
Creme De La Face 48: Pretty In PinkOdyssey20002DRO
Creme De La Face 49: Nookie NinersOdyssey20001DRO
Creme De La Face 5: Just For The Cum Of ItOdyssey19951D
Creme De La Face 50: Golden Goo AnniversaryOdyssey2000 DRO
Creme De La Face 6: All Kinds Of Girls Love CumOdyssey1995 DO
Creme De La Face 7: Cumming on a Face Near YouOdyssey1995  
Creme De La Face 8: Want A Blow JobOdyssey1995  
Creme De La Face 9: Princess Of CreamOdyssey19951 
Cum BunniesBlue Coral Video19961DRO
Cum CutiesUnknown1998 DR
Cum for DinnerBlue Coral Video19951O
Cum QuartsL.B.O. Entertainment19961 
Cum StoppersLegend Video19971DO
Cum Stoppers 10Legend Video19981 
Cum Stoppers 11Legend Video19982 
Cum Stoppers 12Legend Video19982 
Cum Stoppers 13Legend Video19982 
Cum Stoppers 14Legend Video19981 
Cum Stoppers 15Visual Images1998  
Cum Stoppers 16Visual Images19982 
Cum Stoppers 17Odyssey1999  
Cum Stoppers 18Odyssey1999 O
Cum Stoppers 19Odyssey19991O
Cum Stoppers 2Legend Video19972DO
Cum Stoppers 3Legend Video19972DRO
Cum Stoppers 4Legend Video19971 
Cum Stoppers 5Legend Video19971 
Cum Stoppers 6Legend Video19972O
Cum Stoppers 7Legend Video19971 
Cum Stoppers 8Legend Video19971 
Cum Stoppers 9Legend Video19981 
Cum to Drink of ItBlue Coral Video1996 DRO
CUM TVNitro Productions1996 DO
Cumm Brothers 1Odyssey1993 D
Cumm Brothers 10: Night of the Giving HeadOdyssey1995  
Cumm Brothers 11: Oh Cum On Ye FacesOdyssey19952 
Cumm Brothers 12: Two Goos For Every GirlOdyssey1995  
Cumm Brothers 13: Rump RangersOdyssey19961 
Cumm Brothers 14: Butt DraftOdyssey1996  
Cumm Brothers 15: Hot Primal SexOdyssey19961 
Cumm Brothers 16: Deja GooOdyssey19961 
Cumm Brothers 17: Goo Guy, Gone BadOdyssey19961 
Cumm Brothers 18: Cummin UngoedOdyssey19963 
Cumm Brothers 19: The Devil Made Me Goo ItOdyssey19961 
Cumm Brothers 2: Goin to a Ho DownOdyssey19941D
Cumm Brothers 20: Cardio CumOdyssey19972 
Cumm Brothers 21: Return of the Cumm BrothersOdyssey19993 
Cumm Brothers 22: Mo Goo Guy PantiesOdyssey19991 
Cumm Brothers 23: Going To GooberryOdyssey1999  
Cumm Brothers 3: The Boys Go To Traffic SchoolOdyssey19941D
Cumm Brothers 4: Laid Off And LaidOdyssey1994 D
Cumm Brothers 6: Hook Line And SphincterOdyssey1995 DR
Cumm Brothers 8: Escape From UranusOdyssey19952 
Cumm Brothers 9: Chewin' The BushOdyssey1995  
Cumm Sistas 1Odyssey19971 
Cumm Sistas 2Odyssey19972 
Cumm Sistas 3Odyssey19982 
Cumm Sistas 4Odyssey19982 
Cumm Sistas 5Odyssey19981 
Cumm Sistas 6Odyssey19991 
Cumm Sistas 7Odyssey20021 
Cummin' 'Round the MountainBlue Coral Video1996  
Cuntesses Of Monte CriscoRaw Silk1997  
Daddy Likes 'Em FattyRodnievision20151DRO
Daddy Likes 'Em Fatty 2Rodnievision20151DRO
Daddy Likes 'Em Fatty 3Rodnievision20151DRO
Daddy Likes 'em Fatty 4Rodnievision2016 DRO
Daddy Likes 'Em Fatty 5Rodnievision2017 DRO
Daddy Likes 'Em Fatty 6Rodnievision2017 DRO
DamitaShemale Strokers2014 O
Damn You're HairyRodnievision2015 DRO
Damn You're Hairy 2Rodnievision2015 DRO
Damn You're Hairy 3Rodnievision2015 DRO
Damn You're Hairy 4Rodnievision2015 DRO
Damn You're Hairy 5Rodnievision2018 DO
Danielle Foxxx 3Shemale Strokers2014 O
Danni DanielsShemale Strokers2014 O
Deep Clean CumRodney Moore Clips2015  
Demii D. BestShemale Strokers2014  
DesireShemale Strokers2014 DO
DiamondShemale Strokers2014 O
Diamond YummShemale Strokers2014  
Different Strokes 1: Drool Job PlanetOdyssey19993DO
Different Strokes 10: Strippers Suckers And SlutsOdyssey20002D
Different Strokes 11: Boneward BoundOdyssey20011 
Different Strokes 12: Real Behind the ScenesOdyssey20011 
Different Strokes 13: What's Up PussycatOdyssey2001  
Different Strokes 14: More Soaked SistasOdyssey2001  
Different Strokes 15: Bad Ass Bikini BabesOdyssey20011 
Different Strokes 16: Dark FantasiesOdyssey20021 
Different Strokes 17: Deviant DroolersOdyssey20021 
Different Strokes 18: Basement TapesOdyssey20021 
Different Strokes 2: Public Pop ShotsOdyssey19999DO
Different Strokes 3: Raw and UncutOdyssey19995DO
Different Strokes 4: Return To Drool Job PlanetOdyssey20003DO
Different Strokes 5: More Public Pop ShotsOdyssey20005DO
Different Strokes 6: Rodney's Birthday BlastOdyssey20002DRO
Different Strokes 7: Hooker Alley The MovieOdyssey20001DO
Different Strokes 8: Shoe Store SlutsOdyssey20001D
Different Strokes 9: Spunk Soaked SistasOdyssey20001 
Dirty Dating Service 1Wicked Pictures1993 DO
Dirty Dating Service 2Wicked Pictures1994 DO
Dirty Dating Service 3Wicked Pictures1994 DO
Dirty Dating Service 4Wicked Pictures1994 DO
Dirty Dating Service 5Wicked Pictures1994 DO
Dirty Dating Service 6Wicked Pictures19941DO
Dirty Dating Service 7Wicked Pictures1995  
Dominique's Bi AdventureStallion Video1995  
Donita RoseShemale Strokers2014 O
Elle St. ClaireShemale Strokers2014 O
EmeraldShemale Strokers2014 O
Eva Cassini 2Shemale Strokers2014 O
Fantasy Flings 1Wicked Pictures1994 O
Fantasy Flings 2Wicked Pictures1994 O
Fantasy Flings 3Wicked Pictures1995 DRO
Final CumquestSeduction19991DO
FoxyShemale Strokers2014 O
FranchezkaShemale Strokers2014 O
GabriellShemale Strokers2014 O
Gabriell 2Shemale Strokers2014 O
Gang Bang Diaries 5Silver Foxx Productions1994 D
Gang Bang VirginFilmco Releasing1995  
Gina HartShemale Strokers2014 O
Gina Hart 2Shemale Strokers2014 O
Gina Hart 3Shemale Strokers2014 O
Girls Just Wanna Have CumOdyssey1995 DRO
Goo Girls 1Odyssey20011DRO
Goo Girls 10Odyssey2002 DRO
Goo Girls 11Odyssey2002 DRO
Goo Girls 12Exquisite20031DRO
Goo Girls 13Exquisite2003 DRO
Goo Girls 14Exquisite20031DRO
Goo Girls 15Exquisite20041DRO
Goo Girls 16Exquisite20041DRO
Goo Girls 17Exquisite20052DRO
Goo Girls 18Exquisite2005 DRO
Goo Girls 19Exquisite2005 DRO
Goo Girls 2Odyssey20011DRO
Goo Girls 20Exquisite2005 DRO
Goo Girls 21Exquisite20061DRO
Goo Girls 22Exquisite20062DRO
Goo Girls 23Exquisite20061DRO
Goo Girls 24Rodnievision2007 DRO
Goo Girls 25Rodnievision20071DRO
Goo Girls 26Rodnievision20071DRO
Goo Girls 27Rodnievision20072DRO
Goo Girls 28Rodnievision20082DRO
Goo Girls 29Rodnievision20081DRO
Goo Girls 3Odyssey2001 DRO
Goo Girls 30Rodnievision2008 DRO
Goo Girls 31Rodnievision2008 DRO
Goo Girls 32Rodnievision20092DRO
Goo Girls 33Rodnievision20091DRO
Goo Girls 34Rodnievision2009 DRO
Goo Girls 35Rodnievision2009 DRO
Goo Girls 36Rodnievision2010 DRO
Goo Girls 37Rodnievision2010 DRO
Goo Girls 38Rodnievision2010 DRO
Goo Girls 39Rodnievision2010 DRO
Goo Girls 4Odyssey20011DRO
Goo Girls 40Rodnievision20101DRO
Goo Girls 41Rodnievision2011 DRO
Goo Girls 5Odyssey20011DRO
Goo Girls 6Odyssey20013DRO
Goo Girls 7Odyssey20021DRO
Goo Girls 8Odyssey20021DRO
Goo Girls 9Odyssey20021DRO
Goo Tastes GoodRodnievision2014 DRO
Goo Tastes Good 10Rodnievision2018 DO
Goo Tastes Good 11Rodnievision2018 DO
Goo Tastes Good 2Rodnievision2014 DRO
Goo Tastes Good 3Rodnievision2014 DRO
Goo Tastes Good 4Rodnievision2015 DRO
Goo Tastes Good 5Rodnievision2015 DRO
Goo Tastes Good 6Rodnievision2015 DRO
Goo Tastes Good 7Rodnievision2016 DRO
Goo Tastes Good 8Rodnievision2016 DRO
Goo Tastes Good 9Rodnievision2017 DRO
Hailey Kensington 2Shemale Strokers2014  
Hairy Girls in Love 1Odyssey2000  
Hairy Girls in Love 2Odyssey2001  
Hairy Girls On VacationRodnievision1997  
Hairy Girls On Vacation 2Rodnievision1998  
Hairy HillbilliesOdyssey2001  
Hairy Hippie ChicksOdyssey20022DO
Hairy Hippie Chicks 2Odyssey2002 DRO
HannahShemale Strokers20141O
Hard Cum CafeBlue Coral Video1995 D
Hard To Swallow 1X-traordinary19971DO
Hard To Swallow 2X-traordinary19984DO
Hard To Swallow 3X-traordinary1998  
Hazel Tucker 6Shemale Strokers2014  
Hazel Tucker 7Shemale Strokers2014 O
Heather TowersShemale Strokers2014 O
Holly HarlowShemale Strokers2014 O
Horny Hairy Girls 1Avalon Enterprises2000 DRO
Horny Hairy Girls 10Odyssey20021DRO
Horny Hairy Girls 11Odyssey20021DRO
Horny Hairy Girls 12Odyssey20023DRO
Horny Hairy Girls 13Exquisite20031DRO
Horny Hairy Girls 14Exquisite20031DRO
Horny Hairy Girls 15Exquisite20031DRO
Horny Hairy Girls 16Exquisite20041DRO
Horny Hairy Girls 17Rodnievision20041DRO
Horny Hairy Girls 18Rodnievision2004 DO
Horny Hairy Girls 19Rodnievision2004 DRO
Horny Hairy Girls 2Avalon Enterprises20001DRO
Horny Hairy Girls 20Rodnievision2005 DRO
Horny Hairy Girls 21Rodnievision2006 DRO
Horny Hairy Girls 22Rodnievision20061DRO
Horny Hairy Girls 23Rodnievision20061DRO
Horny Hairy Girls 24Exquisite2006 DRO
Horny Hairy Girls 25Exquisite2007 DRO
Horny Hairy Girls 26Exquisite2007 DRO
Horny Hairy Girls 27Exquisite2008 DRO
Horny Hairy Girls 28Exquisite2008 DRO
Horny Hairy Girls 29Exquisite2008 DRO
Horny Hairy Girls 3Odyssey20011DRO
Horny Hairy Girls 30Exquisite20082DRO
Horny Hairy Girls 31Exquisite2009 DRO
Horny Hairy Girls 32Exquisite20091DRO
Horny Hairy Girls 33Exquisite2009 DRO
Horny Hairy Girls 34Exquisite2009 DRO
Horny Hairy Girls 35Exquisite2009 DRO
Horny Hairy Girls 36Exquisite2009 DRO
Horny Hairy Girls 37Exquisite2010 DRO
Horny Hairy Girls 38Exquisite2010 DRO
Horny Hairy Girls 39Exquisite2010 DRO
Horny Hairy Girls 4Odyssey20012DRO
Horny Hairy Girls 40Exquisite20111DRO
Horny Hairy Girls 41Rodnievision2011 DRO
Horny Hairy Girls 42Rodnievision2011 DRO
Horny Hairy Girls 43Rodnievision2011 DRO
Horny Hairy Girls 45Rodnievision2012 DRO
Horny Hairy Girls 46Rodnievision2013 DRO
Horny Hairy Girls 47Rodnievision2013 DRO
Horny Hairy Girls 48Rodnievision2013 DRO
Horny Hairy Girls 49Rodnievision2013 DRO
Horny Hairy Girls 5Odyssey2001 DRO
Horny Hairy Girls 50Rodnievision2014 DRO
Horny Hairy Girls 51Rodnievision2014 DRO
Horny Hairy Girls 52Rodnievision2014 DRO
Horny Hairy Girls 53Exquisite2015 DRO
Horny Hairy Girls 54Rodnievision2015 DRO
Horny Hairy Girls 55Rodnievision2016 DRO
Horny Hairy Girls 56Rodnievision2016 DRO
Horny Hairy Girls 57Rodnievision2017 DRO
Horny Hairy Girls 58Rodnievision2017 DRO
Horny Hairy Girls 59Rodnievision2017 DRO
Horny Hairy Girls 6Odyssey2001 DO
Horny Hairy Girls 60Rodnievision2017 DRO
Horny Hairy Girls 7Odyssey20021DRO
Horny Hairy Girls 8Odyssey20021DRO
Horny Hairy Girls 9Odyssey20021DRO
Hospital WhoresTNT19971 
How To Get More Pussy 1Exquisite2002 DR
How To Get More Pussy 2Exquisite20033DRO
Howard Ramone's Bada Bimbos 1Odyssey20023 
Howard Ramone's Bada Bimbos 2Odyssey20024DRO
Howard Ramone's Bada Bimbos 3Odyssey20022DRO
Howard Ramone's Bada Bimbos 4Exquisite2003 DO
Howard Ramone's Bada Bimbos 5Exquisite20041DO
I Can't Believe I Fucked A ZombieRodnievision20113DRO
I Got My Ass Banged By a ShemaleExquisite2013 DRO
I Survived A Rodney BlastRodnievision2004 DR
I Survived a Rodney Blast 10Rodnievision2015 DRO
I Survived a Rodney Blast 11Rodnievision2015 DRO
I Survived a Rodney Blast 13Rodnievision2016 DRO
I Survived a Rodney Blast 14Rodnievision2016 DRO
I Survived A Rodney Blast 15Rodnievision2017 DRO
I Survived A Rodney Blast 16Rodnievision2017 DRO
I Survived A Rodney Blast 17Rodnievision2017 DRO
I Survived A Rodney Blast 18Rodnievision2017 DRO
I Survived A Rodney Blast 19Rodnievision2017 DRO
I Survived A Rodney Blast 2Rodnievision2004 D
I Survived A Rodney Blast 20Rodnievision2017 DRO
I Survived A Rodney Blast 21Exquisite2018 DRO
I Survived A Rodney Blast 22Rodnievision2018 DRO
I Survived A Rodney Blast 23Exquisite2018 DO
I Survived A Rodney Blast 24Exquisite2019 DO
I Survived A Rodney Blast 25Exquisite2019 DO
I Survived A Rodney Blast 3Rodnievision2004 DRO
I Survived A Rodney Blast 4Rodnievision2013 DRO
I Survived A Rodney Blast 5Rodnievision2013 DRO
I Survived A Rodney Blast 6Rodnievision2014 DRO
I Survived A Rodney Blast 7Rodnievision2014 DRO
I Survived a Rodney Blast 8Exquisite20151DRO
I Survived a Rodney Blast 9Exquisite20151DRO
I Swallow 1Odyssey19984DRO
I Swallow 10Odyssey20002DRO
I Swallow 11Odyssey20004DRO
I Swallow 12Odyssey20013DRO
I Swallow 13Odyssey20011 
I Swallow 14Odyssey20012DRO
I Swallow 15Odyssey20011DRO
I Swallow 16Odyssey20011DRO
I Swallow 17Odyssey20012DRO
I Swallow 18Odyssey20012 
I Swallow 19Odyssey20011DO
I Swallow 2Odyssey19995DRO
I Swallow 20Odyssey20021DRO
I Swallow 21Odyssey20023 
I Swallow 22Odyssey20021 
I Swallow 23Odyssey20022 
I Swallow 24Odyssey20021 
I Swallow 3Odyssey19993DRO
I Swallow 4Odyssey19992DRO
I Swallow 5Odyssey19997DRO
I Swallow 6Odyssey19992DRO
I Swallow 7Odyssey20002DRO
I Swallow 8Odyssey20002DRO
I Swallow 9Odyssey20005DRO
I've Got It Bad For Step DadRodnievision2015 DRO
I've Got It Bad For Step Dad 2Rodnievision2015 DRO
I've Got It Bad For Step Dad 3Rodnievision2016 DRO
I've Got It Bad For Step Dad 4Rodnievision2016 DRO
I've Got It Bad For Step Dad 5Rodnievision20161DRO
I've Got It Bad For Step Dad 6Rodnievision2017 DRO
I've Got It Bad For Step-Dad 7Exquisite2018 DO
IlaShemale Strokers2014  
India SummerRodnievision2016  
Jack U LaterL.B.O. Entertainment1996 O
Jack U Later 2L.B.O. Entertainment19961DO
Jade DowningShemale Strokers2014 O
Jaslyn LeeShemale Strokers2014 O
JasmineShemale Strokers2014 O
JeannineShemale Strokers2014 O
JennaShemale Strokers2014 O
Jenna 2Shemale Strokers2014  
JesseShemale Strokers2014 O
Jesse 7Shemale Strokers2014  
Jessica Fox 4Shemale Strokers2014 O
Jessica Fox 5Shemale Strokers2014 O
JoanaShemale Strokers2014 O
Joanna Jet 6Shemale Strokers2014 O
Jonnie Brightside 2Rodney Moore Clips2014 O
Jonnie Brightside 4Rodney Moore Clips2014  
Kandy Kane MattelShemale Strokers2014 O
Karma LongShemale Strokers2014  
Kaylashemalestrokers.com2014 O
Kayla And StellaRodnievision1998  
Kayla Biggs 2Shemale Strokers2014 O
Kayla Biggs 3Shemale Strokers2014  
Kelli Lox 2Shemale Strokers2014 O
Kelli Lox 4Shemale Strokers2014 O
KendraShemale Strokers2014 O
Keoshashemalestrokers.com2014 O
Khloe Hart 7Shemale Strokers2014 O
Khloe KockdashianShemale Strokers2014 O
Khloe Reyes 2Shemale Strokers2014 O
KimShemale Strokers2014 O
King KumL.B.O. Entertainment1996  
King Of StingNoose Video1998  
King Of Sting 2Noose Video1998  
King Of Sting 3Noose Video1998  
King Of Sting 4Noose Video2002  
Kirsten 2Shemale Strokers2014 O
KittyShemale Strokers2014  
Kitty DollShemale Strokers2014 O
Kitty Kaiti 2Shemale Strokers2014 O
Korra Del RioShemale Strokers2014  
Kourtney KissesShemale Strokers2014 O
La Cherry SpiceShemale Strokers2014 O
Lea SkyShemale Strokers2014 O
Leather ThornsShemale Strokers2014 O
LeelooShemale Strokers2014 O
Leg LustRaw Silk1997  
Lexa Harding 2Shemale Strokers2014 O
Luxury LoveShemale Strokers2014 O
Madison ExoticaShemale Strokers2014 O
Majorue Luvana 2Shemale Strokers2014 O
Malibu BarbieShemale Strokers2014 O
Mandingo MadnessRodnievision2007 DRO
Mandingo Madness 2Rodnievision20081DRO
Mandingo Madness 3Rodnievision2008 DRO
Mandingo Madness 4Rodnievision2013 DRO
MareeShemale Strokers2014 O
Marissa MinxRodney Moore Clips2017  
MartikaShemale Strokers2014 O
MelanieShemale Strokers2014 O
MiaShemale Strokers2014 DRO
Mia IsabellaShemale Strokers2014 DRO
Miami Lee 2Shemale Strokers2014 O
Michelle MichaelsShemale Strokers2014 O
MILF and Honey 1Rodnievision2006 DRO
MILF and Honey 10Rodnievision2009 DRO
MILF and Honey 11Rodnievision2009 DRO
MILF and Honey 12Rodnievision2009 DRO
MILF and Honey 13Rodnievision2010 DRO
MILF and Honey 14Exquisite2010 DRO
MILF and Honey 15Rodnievision2010 DRO
MILF and Honey 16Rodnievision2011 DRO
MILF and Honey 17Rodnievision2011 DRO
MILF and Honey 18Rodnievision2011 DRO
MILF and Honey 19Rodnievision2011 DRO
MILF and Honey 2Rodnievision2007 DRO
MILF and Honey 20Rodnievision2012 DRO
MILF and Honey 21Rodnievision2012 DRO
MILF and Honey 22Rodnievision2012 DRO
MILF and Honey 23Rodnievision20131DRO
MILF and Honey 24Rodnievision2013 DRO
MILF and Honey 25Rodnievision2013 DRO
MILF and Honey 26Rodnievision2014 DRO
MILF and Honey 27Rodnievision2017 DRO
MILF And Honey 28Rodnievision2018 DO
MILF and Honey 3Rodnievision20071DRO
MILF and Honey 4Rodnievision20071DRO
MILF and Honey 5Rodnievision2007 DRO
MILF and Honey 6Rodnievision20071DRO
MILF and Honey 7Rodnievision20081DRO
MILF and Honey 8Exquisite2008 DRO
MILF and Honey 9Rodnievision2008 DRO
MILFy Way 1Rodnievision2014 DRO
MILFy Way 2Rodnievision2014 DRO
Milfy Way 4Rodnievision2015 DRO
Milfy Way 5Rodnievision2015 DRO
Milfy Way 6Rodnievision2016 DRO
Milfy Way 7Rodnievision2016 DRO
Model-T AuditionRodney Moore Clips2017  
Monster Facials 1Rodnievision20023DRO
Monster Facials 2Rodnievision20031DRO
Monster Facials 3Rodnievision20041DRO
More Nookie For Your CookieRaw Silk1997  
Mr. Peepers' Amateur Home Videos 69: Love TunnelL.B.O. Entertainment1993 D
Ms Goodbar 2Shemale Strokers2014 O
MyladyShemale Strokers2014 O
NadiaShemale Strokers2014  
Nadia AliRodnievision2015  
Nadia Nyce: Indian Sex GoddessRodnievision1995 DRO
Nadia Nyce: Indian Sex Goddess 2Rodnievision1995 DRO
Nasty Fuckin' Movies 4: Neighborhood Slut PuppyRumpus Video1992  
NataliShemale Strokers2014 O
Natural Jumbo JuggsRodnievision2014 DRO
Natural Jumbo Juggs 2Rodnievision2014 DRO
Natural Jumbo Juggs 3Rodnievision2015 DRO
Natural Jumbo Juggs 4Rodnievision2015 DRO
Natural Jumbo Juggs 5Rodnievision2015 DRO
Natural Jumbo Juggs 6Rodnievision2016 DRO
Natural Jumbo Juggs 7Rodnievision2016 DRO
Natural Jumbo Juggs 8Rodnievision2017 DRO
Natural Jumbo Juggs 9Rodnievision2017 DRO
NiacinShemale Strokers2014  
Night of the Giving HeadExquisite20083DRO
Nikki MonteroShemale Strokers20141 
Nina Lawless 3Shemale Strokers2014  
Nixie CrushShemale Strokers2014  
Nookie MonstersAabsolute19971 
Northwest CumfestUnknown1998  
Nothing Beats a BlowjobRodney Moore Clips2017  
Nothing Like Nurse NookieNitro Productions1996 DO
Nothing Like Nurse Nookie 2Nitro Productions1996 DO
Nothing Like Nurse Nookie 3Nitro Productions19961O
Nothing Like Nurse Nookie 4Nitro Productions1996 DO
Nothing Like Nurse Nookie 5Nitro Productions19961DO
Nothing Like Nurse Nookie 6Nitro Productions1996  
Office BlastRodney Moore Clips2015  
Office SlutsOdyssey20012DO
Paige Daniels 4Shemale Strokers2014  
Paige Daniels 5Shemale Strokers2014 O
Pamelashemalestrokers.com2003 O
Paris CristalShemale Strokers2014 O
Penny Tylershemalestrokers.com2014 O
Penny Tyler 2shemalestrokers.com2014 O
Phoebe Longoria 2Shemale Strokers2014  
Porn Valley LawRodnievision20082DRO
Portland Hairy Girls 1Odyssey2001  
Portland Hairy Girls 2Odyssey2001  
POV MasterExquisite2010 DRO
Puritan Magazine 15Legend Video19971DO
Puritan Magazine 18JM Productions19981DO
Raquel And SaraRodnievision1998  
Raquel Chambers 2Shemale Strokers2014 O
Raquel Chambers 3Shemale Strokers2014 O
Red Rumpers 1L.B.O. Entertainment1996 DO
Red Rumpers 2L.B.O. Entertainment1997 DO
RobynShemale Strokers2014 O
Rodney Blasters 1L.B.O. Entertainment1995 DO
Rodney Blasters 2L.B.O. Entertainment1995 DO
Rodney Blasts The StarsOdyssey19971 
Rodney Blasts The Stars 2Odyssey19973 
Rodney Moore's African Angels 1Nitro Productions1996 D
Rodney Moore's African Angels 2Nitro Productions1996 O
Rodney Moore's African Angels 3Nitro Productions1996 O
Rodney Moore's Casting Couch Cuties 1Wicked Pictures1995  
Rodney Moore's High Heeled And HornyL.B.O. Entertainment1994  
Rodney Moore's High Heeled And Horny 2L.B.O. Entertainment1995 O
Rodney Moore's High Heeled And Horny 3L.B.O. Entertainment1995  
Rodney Moore's High Heeled And Horny 4L.B.O. Entertainment19962DO
Rodney Moore's High Heeled And Horny 5L.B.O. Entertainment1996  
Rodney Moore's How To Make A ModelWestern Visuals1993  
Rodney Moore's How To Make A Model 2Western Visuals1993  
Rodney Moore's How To Make A Model 3L.B.O. Entertainment1994 DO
Rodney Moore's How To Make A Model 4L.B.O. Entertainment1994  
Rodney Moore's How To Make A Model 5L.B.O. Entertainment19951O
Rodney Moore's How To Make A Model 6L.B.O. Entertainment1995 O
Rodney Moore's Lusty Lap Dancers 1Filmco Releasing1995  
Rodney Moore's Lusty Lap Dancers 2Filmco Releasing1995  
Rodney Moore's North West Pecker TrekL.B.O. Entertainment1994  
Rodney Moore's North West Pecker Trek 2L.B.O. Entertainment1994 DO
Rodney Moore's North West Pecker Trek 3L.B.O. Entertainment1994 DO
Rodney Moore's North West Pecker Trek 4L.B.O. Entertainment1994 DO
Rodney Moore's North West Pecker Trek 5L.B.O. Entertainment1995 DO
Rodney Moore's North West Pecker Trek 6L.B.O. Entertainment1995 DO
Rodney Moore's Pussy Fest of the Northwest 1Nitro Productions1995 DO
Rodney Moore's Pussy Fest of the Northwest 2: Pussy-allupNitro Productions1995  
Rodney Moore's Pussy Fest of the Northwest 3: Lollipop TartsNitro Productions1995  
Rodney Moore's Pussy Fest of the Northwest 4: Anal FestNitro Productions19951 
Rodney Moore's Pussy Fest of the Northwest 5: Skyline SlutsNitro Productions19961 
Rodney Moore's Scale Bustin' Bimbos 1Visual Images19983DO
Rodney Moore's Scale Bustin' Bimbos 2Visual Images19983DO
Rodney Moore's Scale Bustin' Bimbos 3Visual Images19982DO
Rodney Moore's Scale Bustin' Bimbos 4Visual Images19983DO
Rodney Moore's Scale Bustin' Bimbos 5Visual Images19991 
Rodney Moore's The Doctor is In 1Nitro Productions1995 DO
Rodney Moore's The Doctor is In 2Nitro Productions19952DO
Rodney Moore's The Doctor is In 3Nitro Productions19951DO
Rodney Moore's Tootsies And FootsiesL.B.O. Entertainment1994 DO
Rodney's RookiesNitro Productions1996 DO
Rodney's Rookies Special EditionRodnievision1996  
Rodney's Sex LessonsNitro Productions1996 DO
Sabrinashemalestrokers.com2002 O
Sadie 2Shemale Strokers2014 O
Sadie Hawkins 3Shemale Strokers2014 O
Sadie Hawkins 4Shemale Strokers2014 O
Sadie Hawkins 5Shemale Strokers2014 O
Sammi Valentine 2Shemale Strokers2014 O
Sara SageRodnievision1997  
Savannah 2Shemale Strokers2014 O
Scale Bustin Babes 10Rodnievision20043DRO
Scale Bustin Babes 11Rodnievision2004 DRO
Scale Bustin Babes 12Rodnievision2004 DRO
Scale Bustin Babes 13Exquisite2004 DRO
Scale Bustin Babes 14Rodnievision2004 DRO
Scale Bustin Babes 15Rodnievision20041DRO
Scale Bustin Babes 16Rodnievision2005 DRO
Scale Bustin Babes 17Rodnievision2005 DRO
Scale Bustin Babes 18Rodnievision2005 DRO
Scale Bustin Babes 19Rodnievision20051DRO
Scale Bustin Babes 20Rodnievision2005 DRO
Scale Bustin Babes 21Rodnievision2006 DRO
Scale Bustin Babes 22Rodnievision2006 DRO
Scale Bustin Babes 23Rodnievision2006 DRO
Scale Bustin Babes 24Rodnievision2006 DRO
Scale Bustin Babes 25Rodnievision2006 DRO
Scale Bustin Babes 26Rodnievision2006 DRO
Scale Bustin Babes 27Rodnievision2007 DRO
Scale Bustin Babes 28Rodnievision20071DRO
Scale Bustin Babes 29Rodnievision2007 DRO
Scale Bustin Babes 30Rodnievision20081DRO
Scale Bustin Babes 31Rodnievision2008 DRO
Scale Bustin Babes 32Rodnievision2008 DRO
Scale Bustin Babes 33Rodnievision2009 DRO
Scale Bustin Babes 34Rodnievision2009 DRO
Scale Bustin Babes 35Rodnievision2009 DRO
Scale Bustin Babes 36Rodnievision2010 DRO
Scale Bustin Babes 37Rodnievision2010 DRO
Scale Bustin Babes 38Rodnievision2010 DO
Scale Bustin Babes 39Rodnievision2011 DRO
Scale Bustin Babes 40Rodnievision2011 DRO
Scale Bustin Babes 41Rodnievision2011 DRO
Scale Bustin Babes 42Rodnievision20111DRO
Scale Bustin Babes 43Rodnievision20121DRO
Scale Bustin Babes 44Rodnievision20121DRO
Scale Bustin Babes 45Exquisite20121DRO
Scale Bustin Babes 46Exquisite20131DRO
Scale Bustin Babes 47Exquisite20131DRO
Scale Bustin Babes 48Exquisite20131DRO
Scale Bustin Babes 49Exquisite20131DRO
Scale Bustin Babes 50Exquisite2014 DRO
Scale Bustin Babes 51Exquisite20141DRO
Scale Bustin Babes 52Exquisite20142DRO
Scale Bustin Babes 53Exquisite20141DRO
Scale Bustin Babes 54Exquisite20151DRO
Scale Bustin Babes 55Exquisite20151DRO
Scale Bustin Babes 56Exquisite20151DRO
Scale Bustin Babes 57Exquisite2015 DRO
Scale Bustin Babes 58Exquisite20161DRO
Scale Bustin Babes 59Exquisite20161DRO
Scale Bustin Babes 6Odyssey2002 DRO
Scale Bustin Babes 60Exquisite20161DRO
Scale Bustin Babes 61Exquisite20161DRO
Scale Bustin Babes 62Exquisite2016 DRO
Scale Bustin Babes 63Exquisite2017 DRO
Scale Bustin Babes 64Exquisite2017 DRO
Scale Bustin Babes 65Exquisite2017 DRO
Scale Bustin Babes 66Exquisite2017 DRO
Scale Bustin Babes 67Exquisite2017 DRO
Scale Bustin Babes 68Exquisite2018 DO
Scale Bustin Babes 69Exquisite2018 DO
Scale Bustin Babes 7Odyssey2002 DRO
Scale Bustin Babes 70Exquisite2018 DO
Scale Bustin Babes 71Exquisite2018 DO
Scale Bustin Babes 72Exquisite2019 DO
Scale Bustin Babes 73Exquisite2019 DO
Scale Bustin Babes 74Exquisite2019 DO
Scale Bustin Babes 8Exquisite2003 DRO
Scale Bustin Babes 9Rodnievision2004 DRO
Screentest Sex 1Stan's Video Exchange1993  
Screentest Sex 2Stan's Video Exchange1992  
Screentest Sex 3Stan's Video Exchange1993  
Screentest Sex 4Stan's Video Exchange1993  
Screentest Sex 5Stan's Video Exchange1994  
Seattle Hairy GirlsRodnievision1996  
Seattle Hairy Girls 10Rodnievision1998  
Seattle Hairy Girls 11Rodnievision1999  
Seattle Hairy Girls 12Rodnievision1999  
Seattle Hairy Girls 13Odyssey2000  
Seattle Hairy Girls 14Odyssey2000  
Seattle Hairy Girls 15Odyssey2000  
Seattle Hairy Girls 16Odyssey2000  
Seattle Hairy Girls 17Odyssey2000  
Seattle Hairy Girls 18Odyssey2001  
Seattle Hairy Girls 19Odyssey2001 O
Seattle Hairy Girls 2Rodnievision1996 O
Seattle Hairy Girls 20Odyssey2001 O
Seattle Hairy Girls 21Odyssey2001  
Seattle Hairy Girls 22Odyssey20011 
Seattle Hairy Girls 23 and 24Odyssey20021DRO
Seattle Hairy Girls 29 and 30Exquisite20082DRO
Seattle Hairy Girls 3Rodnievision1996 O
Seattle Hairy Girls 31 and 32Rodnievision2009 DRO
Seattle Hairy Girls 33 and 34Rodnievision2009 DRO
Seattle Hairy Girls 37 and 38Rodnievision2009 DRO
Seattle Hairy Girls 39 and 40Rodnievision2009 DRO
Seattle Hairy Girls 4Rodnievision1997 O
Seattle Hairy Girls 41 and 42Rodnievision2010 DRO
Seattle Hairy Girls 43 and 44Rodnievision2010 DRO
Seattle Hairy Girls 45 and 46Rodnievision2010 DRO
Seattle Hairy Girls 47 and 48Rodnievision2010 DRO
Seattle Hairy Girls 49 and 50Rodnievision2010 DRO
Seattle Hairy Girls 5Rodnievision1997  
Seattle Hairy Girls 51 and 52Rodnievision2011 DRO
Seattle Hairy Girls 53 and 54Rodnievision2011 DRO
Seattle Hairy Girls 55 and 56Rodnievision2011 DO
Seattle Hairy Girls 57 and 58Rodnievision2011 DRO
Seattle Hairy Girls 59 and 60Rodnievision2012 DRO
Seattle Hairy Girls 6Rodnievision1997  
Seattle Hairy Girls 61 and 62Rodnievision2012 DRO
Seattle Hairy Girls 63 and 64Exquisite2012 DRO
Seattle Hairy Girls 65 and 66Rodnievision2013 DRO
Seattle Hairy Girls 67 and 68Rodnievision2013 DRO
Seattle Hairy Girls 69 and 70Rodnievision2013 DRO
Seattle Hairy Girls 7Rodnievision1998  
Seattle Hairy Girls 71 and 72Rodnievision2013 DRO
Seattle Hairy Girls 73 and 74Rodnievision2013 DRO
Seattle Hairy Girls 75 and 76Rodnievision2013 DRO
Seattle Hairy Girls 77 and 78Exquisite2014 DRO
Seattle Hairy Girls 79 and 80Exquisite2014 DRO
Seattle Hairy Girls 8Rodnievision1998  
Seattle Hairy Girls 81 and 82Exquisite2014 DRO
Seattle Hairy Girls 83 and 84Rodnievision20141DRO
Seattle Hairy Girls 85 and 86Rodnievision20141DRO
Seattle Hairy Girls 87 and 88Rodnievision2014 DRO
Seattle Hairy Girls 89 and 90Rodnievision2014 DRO
Seattle Hairy Girls 9Rodnievision1998  
Secretly SubmissiveRodney Moore Clips2014  
ShannonRodney Moore Clips2015 O
She Male Strokers 1Exquisite2003 DRO
She Male Strokers 10Exquisite2004 DRO
She Male Strokers 11Exquisite2005 DRO
She Male Strokers 12 Exquisite2005 DRO
She Male Strokers 13Exquisite2005 DRO
She Male Strokers 14Exquisite2005 DRO
She Male Strokers 15Exquisite2005 DRO
She Male Strokers 16Exquisite2006 DRO
She Male Strokers 17Exquisite2006 DRO
She Male Strokers 18Exquisite2006 DRO
She Male Strokers 19Exquisite2006 DRO
She Male Strokers 2Exquisite2002 DRO
She Male Strokers 20Exquisite2007 DRO
She Male Strokers 21Exquisite2007 DRO
She Male Strokers 22Exquisite2007 DRO
She Male Strokers 23Exquisite20071DRO
She Male Strokers 24Exquisite20071DRO
She Male Strokers 25Exquisite2007 DRO
She Male Strokers 26Exquisite2008 DRO
She Male Strokers 27Exquisite2008 DRO
She Male Strokers 28Exquisite2008 DRO
She Male Strokers 29Exquisite2008 DRO
She Male Strokers 3Exquisite2004 DRO
She Male Strokers 30Exquisite2008 DRO
She Male Strokers 31Exquisite2008 DRO
She Male Strokers 32Exquisite2009 DRO
She Male Strokers 33Exquisite2009 DRO
She Male Strokers 34Exquisite2009 DRO
She Male Strokers 35Exquisite2009 DRO
She Male Strokers 36Exquisite2009 DRO
She Male Strokers 37Exquisite2009 DRO
She Male Strokers 38Exquisite2010 DRO
She Male Strokers 39Exquisite2010 DRO
She Male Strokers 4Exquisite2003 DRO
She Male Strokers 40Exquisite2010 DRO
She Male Strokers 41Exquisite2010 DRO
She Male Strokers 42Exquisite2010 DRO
She Male Strokers 43Exquisite2010 DRO
She Male Strokers 44Exquisite2011 DRO
She Male Strokers 45Exquisite2011 DRO
She Male Strokers 46Exquisite2011 DRO
She Male Strokers 47Exquisite2011 DRO
She Male Strokers 48Exquisite2011 DRO
She Male Strokers 49Exquisite2011 DRO
She Male Strokers 5Exquisite20032DRO
She Male Strokers 50Exquisite2012 DRO
She Male Strokers 51Exquisite2012 DRO
She Male Strokers 52Exquisite2012 DRO
She Male Strokers 53Exquisite2012 DRO
She Male Strokers 54Exquisite20121DRO
She Male Strokers 55Exquisite2012 DRO
She Male Strokers 56Exquisite2012 DRO
She Male Strokers 57Exquisite2013 DRO
She Male Strokers 58Exquisite2013 DRO
She Male Strokers 59Exquisite2013 DRO
She Male Strokers 6Exquisite20041DRO
She Male Strokers 60Exquisite2013 DRO
She Male Strokers 61Exquisite2013 DRO
She Male Strokers 62Exquisite2014 DRO
She Male Strokers 63Exquisite2014 DRO
She Male Strokers 64Exquisite20141DRO
She Male Strokers 65Exquisite2014 DRO
She Male Strokers 66Exquisite20141DRO
She Male Strokers 67Exquisite20141DRO
She Male Strokers 68Exquisite20142DRO
She Male Strokers 69Exquisite2014 DRO
She Male Strokers 70Exquisite20142DRO
She Male Strokers 71Exquisite2014 DRO
She Male Strokers 72Exquisite2015 DRO
She Male Strokers 73Exquisite2015 DRO
She Male Strokers 74Exquisite2015 DRO
She Male Strokers 75Exquisite2015 DRO
She Male Strokers 76Exquisite2015 DRO
She Male Strokers 77Exquisite2015 DRO
She Male Strokers 78Exquisite2016 DRO
She Male Strokers 79Exquisite2016 DRO
She Male Strokers 8Exquisite20041DRO
She Male Strokers 80Exquisite2016 DRO
She Male Strokers 81Exquisite2016 DRO
She Male Strokers 82Exquisite2016 DRO
She Male Strokers 83Exquisite2016 DRO
She Male Strokers 84Exquisite2016 DRO
She Male Strokers 85Exquisite2017 DRO
She Male Strokers 86Exquisite2017 DRO
She Male Strokers 87Exquisite2017 DRO
She Male Strokers 88Exquisite2017 DRO
She Male Strokers 89Exquisite2017 DRO
She Male Strokers 9Exquisite2004 DRO
She Male Strokers 90Exquisite2017 DRO
Shelby MooreShemale Strokers2014 O
Sienna Grace 2Shemale Strokers2014 O
SilkyShemale Strokers2014 O
Sindy StrutRodney Moore Clips2016 O
Six Stud SwingathonVideo Alternatives1993  
Skylene 2Shemale Strokers2014 O
Skylene 3Shemale Strokers2014 O
Sodomizer 1Sin City19951 
Sodomizer 2Sin City19951 
Sodomizer 3Sin City1996  
Sodomizer 4Sin City19962 
Sodomizer 5Sin City19962 
Sodomizer 6Sin City19962 
Sodomizer 7Sin City19962 
Sodomizer 8Sin City19971 
Sodomizer 9Sin City19982 
Sophia FerreiraShemale Strokers2014 O
Sorority Slumber SlutsTwat House Video19951 
Southwest CumfestSeduction Productions19971D
Spank 'er ButtStan's Video Exchange1994  
Spank 'er Butt 2Stan's Video Exchange1993  
Spank 'er Butt 3Stan's Video Exchange1994  
Spank 'er Butt 4Stan's Video Exchange1994  
Spank MasterPrestige Video1996  
Spank Master 2Prestige Video1997  
Spank Master 3Prestige Video1997 DO
Spank Master 4Prestige Video1997  
Spank Master 5Prestige Video1998  
Spank Master 6Odyssey1999  
Spank My Tranny Ass Mancini2005 DRO
Spanks For The MemoriesStan's Video Exchange1994 O
Stacie Miguire 3Shemale Strokers2014 O
Suck My Tranny CockRodnievision2006 DRO
Suck My Tranny Cock 2Rodnievision2006 DRO
Suck My Tranny Cock 3Rodnievision2007 DRO
Suck My Tranny Cock 4Rodnievision20071DRO
Suck My Tranny Cock 5Rodnievision20081DRO
Suck My Tranny Cock 6Rodnievision2010 DRO
Suck My Tranny Cock 7Exquisite2010 DRO
Suck My Tranny Cock 8Mancini2012 DRO
Sugar Sweet 2Shemale Strokers2014 O
Sunshyne Monroe 2Shemale Strokers2014 O
TaiShemale Strokers2014 O
Talk Show TartsExquisite20081DRO
Tara JolieShemale Strokers2014  
TatianaShemale Strokers2014 DO
Teacher's Pet Lesson 1Winners Media Group, Inc.1994 D
Teacher's Pet Lesson 2Apple1995 DRO
Teacher's Pet Lesson 3Apple1995 DO
Teacher's Pet Lesson 4Apple1995 D
Tempest 3Shemale Strokers2014  
Throbbing ThreesomesNitro Productions1996 DO
TiaShemale Strokers2014 O
TinaRodney Moore Clips2015 O
Top Heavy Tarts 1Rodnievision2006 DRO
Top Heavy Tarts 10Rodnievision2009 DRO
Top Heavy Tarts 11Rodnievision2009 DRO
Top Heavy Tarts 12Rodnievision20091DRO
Top Heavy Tarts 13Rodnievision2009 DRO
Top Heavy Tarts 14Rodnievision2010 DRO
Top Heavy Tarts 15Rodnievision2010 DRO
Top Heavy Tarts 16Rodnievision2010 DRO
Top Heavy Tarts 17Rodnievision2011 DRO
Top Heavy Tarts 18Rodnievision2011 DRO
Top Heavy Tarts 19Rodnievision2011 DRO
Top Heavy Tarts 2Rodnievision20061DRO
Top Heavy Tarts 20Rodnievision2012 DRO
Top Heavy Tarts 21Rodnievision20121DRO
Top Heavy Tarts 22Rodnievision2012 DRO
Top Heavy Tarts 23Rodnievision2013 DRO
Top Heavy Tarts 24Rodnievision2013 DRO
Top Heavy Tarts 25Rodnievision2013 DRO
Top Heavy Tarts 26Rodnievision2014 DRO
Top Heavy Tarts 3Rodnievision2007 DRO
Top Heavy Tarts 4Rodnievision2007 DRO
Top Heavy Tarts 5Rodnievision20071DRO
Top Heavy Tarts 6Exquisite2007 DO
Top Heavy Tarts 7Rodnievision20081DRO
Top Heavy Tarts 8Rodnievision20081DRO
Top Heavy Tarts 9Rodnievision20081DRO
Tori Mayes 3Shemale Strokers2014  
Tranny Panty Busters 1Exquisite2015  
Tranny Panty Busters 10Exquisite2018  
Tranny Panty Busters 11Exquisite2018  
Tranny Panty Busters 12Exquisite2019  
Tranny Panty Busters 2Exquisite2015 DRO
Tranny Panty Busters 3Exquisite2015 DRO
Tranny Panty Busters 4Exquisite2016 DRO
Tranny Panty Busters 5Exquisite2017 DRO
Tranny Panty Busters 6Exquisite2017 DRO
Tranny Panty Busters 7Exquisite2017 DRO
Tranny Panty Busters 8Exquisite2018 DRO
Tranny Panty Busters 9Exquisite2018 DO
Transational Fantasies 1Exquisite2017  
Transational Fantasies 10Exquisite2019 DO
Transational Fantasies 2Exquisite2018 DRO
Transational Fantasies 3Exquisite2018 DO
Transational Fantasies 4Exquisite2018 DO
Transational Fantasies 5Exquisite2018 DO
Transational Fantasies 6Exquisite2018 DO
Transational Fantasies 7Exquisite2018 DO
Transational Fantasies 8Exquisite2018 DO
Transational Fantasies 9Exquisite2019 DO
Twix Voodoo DollShemale Strokers2014 O
Tyra Scott 6Shemale Strokers2014 O
Tyra Scott 7Shemale Strokers2014 O
Tyra Scott 8Shemale Strokers2014 O
Under The Cum Cum TreeBlue Coral Video19961 
ValeriaShemale Strokers2014 O
Valerie VShemale Strokers2014 O
Vanessa SlaughterShemale Strokers2014 O
Vanity BucciiShemale Strokers2014 O
VenomShemale Strokers2014 D
Venus Lux 3Shemale Strokers2014 O
Veronica Venom 6Shemale Strokers2014 O
Veronica Venom 7Shemale Strokers2014 O
Victoria Love 2Shemale Strokers2014 O
Victoria Prada 4Shemale Strokers2014 O
Victoria Prada 5Shemale Strokers2014 O
Victoria Veil 2Shemale Strokers2014 O
Vixen CoxxShemale Strokers2014  
We Swallow 1Exquisite20032DRO
We Swallow 10Exquisite20051DRO
We Swallow 11Exquisite20061DRO
We Swallow 12Exquisite20062DRO
We Swallow 13Exquisite2006 DRO
We Swallow 14Exquisite20072DRO
We Swallow 15Exquisite20071DRO
We Swallow 16Exquisite2007 DRO
We Swallow 17Exquisite20071DRO
We Swallow 18Exquisite20071DRO
We Swallow 19Exquisite20081DRO
We Swallow 2Exquisite20031DRO
We Swallow 20Exquisite2008 DRO
We Swallow 21Rodnievision2008 DRO
We Swallow 22Rodnievision20091DRO
We Swallow 23Exquisite2009 DRO
We Swallow 24Rodnievision20091DRO
We Swallow 25Rodnievision2009 DRO
We Swallow 26Rodnievision2010 DRO
We Swallow 27Rodnievision2010 DRO
We Swallow 28Rodnievision2010 DRO
We Swallow 29Rodnievision2010 DRO
We Swallow 3Exquisite20031DRO
We Swallow 30Rodnievision2010 DRO
We Swallow 31Rodnievision2011 DRO
We Swallow 32Rodnievision2011 DRO
We Swallow 33Rodnievision2011 DRO
We Swallow 34Rodnievision2011 DRO
We Swallow 35Rodnievision2012 DRO
We Swallow 36Rodnievision2012 DRO
We Swallow 37Rodnievision2012 DRO
We Swallow 39Rodnievision2013 DRO
We Swallow 4Exquisite20042DRO
We Swallow 40Rodnievision2013 DRO
We Swallow 41Rodnievision20131DRO
We Swallow 5Exquisite20041DRO
We Swallow 6Exquisite20041DRO
We Swallow 7Exquisite20041DRO
We Swallow 8Exquisite2005 DRO
We Swallow 9Exquisite20051DRO
Welcome to ParadiseInfinity Film And Video19941 
Wendy Summers 2Shemale Strokers2014 O
Wendy Williams 6Shemale Strokers2014 O
Whale Watching 1Exquisite2007 DRO
Whale Watching 2Exquisite2007 DRO
Whale Watching 3Exquisite20081DRO
Whale Watching 4Exquisite2009 DRO
Whale Watching 5Exquisite20091DRO
Whale Watching 6Exquisite2009 DRO
Whale Watching 7Exquisite2010 DRO
Witches Are BitchesNitro Productions19961DO
Working Girls 1Odyssey19982RO
Working Girls 2Odyssey19982DRO
World of RodneyRodnievision20041 
Yazlene Reyes 2Shemale Strokers2014 O
Yum Yum I Luv CumBlue Coral Video1995 D

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