Jean-Yves Le Castel

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Jean-Eves Lecastel, J. Yves Lecastel, J.Y. Lecastel, Jean Yves Le Castel, Jean Yves Lecastel, Jean-Yves Lecastel, Jocelin, Joceline, Jocelyn

Director AKA

Jean-Eves Lecastel, J. Yves Lecastel, J.Y. Lecastel, Jean Yves Le Castel, Jean Yves Lecastel, Jean-Yves Lecastel, Jocelin, Joceline, Jocelyn


January 08, 1965 (54 years old)





Years Active as Director







Hair Colors

Brown/Dark Brown


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Titles in YELLOW are Webscenes; Blue are Bi/All-Male titles and Grey are compilations.

Movie Title Distributor Studio Year Rev Formats
Anal ExtremeNew Sensations20091DRO
Anal King 1Erotic Planet2009  
Anal School 1Hot Boxxx20052DR
Anal School 2New Sensations20051DRO
Anal School 3New Sensations20063DRO
Anal-ProjektMulti Media Verlag1998  
Anale TraumeMulti Media Verlag1999  
Ass MountedDigital Sin20114DRO
Ass Wide Open 1Digital Sin20033DRO
Ass Wide Open 10New Sensations20065DRO
Ass Wide Open 2Digital Sin20043DRO
Ass Wide Open 3New Sensations20051DRO
Ass Wide Open 4New Sensations20053DRO
Ass Wide Open 5Digital Sin20054DRO
Ass Wide Open 6Digital Sin2005 DRO
Ass Wide Open 7New Sensations20062DRO
Ass Wide Open 8New Sensations20061DRO
Ass Wide Open 9New Sensations20062DRO
Assman 1Anabolic Video19975DRO
Assman 10Anabolic Video19993DRO
Assman 11Anabolic Video19993DRO
Assman 12Anabolic Video20009DRO
Assman 13Anabolic Video20002DRO
Assman 14Anabolic Video20002DRO
Assman 15Anabolic Video20005DRO
Assman 16Anabolic Video20013DRO
Assman 17Anabolic Video20012DRO
Assman 18Anabolic Video20011DRO
Assman 19Anabolic Video20013DRO
Assman 2Anabolic Video19975DRO
Assman 20Anabolic Video20025DRO
Assman 21Anabolic Video20023DRO
Assman 22Anabolic Video20024DRO
Assman 23Anabolic Video20033DRO
Assman 24Anabolic Video20033DRO
Assman 25Anabolic Video20031DRO
Assman 26Anabolic Video20042DRO
Assman 3Anabolic Video19984DRO
Assman 4Anabolic Video19984DRO
Assman 5Anabolic Video19983DRO
Assman 6Anabolic Video19983DRO
Assman 7Anabolic Video19985DRO
Assman 8Anabolic Video19993DRO
Assman 9Anabolic Video19996DRO
Best by Private 30: Anal FuriesPrivate20022DO
Das kleine Arschloch 1Multi Media Verlag1999  
Das kleine Arschloch 2Multi Media Verlag1999  
Das kleine Arschloch 3Multi Media Verlag1999  
Debauchery 1Diabolic Video19985DRO
Debauchery 10Diabolic Video20014DRO
Debauchery 11Diabolic Video20012DRO
Debauchery 12Diabolic Video20021DRO
Debauchery 13Diabolic Video20023DRO
Debauchery 14Diabolic Video20022DRO
Debauchery 15Diabolic Video20034DRO
Debauchery 2Diabolic Video19985DRO
Debauchery 3Diabolic Video19995DRO
Debauchery 4Diabolic Video19993DRO
Debauchery 5Diabolic Video19993DRO
Debauchery 6Diabolic Video20004DRO
Debauchery 7Diabolic Video20004DRO
Debauchery 8Diabolic Video20004DRO
Debauchery 9Diabolic Video20005DRO
Double Anal ExplosionCreative World2003 O
Ferkel 1Multi Media Verlag1999  
Ferkel 3Multi Media Verlag1999  
Geil mit 40 1Multi Media Verlag2000  
Geil mit 40 3Multi Media Verlag2000  
Harder Faster 1New Sensations20032DRO
Harder Faster 2New Sensations2003 DRO
Harder Faster 3Digital Sin20033DRO
Harder Faster 4Digital Sin20035DRO
Harder Faster 5Digital Sin20044DRO
Harder Faster 6Digital Sin20053DRO
Harder Faster 7New Sensations20052DRO
Jean-Yves Castel's PerversionsDigital Sin20042DRO
Katia's DreamsWicked Pictures2001 DRO
Konig der Arschficker 1Multi Media Verlag1999  
Konig der Arschficker 2Multi Media Verlag1999  
Konig der Arschficker 3Multi Media Verlag1999  
Konig der Arschficker 4Multi Media Verlag1999  
Le Castel's POV 1Digital Sin2006 DRO
Le Castel's POV 2Digital Sin20061DRO
Liebesgrusse aus MallorcaMulti Media Verlag2000  
Matador 1: Now It's Your TurnPrivate199910DRO
Matador 10: Motor Sex Free-ridersPrivate20015DRO
Matador 11: Sex PortraitPrivate20015DRO
Matador 12: Avalanche 2Private20014DRO
Matador 13: Cock O'NealPrivate20016DRO
Matador 14: Anal Psycho-analysisPrivate20013DRO
Matador 15: Sex TapesPrivate20025DRO
Matador 2: Ally Goes on the Wild SidePrivate19996DO
Matador 3Private19998DO
Matador 4: Anal GardenPrivate20004DRO
Matador 5: Sex TripPrivate20006DO
Matador 6: Dirty Men at WorkPrivate20003DO
Matador 7: AvalanchePrivate20005DRO
Matador 8: Anal RevengePrivate20004DRO
Matador 9: 18 Holes - Passion On The GreenPrivate20004DRO
Offertes a tout 12Video Marc Dorcel2002 O
Private Reality 1: Sexy TemptationPrivate20011DRO
Private Reality 10: Ladder Of LovePrivate20023DRO
Private Reality 12: Dangerous GirlsPrivate2002 DO
Private Reality 14: Girls of DesirePrivate20031DRO
Private Reality 15: Never Say NoPrivate20031DO
Private Reality 16: More Than SexPrivate20031DO
Private Reality 17: Anal DesiresPrivate20032DO
Private Reality 18: Double HolePrivate20031DO
Private Reality 2: Pure PleasurePrivate20016DRO
Private Reality 3: From Behind is OKPrivate20012DRO
Private Reality 4: Just Do It to MePrivate20013DRO
Private Reality 5: Click Here To EnterPrivate2002 DRO
Private Sports 12: Sex on SnowPrivate20071DRO
Private Xtreme 1: BacchanalPrivate20024DRO
Private Xtreme 10: Hole In OnePrivate2003 DO
Private Xtreme 11: Wanna Cum for a RidePrivate2004 DO
Private Xtreme 2: StickyPrivate20023DRO
Private Xtreme 3: 18 Birthday PresentsPrivate20025DO
Private Xtreme 4: Alpine SexPrivate20024DO
Private Xtreme 5: Anal AgencyPrivate20023D
Private XXX 10Private20002DRO
Private XXX 12: Sex Lust and Video-TapesPrivate20001DRO
Private XXX 13: Sexual HeatPrivate20011DRO
Private XXX 14: Cum With MePrivate20014DO
Private XXX 15: Total DesirePrivate20011DRO
Private XXX 8Private20002DRO
Private XXX 9Private20003DRO
Scent of a GirlPrivate2007 DRO
Sex Secrets of the YetiPrivate20071DRO
Torero 1FM Video2000  
Torero 10FM Video2005  
Torero 2FM Video2001  
Torero 7FM Video2004  
Tournante 1Anabolic Video20031DRO
Weltklasse Arsche 1Multi Media Verlag1999  
Weltklasse Arsche 2Multi Media Verlag1999  
Weltklasse Arsche 3Multi Media Verlag1999  
Weltklasse Arsche 4Multi Media Verlag2000  
Weltklasse Arsche 5Multi Media Verlag2000