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February 25, 1975 (44 years old)





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5 feet, 7 inches (170 cm)


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Titles in YELLOW are Webscenes; Blue are Bi/All-Male titles and Grey are compilations.

Movie Title Distributor Studio Year Rev Formats
Big Dick Mandingo Lil Freaks 1West Coast Productions2008 DRO
Big Dick Mandingo Lil Freaks 2West Coast Productions2009 DRO
Big Dick Mandingo Lil Freaks 3West Coast Productions2009 DO
Big Dick Mandingo Lil Freaks 4West Coast Productions2009 DRO
Big Dick Mandingo Lil Freaks 5West Coast Productions2009 DRO
Chasing MandingoWest Coast Productions2006 DRO
Doin the MandingoWest Coast Productions2007 DRO
Fuck My Wife MandingoWest Coast Productions20091DRO
Mandingo 1West Coast Productions20022DRO
Mandingo 10West Coast Productions20041DRO
Mandingo 2West Coast Productions20021DRO
Mandingo 3West Coast Productions20032DRO
Mandingo 4West Coast Productions20033DRO
Mandingo 5West Coast Productions2003 DRO
Mandingo 6West Coast Productions2003 DRO
Mandingo 9West Coast Productions2004 DRO
Mandingo Asian Sex DollsWest Coast Productions2009 DO
Mandingo ATL 1West Coast Productions20061DRO
Mandingo ATL 2West Coast Productions2007 DRO
Mandingo Black 1West Coast Productions2007 DRO
Mandingo Black 2West Coast Productions2007 DRO
Mandingo Black 3West Coast Productions2007 DRO
Mandingo Black 4West Coast Productions2008 DRO
Mandingo Cougar RampageWest Coast Productions2016 DRO
Mandingo Cougars 4West Coast Productions2015 DRO
Mandingo PassionWest Coast Productions2013 DRO
Mandingo Passion 3: The Size Matters EditionWest Coast Productions2014 DRO
Mandingo RawWest Coast Productions2015 DRO
Mandingo Rockin' BlackWest Coast Productions2011 DRO
Mandingo Rocks That AssWest Coast Productions2011 DO
Mandingo Slut GirlsWest Coast Productions2015 DRO
Mandingo Taboo 1West Coast Productions2007 DRO
Mandingo Taboo 2West Coast Productions2008 DRO
Mandingo Taboo 3West Coast Productions2008 DRO
Mandingo Teen Domination 1West Coast Productions20091DRO
Mandingo Teen Domination 2West Coast Productions2010 DRO
Mandingo Teen Domination 3West Coast Productions2014 DRO
Mandingo Teen Domination 4West Coast Productions2014 DRO
Mandingo Thick and JuicyWest Coast Productions20061DRO
Mandingo Wrecked My PussyWest Coast Productions2014 DRO
Mandingo Wrecked My Pussy 2West Coast Productions2015 DRO
Mandingo's Asian Pretty Girls 1West Coast Productions20061DO
Mandingo's Black Pretty Girls 2West Coast Productions2006 DO
Mandingo's CougarsWest Coast Productions2010 DO
Mandingo's Cougars 2West Coast Productions2014 DRO
Mandingo's Desperate Housewives 3West Coast Productions2009 DRO
Mandingo's Dick PuppetsRed Light District20075DO
Mandingo's Just Suck Then Fuck ItWest Coast Productions2006 DRO
Mandingo's Latin Pretty Girls 1West Coast Productions2006 DRO
Mandingo's Latin Pretty Girls 2West Coast Productions2006 DRO
Mandingo's Lil Hotties and Phattys West Coast Productions2006 DRO
Mandingo's Naughty Wives ClubWest Coast Productions2014 DRO
Mandingo's Naughty Wives Club 2West Coast Productions2015 DRO
Mandingo's Naughty Wives Club 3West Coast Productions2015 DRO
Mandingo's RampageWest Coast Productions2012 DRO
Mandingo's Super WhoresWest Coast Productions2011 DRO
Mandingo's White Pretty GirlsWest Coast Productions20061DRO
Mandingo: Size Does Matter 2West Coast Productions2015 DRO