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Mark Gemini

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Performer AKA No known aliases
Director AKA No known aliases
BirthdayNo data
AstrologyNo data
BirthplaceNo data 
Years Active as Performer2004-2013
Years Active as Director2003-2014
Nationality/HeritageNo data
Hair ColorNo data
HeightNo data
WeightNo data
TattoosNo data
PiercingsNo data
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Mark Gemini



Performer Credits
70 Titles
Director Credits
239 Titles

Titles displayed in a darker row color are compilations. Titles that are highlighted are web scenes.

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Movie TitleDistributorNotesYearRevFormats
Austin: Then And NowGemini StudiosClip2009 O
Brandon Oh My GodGemini StudiosTop2008 O
Casting CouchGemini Studios 2008 DRO
Confessions Of A Bi-Sexual StudGemini Studios 2008 O
Cuba: Top to BottomGemini StudiosTop2006  
Dennis Gets Worked OverGemini StudiosNonSex2008 O
Derrick's SecretAMVC 2004 O
Eli Gets Worked OverAMVCNonSex2012 O
Frat RatsGemini Studios 2006 O
How To Fuck A Str8t Man 2AMVCTop2012  
JackBuddies 19Gemini StudiosNonSex2005 O
JackBuddies 23: Cuba And EduardoGemini StudiosNonSex2006 O
JackBuddies 33Gemini StudiosTop2007 O
JackBuddies 52Gemini StudiosTop2008 O
JackBuddies 77AMVCTop2011 O
Signature Series: AceGemini Studios 2006 O
Signature Series: AdamGemini StudiosNonSex2005 O
Signature Series: AdrianGemini StudiosTop2006 O
Signature Series: AlexGemini StudiosTop2006 O
Signature Series: BuddyGemini StudiosTop2008 O
Signature Series: BullGemini StudiosTop2007 O
Signature Series: CasperGemini StudiosTop2008 O
Signature Series: ChanceGemini StudiosTop2006 O
Signature Series: ChrisGemini StudiosTop2007 O
Signature Series: ChuckGemini Studios 2007 O
Signature Series: ClayGemini StudiosTop2006 O
Signature Series: Cody CashGemini StudiosTop2004 O
Signature Series: CoryGemini StudiosTop2007 O
Signature Series: CubaGemini Studios 2005 O
Signature Series: DanGemini StudiosTop2007 O
Signature Series: DillonGemini Studios 2007 O
Signature Series: DKGemini Studios 2005 O
Signature Series: DruAMVCNonSex2012 O
Signature Series: DylanAMVCTop2013 O
Signature Series: EliAMVCTop2011 O
Signature Series: EnriqueGemini StudiosNonSex2011 O
Signature Series: GageGemini StudiosTop2009 O
Signature Series: J.R.Gemini StudiosTop2008 O
Signature Series: JarrodGemini StudiosTop2010 O
Signature Series: JayGemini StudiosTop2006 O
Signature Series: JCGemini Studios 2008 O
Signature Series: JDGemini Studios 2006 O
Signature Series: JedGemini StudiosNonSex2006 O
Signature Series: JerryGemini StudiosTop2005 O
Signature Series: JoelGemini StudiosNonSex2006 O
Signature Series: JohnAMVC 2011 O
Signature Series: Johnnie VigoAMVC 2011 O
Signature Series: Johnny LawGemini StudiosTop2008 O
Signature Series: JordanGemini Studios 2005 O
Signature Series: KotyGemini StudiosTop2008 O
Signature Series: KyleGemini StudiosTop2006 O
Signature Series: LandonGemini StudiosTop2006 O
Signature Series: LukeGemini StudiosTop2008 O
Signature Series: MarcGemini StudiosTop2006 O
Signature Series: MarcoGemini Studios 2008 O
Signature Series: MattGemini StudiosNonSex2008 O
Signature Series: MaxGemini StudiosNonSex2010 O
Signature Series: MichaelGemini StudiosTop2007 O
Signature Series: MilesAMVCTop2011 O
Signature Series: NateAMVCTop2011 O
Signature Series: RexGemini Studios 2008 O
Signature Series: Ron BurnerGemini StudiosNonSex2007 O
Signature Series: SamGemini Studios 2009 O
Signature Series: SkipGemini StudiosTop2005 O
Signature Series: ToddGemini Studios 2007 O
Signature Series: Tommy KellerGemini Studios 2007 O
Signature Series: TravisGemini StudiosTop2006 O
Signature Series: TripGemini StudiosTop2010 O
Signature Series: VanGemini StudiosNonSex2005 O
Sling ShotsGemini StudiosNonSex2007 O
As Director
Movie Title
Able Bodied MenGemini Studios2007  
Alex's Toy BoxJerk Studios2006 O
Austin: Then And NowGemini Studios2009 O
Best Damn Dildo Movie 1Gemini Studios2004 O
Best Damn Dildo Movie 2Gemini Studios2005 O
Best of BlairGemini Studios2005 O
Blake: The Dark SideGemini Studios2004 O
BlondesGemini Studios2003 DRO
Brandon Oh My GodGemini Studios2008 O
Brandon's Butt ShowAMVC2010 O
Brent's Toy BoxGemini Studios2008 O
Brothers' Toy BoxGemini Studios2009 O
Butch: Shaved And StuffedGemini Studios2006 O
Casting CouchGemini Studios2008 DRO
Chance's Toy BoxGemini Studios2008 O
Charlie's Toy BoxGemini Studios2008 O
Chris' Toy BoxGemini Studios2007 O
Confessions Of A Bi-Sexual StudGemini Studios2008 O
Cuba: Top to BottomGemini Studios2006  
Cuba's Toy BoxGemini Studios2008 O
Cute Young ThingsGemini Studios2003  
Cute Young Things: Director's CutGemini Studios2005 O
Dennis Gets Worked OverGemini Studios2008 O
Derrick's SecretAMVC2004 O
Dustin Gets Worked OverGemini Studios2009 O
Dustin's Toy BoxGemini Studios2009 O
Eli Gets Worked OverAMVC2012 O
Eli's Toy BoxAMVC2011 O
Fuck You...Fuck MeAMVC2011 O
Hart Gets Worked OverGemini Studios2006 O
Hart's Toy BoxGemini Studios2005 O
Hot American AssGemini Studios2003  
How To Fuck A Str8t Man 2AMVC2012  
Incredible AssAMVC2014 D
Jack Buddies 10: Derrick And CameronGemini Studios2004 O
Jack Buddies 12Gemini Studios2004 O
Jack Buddies 4Gemini Studios2004  
Jack Buddies 5Gemini Studios2003  
Jack Buddies 8: The Ted TapesGemini Studios2004 O
Jack Buddies 9: The Rick TapesGemini Studios2004 O
JackBuddies 11Gemini Studios2005 O
JackBuddies 15Gemini Studios2005 O
JackBuddies 16AMVC2005 O
JackBuddies 17Gemini Studios2005 O
JackBuddies 18Gemini Studios2005 O
JackBuddies 19Gemini Studios2005 O
JackBuddies 20: Mike Scott Goes GayGemini Studios2006 O
JackBuddies 21: Kyle And ClayGemini Studios2006 O
JackBuddies 22Gemini Studios2006  
JackBuddies 22: Kyle And ZaneGemini Studios2006 O
JackBuddies 24: Marc And ZaneGemini Studios2006 O
JackBuddies 25: Mike Scott And DennisGemini Studios2006 O
JackBuddies 26: Kyle And ChanceGemini Studios2006 O
JackBuddies 27Gemini Studios2006 O
JackBuddies 28: Bear FuckGemini Studios2006 O
JackBuddies 30: Chance And Jerry's Big Dick Flip Flop FuckGemini Studios2007 O
JackBuddies 31: Kyle And MichaelGemini Studios2007 O
JackBuddies 32: Marc Gets FuckedGemini Studios2007 O
JackBuddies 33Gemini Studios2007 O
JackBuddies 34Gemini Studios2007 O
JackBuddies 35: Brandon And ChanceGemini Studios2007 O
Jackbuddies 36: Jordan's RevengeGemini Studios2007 O
JackBuddies 37: Fucking BrandonGemini Studios2007 O
Jackbuddies 38: Dan And ChanceGemini Studios2007 O
JackBuddies 39: Brandon Fucks ChrisGemini Studios2007 O
JackBuddies 40: Chance Fucks ChrisGemini Studios2007 O
JackBuddies 41: Brandon Fucks MarcGemini Studios2007 O
JackBuddies 42: Brandon Fucks JordanGemini Studios2007 O
JackBuddies 43: Fucking BrentGemini Studios2007 O
JackBuddies 44: Kyle And Chance RematchGemini Studios2008 O
JackBuddies 45: Brent And Chance Flip FlopGemini Studios2008 O
JackBuddies 46Gemini Studios2008 O
JackBuddies 47: Brent And KyleGemini Studios2008  
JackBuddies 48: Chance, Chris And DevinGemini Studios2008 O
JackBuddies 49: Chris And MarcGemini Studios2008 O
JackBuddies 50: Big Dick FuckGemini Studios2008 O
JackBuddies 51Gemini Studios2008 O
JackBuddies 52Gemini Studios2008 O
JackBuddies 53Gemini Studios2008 O
JackBuddies 54Gemini Studios2008  
JackBuddies 56Gemini Studios2009 O
JackBuddies 57Gemini Studios2009 O
JackBuddies 58Gemini Studios2009 O
JackBuddies 59Gemini Studios2009 O
JackBuddies 60Gemini Studios2009 O
JackBuddies 61: Kyle and AustinGemini Studios2009 O
JackBuddies 62Gemini Studios2009 O
JackBuddies 63Gemini Studios2009 O
JackBuddies 64Gemini Studios2010 O
JackBuddies 65Gemini Studios2010 O
JackBuddies 66Gemini Studios2010 O
JackBuddies 67Gemini Studios2010 O
JackBuddies 69Gemini Studios2010  
JackBuddies 70Gemini Studios2010 O
JackBuddies 71Gemini Studios2010 O
JackBuddies 72AMVC2010 O
JackBuddies 75AMVC2010 O
JackBuddies 77AMVC2011 O
JackBuddies 78Gemini Studios2011 O
JackBuddies 79AMVC2011 O
JackBuddies 80: Austin Fucks Brandon...AgainAMVC2011 O
JackBuddies 81: Austin And MilesAMVC2011 O
JackBuddies 82: Michael And NateAMVC2011  
JackBuddies 83: Brandon And MilesAMVC2012  
JackBuddies 84AMVC2012 O
JackBuddies 86: Blaine And EliAMVC2012  
JackBuddies 87AMVC2012 O
JackBuddies 88AMVC2013  
JackBuddies 90AMVC2013 O
JackBuddies 91AMVC2014 O
Jared Wells' Toy BoxGemini Studios2011 O
Jason's Toy BoxGemini Studios2009 O
Joey's Toy BoxGemini Studios2004 O
Logan's Toy BoxGemini Studios2006 O
Michael And Johnnie: Best Friends ForeverAMVC2011 O
Mike Scott's Toy BoxGemini Studios2006 O
Muscles: Director's CutGemini Studios2005 O
Nate's Toy BoxAMVC2012 O
Nick's Toy BoxGemini Studios2005 O
On The VergeGemini Studios2003  
Rough and ReadyGemini Studios2003 DRO
Ryan's Toy BoxGemini Studios2008 O
Shaving Pvt. HartGemini Studios2005 O
Signature Series: AceGemini Studios2006 O
Signature Series: AdamGemini Studios2005 O
Signature Series: Adam JamesAMVC2013 O
Signature Series: AdrianGemini Studios2006 O
Signature Series: AJGemini Studios2005 O
Signature Series: AlanGemini Studios2010 O
Signature Series: AlexGemini Studios2006 O
Signature Series: AndrewGemini Studios2010 O
Signature Series: BenGemini Studios2008 O
Signature Series: Blair CurtissAMVC2013 O
Signature Series: BlakeGemini Studios2004 O
Signature Series: BoydGemini Studios2005 O
Signature Series: BradGemini Studios2006 O
Signature Series: BrandonGemini Studios2004 O
Signature Series: BrentGemini Studios2007 O
Signature Series: BrooksAMVC2013 O
Signature Series: BuddyGemini Studios2008 O
Signature Series: BullGemini Studios2007 O
Signature Series: CameronGemini Studios2004 O
Signature Series: CasperGemini Studios2008 O
Signature Series: ChanceGemini Studios2006 O
Signature Series: CharlieGemini Studios2005 O
Signature Series: ChrisGemini Studios2007 O
Signature Series: ChuckGemini Studios2007 O
Signature Series: ClayGemini Studios2006 O
Signature Series: Cody CashGemini Studios2004 O
Signature Series: CoryGemini Studios2007 O
Signature Series: CubaGemini Studios2005 O
Signature Series: DanGemini Studios2007 O
Signature Series: DanielGemini Studios2007 O
Signature Series: DiegoGemini Studios2004 O
Signature Series: DillonGemini Studios2007 O
Signature Series: DirkGemini Studios2006 O
Signature Series: DKGemini Studios2005 O
Signature Series: DruAMVC2012 O
Signature Series: DukeGemini Studios2006 O
Signature Series: DustinGemini Studios2009 O
Signature Series: DylanAMVC2013 O
Signature Series: EliAMVC2011 O
Signature Series: EnriqueGemini Studios2011 O
Signature Series: EthanGemini Studios2005 O
Signature Series: GabeGemini Studios2007 O
Signature Series: GageGemini Studios2009 O
Signature Series: GregoryGemini Studios2007 O
Signature Series: J.R.Gemini Studios2008 O
Signature Series: Jake S.Gemini Studios2007 O
Signature Series: Jared WellsAMVC2011 O
Signature Series: JarrodGemini Studios2010 O
Signature Series: JasonGemini Studios2009 O
Signature Series: JayGemini Studios2006 O
Signature Series: JCGemini Studios2008 O
Signature Series: JDGemini Studios2006 O
Signature Series: JedGemini Studios2006 O
Signature Series: JeremyGemini Studios2006 O
Signature Series: JerryGemini Studios2005 O
Signature Series: Jim GoodrichAMVC2013 O
Signature Series: JoelGemini Studios2006 O
Signature Series: Joey DeLucaAMVC2013 O
Signature Series: JohnAMVC2011 O
Signature Series: Johnnie VigoAMVC2011 O
Signature Series: Johnny LawGemini Studios2008 O
Signature Series: JordanGemini Studios2005 O
Signature Series: JoshGemini Studios2009 O
Signature Series: Josh MacAdamsAMVC2010 O
Signature Series: JuddGemini Studios2007 O
Signature Series: JulianGemini Studios2008 O
Signature Series: Kevin WilsonGemini Studios2004 O
Signature Series: KotyGemini Studios2008 O
Signature Series: KristianGemini Studios2007 O
Signature Series: KurtGemini Studios2008 O
Signature Series: KyleGemini Studios2006 O
Signature Series: LandonGemini Studios2006 O
Signature Series: LoganGemini Studios2005 O
Signature Series: LukeGemini Studios2008 O
Signature Series: MarcGemini Studios2006 O
Signature Series: MarcoGemini Studios2008 O
Signature Series: MartyGemini Studios2004 O
Signature Series: MattGemini Studios2008 O
Signature Series: MaxGemini Studios2010 O
Signature Series: MichaelGemini Studios2007 O
Signature Series: Michael NolanGemini Studios2010 O
Signature Series: Mike ScottGemini Studios2005 O
Signature Series: MilesAMVC2011 O
Signature Series: NateAMVC2011 O
Signature Series: NickGemini Studios2004 O
Signature Series: RexGemini Studios2008 O
Signature Series: RickyGemini Studios2007 O
Signature Series: Rob AnthonyGemini Studios2009 O
Signature Series: Ron BurnerGemini Studios2007 O
Signature Series: RussellGemini Studios2005 O
Signature Series: RyanGemini Studios2004 O
Signature Series: SamGemini Studios2009 O
Signature Series: SimonGemini Studios2006 O
Signature Series: SkipGemini Studios2005 O
Signature Series: TazGemini Studios2007 O
Signature Series: ThaneGemini Studios2007 O
Signature Series: TheoGemini Studios2007 O
Signature Series: TimGemini Studios2008 O
Signature Series: ToddGemini Studios2007 O
Signature Series: Tommy KellerGemini Studios2007 O
Signature Series: Tony MontgomeryGemini Studios2007 O
Signature Series: TravisGemini Studios2006 O
Signature Series: TripGemini Studios2010 O
Signature Series: VanGemini Studios2005 O
Signature Series: VicGemini Studios2005 O
Signature Series: WoodyGemini Studios2004 O
Signature Series: ZaneGemini Studios2005 O
Skeet N' EatGemini Studios2005 O
Sling ShotsGemini Studios2007 O
Snatch Crackle Pop!!AMVC2011 O
Triple Hot 3AMVC2014  
Why I Love KyleGemini Studios2007 O
Wide OpenGemini Studios2009 DRO
Wide Open 2Gemini Studios2009 DO
Workin' MenGemini Studios2003 DRO
Working Men 2Gemini Studios2008 O

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