Michael Stefano

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Mike Long, Luciano

Director AKA

Mike Long, Luciano


August 29, 1969 (49 years old)




California, USA 

Years Active as Director







Hair Color



5 feet, 10 inches (178 cm)


176 lbs (80 kg)





AVN Awards

Nominee: Male Performer of the Year
Nominee: Best Director: Non-Feature, Caution Your Azz is In Danger 4 (2002)

Titles in YELLOW are Webscenes; Blue are Bi/All-Male titles and Grey are compilations.

Movie Title Distributor Studio Year Rev Formats
1 Dick 2 Chicks 3Red Light District20044DRO
Ass Almighty 1Red Light District20073DRO
Ass Almighty 2Red Light District20083DRO
Backseat Fucks 1Bone Digital2009 DRO
Backseat Fucks 2Bone Digital2009 DRO
Backseat Fucks 3Bone Digital20092DRO
Backseat Fucks 4Bone Digital20092DRO
Backseat Fucks 5Bone Digital20102DRO
Bang That Black Bitch White Boy 1Red Light District20066DRO
Banging Black BitchesRed Light District2010 DRO
Big Fat F.N. Tits 3Extreme Associates20001 
Black Girl Addiction 1Bone Digital20082DRO
Black Girl Addiction 2Bone Digital20082DRO
Booty BallsRed Light District20102DRO
Bound By BloodExtreme Associates20002DO
Buttfaced 1West Coast Productions20012DRO
Buttfaced 2West Coast Productions20012DRO
Buttfaced 3West Coast Productions20024DRO
Buttfaced 4West Coast Productions20021DRO
Buttfaced 5West Coast Productions20022DRO
Buttfaced 6West Coast Productions20022DO
Buttfaced 7West Coast Productions2003 DRO
Buttfaced 8West Coast Productions2003 DRO
Calling All Asses 1Combat Zone2012 DRO
Calling All Asses 2Combat Zone2012 DRO
Calling All BoobsCombat Zone20121DRO
Calling All TeensCombat Zone20131DRO
Caution Your Azz is In Danger 1West Coast Productions20011DRO
Caution Your Azz is In Danger 2West Coast Productions20011DRO
Caution Your Azz is In Danger 3West Coast Productions20021DRO
Caution Your Azz is In Danger 4West Coast Productions20021DRO
Caution Your Azz is In Danger 5West Coast Productions20021DRO
Chicks with Big Tits 2Sinister TV2013 O
Cock Smokers 33Extreme Associates20011D
Cream Filled Chocolate Holes 1Red Light District20053DRO
Cream Filled Chocolate Holes 2Red Light District20063DRO
Cream My Crack 1Red Light District20054DRO
Cum Swapping Sluts 14Red Light District20101DRO
Delinquent TeensExtreme Associates20012D
Extreme Teen 16Extreme Associates20013D
Extreme Teen 17Extreme Associates20015D
Extreme Teen 18Extreme Associates20014D
Extreme Teen 4Extreme Associates20003D
Face Down Ass Up 1Extreme Associates20002D
Face Down Ass Up 2Extreme Associates20003DR
Face Down Ass Up 3Extreme Associates20014D
Face Down Ass Up 4Extreme Associates20012D
Feeling Black 1Red Light District20037DRO
Feeling Black 10Red Light District20073DRO
Feeling Black 2Platinum X Pictures20037DRO
Feeling Black 3Platinum X Pictures20045DRO
Feeling Black 4Red Light District20043DRO
Feeling Black 5Red Light District20055DRO
Feeling Black 6Red Light District20057DRO
Feeling Black 7Red Light District20064DRO
Feeling Black 8Red Light District20061DRO
Feeling Black 9Red Light District20072DRO
Fill Her Up 4Red Light District20101DRO
Fresh New Faces 1Platinum X Pictures20038DRO
Fresh New Faces 2Platinum X Pictures20036DRO
Fresh New Faces 3Red Light District20049DRO
Fresh New Faces 4Platinum X Pictures20045DRO
Fresh New Faces 5Red Light District20045DRO
Fresh New Faces 6Red Light District20056DRO
Fuckumentary 4Armageddon Entertainment20011 
Full Anal Access 1Platinum X Pictures20039DRO
Full Anal Access 2Platinum X Pictures200311DRO
Full Anal Access 3Platinum X Pictures20035DRO
Full Anal Access 4Platinum X Pictures20044DO
Full Anal Access 5Red Light District20053DRO
Full Anal Access 6Red Light District20066DRO
Fully Loaded 1Red Light District20046DRO
Fully Loaded 2Red Light District20053DRO
Fully Loaded 3Red Light District20058DRO
Fully Loaded 4Red Light District20065DRO
Head Bitches 1Bone Digital2009 DRO
Head Bitches 2Bone Digital2009 DRO
Head Bitches 3Bone Digital2009 DRO
Head Bitches 4Bone Digital20102DRO
Head Bitches 5Bone Digital20102DRO
Jam Packed AssholesRed Light District20065DRO
Jizz JunkiesExtreme Associates20002DRO
Luciano's Anal Asspirations 1Extreme Associates20004D
Luciano's Lucky Ladies 1Extreme Associates19992D
Luciano's Lucky Ladies 2Extreme Associates19991D
Luciano's Lucky Ladies 3Extreme Associates20001D
Luciano's Lucky Ladies 4Extreme Associates20003 
Luciano's Lucky Ladies 5Extreme Associates20011D
Luciano's Lucky Ladies 6Extreme Associates20012 
Most Dangerous GameFilmco Releasing1996  
Nut Inside MeHush Hush Entertainment20083DRO
Office Confessionals 1Bone Digital20081DRO
Office Confessionals 10Bone Digital20101DRO
Office Confessionals 11Bone Digital20102DRO
Office Confessionals 2Bone Digital20083DO
Office Confessionals 3Bone Digital2008 DRO
Office Confessionals 4Bone Digital2008 DRO
Office Confessionals 5Bone Digital20081DRO
Office Confessionals 6Bone Digital2009 DRO
Office Confessionals 7Bone Digital2009 DRO
Office Confessionals 8Bone Digital2009 DRO
Office Confessionals 9Bone Digital20102DRO
One Night In The ValleyCaballero Home Video19961DRO
Outrageous Asses 1Bone Digital20082DRO
Outrageous Asses 2Bone Digital20082DRO
Saki's Bedtime StoriesFilmco Releasing1996  
Sex Toys 1West Coast Productions20014DRO
Sex Toys 3West Coast Productions20021DRO
Sex Toys 4West Coast Productions20023DRO
Sex Toys 5West Coast Productions2002 DRO
Sex Toys 6West Coast Productions20021DRO
Sex Toys 7West Coast Productions20021DRO
Sex Toys 8West Coast Productions20021DRO
Sperm DrainsRed Light District20073DRO
Sticky Side Up 1West Coast Productions20012DRO
Sticky Side Up 2West Coast Productions20021DRO
Sticky Side Up 3West Coast Productions20023DRO
Sticky Side Up 4West Coast Productions20021DRO
Sticky Side Up 5West Coast Productions20022DRO
Sticky Side Up 6West Coast Productions20021DRO
Sticky Side Up 7West Coast Productions20022DRO
Sticky Side Up 8West Coast Productions2003 DRO
Tease Me Then Please Me 1Platinum X Pictures20046DRO
Tease Me Then Please Me 2Red Light District20055DRO
Tease Me Then Please Me 3Red Light District20066DRO
Tease Me Then Please Me 4Red Light District20065DRO
Tease Me Then Please Me 5Red Light District20074DRO
Tease Me Then Please Me 6Red Light District20074DRO
Tease Me Then Please Me 7Red Light District20084DRO
Teen Perversion 1West Coast Productions20022DRO
Teen Perversion 2West Coast Productions20023DRO
Teen Perversion 3West Coast Productions20021DRO
Teen Perversion 4West Coast Productions2003 DRO
Teenage Peach Fuzz 1Red Light District20055DRO
Teenage Peach Fuzz 2Red Light District20067DRO
Teenage Peach Fuzz 3Red Light District20075DRO
Teenage Peach Fuzz 4Red Light District20076DRO
Teenage Peach Fuzz 5Red Light District20084DRO
Teens Revealed 1Red Light District20037DRO
Teens Revealed 2Platinum X Pictures20035DRO
Teens Revealed 3Platinum X Pictures20035DRO
Teens Revealed 4Platinum X Pictures20045DRO
Teens Revealed 5Red Light District20056DRO
Twisted Vision 1Red Light District20046DRO
Twisted Vision 2Red Light District200510DRO
Twisted Vision 3Red Light District20054DRO
Twisted Vision 4Red Light District20062DRO
Twisted Vision 5Red Light District20075DRO
Twisted Vision 6Red Light District20075DRO
Twisted Vision 7Red Light District20084DRO
Ultimate Asses 1Red Light District20038DRO
Ultimate Asses 2Red Light District20037DO
Ultimate Asses 3Red Light District20045DRO
Ultimate Asses 4Red Light District20045DRO
Ultimate Asses 5Red Light District20058DRO
Ultimate Asses 6Red Light District20063DRO
Ultimate Asses 7Red Light District20072DRO
Wax That Ass 1Extreme Associates19992DO
Wax That Ass 2Extreme Associates20001D
Wax That Ass 3Extreme Associates20001 
Wax That Ass 4Extreme Associates20004 
Whatabooty 8Red Light District20092DRO
Whore FactoryArmageddon Entertainment20002DO
You And Me POVHush Hush Entertainment20082DRO
Young Fresh MeatHush Hush Entertainment20082DRO