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June 17, 1973 (46 years old)




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AVN Awards

Nominee: Best Director: Non-Feature, Hooker Experience (2013)
Nominee: Best Director: Non-Feature, Payback (2015)

Inked Awards

Nominee: Director of the Year
Nominee: Director of the Year
Nominee: Director of the Year
Nominee: Director of the Year

RogReviews' Critics Choice Awards

Nominee: Best Director

Sex Awards

Nominee: Favorite Director

Spank Bank Awards

Nominee: Director of the Year
Nominee: Guru of Gonzo (Director of the Year - Gonzo)

The Fannys

Nominee: Best Director

Tranny Awards

Nominee: Best Director
Nominee: Best Photographer

XBiz Awards

Nominee: Director of the Year: Body of Work
Nominee: Director of the Year - Non-Feature Release, Hooker Experience (2013)
Nominee: Director of the Year - Non-Feature Release, Inked Angels 2 (2013)
Nominee: Director of the Year - Non-Feature Release, Inked Angels 4 (2014)
Nominee: Director of the Year - Non-Feature Release

XRCO Awards

Nominee: Best Director: Non-Features

Titles in YELLOW are Webscenes; Blue are Bi/All-Male titles and Grey are compilations.

Movie Title Distributor Studio Year Rev Formats
2 Girls Are Better Than 1Evil Angel20171DRO
American Bi 2Pulse Pictures20072D
American Bi 3Pulse Distribution20081DR
American Tranny 1Mile High20111DRO
American Tranny 2Mile High20121DRO
American Tranny 3Mile High2012 DRO
American Tranny 4Mile High20151DRO
Anal Centerfolds 2Evil Angel20181DO
Anal Corruption 1Evil Angel20133DRO
Anal Corruption 2Evil Angel20143DRO
Anal Corruption 3Evil Angel20153DRO
Anal FiendsEvil Angel20152DRO
Anal Fiends 2Evil Angel20163DRO
Anal IntoxicationEvil Angel20152DRO
Anal ParadiseEvil Angel20151DRO
Artcore: AnalEvil Angel20181DO
Artcore: AngelsEvil Angel20181DO
Artcore: CenterfoldsEvil Angel20191DO
Asian Fever 34Hustler Video20083DRO
Asian Fever 35Hustler Video20083DRO
Asian Fever 36Hustler Video20081DRO
Asian Fever 37Hustler Video20091DRO
Ass JobsEvil Angel2017 DRO
Ass Jobs 2Evil Angel2018 DO
AsstasticEvil Angel20152DRO
Au NaturalWicked Pictures2015 DRO
Babysitter Diaries 1Mile High2010 DRO
Babysitter Diaries 2Mile High20101DRO
Babysitter Diaries 3Mile High20104DRO
Babysitter Diaries 5Mile High20113DRO
Babysitter Diaries 9Mile High2012 DRO
Bad Ass MomsMy XXX Pass2018 DO
Big Tit Centerfolds 1Evil Angel20131DRO
Big Tit Centerfolds 2Evil Angel20131DRO
Big Tit Centerfolds 3Evil Angel20141DRO
Big Tit Centerfolds 4Evil Angel20142DRO
Black Up In HerMile High2009 DRO
Blackmailed Cheating TeensEvil Angel20172DRO
Blackmailed HousewivesEvil Angel2017 DRO
Blackmailed MILFsEvil Angel20171DRO
Blackmailed SecretariesEvil Angel20182DO
Blackmailed TeensEvil Angel20171DRO
Blackmailed TenantsEvil Angel2017 DRO
Brand New GirlsEvil Angel20143DRO
Casting CouchEvil Angel20142DRO
Cherie Deville is EvilEvil Angel2017 DRO
Clothes FreaksSmash Pictures20078DRO
Cougar's Prey 1Mile High2009 DRO
Cougar's Prey 2Mile High2010 DRO
Cougar's Prey 3Mile High2010 DRO
Cougar's Prey 5Mile High20103DRO
Couples Seeking Teens 1Mile High2009 DRO
Couples Seeking Teens 2Mile High20092DRO
Couples Seeking Teens 3Mile High20093DRO
Couples Seeking Teens 5Mile High20103DRO
Couples Seeking Teens 9Mile High20121DRO
Crack FuckersEvil Angel20121DRO
Crack Fuckers 2Evil Angel20121DRO
Crack Fuckers 3Evil Angel20131DRO
Crack Fuckers 4Evil Angel20132DRO
Crack Fuckers 5Evil Angel20142DRO
Crack Fuckers 6Evil Angel20142DRO
Crack Fuckers 7Evil Angel20151DRO
Creepy BlackmailEvil Angel2018 DO
Cum Faces 1My XXX Pass2013 DO
Desperate MILFsEvil Angel2019 DRO
DivorceeSmash Pictures20104DRO
Divorcee 2: This Ain't the People's CourtSmash Pictures20111DRO
Down Your Throat 6Smash Pictures20084DRO
DP My Wife With Me 1Mile High20132DRO
Dress-Up DollsEvil Angel2013 DRO
Dress-up DollsPulse Distribution20056DRO
Evil BlackmailEvil Angel20181DO
Eye CandyWicked Pictures20141DRO
Face Painters 2My XXX Pass2014 DRO
First Person ShooterPulse Distribution20073DO
Foreign Nanny ExchangeWicked Pictures20151DRO
Gag On My Cock 2My XXX Pass2014 DRO
Girlfriends Get Even 1Mile High20121DRO
Hardcore MILFsEvil Angel20141DRO
Hide and PeepWicked Pictures20161DRO
Hooker ExperienceEvil Angel20136DRO
I Blackmailed My Babysitter's AssEvil Angel20162DRO
I Blackmailed My Stepdaughter's AssEvil Angel20163DRO
I Blackmailed My StepmomEvil Angel20162DRO
I Blackmailed My Stepmom's AssEvil Angel2016 DRO
Inked Angels 1Evil Angel20133DRO
Inked Angels 2Evil Angel20132DRO
Inked Angels 3Evil Angel20141DRO
Inked Angels 4Evil Angel20141DRO
Inked Angels 5Evil Angel20152DRO
Inked Angels 6Evil Angel20162DRO
Jasmine Jae is EvilEvil Angel2017 DRO
Kevin Moore's Star PowerEvil Angel20132DRO
Killer Grip 4Smash Pictures20083DRO
Latina TeensMy XXX Pass2017 DRO
Luna Star is EvilEvil Angel20161DRO
Mad At Daddy 2Vertigo20051DRO
MILF BangedWicked Pictures20141DRO
MILF Banged 2Wicked Pictures20142DRO
MILF Facials 3My XXX Pass2018 DO
Mind FuckedEvil Angel20171DRO
Mom's Cuckold 11Mile High20122DRO
Mommy Sucks 6My XXX Pass2017 DRO
Mother LodeSmash Pictures20077DRO
My Dad's Hot WifeWicked Pictures2015 DRO
Nasty Talk POVPure Play Media20083DO
Naughty Nanny 2Smash Pictures20096DRO
Obedience SchoolEvil Angel20133DRO
Obedience SchoolPulse Distribution20067DRO
Office Perverts 1Mile High2009 DRO
Office Perverts 2Mile High20091DRO
Office Perverts 4Mile High20101DRO
Panty PervertEvil Angel2016 DRO
Panty Pervert 2Evil Angel20171DRO
Panty Pervert 3Evil Angel2018 DRO
Panty Pops 1Evil Angel2010 DRO
Panty Pops 10Evil Angel20141DRO
Panty Pops 2Evil Angel20113DRO
Panty Pops 3Evil Angel20112DRO
Panty Pops 4Evil Angel20111DRO
Panty Pops 5Evil Angel20121DRO
Panty Pops 6Evil Angel20121DRO
Panty Pops 7Evil Angel20134DRO
Panty Pops 8Evil Angel20133DRO
Panty Pops 9Evil Angel20141DRO
PaybackWicked Pictures20152DO
Pearl NecklacesEvil Angel20143DRO
Pornstar POVMile High2009 DRO
Prime AnalEvil Angel20162DRO
Registered Nurse 2Smash Pictures20096DRO
Ripped ApartWicked Pictures20141DRO
Secretary's Day 2Smash Pictures20088DRO
Secretary's Day 3Smash Pictures20095DRO
Sex KittensEvil Angel20141DRO
Sex Kittens 2Evil Angel20153DRO
Sex Kittens 3Evil Angel20153DRO
Spandex Loads 1Evil Angel2011 DRO
Spandex Loads 2Evil Angel20111DRO
Spandex Loads 3Evil Angel20121DRO
Spandex Loads 4Evil Angel20121DRO
Spandex Loads 5Evil Angel20121DRO
Spandex Loads 6Evil Angel20132DRO
Spandex Loads 7Evil Angel2013 DRO
Spandex Loads 8Evil Angel20142DRO
Spandex Loads 9Evil Angel20151DRO
Sport FuckingWicked Pictures2014 DRO
Stick It in My Face 1Old Pueblo20042DO
Stick It in My Face 2: That Dick Ain't Gonna Suck ItselfOld Pueblo20042DRO
Stick It in My Face 3: Sensory OverloadOld Pueblo20042DRO
Stick It in My Face 4: Greedy for MorePulse Distribution20062DO
Stunning CurvesEvil Angel20153DRO
Sweet and SluttyEvil Angel20152DRO
TanlinesEvil Angel20122DRO
Tanlines 2Evil Angel20121DRO
Tanlines 3Evil Angel20134DRO
Tanlines 4Evil Angel20133DRO
Tanlines 5Evil Angel20141DRO
Tease Me POVWicked Pictures20142DRO
Tease Me POV 2Wicked Pictures20141DRO
Tease Me POV 3Wicked Pictures2015 DRO
Teen Blowjob Auditions 5My XXX Pass2017 DRO
Teen YogaWicked Pictures20162DRO
Titty Creampies 1Evil Angel2012 DRO
Titty Creampies 10Evil Angel2017 DRO
Titty Creampies 2Evil Angel20121DRO
Titty Creampies 3Evil Angel20122DRO
Titty Creampies 4Evil Angel20131DRO
Titty Creampies 5Evil Angel20131DRO
Titty Creampies 6Evil Angel20132DRO
Titty Creampies 7Evil Angel20141DRO
Titty Creampies 8Evil Angel20151DRO
Titty Creampies 9Evil Angel2016 DRO
Tongue in CheekEvil Angel20131DRO
Tongue in Cheek 2Evil Angel20142DRO
Tongue in Cheek 3Evil Angel20152DRO
Too Big for Teens 10Mile High20121DRO
Whale Tail 5Smash Pictures20091DRO
White Guys Black PiesMile High2008 DO
Your Mom's the BombWicked Pictures20161DRO

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