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Roscoe Bowltree

Director AKA

Roscoe Bowltree


April 25, 1951 (68 years old)





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AVN Awards

Nominee: Best Director: Video, Big Bottom Sadie (2002)

CAVR Awards

Nominee: Hottest Director

Titles in YELLOW are Webscenes; Blue are Bi/All-Male titles and Grey are compilations.

Movie Title Distributor Studio Year Rev Formats
100% Strap-OnElegant Angel20033DRO
Al Terego's Double Anal AlternativesElegant Angel19964 
All By Myself 1Elegant Angel20073DRO
All By Myself 2Elegant Angel20071DRO
All By Myself 3Elegant Angel20083DRO
All By Myself 4Elegant Angel20101DRO
Anal Diary of Misty RainElegant Angel19934DRO
Anal Princess Diaries 1Elegant Angel20058DRO
Becky and Bonnie 1Becky Sunshine1993  
Big Babies in Budapest 1Elegant Angel19964DRO
Big Babies in Budapest 2Elegant Angel19984DRO
Big Babies in Budapest 3Elegant Angel19992DO
Big Babies in Budapest 4Elegant Angel19993DRO
Big Bottom SadieElegant Angel200212DRO
Blowjob Adventures of Dr. Fellatio 2Elegant Angel19976DRO
Blowjob Adventures of Dr. Fellatio 3Elegant Angel19978DRO
Blowjob Adventures of Dr. Fellatio 4Elegant Angel19975DRO
Born to Be ButtwomanElegant Angel20027DRO
Bottom DwellerElegant Angel19935DRO
Bottom Dweller 33 1/3Elegant Angel19957DO
Bottom Dweller 5: In Search Of...Elegant Angel19975DO
Bottom Dweller 6: Sex After DeathElegant Angel20007DO
Bottom Dweller Part DeuxElegant Angel19935DO
Bottom Dweller: The Final VoyageElegant Angel19964DO
Buttwoman '97Elegant Angel19974DO
Buttwoman 2000Elegant Angel20007DRO
Buttwoman Back in BudapestElegant Angel19933DRO
Buttwoman Does BudapestElegant Angel19921DRO
Buttwoman Iz BellaElegant Angel20008DRO
Buttwoman Iz Lauren PhoenixElegant Angel20044DRO
Buttwoman vs. ButtwomanElegant Angel20009DRO
Cheek to Cheek 1Elegant Angel19974DRO
Club InfernoElegant Angel20034DRO
Coming of NikitaElegant Angel19954DO
Cum Rain Cum Shine 1Elegant Angel20047DRO
Cum Rain Cum Shine 2Elegant Angel20066DRO
Cumback Pussy Platinum 1Elegant Angel20022DO
Cumback Pussy Platinum 2Elegant Angel20037DO
Cytherea Iz Squirtwoman 1Elegant Angel20048DRO
Cytherea Iz Squirtwoman 2Elegant Angel20049DRO
Cytherea Iz Squirtwoman 3Elegant Angel20054DRO
Depravity On the DanubeElegant Angel1993 O
Double AnalElegant Angel2000 DRO
DP's and Orgies 2Elegant Angel20023DRO
Ebony in IvoryElegant Angel20033DRO
Erika Bella EuroslutElegant Angel19955DRO
Everything is Not RelativeElegant Angel1994 DO
Fazano's Student BodiesElegant Angel19955DO
Fist The Whole Fist And Nothing But The FistElegant Angel20006 
Flying SoloElegant Angel20021DRO
Freshness Counts 1Elegant Angel1996  
Girl PlayElegant Angel20094DRO
Guess Who's CummingElegant Angel20042DRO
Hungarian ConnectionElegant Angel1992  
It Don't Matter, Just Don't Bite It 1Elegant Angel19972DO
It's a Daddy Thing 1Elegant Angel20064DRO
It's a Daddy Thing 2Elegant Angel20068DRO
It's a Daddy Thing 3Elegant Angel20075DRO
It's a Daddy Thing 4Elegant Angel20084DRO
It's a Daddy Thing 5Elegant Angel20082DRO
It's a Mommy Thing 1Elegant Angel20073DRO
It's a Mommy Thing 2Elegant Angel20074DRO
It's a Mommy Thing 3Elegant Angel20084DRO
It's a Mommy Thing 4Elegant Angel20083DRO
It's a Mommy Thing 5Elegant Angel20095DRO
It's a Secretary Thing 1Elegant Angel20082DRO
It's a Secretary Thing 2Elegant Angel20096DRO
Just JuggsElegant Angel20032DRO
Lil Red Riding SlutElegant Angel20058DRO
Nikki Takes A TripElegant Angel20023DRO
No Cocks Allowed 1Elegant Angel20053DRO
No Cocks Allowed 2Elegant Angel20064DRO
Not Too Young For Cum 4Elegant Angel2006 DRO
Nothin' Butt ButtwomanElegant Angel20021DO
Old Fat Fucks Filthy Young SlutsElegant Angel2005 DRO
S.M.U.T. 18: Scared StiffElegant Angel20012O
She's So AnalElegant Angel20022DRO
Slut Woman 1Elegant Angel19986DO
Slut Woman 2Elegant Angel20004DRO
Sluts 'n Angels in BudapestElegant Angel1994 DRO
Sluts with Nuts 1Elegant Angel20005DRO
Slutwoman XXXposedElegant Angel20025DO
Slutwoman's RevengeElegant Angel20033DRO
Sodomania 1Elegant Angel19926DRO
Sodomania 10Elegant Angel19951DRO
Sodomania 11Elegant Angel19951DRO
Sodomania 13Elegant Angel19952DRO
Sodomania 14Elegant Angel1995 DO
Sodomania 15Elegant Angel19951DRO
Sodomania 16Elegant Angel19961DRO
Sodomania 17Elegant Angel19961DRO
Sodomania 18Elegant Angel19962DRO
Sodomania 19Elegant Angel19963DRO
Sodomania 2Elegant Angel19931DRO
Sodomania 20Elegant Angel19973DO
Sodomania 21Elegant Angel19971DRO
Sodomania 22Elegant Angel19972DRO
Sodomania 23Elegant Angel19982DO
Sodomania 24Elegant Angel19984DRO
Sodomania 25Elegant Angel19982DRO
Sodomania 26Elegant Angel19981DRO
Sodomania 27Elegant Angel19986DRO
Sodomania 28Elegant Angel19995DRO
Sodomania 29Elegant Angel19994DRO
Sodomania 3Elegant Angel19932DRO
Sodomania 30Elegant Angel19996DRO
Sodomania 31Elegant Angel19993DRO
Sodomania 32Elegant Angel20004DRO
Sodomania 33Elegant Angel20005DRO
Sodomania 34Elegant Angel20003DRO
Sodomania 35Elegant Angel20015DRO
Sodomania 36Elegant Angel20011O
Sodomania 38Elegant Angel20023DRO
Sodomania 39Elegant Angel2002 DRO
Sodomania 4Elegant Angel19932DRO
Sodomania 40Elegant Angel20034DRO
Sodomania 41Elegant Angel20034DRO
Sodomania 42Elegant Angel20034DRO
Sodomania 5Elegant Angel19935DO
Sodomania 6Elegant Angel19932DO
Sodomania 7Elegant Angel1994 DO
Sodomania 8Elegant Angel1994 DRO
Sodomania and Then Some: A CompendiumElegant Angel19954DRO
Sodomania Smokin' Sextions 1Elegant Angel19963DRO
Sodomania Smokin' Sextions 2Elegant Angel19984DO
Sodomania Smokin' Sextions 3Elegant Angel20012DRO
Sodomania Smokin' Sextions 4Elegant Angel20034DRO
Sodomania: Baddest of the BestElegant Angel19943DO
Sodomania: Director's Cut Classics 1Elegant Angel19991O
Sodomania: Director's Cut Classics 2Elegant Angel19991 
Sodomania: Director's Cut Classics 3Elegant Angel19991 
Sodomania: Gang Bang 1Elegant Angel19993DRO
Sodomania: Orgies 1Elegant Angel19995DRO
Sodomania: Orgies 2Elegant Angel19995DO
Sodomania: Orgies 3Elegant Angel20018DRO
Sodomania: Orgies 6Elegant Angel20025DRO
Sodomania: Slop Shots 1Elegant Angel19974DRO
Sodomania: Slop Shots 2Elegant Angel19974DRO
Sodomania: Slop Shots 6Elegant Angel19993DRO
SucculenceElegant Angel20035DO
Supersquirt 2Elegant Angel20057DRO
Tails From The ToiletElegant Angel20046DRO
Tails of Perversity 6Elegant Angel19981O
Teen AngelElegant Angel20015DRO
Teen Angel: The Search for SnatchElegant Angel20011DR
Theory of RelativityElegant Angel19942DRO
Thermonuclear SexElegant Angel19962O
Tickled PinkElegant Angel20016DRO
Totally TiannaElegant Angel19972DRO
Totally TiffanyElegant Angel20006DO
Totally Tiffany 2Elegant Angel2003 DRO
Transposed 5Elegant Angel20034DRO
Where the Girls Sweat 3Elegant Angel19963DO
Where The Girls Sweat 7Elegant Angel20024DRO
Where The Girls Sweat 8Elegant Angel20034DRO
Young and NaturalElegant Angel20023DRO