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AVN Awards

Nominee: Best Director: Non-Feature, MILF Performers of the Year 2015 (2015)
Nominee: Best Director: Non-Feature, Oil Explosion (2016)
Nominee: Best Director: Non-Feature, Gangbanged 8 (2017)
Nominee: Director of the Year

Inked Awards

Nominee: Director of the Year

Sex Awards

Nominee: Favorite Director

Spank Bank Awards

Nominee: Guru of Gonzo (Director - Web/Gonzo)
Nominee: Master of Filth (Director of the Year - Body of Work)

XRCO Awards

Nominee: Best Director: Non-Features
Nominee: Best Director: Non-Features
Nominee: Best Director: Non-Features

Titles in YELLOW are Webscenes; Blue are Bi/All-Male titles and Grey are compilations.

Movie Title Distributor Studio Year Rev Formats
18 and VibratingZero Tolerance20092DRO
All About Sara Sloane3rd Degree20103DRO
American Ass 1Fusxion20032DRO
American Ass 2Fusxion20043DRO
American Ass 3Fusxion2004 DRO
American Ass 5Metro20071DO
An Ass Built For AnalNew Sensations20146DRO
Anal Angels 1Elegant Angel20016DRO
Anal Fanatic 7Elegant Angel20164DRO
Anal Fanatic 8Elegant Angel20173DRO
Anal Workout 3Elegant Angel20152DRO
Anal Workout 4Elegant Angel20171DRO
AndreaSouthern Shore1992 O
Apple Bottomz 5Zero Tolerance20083DRO
Apple Bottomz 6Zero Tolerance20093DRO
Art of Anal 13rd Degree20101DRO
Asian Bombshells 2Elegant Angel20152DRO
Asian Bombshells 3Elegant Angel2018 DRO
Ass BackwardsAmazing20011DRO
Ass Brand New 1Metro20031DO
Ass Brand New 2Metro20043DRO
Ass Brand New 3Metro2005 DO
Ass Brand New 4Metro2006 DO
Ass Brand New 5Metro2007 DO
Ass Breeder 13rd Degree20051DRO
Ass Breeder 23rd Degree2005 DRO
Ass Breeder 33rd Degree2006 DRO
Ass Masters 10Evolution Erotica2012 DO
Ass SlavesMetro20034DRO
Ass Slaves 2Metro20044DO
Ass Slaves 3Fusxion20052DO
Ass the World Turns3rd Degree20103DRO
Ass Watcher 1Fusxion20042DRO
Ass Watcher 2Metro20042DRO
Ass Watcher 3Fusxion20051DRO
Ass Watcher 4Fusxion20051DO
Ass Watcher 5Metro20081DO
Ass Watcher 6Metro20091DRO
Assassin 1Metro20041DRO
Assassin 2Metro2004 DO
Assassin 3Metro2005 DO
Assassin 4Metro20061DO
Assassin 5Metro2008 DO
Asstounding 13rd Degree20092DRO
Asstounding 23rd Degree20103DRO
Asswhole 13rd Degree2004 DRO
Asswhole 23rd Degree2005 DRO
Asswhole 33rd Degree20063DRO
Big Black Wet Asses 14Elegant Angel20153DRO
Big Black Wet Asses 15Elegant Angel20172DRO
Big Butt Oil Orgy 13rd Degree20094DRO
Big Butt Oil Orgy 23rd Degree20103DRO
Big Dick Teen Junkies 3Combat Zone2014 DRO
Big Wet Asses 28Elegant Angel20192DO
Big Wet MILF AssesElegant Angel2019 DO
Big Wet MILF Tits 2Elegant Angel20191DO
Bikini Land3rd Degree20109DRO
Bleached To The Bone 13rd Degree20081DRO
Bleached To The Bone 23rd Degree20094DRO
Bleached To The Bone 33rd Degree20092DRO
Blondes3rd Degree2011 DRO
Bombshells 6Elegant Angel20153DRO
Bombshells 8Elegant Angel20182DO
Bottom Feeders 10Pleasure Productions2003 DRO
Bottom Feeders 6Pleasure Productions20031DRO
Bottom Feeders 7Pleasure Productions20031DR
Bottom Feeders 8Rosebud2003 DRO
Bottom Feeders 9Pleasure Productions2003 DRO
Brand New GirlsElegant Angel20161DRO
Bring Your A Game 13rd Degree2006 DRO
Bush 4Elegant Angel20155DRO
Bush 5Elegant Angel20161DRO
Bush 6Elegant Angel20162DRO
Bush 7Elegant Angel20181DO
Bush 8Elegant Angel2019 DO
Busty Athletics3rd Degree20105DRO
Busty Cops On Patrol 2Elegant Angel20151DRO
Busty Cops On Patrol 3Elegant Angel20171DRO
Busty Housewives 5Elegant Angel20152DRO
Busty Housewives 6Elegant Angel2016 DRO
Busty WorkoutElegant Angel20152DRO
Car Wash Girls 3Elegant Angel20156DRO
Car Wash Girls 4Elegant Angel20172DRO
ChestnutsZero Tolerance20102DRO
Chicks and Salsa 13rd Degree20043DRO
Chicks and Salsa 23rd Degree2005 DRO
Chicks and Salsa 33rd Degree20062DRO
Chicks and Salsa 43rd Degree20071DRO
Chicks and Salsa 53rd Degree20083DRO
Come On In 63rd Degree20093DRO
Confessions of a Virgin3rd Degree20102DRO
Confessions of an Anal WhoreMetro20001DRO
Cougar-Ville 2Metro2009 DRO
Cream Team 3Zero Tolerance20091DRO
Creampied Cheerleaders 1Zero Tolerance20102DRO
Creampied Cheerleaders 2Zero Tolerance20103DRO
Cum Beggars 13rd Degree20043DRO
Cum Beggars 23rd Degree20052DRO
Cum Beggars 33rd Degree20051DRO
Cum Beggars 43rd Degree20061DRO
Cum Beggars 53rd Degree20061DRO
Cum on In 13rd Degree20041DRO
Cum On In 23rd Degree2005 DRO
Cum On In 33rd Degree20071DRO
Cum On In 43rd Degree20082DRO
Cum On In 53rd Degree20082DRO
Curvy Girls 7Elegant Angel20153DRO
Curvy Girls 8Elegant Angel20162DRO
Curvy Girls 9Elegant Angel20182DO
Cuties 7Elegant Angel20144DRO
Dirty Talking AngelsElegant Angel20162DRO
Double Her Pleasure3rd Degree20042DRO
Double Impact 1Fusxion20042DO
Double Impact 2Fusxion20041DO
Double Impact 3Metro2005 DO
Double Impact 4Metro20063DO
Double Time3rd Degree20091DO
Early Entries 1Fusxion20031DRO
Early Entries 2Metro20042DRO
Early Entries 3Metro20042DRO
Early Entries 4Fusxion2005 DRO
Early Entries 5Fusxion2006 DRO
Early Entries 6Fusxion20061DO
Epic AssesNew Sensations20145DRO
Epic TitsNew Sensations20146DRO
Farm Fresh 13rd Degree20092DRO
Farm Fresh 23rd Degree20104DRO
Five Tales of SinAmazing20034DO
Fresh Pink 13rd Degree20054R
Freshmen Anal OrientationZero Tolerance20108DRO
Fucking School GirlsBadAss Pictures20051DO
Gangbanged 7Elegant Angel20163DRO
Gangbanged 8Elegant Angel20173DRO
Gangbanged 9Elegant Angel2018 DRO
Girls Get BustedZero Tolerance20118DRO
Glamour Girls 4Elegant Angel20162DRO
Go Big Or Go Home 1Zero Tolerance20101DRO
Hand to Mouth 13rd Degree20052DRO
Hand to Mouth 23rd Degree20054DRO
Hand to Mouth 33rd Degree20061DRO
Hand to Mouth 43rd Degree20062DRO
Hand to Mouth 53rd Degree20072DRO
Hand to Mouth 63rd Degree20082DRO
Hand to Mouth 73rd Degree20081DRO
Hand to Mouth 83rd Degree20094DRO
Hard at Work3rd Degree20101DRO
Hard Bodies 3Elegant Angel2018 DO
Hard ReignElegant Angel20163DRO
Hot and Spicy Latin Ass 1Rosebud2003 DO
I Swallow 2Diabolic Digital2013 DRO
I swallow 3Diabolic Video20141DO
Inside A Porn StarZero Tolerance20142DRO
Internal Cumbustion 1Zero Tolerance20038DRO
Internal Cumbustion 14Zero Tolerance20082DRO
Internal Cumbustion 15Zero Tolerance20092DRO
Internal Cumbustion 16Zero Tolerance20102DRO
Internal Cumbustion 18Zero Tolerance20132DRO
Internal Cumbustion 2Zero Tolerance20036DRO
Internal Cumbustion 3Zero Tolerance20035DRO
Internally Yours 7Elegant Angel20153DRO
Internally Yours 8Elegant Angel20162DRO
Interracial CrushElegant Angel20162DRO
Interracial Crush 2Elegant Angel20171DRO
Interracial Crush 3Elegant Angel20181DO
It's a Daddy Thing 6Elegant Angel20153DRO
It's a Daddy Thing 7Elegant Angel20173DRO
It's a Daddy Thing 8Elegant Angel20182DO
It's A Daddy Thing 9Elegant Angel2019 DO
It's a Family ThingElegant Angel20162DRO
It's A Family Thing 2Elegant Angel20182DRO
It's A Family Thing 3Elegant Angel2019 DO
It's a Mommy Thing 10Elegant Angel2019 DO
It's A Mommy Thing 7Elegant Angel20152DRO
It's a Mommy Thing 8Elegant Angel20161DRO
It's a Mommy Thing 9Elegant Angel20181DRO
Jungle FeverMetro20061DO
Just My Ass Please 1Fusxion20041DRO
Just My Ass Please 2Metro2004 DO
Just My Ass Please 3Fusxion2005 DRO
Just My Ass Please 4Fusxion20051DRO
Just My Ass Please 5Metro2007 DRO
Knockin' Boots3rd Degree2012 DRO
Krystal Steal ShowPleasure Productions20041DRO
Laid in Lingerie 23rd Degree20131DRO
Latina LoversMetro20061DO
Latinas in LingerieCombat Zone2014 DRO
Legal Teens3rd Degree2005 DRO
Lesbian Performers Of The Year 2016Elegant Angel20163DRO
Lesbian Performers Of The Year 2017Elegant Angel20172DRO
Lesbian Performers Of The Year 2018Elegant Angel20182DO
Lesbian Performers Of The Year 2019Elegant Angel20192DO
Lesbian Workout 2Elegant Angel20162DRO
Lesbian Workout 3Elegant Angel2018 DO
Lethal Injections 1Metro20041DRO
Lethal Injections 2Fusxion2004 DO
Lethal Injections 3Fusxion2005 DRO
Lethal Injections 4Fusxion2007 DO
Lethal Injections 5Fusxion2007 DO
Lick It Up 43rd Degree20142DRO
Lusting for LatinasFusxion20052DRO
Massive Asses 10Elegant Angel2017 DRO
Massive Asses 8Elegant Angel20156DRO
Massive Asses 9Elegant Angel20163DRO
Massive Boobs 2Elegant Angel20161DRO
Massive Boobs 3Elegant Angel20173DRO
MILF Does a Body Good 23rd Degree2011 DO
MILF Performers of the Year 2015Elegant Angel20154DRO
MILF Performers of the Year 2016Elegant Angel20161DRO
MILF Performers of the Year 2017Elegant Angel20172DRO
MILF Performers Of The Year 2018Elegant Angel20181DO
MILF Performers Of The Year 2019Elegant Angel20191DO
MILF SquirtElegant Angel20152DRO
MILF Squirt 2Elegant Angel20181DO
MILF SwallowElegant Angel20161DRO
MILF Swallow 2Elegant Angel20171DRO
MILF TitsElegant Angel20171DRO
MILF's Tale 4Elegant Angel20161DRO
Mommies Busting OutCombat Zone20121DRO
Mommy Does It BetterCombat Zone2012 DRO
Mommy Does It Better 2Combat Zone2014 DRO
Mother Suckers 13rd Degree20091DRO
Mother Suckers 23rd Degree2009 DRO
Mother Suckers 33rd Degree20103DRO
Myne FuckedMetro20061DRO
Myne Tease 1Fusxion20041DRO
Myne Tease 2Fusxion20042DO
Myne Tease 3Fusxion2004 DO
Myne Tease 4Metro20062DO
Myne Tease 5Metro20071DO
Nasty Newcummers 19Metro20011DRO
Nature's BreastZero Tolerance2009 DRO
Naughty NatashaElegant Angel20175DRO
Neighborhood WatcherCombat Zone20122DRO
Nerdy Girls 2Elegant Angel20162DRO
New Releases 13rd Degree20041DRO
New Releases 23rd Degree2004 DRO
New Releases 33rd Degree20051DRO
New Releases 53rd Degree20072DRO
New Releases 63rd Degree20071DRO
New To The Game 8Diabolic Video2012 DRO
NikkiElegant Angel2018 DO
Nikki Benz ShowPleasure Productions2004 DRO
Oil ExplosionElegant Angel20161DRO
Oil Explosion 2Elegant Angel20172DRO
Oil Explosion 3Elegant Angel20183DO
Oil Explosion 4Elegant Angel20191DO
Oil Spills 4Diabolic Video2013 DRO
Oiled Up 3Elegant Angel20153DRO
Oiled Up 4Elegant Angel20161DRO
Oiled Up 5Elegant Angel20181DO
Oiled Up 6Elegant Angel2019 DO
Only in Your Dreams 13rd Degree20071DRO
Only in Your Dreams 23rd Degree20082DRO
Pat Myne's POVFusxion20061DO
Perfect PussyElegant Angel20164DRO
Perfect Pussy 2Elegant Angel20172DRO
Phat Ass Tits 1Metro20051DO
Phat Ass Tits 2Metro20052DRO
Phat Ass Tits 3Metro20062DO
Phat Ass Tits 4Metro20071DO
Porn Tarts3rd Degree20061DRO
Pornstar Workout 3Elegant Angel20182DRO
Power SexJill Kelly Productions2001 DRO
Pretty Pussies Please 13rd Degree2006 DRO
Pretty Pussies Please 23rd Degree20061DRO
Pretty Pussies Please 33rd Degree20071DRO
Pretty Pussies Please 43rd Degree20081DRO
Pretty Pussies Please 53rd Degree20082DRO
Pure Sextacy 13rd Degree20061DRO
Pure Sextacy 23rd Degree20071DRO
Pure Sextacy 33rd Degree20082DRO
Pure Sextacy 43rd Degree20093DRO
Pussy Off LimitsFusxion2003  
Real Racks 53rd Degree20082DRO
Real Racks 63rd Degree20092DRO
Ron Jeremy on the Loose: Atlantic CityGonzo Video20032DO
Runaway TeensAmazing20021DRO
School of CockZero Tolerance20035DRO
Seduced by Mommy 9Filly Films2014 DRO
Sex FiendsFusxion20062DO
She's a Handful 23rd Degree20132DRO
She's Full-FilledDigital Sin20152DRO
Slant Eye for the Straight Guy 13rd Degree20051DRO
Slant Eye for the Straight Guy 23rd Degree20053DRO
Slant Eye for the Straight Guy 33rd Degree20061DRO
So You Think You Can Squirt 4Elegant Angel20162DRO
So You Wanna Be A Pornstar 13rd Degree20092DRO
So You Wanna Be A Pornstar 23rd Degree20092DRO
Staying In3rd Degree20131DRO
Study BuddiesCombat Zone20121DO
Suck Fuck Swallow 13rd Degree20043DRO
Suck Fuck Swallow 23rd Degree20051DRO
Suck Fuck Swallow 33rd Degree20051DRO
Swallow MyneFusxion20061DRO
Sweet Cream Pies 13rd Degree2005 DRO
Sweet Cream Pies 23rd Degree20063DRO
Sweet Cream Pies 33rd Degree20072DRO
Sweet Cream Pies 43rd Degree20082DRO
Sweet Cream Pies 53rd Degree2008 DRO
Sweet Cream Pies 63rd Degree20093DRO
Teach Me 4Elegant Angel20152DRO
Teach Me 5Elegant Angel20182DO
Teen Angel in ParadiseElegant Angel20018DRO
Teen Purr-fect 1Metro20061DO
Teen Tryouts Audition 18Devil's Film20021DRO
Teen Tryouts Audition 19Devil's Film20021DRO
Teen Tryouts Audition 20Devil's Film20022DRO
Teen Tryouts Audition 21Devil's Film20031DRO
Teen Wet AssesElegant Angel20162DRO
Teen Wet Asses 2Elegant Angel20172DRO
Teen Wet Asses 3Elegant Angel20181DO
Teen Wet Asses 4Elegant Angel2019 D
Teenage Heartbreakers 13rd Degree2006 DRO
Teenage Heartbreakers 23rd Degree20082DRO
Terrible Teens 1Metro20033DRO
Terrible Teens 2Fusxion20041DRO
Terrible Teens 3Metro20061DRO
Terrible Teens 4Fusxion20052DO
Terrible Teens 5Fusxion2007 DO
Tight Ass BlondesFusxion20051DO
Tight Little Pussies 2Diabolic Video2013 DRO
Tits to Die For 3Diabolic Video2013 DRO
Too Good to Be True 1Zero Tolerance20111DRO
Too Small To Take It All 13rd Degree20092DRO
Too Small To Take It All 23rd Degree20102DRO
Too Small To Take It All 33rd Degree20104DRO
Top Ten3rd Degree2008 DRO
Totally Fucked 13rd Degree2007 DRO
Totally Fucked 23rd Degree20081DRO
Troubled TeensCombat Zone20121DRO
True TeenagersCombat Zone20131DRO
Unplanned Parenthood3rd Degree20094DRO
Up'r Class 63rd Degree20093DRO
Veronica Is VoraciousElegant Angel20171DRO
Voracious 2Fusxion20051DO
Voracious 3Fusxion2007 DO
Warning I Fuck On The First Date 1Amazing20031DRO
Warning I Fuck On The First Date 2Fusxion20042DRO
We All Scream For Ass Cream 23rd Degree20073DRO
Wet Panty Car WashMetro20011 
Wet Wild and Young 13rd Degree20092DRO
Wet Wild and Young 23rd Degree20102DRO
Wet Wild and Young 33rd Degree20103DRO
What Gets You Off 23rd Degree2005 DRO
What Gets You Off 43rd Degree20094DRO
White Booty Worship 3Elegant Angel20161DRO
White Booty Worship 4Elegant Angel20182DO
Wild Cherries 1Metro20001DRO
Wild Cherries 2Metro20032DRO
Wild Cherries 3Metro2004 DO
Young and FuriousAmazing20021DO
Young Cummers 1Metro20042DRO
Young Cummers 2Fusxion2005 DO
Young Cummers 3Fusxion20062DO
Young Cummers 4Fusxion2007 DRO
Young Wet and Wild 1Metro2002 DR
Young Wet and Wild 2Amazing20031DRO